25 Most Recommended Sanji Cosplay to Show the Inner Chef in You

If you’re a fan of anime, then you must be familiar with cosplays. The world of cosplay is limitless, and basically you can be any character you want freely through cosplay. Whether you’re a pro or beginner, cosplay allows you to explore your creativity and be the best version of your favorite anime character.  

One of the most popular anime series is One Piece, and this year, the live action version of One Piece has been launched on Netflix and it was a huge hit among its fans around the world. Sanji is undoubtedly one of the most favorite One Piece characters. Not only because he is good looking and a good fighter, but he is also a good cook. If you happen to be a fan of Sanji, then we recommend you to cosplay as him for your next cosplay event. 

Although Sanji’s outfit is pretty simple with a black suit and tie, you need to know that there are other outfits of Sanji that you can explore. You can find inspirations from our list of the most recommended Saji cosplay ideas below. Moreover, since we are talking about cosplays, men and women can both choose to cosplay as Sanji, and guess what? We have recommendations for both.

So, let’s jump into the list!

Amazing Sanji Cosplay for Men

Let’s start the list with 15 of the most amazing Sanji cosplay ideas for all the men out there. Being the most good looking character in the Straw Hat crew -aside from Zoro- there are various options of outfits that you can choose to cosplay as Sanji. From his iconic suit to cooking outfit, we have it all. Scroll down to find out more!

1. Sanji Costume with Red Cloak

sanji cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@Abra Gorana)

Let’s start the list with an outfit idea taken from the series’ Whole Cake Island episode. Personally, we love this Sanji outfit since he is wearing a red cloak. This Sanji cosplay idea features a white shirt, black pants, black shoes, and the red cloak that makes him look a lot cooler.

We have no doubt that the girls will be screaming when they see how cool you look with this outfit. Make sure you wear a pair of black pants and shoes since that’s the reason why he is called the “Black Leg” Sanji. To complete your look, wear the iconic Sanji blonde wig and cigarette. 

2. Sanji in White Shirt and Black Pants

sanji cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@Maria)

Next up we have an elegant looking Sanji with a white shirt and black pants. With this outfit, you will be able to create a gorgeous look that will also make the girls go crazy! To recreate the look, wear a pair of black pants and shoes, and choose a feminine-looking shirt made of satin fabric.

Then, put on Sanji’s iconic blonde wig and carry a cigarette to complete the elegant look of Sanji for the next cosplay exhibition. Since this Sanji cosplay idea is pretty simple, you don’t have to spend too much on the outfit elements. But still, you need to pay attention to the quality of each element to make sure your look is on-point. 

3. Sanji’s Iconic Suit

sanji cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@kaname-lovers.deviantart.com)

If you are a fan of Sanji when he is wearing his iconic black suit, then we highly recommend you to go for this look. A character with a complete name of Vinsmoke Sanji, is known as a chef with amazing fighting skill. Amazingly, he can fight very well even with his suit. So, if you are planning on cosplaying Sanji with a suit, we are on your team.

Pick a black suit with gold buttons and wear a blue striped shirt with a black tie, which is also his iconic choice of combo. We can assure you that you will look super cool, especially with blonder hair, unique style of eyebrows and a piece of cigarette on your mouth.  

4. Sanji’s Cooking Outfit

sanji cosplay
Sanji’s Cooking Outfit

Yes, Vinsmoke Sanji is an amazingly great cook and he always prepares delicious meals for all the members of the straw hat crew. Just like other chefs, Sanji is also wearing a white apron when he is in the kitchen. 

Therefore, we also recommend you to go for Sanji’s kitchen outfit for the next cosplay event or Halloween party. You can wear a black shirt and pair it with a pair of black pants and shoes. Then, put on a white apron, a blonde wig, and never forget to carry a cigarette in your mouth. After all, we all know that Sanji will never go anywhere without it, right?

5. Sanji in Halloween Style

sanji cosplay
Source: Instagram (@ibrattley)

If you are currently looking for some costume ideas for the upcoming Halloween party, we have the perfect costume idea for you. Here we have a cool Sanji costume in Halloween style. We know that it’s not a typical Sanji cosplay idea, but we truly think that it’s the perfect Halloween costume for a true fan of Sanji.

