Fear Of The Dark Force Field Cloaks

If your kid struggles to fall asleep in the dark these Fear Of The Dark Force Field Cloaks will give him or her the boost of confidence to fight off any unwanted monsters or aliens.

It’s common knowledge that under a blanket nothing can hurt you. Even adults choose to have their feet tucked safely under the blanket.

You know, just to be on the safe side. These cloaks, however, take the blanket protection to a whole new level.

These blankets glow in the dark showing off intricate patterns that resemble force fields usually drawn up in sci-fi and superhero movies. If it works for a superhero your kid will definitely decide that it’s good enough for him or her. 

Fear Of The Dark Force Field Cloaks

Force field cloaks can be charged throughout the day, soaking up the light in the room. But when the night falls they can emanate a soft glow for over 8 hours serving as a snugly night light.

You can also charge these blankets instantly by using a blacklight if you happen to have one lying around.

Fear Of The Dark Force Field Cloaks

What’s more, by covering some parts of the blanket during the day, your kid can produce impressive and fun hidden messages. The cloaks are completely non-toxic and safe for children. 

Fear Of The Dark Force Field Cloaks

Honestly, the Force Field cloaks look so good that we wouldn’t be surprised if you were to borrow one from your kid from time to time. For science.

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