25 Cool Foosball Tables You Can Buy

Nowadays, foosball is often seen as an obsolete retro game. People prefer to consume entertainment through software instead of direct experiences. However, foosball table still hold a special place in today’s society, because you get to enjoy the thrill of a fluid soccer game by participating in a foosball match.

Furthermore, cool foosball tables are piece of furniture that can enhance the atmosphere of your living room. Some  foosball models are deliberately crafted to blend seamlessly with your home interior. The following 25 cool foosball tables can become a special present for people who love old-school and retro items!

What Makes A Good Foosball Table?

There are several factors that make a good foosball table. One of them is the handle. Some models offer telescopic handles to minimize accidental jabs when you move the game pieces sideways. In addition, an elevated corner is also a factor that marks a great foosball table. The elevation will prevent the ball from getting stuck in the corner so there will be no dead spot!

High Quality Cool Foosball Tables

Do you remember Joey and Chandler from the classic Friends series? If you do, then you probably know that Foosball is their favorite hobby! It is truly an exciting game that you can enjoy with your best buddies. Enjoy the intensity of a soccer match in a miniature stadium!

1. TOULET Foosball Table

Luxurious Outdoor Foosball Table

This luxurious Pure Outdoor Foosball Table is tailored to enhance your family’s garden or front porch. Partying outside will be much more fun with this amazingly fun item. You can set up a mini league to find out who is the master of table soccer. Furthermore, this model is elegantly crafted and layered with rainproof coating!

2. Babyfoot Leather Foosball Table

Lavish Designer Foosball Table

Louis Vuitton is known for its luxurious fashions and accessories. But did you know that this company also produced a foosball table? The Babyfoot Leather model is truly the pinnacle of foosball craftsmanship. Produced by Louis Vuitton, this item features lavish handles covered by cowhide leather, and each of the players are meticulously hand-painted! A masterpiece gift for fans of this retro game!

3. Foosball Dining Table Combo

Foosball Dining Table Combo

The RS2 dining table is a result of a playful combination between foosball and gastronomy! You can now bring the retro game literally into your family’s dining room. The model was designed by a renowned Spanish Chef, Jose Andres, who designed the foosball players’ pieces fully on display under the glass countertop. Meal time will be a lot more fun with this table!

4. Sunnydaze Indoor Foosball

Heavy Duty Foosball Table for Intense Play Time

Table soccer, or commonly known as foosball, can be very fast-paced! If your opponent is a highly competitive player, then you must be ready as there will be a lot of rough handling, shoving, shaking, or even kicking. Therefore, you need to have this Heavy Duty foosball table as it can handle intense playtime because of the sturdy design. It is made to last for generations, truly a timeless retro game!

5. Stella Champion Foosball Table

Vintage Foosball Table from 1940s

Did you know that foosball was invented in 1921? So it means that foosball is a 100 years old game! Back in the 1940s, the Stella Champion Babyfoot model was manufactured, and this particular yellow foosball table was really popular back in the day. Surprisingly, one of the surviving pieces is now up for sale at Otto Antique store in Etsy. As you can see, the table is a piece of well-preserved vintage, which makes it a perfect gift for antique collectors!

6. Triumph Sport USA Foosball Table

Cool Foosball Table with Adjustable Height

You do not need a stadium to enjoy the intensity of a soccer match. You simply need a cool foosball table! For a comfortable game time, the Triumph Sport USA foosball table features an adjustable height. You can now challenge your mates and enjoy the adrenaline rush. The table comes with ergonomic grips, which allow you to control the miniature players easily.

7. G-2000 Foosball Table

Extra Large Foosball Table for 8 Players

Regular foosball table can only be operated by 4 players maximum. However, the unique G-2000 can handle 8 people at once, so this model is an excellent choice for people who have a large circle of friends. Imagine a 4 vs 4 foosball team battle! There will be a lot of cargane and in-depth strategy because of the extra need for coordination.

