Silver Hummingbird Upper Arm Bracelet

With this Silver Hummingbird Upper Arm Bracelet, you can turn a simple tank top and jeans into an eye-catching and stylish outfit.

You can never get enough accessories, they can be a game changer in the clothes department. So to accentuate your sense of style and personality you have to find just the right jewelry for you.

This gorgeous upper arm bracelet is not only unique in itself, it also looks amazing. It is made out of german silver, copper, brass, crystal and rhinestones.

Instead of boring abstract swirls and twists, it has been designed to replicate the delicate form and shape of a hummingbird.

This bracelet would be a great gift for any girl that can appreciate accessories in boho style and wants to stand out in a boring crowd.

Silver Hummingbird Upper Arm Bracelet

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