Grab a black shirt and a pair of black jeans as the main elements of the costume. Then, wear a black suspender, a black belt and last but definitely not least, wear a pair of black horns on top of your blonde wig. With this look, you will look super ready for Halloween, especially if you smoke a cigarette to let people know that Sanji is so into celebrating Halloween in style. 

6. DIY Sanji Cosplay Idea

Source: Pinterest (@Ritsuka San)

For those of you who are running out of time to prepare for a costume since the cosplay exhibition is just a couple of days away, you need to check this next idea. This is one of the simplest DIY Sanji cosplay ideas since you only need to make use of items that you have in your drawer. 

Grab your basic black suit, a blue shirt, and a white tie. For the tie, you can perhaps search inside your dad’s drawer? Then, wear a pair of black shoes and as the last touch, dye your hair blonde with a style that imitates Sanji’s style. A cigarette is optional, but still, we recommend you to have one since Sanji’s look will not be complete without one. 

7. Sanji’s Wanted Poster

Source: Pinterest (@58949.dynamicboard.de)

This is undoubtedly one of the most unique Saji cosplay ideas we have on this list. In fact, this is our favorite one! Just look at how cute and unique this costume is. It comes more than just an outfit that includes a black suit and blonde hair. It also comes with a “Wanted Poster” that all Straw Hat crew are dreaming of, to appear on a wanted poster. 

So, we think it’s time to go out-of-the-box by wearing this unique mask -if we can call it one- and put on makeup that looks as if you are a painting. In our opinion, this is the king of Sanji cosplay that will make you the best cosplay. Plus, it’s not going to be expensive since you can print the mask yourself. 

8. Sanji with the Blue Striped Shirt

Source: Pinterest (@fuckyeahonepiececosplay.tumblr.co…)

We believe that a true fan will remember a scene where Sanji was cooking in the kitchen wearing a blue striped shirt and a black vest. Do you know that you can take the scene as an inspiration for a unique Sanjo cosplay? You can wear a striped blue shirt, a black tie and a black vest, and make sure you put on a blonde wig to complete your look.

As for the accessories, we think it would be exciting and even more unique if you carry a frying pan with you. It will be a great idea to remind people about that particular Sanji’s scene, which will make you become one of the most creative cosplayers at any cosplay event or costume party. 

9. Sanji in His Maroon Suit

Source: Instagram (@enyen_)

Aside from a black suit, we also know that Sanji also wears a maroon suit, which makes him look even more good-looking. Therefore, if you choose to cosplay Sanji wearing a maroon shirt, we have no doubt that the girls will be screaming out loud! 

You will instantly become the star of the night, and all girls would want to take selfies with you for sure. To steal this look, grab a maroon suit, which you can purchase online or you can also have it custom-made for you. However, custom costumes will be more costly, so you will need to prepare the budget in advance. But if you ask us, the price will be worth it for this Sanji cosplay idea.

10. Sanji in Suit and Orange Shirt

Source: Instagram (@suki_cosplay)

Next on the list we have another option of Sanji cosplay idea that was inspired by his iconic look. This cosplay idea includes a black suit with gold buttons, a gold shirt, and a black tie to pair with a pair of black leather shoes as well.

However, this Sanji costume materials are made in high-quality, so it will be a bit costly yet it will be worth it especially if you are a professional cosplayer who happens to be a huge fan of Sanji as well. Make sure you put on a blonde wig to complete the overall look, and you’re all done. 

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11. Sanji in Leather Jacket 

Source: Pinterest

Now let’s move on to some Sanji cosplay ideas that have a touch of uniqueness and twists to make you look different, in a good way that is. This version of Sanji cosplay offers a different look that features a black leather jacket.

You can pair the jacket with a pair of black pants and a pair of black leather shoes, and wear a blonde or golden wig to complete the look. To make you look even more unique, you can put on a dramatic anime-style makeup with some swirl on the eyebrows, just like Sanji’s eyebrows on the One Piece anime series. Then, add a cigarette as the last touch, and voila! You’re all set for a cosplay party.

