59 Of The Cutest Tea Infusers That Are Unique

The art of drinking tea is as old as time.

There are so many varieties of tea to choose from and no matter where you go, you’ll probably come across a new blend or taste of tea you have never seen before.

Probably every single one of us has a stash of tea in a cupboard in some form – whether it’s in bags or leaves – so you could treat your guests to a cuppa, or drink it in the evening for a good night sleep, to keep warm or just to have something to do while you’re procrastinating in front of the computer.

Whatever the reason, tea is a part of our lives, a constant and why not make the tea drinking a little bit more fun with some cute tea infusers, so that not only your stomach will be grateful, but your mind and soul as well.

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Cutest Tea Infusers:

Unique tea infusers make for an amazing gift for any tea-lover or help you give a personal touch to any cup of tea you make.

So here is a selection of the cutest tea infusers that are unique, beautiful and sometimes on the side of a little weird too.

#1 Squirrel Tea Infuser

cutest tea infusers - Squirrel Tea Infuser

This cute tea infuser is shaped like a squirrel and sits perfectly along the rim of your cup. You can fill its “fluffy” tail with tea leaves and wait for your perfectly brewed cup of tea.

#2 Sloth Tea Infuser 

cutest tea infusers - sloth tea infuser

Sloth is probably the king of the jungle in the department of relaxing and letting go. So a tea infuser in its shape makes perfect sense for someone who wants to relax drinking tea.

#3 Baby Loch Ness Monster (Nessie) Tea Infuser

cutest tea infusers - baby nessie tea infuser

Nessie is not a monster, but a sophisticated and adorable creature, which you will learn watching this cutest tea infuser poking out of your teacup.

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#4 Fishing Polar Bear Tea Infuser

cutest tea infusers - Fishing Polar Bear tea infuser
cutest te ainfuser - Fishing Polar Bear tea infuser

This is the coolest idea for a teabag holder ever. Instead of dully waiting for the tea to brew, watch this little polar bear have a fishing adventure.

#5 Teaball Infuser With Bear 

Teaball Infuser With Bear - cutest tea infusers

This is a more refined and traditional take on tea infusers, but it’s beautiful none the less. The gold bear will look amazing in an ordinary cup as well as in a sophisticated set of china.

#6 Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser 

Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser - cutest tea infusers

This is one of the cutest tea infusers, and will have an even bigger emotional value for someone who enjoys drinking tea while listening to Beatles’ greatest hits.

#7 Cat Tea Infuser 

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To make a tea infuser in a shape of cat fishing for a meal in your cup is a stroke of genius when it comes to funny tea infusers and will be a perfect gift for any cat lover out there.

#8 Whale Tea Infuser 

Whale Tea Infuser

This adorable tea infuser in a shape of a whale comes with a waterspout handle that helps you to safely remove the infuser from the cup once it had stopped brewing.

#9 Shark Fin Tea Infuser 

When it comes to weird tea infusers you can not go wrong with this shark-fin-shaped one. For an additional sinister wow factor go with a red colored tea next time you try it.

#10 Space Capsule Tea Infuser

Space Capsule Tea Infuser

This spacer-capsule-shaped tea infuser leaves a little astronaut dangling out of your teacup and will be a perfect gift for any space or NASA enthusiast.

#11 Babushka Russian Nesting Doll Tea Infusers 

Babushka Russian Nesting Doll Tea Infusers

This cute tea infuser will sit perfectly in your cup while poking its head out of it which looks absolutely adorable. For the best experience go with a transparent cup.

#12 crystal tea ball infuser

Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone 2-Inch Loose Leaf Tea Ball Infuser

These handmade unique tea infusers will add a lot of aesthetic value to your tea drinking experience next time you curl up with a book while drinking tea.

#13 Manatee Tea Infuser

Manatea Tea Infuser

The cutest tea infusers usually come in forms that you do not expect, so who could’ve thought that a happy manatee poking out of your cup will bring so much joy to a simple act of consuming tea.

# 14 Chicken Tea Ball Infuser 

This tea infuser comes with a beautiful ornament in a shape of a chicken and will add a lot of charm to your cup while you’re waiting for your tea to brew.

#15 Octopus Tea Infuser 

Octopus Tea Infuser

When searching for unique tea infusers you probably did not expect to come across an octopus that you’d have to pull out of your mug by its tentacle, but it actually makes a lot of sense.

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#16 Seedling Plant Tea Infuser 

If you have watched WALL-E then this cute tea infuser will bring a single tear of joy to your eye. If you haven’t, it doesn’t change the fact that this seedling plant tea infuser is absolutely adorable.

#17 Flower Tea Infuser 

This is one of those creative tea infusers that act more like a tea strainer. It will fit perfectly on almost any cup (unless your cup is a size of bowl) and would deliver you a beautiful and tasty cup of tea.

#18 Mini Teapot Tea Infuser 

Mini Teapot Shaped Tea Infuser Stainless Steel Loose Leaf Tea Strainer with Chain and Drip Trays

This is one of the coolest tea infusers you’ve ever seen, as it allows you to literally fit a teapot into a teacup! Additionally, it comes with a little plate that allows you to rest a teaspoon on it while you’re waiting for the tea to brew.

