27 Cool Throat Tattoo Ideas to Show Your True Personality 

Tattoo trends are in vogue and more than ever before people want to get it done on their bodies. One of the most forward parts of tattooing is a neck or throat tattoo. Throat tattoos are a great way to show off your artistic side, as well as your sense of style. They’re bold, beautiful and easy to spot, which is why throat tattoos became some of the most artistic and popular throat tattoo ideas in the world!

If you’re looking for an attractive and eye-catching piece of body art, this list of throat tattoo ideas are a great place to start. Whether you are looking for something simple or something deeper or more elaborate, there are many ways to put the design on the neck skin! Let’s jump to the list!

What Does a Throat Tattoo Symbolize and Represent?

For some people, throat tattoos represent an openness to new people and situations and may even suggest a risk-taker mentality. Throat tattoos frequently cause pain since this area of skin is delicate. People with neck tattoos are typically courageous, sage, and strong.

Do Throat Tattoos Age Well?

The majority of throat tattoos retain their initial ink intensity for the first 6 to 8 months, after which they gradually start to shift and lose some depth. The skin of the neck is highly stretchy, and as people age, their skin loses its elasticity along with the capacity to regain its previous shape. As a result, the tattoo’s throat will extend and the ink will spread, losing its color and contour.

Throat Tattoo Ideas for Females

Throat tattoo ideas for females have actually been popular for several years. You’ll probably see many people with beautiful neck tattoo designs. Some may opt for a simple and small tattoo design, but most of them are large enough to make a statement. Let’s take a look at some popular designs below!

1. Chaos Never Ends Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@ideasdonuts.com)

A simple but powerful statement for girls to embrace all chaos in their life, this is indeed an epic neck tattoo you should try. Put this tattoo design on the low part of the throat as it will create a beautiful necklace silhouette. Bear in mind that beautiful and distinctive font styles are crucial to the creation of letters or quotes tattooed on the body. Most often, the tattoo artist will let you choose the right font that matches your personality.

2. Moon in the Darkness Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@tattoosboygirl.com)

Are you a mysterious, emo-girl type? If you are, then this will be the best, artistic tattoo design on your neck. The crescent moon symbolizes growth and creativity that all women should have. Meanwhile, the darkness vibe around the moon represents your mysterious personality. All in all, what a fantastic work of art!

3. Edgy Wings Flowers Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@inspired-beauty.com)

Sometimes you may want to have a badass throat tattoo to express your true color. For that reason, show your cool and your identity with this edgy side neck tattoo. Flowers and wings symbolize a woman with high dreams, and you can also have more tattoos on the throat area. Put everything you like around these cool flowers and wings designs to add the level of personalization. For example, if you have a favorite quote or symbols, put them on your neck and make it look artistic.

4. Guardian Angel Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@artistichaven.com)

This is one of the most popular ones to get inked on your neck. Especially if you are a woman who often faces difficult times, let this guardian angel give you strength. Even though there are obstacles in life, the angel serves as a reminder that you can still pick yourself up and carry on. In addition, it might serve as a metaphor for moving on in life.

5. Butterfly Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@cuded.com)

If you are a cheerful girl, why don’t you choose a colored front neck tattoo design? This flying butterfly is a great symbol of youth, love, and joy that you have in life. Add a blue persona around the butterfly to represent good luck. Not only beautiful, this throat tattoo design can be your own good luck charm. Moreover, you can continue the tattoo to the lower part of the neck, and make it look more artistic with floral elements.

6. Attractive Red Rose Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@ideasdonuts.com)

For those romantic women, a red rose is a popular throat tattoo you should try. In case you ask, the red rose is a symbol of love and passion. Simply use red ink to make an attractive piece of art. The thinly drawn red roses brilliantly display the intricate floral intricacies. And then, place the single red rose on the side neck, which will give a little surprise to people as you tie your hair.

7. Moon and Lavender Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@blurmark.com)

Express your true color with the beauty of the crescent moon and lavender on your neck. Lavender shows purity, devotion and love. Meanwhile, the crescent moon represents the women’s identity in motherhood and fertility. You can also be more creative and level up the crescent moon style by giving artistic ornaments on it.

Throat Tattoo Ideas for Males

Getting a tattoo on the throat is quite common for men. The best thing about these tattoos is that they can be done in many different styles and ways. The most important thing is that your design should express who you are, what you like and also your personality. Here are some best looking neck tattoo ideas that will inspire you.