12. Fun and Colorful Sanji Costume

Source: Pinterest (@Rayne)

A fun Sanji costume with a colorful outfit? Why not? Take this one for instance. This is a Sanji cosplay idea that features a yellow jacket, light gray shirt, red knee-length pants, and a pair of casual leather shoes.

If you are up to cosplaying a fun and groovy version of Sanji, then we believe this cosplay idea is your best pick. However, make sure you include Sanji’s main accessories into the look, such as the cigarette and of course, the blonde wig. 

13. Sanji in White Suit

Source: Pinterest (@Rayne)

Aside from black and maroon, in one of the One Piece series’ episodes Sanji was wearing a white suit. In fact, this is definitely our favorite Sanji outfit which was taken from the Film Gold episode. If you plan on going for a classy Sanji cosplay look, then we recommend you to go for this white suit. 

Wear an all-white suit and complete the costume with a pair of black leather shoes. Then, make sure you put on a blonde wig and smoke a cigarette. In addition, this version of Sanji outfit also includes one additional accessory, which is a pair of purple glasses. So, to make sure you look amazing as Sanji, we recommend you to wear a pair of purple glasses, too. 

14. Chef Sanji in Style

Chef Sanji in Style

Sanji was introduced as a chef who works at the Baratie, a restaurant owned by Zeff who was Sanji’s master chef. As a chef, he was wearing a chef’s outfit in white and yellow, plus the apron as well. In our opinion, Sanji’s look with this outfit was very attractive.

Therefore, we also recommend you to consider wearing this outfit for your next cosplay event. You only need to prepare a white and yellow chef costume, but it still needs to be paired with a pair of black pants and black leather shoes. Also, put on a blonde or yellow wig and smoke a cigarette to complete your look. 

15. Bad Boy Sanji Cosplay

Source: Pinterest (@Trang)

Next up we have another version of Sanji’s casual look you might want to check out. To recreate this look, you will need to prepare a black leather jacket, a black vest, and also a basic white shirt. For the pants, pick a pair black pants and pair them with a pair of black leather boots to bring out the iconic “Black Leg’ character. 

In our opinion, you can create a casual Sanji look with this outfit, and make sure you also wear a blonde wig and smoke a cigarette. It will be one of the most affordable costume options yet still look super cool, if you ask us.

Sanji Cosplay for Women

In the world of cosplay, you can choose to cosplay any character you like. Men can choose to cosplay female anime characters and vice versa. Now, if you are one of those girls who are crazy about Sanji and want to cosplay as him, you definitely can!

Scroll down to find the best Sanji cosplay ideas for female cosplayers. 

16. School Girl Sanji Cosplay

School Girl Sanji Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@Mango)

We have to admit that Sanji’s outfit is pretty formal-looking, and that’s actually the best part of it. Now let’s transform that formal look to fit women who plan on cosplaying Sanji for special costume events. We think it will look more or less like this school girl Sanji cosplay idea with a short-sleeve blue shirt, a black tie and vest, and a black school girl skirt.

You can then add some accessories like a pair of black stockings to pair with a pair of black leather shoes. For the final touch, don’t forget to dye your hair blonde or wear a shoulder-length blonde wig, and smoke a cigarette. As for cigarettes, you can choose a fake one if you’re not a smoker. 

17. Sanji in Blue Shirt

Sanji in Blue Shirt
Source: Pinterest (@Betina Wood)

Next up we have a more messy option of Sanji’s school gift outfit. In terms of costume elements, you can wear a blue long-sleeve shirt, a black tie and vest, and a black skirt. Pair them with a pair of solid black stockings and wear a casual pair of black sneakers to highlight the casual touch of the costume.

Unlike the previous Sanji cosplay idea that comes as a good girl costume, this one comes with a more rebellious look and shorter hair. Make sure you pick a short blonde wig and have a cigarette in your mouth to make you look more convincing,

18. Female Sanji Cosplay

Female Sanji Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@Monique Golnik)

If you are a fan or cosplayer who thinks that authenticity is everything, then we recommend you to take this look, which offers a black suit with long pants and an orange shirt with a black tie. However, you can still add some twists such as wearing a long blonde wig instead of the short one, and wearing a pair of high heels instead of the original leather shoes.

