Dog Waste Vacuum Scooper

This Dog Waste Vacuum Scooper will instantly vacuum up all the nasty surprises your dog has left for you on the lawn.

There’s nothing worse than finding old dog turds sprinkled around your lawn and making countless trips to waste bin with hands full of bags filled with dog poop.

Oh wait, there is something worse – stepping onto the turd first.

But this Dog Waste Vacuum Scooper will make it easy to clean up after your pet without even bending over or going to the waste bin. 

Dog Waste Vacuum Scooper

The vacuum is equipped with a powerful 30,000 RPM motor that will suck the dog waste of the grass, concrete or snow.

It has no wires that you can be tangled in, you just simply need to charge it for 12 hours and then you are free to go on you poop-vacuuming quest. On a single charge, it’s able to pick up to 75 pieces of dog waste, depending on its size and consistency.

Dog Waste Vacuum Scooper

But enough with unpleasant details. The bottom line is, picking up after your dog is no fun, no matter how you love your pet. So why not make this job less shitty and allow this vacuum cleaner do the job for you? 

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