8. Barrington Allendale Foosball Table 

Old-school Oak Foosball Table

The Allendale foosball table is crafted beautifully by skilled woodworkers. It is made out of high quality oak and finely polished to enhance the fixture’s classiness. The model follows the old-school design, which includes the classic beads score tracker. This piece of game furniture will blend together perfectly with any interior styles, and that’s why it is an ideal present for a special occasion!

9. Hanover 57″ Black Foosball Table

Foosball Table with Super Stable Box Legs

A stable playing field during a foosball match is essential to ensure a fair match. After all, you do not want the mini ball to roll on its own in an unfavorable direction, right? Now, this Hanover’s black foosball table comes with super stable stands. In other words, this table will not budge during a fast paced battle. Moreover, the counterbalanced mini soccer players also add extra value to this masterpiece!

10. Warrior Table Soccer Force 4

Foosball Table with Flashy LEDs

The Warrior Table Soccer Force 4 has to have the coolest playing field! If you ask why? To begin with, it features stunning integrated variable LEDs that illuminate the miniature stadium. Moreover, this item also features a model that combines the old retro game with the current lighting technology that surely generates maximum fun. 

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11. Hathaway Montecito Foosball Table

Stylish Foosball Table to Conjust Classy Atmosphere

Hathaway Montecito is undoubtedly one of the coolest foosball tables ever produced. The model is made out of a solid birch and finished using driftwood color to create a classy look. To add the classic element to this table, it also comes with solid leg stands that will ensure stability and a level playing field during a match.

12. Barrington Foosball Coffee Table

Cool Foosball Coffee Table

Look at this adorable Barrington elegant coffee table with integrated foosball game. This piece of furniture will be an excellent addition to your living room decoration, as it will create a warm and casual atmosphere for your family as well as your visiting guests. To add more fun, you can also invite them for a friendly match of thrilling table soccer!

13. EastPoint Sports Monaco Official

Competitive Foosball Table

A foosball match is not just a fun fast paced game. It’s way more than that because it also involves strategy. You have to set up a divisive formation and prevent your opponents from scoring. For serious players, the EastPoint Sports Monaco Official foosball table is the best choice. It comes with leg levelers for balanced match, as well as weighted miniatures for extra oomph!

14. New Star Wars Foosball Table

Star Wars Foosball Table

Both Star Wars and Foosball are two of the most iconic and popular cultures back in the 1980s. Now, you and your friends can enjoy a moment of nostalgia with this Star Wars foosball table, to find out who is actually the biggest nerd of all. The miniature players are specifically shaped to resemble the storm troopers and battle droids. The galaxy would be a far more peaceful place if we can settle the difference over a game of foosball!

15. DINA1985 48″ Foosball Table

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Experienced foosball players would go hard on the equipment, so you would need a sturdy table to enjoy a fun lasting game with your expert friends. DINA1985 48″ is regulation size foosball table with excellent stands that will provide stability during a serious match. The quality of the craftsmanship ensures this table to last for an extended period.

16. MiniLand Foosball Table

Super Tiny Foosball Table Miniature

Is this a foosball table for cute little ants? Unfortunately no! Because this item is actually a perfect replica of a real foosball table. It features functional handles so you can hold the world’s tiniest foosball match. The styled  white frame and colorful mini plastic players pieces definitely add extra value to this model, which makes it is the ultimate present for foosball lovers!

Kids Cool Foosball Table

Foosball tables are not just adults. Children too will absolutely love this intense game! It is very face paced, competitive and fosters healthy rivalry between friends. Foosball requires your kids to coordinate and move around the handles quickly, a fun little exercise!

17. Game Hockey Foosball Table

Convertible Foosball Table for Quadruple Fun

Would you like to introduce foosball to your children?If you do, then passing down this retro game to the next generation is the right thing to do, as one of the main duties of every foosball player out there! For your kids’ first foosball table, this 4-in-1 model will be a suitable choice, since it has an ideal height, while features a convertible top! Your son and daughter can definitely enjoy a super game of foosball together.

18. FITPHER Foldable Foosball Table

Foldable Foosball Table for Kids

The FITPHER foldable foosball table is a perfect entertainment unit for your children. After they are done playing with their friends or siblings, they just need to simply fold it vertically and set it aside easily. It is a perfect model for a family who has a smaller house.