The twists will be the main elements that highlight the feminine side of your costume, but still sticking to the authentic Sanji’s outfit. It will make sure that you still appreciate the authentic look of Sanji, but also show your feminine side as well.

19. Japanese Chef Girl Sanji

Japanese Chef Girl Sanji
Source: Pinterest (@Tsun)

Another choice of Sanji cosplay idea for women. This one features a light blue short-sleeve shirt combined with a black body-fit vest and tie. Then, wear a short black skirt, a pair of black stockings and wear a pair of black stilettos to make you look sexy and elegant. 

As for the accessories, there are three main items that you must add to the look. The first one is of course the short blonde wig, the second one is a cigarette, and last one, carry a tray with a plate of bread or pastry. The last accessory will add a unique touch and create a scene when Sanji was still working as a chef at the Baratie. 

20. Casual Sanji Girl

Casual Sanji Girl
Source: Pinterest

Look at this lovely Sanji-girl! If you are a true fan of Sanji and plan on cosplaying your own version of Sanji? Why not! You can cosplay Sanji while still looking sweet and lovely, just like the inner little girl in you. 

You can choose to wear a blue shirt, a black tie, a black skirt and a pair of girly leather shoes to complete the sweet Sanji look. Then, dye your hair blonde or wear a long blonde wig, and lastly, draw a pair of swirl eyebrows. We have no doubt, you will become the sweetest Sanji in town!

21. Female Sanji in Bubble Arm Shirt

Female Sanji in Bubble Arm Shirt
Source: Pinterest (@Marina Rosés)

Be the sexy version of your favorite One Piece character by wearing a short sleeve blue shirt, black tie and vest, and wear a black skirt, which are the main elements of Sanji cosplay for women. 

Then, wear a pair of solid black stockings and pair them with black shoes. As for the hair, dye your hair blonde and smoke a cigarette to complete the look. Furthermore, this Sanji cosplay idea is also perfect for those of you who can only spend a limited budget for a costume. The elements are simple, and most likely, you will find some of them inside your drawer at home. 

22. Cute and Girly Sanji

Cute and Girly Sanji
Source: Pinterest (@Spain’s Butt)

Feel like going the extra mile for the next cosplay exhibition? Ok, we got you. Here we have a recommended option of Sanji cosplay for women or girls who want to look sweet and girly, but still choose to cosplay their favorite One Piece character, Sanji. This is one Sanji cosplay idea that will make you win the best costume award, for sure.

This costume includes a pink outfit and long blonder hair, plus a fund and cheerful makeup to make you look sweet and full of colors! In our opinion, the best part about this costume is definitely the makeup. It comes with a super detailed makeup plus Sanji’s iconic eyebrows, too. To complete the look, make sure you carry a cigarette. Whether it’s going to a real or fake one, it’s completely up to you.

23. Sexy Sanji in Short Hair

Sexy Sanji in Short Hair
Source: Instagram (@sammyscosplay)

Now let’s talk about this next Sanji cosplay idea. In our opinion, this is without a doubt the sexiest Sanji cosplay for women on the list. As you can see, it looks amazing with extra attention to details in terms of makeup and hair style. 

As for the costume, you can wear an orange shirt with a black tie and vest. You can wear a pair of black pants and high heels for the sexy elements and wear a bob-styled blonde wig which will make you look super sexy. Put on a sexy and flawless make up and create the swirls on your eyebrows to make you look authentic. 

24. Feminine Sanji Cosplay

Feminine Sanji Cosplay
Source: Instagram (@starryxmarie)

This one is another version of the sexy Sanji cosplay idea for those of you women who want to become the sexiest Sanji in the room. It comes with a blue shirt and a sexy-designed black vest that shows your curve perfectly.

Then, wear a black mini skirt to be paired with a pair black high heels to complete the sexy look. As for the hair, this cosplay idea recommends you to proudly let your real hair become the focal point of your look. Dye it blonde if necessary, and perhaps add a pair of glasses on top of the hair to make you look attractive. 

