25 Best Left Handed Gifts That You Can Buy

Being different is not always bad. Sometimes, being different can actually give us more advantages in many ways. Left-handed people are a good example, since they are considered to be better at divergent thinking compared to non left-handed people. Moreover, they tend to be more creative and able to create whimsical ideas. As they might do so much things with their left hand, including writing, eating, and lots more, then it would be very thoughtful of you if you can choose a gift that accommodates their habit.

Do you have a left-handed friend or relative? Well, it’s quite normal to feel a bit confuse when it comes to choosing the best gift for that particular person. But you’re lucky to be here, because we have compiled a list of the best left handed gifts for you to consider. So scroll down and let’s get started!

Best Left Handed Gifts for Him

Left-handed men needs fashion and functional items to accommodate their habits. If you’re looking for the best items, check out a list the best options below.

1. Personalized Portfolio

Personalized Portfolio for Left-Handed

Thanks to this item, all lecture notes will be well organized from now on. Designed for left-handed person, this gift offers plenty of compartments to store papers, pens, and also debit cards. You can even store a 13-inch MacBook Air or iPad in this high-quality cover. In addition, it also has an exterior and interior made of premium genuine leather, making it a cool item to increase the receiver’s confidence.

2. Professional Salon Hair Straight Cutting Scissor

Left-handed Professional Salon Hair Straight Cutting Scissor

For your friend who is a left-hander, trimming hair and beard can be done a lot better using this hair-thinning scissors set. Perfectly designed for left-handers, this gift is made of stainless steel in Japan, featuring perfection in cutting and styling hair. In addition, this cool item is also ideal for someone who owns a barbershop.

3. HACHIEMON Weeding Sickle Sharp Edge

HACHIEMON Weeding Sickle Sharp Edge Left-Handed Version

A father who is a left-hander and and loves gardening deserves this HACHIEMON Weeding Sickle as a gift. This item will definitely help your dad’s gardening routine with its functional features. This steel composite blade is specially formulated for left-handers, which will make your dad enjoys his gardening routine even more!

4. NUVVANTE Adjustable Laptop Table

4. Left-Handed NUVVANTE Adjustable Laptop Table

If you happen to know someone who is left-handed and spends a lot of time in front of the screen everyday? Then we suggest you to include this laptop desk to your gift list. Since this desk was specially designed and constructed for a left-hander, the mouse can be placed on the left side of the table. The natural design and materials make this gift a perfect addition for a room with modern minimalist style.

5. Ergonomic Wireless Vertical Mouse

Ergonomic Wireless Left-Handed Vertical Mouse

Are you a left-hander? If the answer is yes, then our next question would be, are you having trouble finding a comfortable mouse? If we have another yes as the answer, then this mouse needs to be yours. This mouse features an ergonomic design for left-handers. The aerodynamic curves allow you to grip and use the mouse comfortably. Moreover, the wireless feature will also make it easier for you to click from a considerable distance.

6. MAPED Visio Left-Handed Pens

MAPED Visio Left-Handed Pens

This pen is definitely a gift for a student who is also a left-hander. This Visio Pen offers three colors that include red, blue, and black, all in one purchase package. The unique design plus an indentation at the bottom makes this cool item comfortable to use when writing long texts.

7. DURAGADGET Black Wired Numeric Keyboard

DURAGADGET Black Left-Handed Wired Numeric Keyboard

If you’re looking for a gift for a left-handed gamer or colleague, then you will definitely find this keyboard useful. This left-handed gift features a numeric keypad on the left for more convenient operation. Equipped with two USB ports, you can easily connect it to a PC or laptop. Last but not least, this cool item also features a silent key that allows you to type neatly, and of course, quietly, too!

8. FISHING Concept A Gen II Baitcasting Reel

FISHING Concept A Gen II Left Hand Baitcasting Reel

Do you need a fishing rod that can accommodate left-handed habits? This Gen II Baitcasting Reel is the perfect companion for the purpose. This gift delivers the reliability, features, and performance that you need for a professional fishing tournament. Plus, an ergonomic lever will also help you to roll the hook easily and comfortably.

9. Left-Handed JCL Cordless Drill Tool Belt Holster and Wristband

Left-Handed JCL Cordless Drill Tool Belt Holster and Wristband

The ultimate tool for left-handers! This bracelet and drill holster set is a great combination for home improvement enthusiasts. This gift features 15 powerful magnets embedded in high-quality nylon. Not to mention the safety straps and buckles that provide maximum experience in storing home improvement tools.

10. Customized Saber Fencing Water Bottle

Customized Saber Fencing Water Bottle

This cool Water Bottle Tumbler was designed for the left-handed hangar athletes. The excellent cold and heat retention features make this cool item worth taking with you anywhere. This gift provides a lid with a flip top that makes it easy for you to insert a straw. Carry this water bottle with you when you exercise to prevent dehydration!

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11. Lefty’s True Playing Cards

Lefty's True Left-Handed Playing Cards

Invite your friends to play poker together! If you’re lucky, you can definitely win every game cleverly. To make the game become more exciting, add this Playing Card to your game, especially since it was uniquely designed with an attractive lefty formulation. Moreover, the classic card design will still provide an exciting and fun playing experience.

