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Orbit Wheels show you what a cross between roller skates and a skateboard looks like. From what we can see, it surely looks incredibly fun.

After witnessing hoverboards and self-balancing vehicles, you probably thought that that would be the end of the personal transportation revolution, at least for now.

Well, you were wrong, because Orbit Wheels have revolutionized something that has been flying under the radar of innovation for far too long – roller skates.

To put it simply, Orbit Wheels are a pair of wheels inside of which you put each foot. To retain your balance no straps or buckles are needed. However, you can use actual straps while you are learning how to ride the Wheels. 

Orbit Wheels

Orbit Wheels can be propelled forward by the up and down movement of your feet. It creates sort of a wave-like propulsion that can carry you forward.

Orbit Wheels

You can move only sideways, hence us mentioning that it’s a mashup of roller skates and a skateboard. Still, this allows you to master multiple tricks and moves. 

Orbit Wheels

The only thing better than skateboarding is doing that with both feet and Orbit Wheels prove that.

Orbit Wheels

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