#19 Dog Tea Ball Infuser

This is a perfect and simple tea infuser for any dog lover or anyone, who cried at the end of iconic Balto movie. It’s beautiful and unobtrusive and will be a great addition to any cup of tea.

#20 Dolphin Tea Infusers

dolphine tea infuser - cute tea infusers

If you have always wanted to swim with the dolphins, but never got the change, you can at least let one swim and relax in your cup with this fun tea infuser in a shape of a dolphin.

#21 Buddy Tea Infuser 

Buddy Tea Infuser

If you’re looking for a tea drinking buddy, then here he is in all his glory. He will unobtrusively sit on the side of your mug and hear you out, while you’re loading up on feel-good cup of tea.

#22 Mr Tea Infuser

Mr Tea - cutest tea infusers

This cool tea infuser radiates so much calm and carefree attitude that it will be hard not to relax watching it, or should we say him, slouching in your teacup.

#23 Sharky Tea Infuser

Shark Tea Infuser

This is the cutest tea infuser shaped like a shark you’ll ever find. Whether it’s smiling or snarling is up to you, but it certainly won’t bother you as long as it can brew tea.

#24 Pug In A Mug Tea Infuser

Pug In A Mug Tea Infuser - cute tea infusers

It’s a pug in a mug, and it’s one of the cutest tea infuser ever! Just look at its adorable squished face while he brews your tea and you’ll get in a good mood instantly.

#25 Star Wars Death Star

Star Wars Death Star tea infuser - unique tea infusers

That is probably something Darth Vader enjoyed – a steaming cup of hot tea with this tea infuser – while dealing with the stress of fighting off the rebellion. Who said being a Lord was an easy task?

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#26 Frog Tea Infuser 

Frog Tea Infuser

You can move this little guy’s hands to create a custom fit for your mug. After the brewing process is done you can rest this little from on an included tray and enjoy his silent company and smiling face.

#27 Cliff Hanger Tea Infuser 

Cliff Hanger Tea Infuser

If you enjoy cliffhangers in movies or books, then you’ll probably enjoy your tea steeped by this little cliff hanger as well while musing over the turn your favorite movie or book will take.

#28 Cat Teaball Infuser

While regular cats enjoy playing with a ball of yarn, this one has taken a liking to a much more important ball – the one that will steep your tea to the perfect taste.

#29 T-Rex Dinosaur Tea Infuser 

Tea Rex Tea Infuser

This little guy’s arms might be too short to collect the tea leaves himself, but he’ll do a great job of infusing your tea. A cool tea infuser for anyone who loves and cherishes dinosaurs (ahem, Ross Geller).

#30 Titanic Tea Infuser 

Fred TEATANIC Titanic Tea Infuser

It’s the Tea-tanic! What, too soon? This unique tea infuser is perfect for any Titanic fan or anyone, who enjoys a good dose of irony in their life. At least this Titanic won’t sink as it peacefully floats in your cup.

#31 Sea Horse Tea Infuser 

Sea Horse Tea Infuser

If you’re fortunate enough to live by the seaside or just enjoy the presence of nautical theme in your life, then this cute sea horse infuser will bring a piece of ocean to your tea party.

#32 Clam Shell Tea Infuser 

Clam Shell Tea Infuser - cute tea infusers

This tea infuser is shaped like a shell and the chain is also covered in seashells and beautiful crystals. Additionally, it will be able to fit in more than one tablespoon of tea.

#33 Moose Tea Ball Infuser 

Moose Tea Ball Infuser

I know, that Christmas is a time of reindeer, not moose, but this tea infuser still has an autumn/winter vibe to it. Just imagine drinking from a cup with this tea infuser and enjoying Christmas lights.

#34 Deep Tea Diver 

Deep Tea Diver

Send the little diver on an underwater adventure with this awesome tea infuser, and pull him back to the surface with the help of his air tank when the tea is ready.

#35 Custom Personalized Gift Tea Infuser 

Custom Personalized Gift Tea Infuser

Tea infusers can be nice gifts for someone you cherish, and to make the occasion even more memorable you can personalize this one by ordering a short but sweet message on it.

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#36 Duckie Tea Infuser 

Duckie Tea Infuser

You might be too old to take a bath with a rubber duckie in it, but if you’re nostalgic for those times or are just looking for a fun tea infuser that will leave no one indifferent, then here’s your answer.

#37 Strawberry Tea Infuser 

Strawberry Tea Infuser

Even if you don’t like strawberries, you have to admit, that they look really cute, and this strawberry-shaped infuser will add just the right amount of cuteness to your tea.

#38 Baby Dino Tea Infuser

This little baby dino will do a great job of infusing your tea and forcing a smile on your face. Plus, its long neck will allow you to pull the tea infuser out of any cup without any trouble.

#39 Tea Ball Infuser With Elephant 

This is another item on the long list of cutest tea infusers, this time it has a petite elephant attached to it. Make the delicious tea the evident elephant in the room.