12. Golf Gloves Men

Golf Gloves Men Left Hand

Look stylish for a special golf game with these gloves. These gloves provide optimum protection and comfort for a golfer or a golf enthusiast who is a left-hander. Undoubtedly, this item golf will support golf movements and also maneuvers perfectly.

13. Left-Handed Sweatshirt

Left-Handed Sweatshirt

You will definitely stand out if you wear this cool black sweatshirt. Being a certified lefty, you can show how much you’re happy to wear this sweatshirt when you’re outdoors. This item is a fashion item that perfectly combines minimalist and elegant style at the same time.

14. BRONDELL Dual Nozzle Bidet

BRONDELL Bidet Left Hand Bidet Attachment Dual Nozzle

Being a left-hander, you probably experienced some difficulties when it comes to clean up after urinating. That’s why you need this Dual Nozzle Bidet that provides simple and intuitive operation. This gift features a smooth rotary knob and position-able nozzle to ensure thorough cleaning.

15. TAYLORMADE RBZ #3 Hybrid

left handed gifts

Are you looking for the perfect golf tool to support and improve our playing style? Then grab this item quickly, as it’s a hybrid golf stick professionally designed for left-handed athletes. In addition, this gift provides an ergonomic grip for precise and powerful hitting movements.

16. Men Unique Quartz Luxury Watch

left handed gifts

If you prefer to wear your watch in your left hand, then this masculine QUARTZ watch is the perfect fashion item for a left-hander like you. The control knob placed on the left is specially constructed for the comfort of a left-hander.

Best Left Handed Gifts for Her

When it comes to gifts, women prefer intuitive items, including women who are left-handed. To give you better ideas, check out the following items that will perfectly provide a stunning experience for a sweet left-hander.

17. Personalized Notebook

left handed gifts

If you’re still searching for the perfect gift for a special woman who happens to be a left-hander, then you can give this notebook as a gift. It features a spine on the right side, which can make a left-handed person feel more comfort to write on it. Moreover, you can also personalize it with your friend’s name and initials to create a special impression.

18. ROSLE Stainless Steel Swivel Peeler

18. ROSLE Stainless Steel Left-Handed Swivel Peeler

Help your left-handed mother’s activities in the kitchen, specifically when she’s peeling vegetables. It will definitely become a nice way to show how much you care for her. Hand her this vegetable peeler and she will be super excited to receive it from you. Made of stainless steel, this gift was specially made for a left-hander with an inverted blade.

19. Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar

left handed gifts

If you are looking for the perfect semi-hollow electric guitar for a left-hander, then this electric guitar is the best answer. This left-handed gift boasts a classic solid Basswood body that delivers a very seductive tone. The modern features include ergonomic construction for left-handers. Feel free to put this on your shopping cart!

20. Burnished Bamboo Spatula

Left-Handed Burnished Bamboo Spatula

A bamboo spatula that will make your cooking look like a famous restaurant menu. This left-handed gift is available in 13- and 18-inch sizes. Curves and handles are specially designed for left-handers. Plus, the heat-resistant bamboo material will help you cook at high temperatures.

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21. Children Gifts ABS Kids Training Chopsticks

left handed gifts

Do you have a daughter who’s currently learning to use chopsticks? Then you need to give her this ABS Kids Training Chopsticks as a gift. These chopsticks are designed to master the chopsticks technique correctly. Clearly a cute gift for your daughter’s fun eating experience.

22. Funny Shirt Left-Handed

left handed gifts

I May Be Left-Handed but I’m Always Right. Funny and representative writing for left-handed women. This left-handed gift is crafted from super-soft cotton for comfort and a stunning outfit. Available in various color choices, you can add extraordinary personalization to your outfit.

23. Meat Thermometer for Grilling Waterproof

Meat Thermometer for Grilling Waterproof Left-handed

Now you can grill steaks for perfection, even if you are a left-hander. This instant-read meat thermometer has amazing accuracy and can be calibrated easily. Handle specially designed for left-handed use.

24. Bowling Player Bowler Lefty Samsung Case

left handed gifts

Are you a Samsung smartphone user? Are you a left-handed bowling player or fan? If so, then this cool Samsung case is the perfect item to further enhancing your identity. This left-handed gift features a sleek and sturdy design for optimum protection for your beloved smartphone.

25. Westcott 8″ Lefty Heavy Duty Carbo-Titanium Bonded Scissors

Westcott 8

Your cutting job is no longer heavy, since a left-handed person will be greatly helped by these carbo-titanium scissors. These sharp scissors feature an ergonomic handle to make your cutting routines become more enjoyable. What a perfectly functional item for a left-hander!

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What gifts do left-handed people have?

Items that can strengthen the identity of a left-handed person are the best answer. You can choose a Left-Handed Sweatshirt or Men’s Left-Handed Unique Quartz Luxury Watch for that purpose. You can also choose a FISHING Concept A Gen II Left Hand Baitcasting Reel for your fishing needs.

What are the best left-handed products to make life easier?    

It’s simple! Providing functional items make your life easier. You can choose Left-Handed JCL Cordless Drill Tool Belt Holster, and also a Wristband for home repairing purposes. You can also buy Meat Thermometer for Grilling Waterproof Left-handed for your cooking needs.

What are the best funny left handed gifts?  

Children Gifts ABS Kids Training Chopsticks and Left-Handed Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar are claimed to be the best items of fun for a left-handed person. These two items have cute designs for different purposes. In short, your eating and music activities will be more fun with these items.

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