Norfolk Police Encounter Most Unexpected Passenger – You Have to See This!

Norfolk, NE – Imagine driving down the highway and spotting a bull riding shotgun in a sedan! That’s exactly what happened when Norfolk police pulled over a man who had a full-grown bull as his co-pilot.

Lee Meyer, the car owner, was out for a casual drive with his bull, Howdy Doody. The officers, initially shocked, conducted the stop more out of curiosity than concern. The vehicle, a modified Ford Crown Victoria, had its roof cut open and a special setup to accommodate Howdy Doody’s impressive stature.

Residents and passersby couldn’t believe their eyes, capturing photos and videos that quickly went viral. Meyer, who has a penchant for quirky adventures, said it was just another day out with his buddy.

Police, while amused, advised Meyer on safer ways to transport large animals. They let him off with a warning, and Meyer, along with Howdy Doody, continued their journey home.

This bull-in-a-car incident is sure to be one for the books, adding a dash of rural charm and humor to Norfolk’s local lore.

Check out the full news:

Northeast News Channel Nebraska

More of Howdy Doo spotted here:

FAN FAVORITE: The kids went wild when Lee Meyer of Neligh drove his watusi named "Howdy Doody" on the parade route!

Posted by Antelope County News on Thursday, July 4, 2019

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