#40 Rocket Tea Infuser 

Stainless Steel Tea Strainer Rocket Shape Loose Tea

This is a unique tea infuser that is shaped like a rocket, so it will be a perfect gift for anyone who is not indifferent to space exploration, whether it’s your friend, member of a family or your kid.

#41 Medelco Dunkfish Tea Infuser 

Medelco Dunkfish Tea Infuser

This tea infuser’s intricate and sharp design will look great in any cup. Just fill its belly with tea and let it float and brew your tea.

#42 Platypus Tea Infuser 

Platypus Tea Infuser

If you think that platypuses are cute, you are not mistaken, and to reinforce your opinion on them just look at this amazing tea infuser! It’s doing a great job of infusing your tea and you can remove it anytime with the help of its beak.

#43 Horse Tea Ball Infuser 

This would be a unique gift for anyone who enjoys great tea and loves horses or participates in horseback riding. Frankly, even without that, it would be a unique gift for anyone and everyone.

#44 Scuba Dive With Drip Tray Raft  

Scuba Dive With Drip Tray Raft

I realize, that this little guy is holding a flashlight, but to me it looks like he’s just ready to fight anyone who tries to take your tea, which makes it one of the cutest tea infusers ever.

#45 Hippo With Sun Charm Tea Infuser

2 Purple & Gray Hippo hippopotamus Tea Infuser Loose Leaf Strainer Herbal

Real tea infusers have curves! Come on, just look at this little hippo chilling in the cup and brewing your tea, isn’t she absolutely adorable?

#46 Teachers Pet Owl Tea Infuser

Teachers Pet Owl

You can look at it as a symbol of wisdom and wit, or you could look at it as a hipster owl in glasses. Whatever is the case, it is still an incredibly cool tea infuser.

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#47 Tea Lovers 

Tea Lovers tea infusers - cutest tea infusers

This is a set of two cute tea infusers and it will be a great gift for your other half for the Valentine’s Day, or for a small anniversary or just because you both love tea.

#48 Pink Pig Tea Infuser 

Tea Ball Loose Leaf Strainer Cup Mug Infuser

This is a slightly different take on a “teacup pig”, but it’s still as adorable as the real thing and will brew your tea in no time.

#49 Goat Tea Ball Infuser 

Goat Tea Ball Infuser

Goats can be adorable, when they are not charging at you in rage, and this little fella will be even more adorable looking hanging out of your teacup.

#50 Sweet Tea Lollipop Infuser

Sweet Tea Lollipop Infuser

This cutest tea infuser might not sweeten the taste of your tea, but it will definitely look sweet and adorable in your cup. Plus, you can surprise any of your guests by just dunking a lollipop in their cup.

#51 Rolling Stones Shape Tongue Infuser 

Rolling Stones Shape Tongue Infuser

This tea infuser does a nice tribute to the great Rolling Stones and will be the perfect way for you to emphasize your love of tea and great music.

#52 Umbrella Tea Infuser 

Umbrella Tea Infuser

This umbrella-shaped tea infuser is absolutely adorable and will sit tightly in your cup and even in a tall glass, since you can hook its handle over the rim of the glass.

#53 Rose Flower Plus Charm Infuser 

Rose Flower Plus Charm Infuser

beautiful tea infuser is shaped like a rose and comes with an additional rose charm, and will be a great gift for someone who wants something more lasting than flowers.

#54 Sheep Tea Infuser

Sheep Tea Infuser

If you can’t sleep and counting sheep doesn’t help, then combine this sheep tea infuser with a chamomile tea and it should probably do the trick.

#55 Tea Pop Infuser 

Silicone Tea Infuser Set for Loose Tea

On cold winter evenings let this cutest tea infuser remind you about warm summer nights and delicious popsicles that you miss so much.

#56 Heart Shaped With Double Heart Charm Tea Infuser 

Heart Shaped With Double Heart Charm Tea Infuser

This unique tea infuser looks wonderful and sophisticated, and will not only brew your tea, but also remind you or someone you give it as a gift to, that love is all around you.

#57 Sea Fishing Tea Infuser 

Sea Fishing Tea Infuser

When this cutest tea infuser is done brewing your tea, just “fish” it out and enjoy. But seriously, it looks adorable, and you can use the charms on a key-chain or as a jewelry piece, if you want to.

#58 Paper Boat Tea Infuser

PAPER BOAT Tea Infuser Strainer by OTOTO

Make a cup of tea from paper boat tea infuser will be different and keep your heart warm. It is like bring back the childhood memory when you have many times to fold the paper into paper boat. And yeah, why you not try to fold origami again while waiting your tea? You can play it and have a sip of tea in the beautiful weekend.

#59 Fred Duck Tea Infuser

Genuine Fred Duck Drink Tea Infuser, for Loose Leaf, White

I think you cannot hold your laugh the first time you infuse the tea with this duck duck drink tea infuser. Simply, bottom’s up this tea infuser to the cup whenever you feel you need a cup of tea at morning or night. It also perfect as a gift and let your loved one laughs when they open this gift.

So there you have our epic list of the cutest tea infusers on the planet, Share this post with someone that may like some of these cute tea infusers!

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