19. Minigols Real Madrid Foosball Table

Real Madrid vs Barcelona Foosball Table

Any soccer fan would be familiar with the two giants of the European Champions League, Real Madrid and Barcelona. So, why not bring the glorious atmosphere of Santiago Bernabeu Stadium into your family’s game room with the El Clasico foosball table! It features miniature players resembling the stars from both teams. On top of that, the model is the perfect size for children!

20. Cool Foosball Tabletop For Children

Cool Foosball Tabletop For Children

Foosball table does not always have to be bulky and huge. The TALLO Sport offers a 24-inch foosball table top ideal for younger kids. You can either set the mini table on the floor or put it on top of a table for a fun family game night. The colorful playing field and plastic players will definitely brighten up your children’s day!

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21. Pinpoint Foosball Table

Foosball Table for Competitive Kids

For your child who is a soccer maniac, the Pinpoint Foosball Table will be an excellent birthday present. Both the size and the height of the table is super ideal for older kids to love have countless hours of fun playing foosball. With this item, your son and daughter can set up a mini foosball league to determine who is the champion!

22. YADSHENG Football Table

Lightweight Foosball Table

A casual game of football among siblings is great for fostering love, which is why this lightweight YADSHENG Football Table can be an ideal fit for your children’s play room. Aside from being highly portable and not bulky, the tiny handles will also fit into your kids’ hand perfectly.

23. WIN.MAX Mini Foosball Table

Mini Foosball Table for Ease of Storage

Instead of violent video games, a foosball table will be a much better birthday present for children. To begin with, it encourages kids to be active and tech them to coordinate with their friends better, not to mention the fact that they will enjoy harmless fun! The WIN.MAX Mini Foosball Table is an excellent choice because of the kid-friendly size, while the table also features sliding score trackers and 4 knobs to turn the miniature players around.

24. Gymax Foosball Table

3-in-1 Foosball Table For Triple Thrills

The Gymax foosball table features a convertible top for different game modes. If your children are starting to get bored of playing mini soccer, then simply swap the top into a table hockey field and mini billiards! The 3-in-1 model will provide the game room with triple thrills! 

25. Mini Table Top Football Foosball

Minimalistic Foosball Table For Kids

The existence of traditional games depends on the next generation who are willing to preserve them, while introducing them to the younger generation. The popularity of foosball should be promoted to protect the existence of this fun retro game. To begin with, you can buy this mini table top foosball for your kids’ first set, which is a simplified version of the professional cool foosball tables.

Final Thoughts

Back in the days a foosball table is one of the items that every home must have. It was probably one of the most exciting games to play with our relatives or friends while hanging out at home. Today, it has become a vintage game that turns into something more than just a game. It has become a cool vintage home decoration item. If you are looking for a nice vintage foosball table to place inside your living room, we have a wide range of options for you on our list.

Check out our list to find cool foosball tables that will bring you the feeling of nostalgia. You will find tables in various colors, materials, sizes, and even the foldable or portable ones that will certainly become an item worth having. So, enjoy the feeling of nostalgia by having one of the Foosball tables on our list above as a new addition to your living room.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What kind of foosball table is best?

The best foosball table should provide a strong frame and stands. Stability is a key point during a foosball match. Heavier cool foosball tables are usually regarded as the best. In addition, strong knobs and handles are required to provide excellent playtime. The player pieces should also be counterbalanced or weighted so the ball can be kicked with extra power.

What are the best foosball table for kids?

The best and cool foosball tables for kids are the ones with convertible tops. Foosball is actually a very exciting game and will surely entertain your children for hours. However, in case they get bored, the convertible table will provide multiple game modes. Furthermore, the height of and the size of the playing field are two important factors when selecting the best and cool foosball tables for kids.

What is the best size foosball table?

The best size for a foosball table is one that can accommodate 4 players. Usually, this model features 8 handles and a larger playing field. The spacious space offers you extra depth to the game. You can set the miniature players formation more easily. In addition, a larger stadium also allows you to pass the ball freely, so the match will not just be a slug fest.

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