25. Badass Female Sanji

Badass Female Sanji
Source: Instagram (@fen14n)

Last one on the list, we have another rebel-looking costume for women or girls who choose to become a female version of Sanji for the next costume party. As for this one, you can wear a blue satin shirt that will create a smooth and sleek look, and pair it with a black tie and leather vest to add a touch of rebel to the look.

Then, wear a pair of black pants and put on a shoulder-length blonde wig, and then add a fake cigarette to highlight the authentic Sanji look to it. We can assure you that all eyes will be on you, and even better, you will likely become the cutest yet most rebellious Sanji of the night. 

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Types of Sanji Cosplay Products

Sanji’s outfits might look simple and easy to recreate. But if you aim for perfection, it might not be that easy to recreate. You need to make you pay extra attention to details, including to the extra accessories as well. To help you become the best version of Sanji, we have listed down some of the best elements of Sanji cosplay for you to consider. 

1. Jacket and Shirt

Sanji is known for his neat and formal look, which includes a black jacket and blue shirt. So, the two elements are the main items that you need to consider wearing if you plan on cosplaying Sanji. For the jacket, his iconic jacket is a black jacket with gold-colored buttons.

However, although a blue shirt describes his iconic look, we also see him wearing an orange shirt quite often. But still, the blue shirt is still known as his most iconic shirt. 

2. Black Pants

He is also called the “Black Leg” that describes his long legs, and also because he’s always wearing his black pants that make his long legs look even longer. So, when it comes to the black pants, we have to say that those are definitely necessary. So, if you are going for an authentic look of Sanji, a pair black pants are a must.

3. Black Tie

Sanji almost always wears black, including a black tie to pair with a double-breasted suit and a long-sleeved buttoned shirt of varying colors, usually blue and orange. So make sure you include a black tie in your Sanji costume to achieve that authentic look of him. 

4. Black Shoes

Sanji is also wearing black dress shoes, mostly to complete his “Black Leg” style. In the anime series, his shoes are extremely durable and were designed to increase the power of his attacks. Though he can attack sufficiently without them as shown in his fight against Kuroobi. So, knowing that his shoes are an important part of his overall performance, make sure you wear black shoes to complete your look as Sanji.

5. Accessories

When it comes to Sanji’s costume and accessories, we have to emphasize the importance of having a cigarette in your mouth, or simply hold it between your fingers. Being a character that never leaves his cigarette behind, even when he is cooking in the kitchen, a cigarette is a piece of mandatory accessory that you need to include.

We know that Sanji is one of the most good-looking characters in One Piece who can also cook tasty meals for everyone. But aside from his look, he also has so many other advantages that make him so popular among the One Piece community. Sanji’s heroics are well-known, and he has been influential in protecting the Straw hats crew from disasters. He is kind and often saves others in danger, even at the cost of his own safety.

Oftentimes, he frames his kind hearted nature as mere chivalry towards women, but in his actions, he consistently helps men as well. Also, Sanji is the smartest member of the crew which has been proven on several occasions.

Additional Accessories for Sanji Costume

Before you decide to cosplay Sanji, don’t forget to include some of the most crucial accessories to your costume. No matter what version of outfit you choose, the black suit, the maroon suit, the white suit, or the chef outfit, never forget to include a blonde wig and a cigarette into the look. The two accessories are mandatory, because you are  no Sanji without blonde hair and a cigarette.

You can easily get the two items online. However, as for the cigarette you can choose to have a real cigarette or a fake one. It depends purely on you, whether you are a smoker or not. The wig is an item that you can wear repeatedly, and if you choose a fake cigarette, you can use it again for the next cosplay events. 

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One Piece is without a doubt one of the most popular anime series in  the world. Based on that fact, each character of the series has a huge fan base, and that includes Sanji as well. So, if you are a true fan of Sanji, then we encourage you to cosplay as him to show your love for the character. 

In order to showcase the best version of Sanji, you need to really make sure that you pick the high-quality costume that includes all the necessary accessories and elements. With so many abilities, Sanji is good at fighting, cooking, defending his crew mates, and therefore, you need to make sure you make your best efforts to cosplay him.

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