8. Owl Throat Tattoo

When it comes to a cool masculine ink design for men, you can’t go wrong with an owl on your neck. Owls are revered as representations of wisdom, making it perfect for the grown up men. You might want to color your owl tattoo to make it more attractive. In our opinion, red and blue are the ideal colors because they represent the passion and trust that every man should have.

9. Rose And Wolf Tattoo

If you need a strong animal on your neck that represents your personality, then we would say that the wolf is just a perfect idea. Strength, power, and grace are those fantastic characters in the wolf design. Show your soft and loving energy by adding a beautiful rose next to the wolf throat tattoo. The combination of wolf and rose will also make a wonderful design that shows both your strong and soft sides.

10. Justice Slogan Tattoo

What a simple and elegant tattoo design! This side throat tattoo design makes a strong statement and shows your life motto as a grown man. You don’t need a complicated design to express the core value of your life. Simply pick one word that represents the purpose of your life and then put it on your neck for a long time.

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11. Life Gamble Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@szndrxz.)

Life is all about taking risks of your choice. For those brave men out there, this design is destined for you! Inspired by the gamble, the design portrays dice and cars. Dice shows how brave you are to take risks in your life. Meanwhile, the cards you choose are the symbol of fate and good luck. Make sure you choose the best cards as it might bring you good fortune. As the final touch, give artistic elements around the dice and cards with black and red ink.

12. Angel with Gun Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@sospedro.com.br)

A unique combination of angel and gun, this tattoo is a great way for men to show their identity. Angel is a holy symbol, showing your positive energy will protect you in life. Meanwhile, the gun represents rebels and power. Therefore, an angel with a gun tattoo symbolizes rebelliousness, passion, power, and personal protection, all in one!

13. Flying Dove Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

Men who are true romantic should get this dove tattoo design. These pairs of birds are recognized worldwide as symbols of love, harmony, and also optimism. So, let’s put a pair of doves on your neck as a good luck charm. You may write your partner’s name under the artistic design as well. A tip, choose the right font styles to express your soft and lovely side to your partner.

14. Skull Throat Tattoo

Skull Throat Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

A side throat tattoo of a skull will be a great symbol for those tough and powerful men. Especially after passing difficult times, let this skull tattoo become a reminder in your life. Skulls are a sign for overcoming obstacles, including death. Add a hat on the skull as a protection symbol and make it more artistic. Give black and red color around the tattoo, making your tattoo more stand out.

15. Love Flame Tattoo

Love Flame Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Hannah?)

Who says men are not romantic and difficult to express their love? Time to prove them wrong! Show that you are a true romantic and passionate man with this attractive love flame tattoo. The artistic flame design and love font style means you have abundance of love until death. Put the tattoo design on the side neck, and see how it will look more gorgeous and fantastic.

Traditional Throat Tattoo Ideas

Traditional throat tattoos are popular for their beauty and most stylish design. They also provide a great chance to display chosen personal interests and beliefs. If you’re thinking of getting a traditional throat tattoo, here are some examples of what you can get!

16. Sword Rose Tattoo

Sword Rose Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@tattoomenow.com)

If you believe that life is all about balance, then the traditional sword rose tattoo design will be the perfect choice. Put the sword through the rose to show the rebellion of youth. The artistic shape of both sword and rose makes them ideal for placement on the side of the throat. In addition, you can add some creepy details with spider webs behind the rose.

17. Eagle Traditional Tattoo

Eagle Traditional Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

An eagle tattoo represents freedom from oppression to an American, much as the bald eagle soars above the landscape. Show the wonderful meaning behind the eagle tattoo on your neck. This traditional throat tattoo, whether done in color or black ink, also represents dignity and respect. Add ornamental slogans around the eagle to make it look more charming.

18. Tribal Neck Tattoo

Tribal Neck Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@tattoodo.com)

In case you are looking for geometrical throat tattoo ideas, consider choosing this traditional tribal design. This design expresses the wearer’s accomplishments as well as their history. This is perfect for men who love culture and history, especially because it can also serve as a representation of safety, authority, and strength. Plus, each detail of the tattoo gives additional charm and elegance.

19. Three Eyed Wolf Tattoo

Three Eyed Wolf Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

For those who believe in mythical creatures, the three eyed wolf is a powerful symbol for your next throat tattoo design. The third eye between its brows represents the chakra that everyone of us possesses in your subtle body energy systems. Color your wolf tattoo in red, showing your passion and power. It will definitely be a fantastic good luck charm.

20. Lotus Flower Tattoo

Lotus Flower Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@ecstasycoffee.com)

Inspired by the mandala symbol, this gorgeous lotus flower tattoo is a great religious neck tattoo. Not only for women but also for men. The geometrical design symbolizes the balance of body and mind. Make it more attractive by adding some colors in each petals and leaves. Put this wonderful tattoo design on the side of your neck, adding the beauty of your overall appearance.

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21. Angel of Death Tattoo

Angel of Death Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

The idea of death might be scary for most people. However, if you believe in God, the angel of death tattoo can be a great reminder in life. Let the angel of death bring the iconic sickle on your neck. It shows how each passing second brings you one step nearer to God. Color your angel of death in black and red hoodie, giving an eerie feel. You can also put leaves as the symbol of life.

22. Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Chinese Dragon Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

A perfect good luck charm, this traditional tattoo design can be one of the best choices on your list. Numerous connotations are associated with the Chinese dragon tattoo, including luck, safety, knowledge, tranquility, power, and strength. You can improve any of these traits or abilities in your life by getting a Chinese dragon tattoo. The combination of red and yellow colors are indeed attractive and gorgeous.

23. Spider Web Tattoo

Spider Web Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Amber Gennuso)

This spider web tattoo design is definitely one of a kind. It comes as the perfect tattoo for your throat which will create a different artsy look especially if the design also includes a graphic of a spider, plus some flowers to make it even more unique and artistic. If you are a girl who has been longing for a unique and artistic  tattoo on your throat, then you might want to check this out because it is definitely worth having. 

24. Firefly Tattoo

Firefly Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@s.)

A dragonfly is known as one of the kindest bugs we know. It is associated with change, adaptability and also transformation. For someone who always embraces changes in life, we would recommend having a tattoo of the iconic dragonfly on your throat. It will be a meaningful tattoo to remind you that you need to be the change that you want in the world. 

25. A Tattoo with Geometric Pattern

A Tattoo with Geometric Pattern
Source: Pinterest (@inkstinct.co)

Choosing the best tattoo design can take time. It needs careful consideration because it will stay with you for the rest of your life. It will take even more consideration if you are thinking of having a tattoo on your throat, since it is one of the body parts that will always be exposed and seen by others most of the time. If you love art, then this geometric tattoo is highly recommended. This one features a shape that has four directions, which resembles the balance in life. 

26. Snake Necklace Tattoo

Snake Necklace Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@savedtattoo.com)

Most of the time, snakes are perceived as a symbol of negativity and bad luck. But do you know that in many cultures, snakes are actually a symbol of good luck and wisdom? Snakes are the symbol of wisdom based on African culture. If you think of having a snake tattoo on your throat, it’s totally ok because if you learn more about the meaning behind the snake symbol, you will find out that it also means rebirth and fertility. Moreover, a snake tattoo on your throat will be a nice addition to a neck accessory, too. 

27. Gothic Necklace with Gemstone Tattoo

Gothic Necklace with Gemstone Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@ink-match.com)

This one is the perfect tattoo for women who love everything about gothic. Ask your tattoo artists to create a tattoo that looks like a gothic style necklace with a red gemstone on the front part of the tattoo. This tattoo will become a permanent accessory that completes your gothic look everyday.

Final Thoughts

As something that stays with you for the rest of your life, a tattoo needs to have a special and deep meaning. As each tattoo certainly has different meaning for different people, make sure you have yours that keeps a special story in your life that deserves to be engraved in your throat in the form of a cool tattoo. Since your throat is one body part that is most visible by most people, in deciding the perfect throat tattoo, it’s better to be sure you are ok with the image before you have a tattoo artist recreate it on your throat.

Latest Post:

How long does it take a throat tattoo to heal?

Being one of the most delicate locations, the throat is recognized for having some of the most painful tattoos. The skin’s top layer will usually recover from a tattoo in 2 to 3 weeks. It might take up to 6 months for the skin beneath a tattoo to properly heal.

How do you heal a throat tattoo?

If you have a new throat tattoo, the bandage should be left on for up to four hours. Let it air dry after washing with warm water. During the healing process, frequent antibacterial soap and water cleaning is recommended. Every day, don’t forget to moisturize the tattoo. If you encounter irritation or infection, visit a doctor.

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