26 Best Naruto Tattoo Ideas To Impress Naruto Lovers 

The popularity of Naruto tattoos has increased over time because they come in many different styles and colors. Moreover, some of them feature meaningful Naruto tattoo symbols that will be loved by many Naruto fans. Plus, they’re also easy to recognize because most people know about Naruto even if they haven’t watched it themselves! If you’re a fan of Naruto, then you probably already know that there are tons of Naruto tattoo ideas to show off your love for the show and its characters.

Therefore, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Naruto tattoo ideas for you to check out if you’re looking for inspiration for your next ink job. There are many different styles of tattoos, and each one has its own charm and meaning.

So whether you’re looking for something small or something big, we’ve got a design that’s just right for you!

What Is An Anime Style Tattoo?

Anime style tattoo is characterized by its strong, vivid colors and by the use of shading, intricacy, and 3D effects. Combining these two elements for a tattoo is ideal because anime cartoons are renowned for their use of vivid colors and intricate details to tell a story.

You can get your favorite characters or scenes are just a way to express how fascinated you are with the show.

Do Tattoos Exist in Naruto?

Yes! In Naruto anime, some ninjas have tattoos as a member of the elite force. For instance, ANBU Black Ops tattoo that Kakashi Hatake, Yugao Uzuki, and Sai have as notable ANBU members. The tattoo is meant to resemble a flame with a slight curl at either end. Besides, the kanji character tattoo also exists on Gaara’s forehead.

Naruto Tattoo Ideas for Men

Are you looking for a cool way to express your inner warrior? A great way to do that is with Naruto male tattoos. Naruto has inspired many men to get tattoos with his likeness or other characters from his world.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next tattoo design, let us recommend some great ideas below!

1. Naruto and Kurama Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

When it comes to a badass Naruto tattoo for men, the image of Naruto Uzumaki and Kurama on your skin will definitely be perfect for you. Kurama or the Nine Tails has a great power that will help Naruto to save the world.

For the tattoo, we recommend you to make the half face of Kurama and Naruto with black and red ink. Therefore, you can have the arm Naruto tattoo as a good symbol of power that will give you strength whenever you face problems in real life.

2. Gaara and His Childhood Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Nicole Gossler)

Just like Gaara, a cool and silent man may have a fragile childhood. So, if you share similarities with Gaara, then you can get this character tattooed on your skin. Personally, we love the design that portrays Gaara with his childhood memory while holding his favorite teddy bear.

Even better, you can also add the iconic Gaara’s tattoo as if it bursts our of his forehead, adding the dark vibe to the design.

3. Obito and Kakashi Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Bruna Luiza Luiza)

Having a comparison of villain and protagonist character may be an interesting tattoo idea for men. Therefore, how about tattooing the biggest villain from Naruto with one of the greatest characters there?

For this idea, you can go with Obito and Kakashi since they had a complex relationship. You can draw half of Obito with the iconic spiral mask covering his face but his right eye and half of Kakashi with his left eyes exposed. In our opinion, this character combination will definitely be an amazing tattoo!

4. Uchiha Itachi Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@cartoondistrict.com)

Still, we have no doubt that Itachi is one of the coolest characters that is perfect for emotionless but caring men. Since the character has a cool personality, you can portray his pale face wearing a high collar cloak, showing that he is a true ninja of Akatsuki.

Don’t forget to add crows around the tattoo to add another appeal. Moreover, you can also have the crossed headband too, to symbolize that you are now a rogue ninja like Akatsuki member.

5. Tobirama Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

Besides strength and powers, men also love genius and intelligent characters like Tobirama. So, we think having this tattoo design on your skin will definitely be a fantastic idea.

To start with the process, simply get the face of Tobirama on your skin with his head armor and the iconic face markings. In fact, these marks represent chakra techniques. Moreover, you can also add the water dragon that symbolizes his awesome skills.

6. Angry Might Guy Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@outsons.com)

Show how powerful you are with the Might guy tattoo on your hand. We all know that he is definitely an awesome character that has no flaws with an upbeat personality. And, when he is fighting over the enemy, no one can beat him easily.

Therefore, we recommend you to get the image of him while using his strongest “Jutsu” to open the Eight Gates. Then, make sure you add the fire effect to add charm to this character, making a perfect tattoo for powerful men.

7. Jiraiya and Giant Toad Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Stefany 21)

In the anime series, Jiraiya appears as a lovable character. Moreover, he is also a bright and friendly character that may inspire you to be a good guy every day. Well, based on that fact, we think having Jiraiya with his silver hair on your skin as an inspiring character will motivate you in daily life, which would be awesome.

In addition, don’t forget to add the giant toad that is also one of the most iconic Jiaiya’s powers on your tattoo.

Naruto Tattoo Ideas for Women

Not only for men, a Naruto tattoo for women is a great way to express your love for the popular manga and series. Besides, they can be a great way to show off meaningful parts or symbols from Naruto.

If you’re ladies or girls looking for some new ways to represent your fandom, here we have some ideas for women’s Naruto tattoos!

8. Akatsuki Symbol Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

Usually, women prefer to have a simple tattoo instead of a complicated one. Therefore, we recommend you to get the akatsuki red cloud symbol for your Naruto hand tattoo.

In terms of design, it has a simple but remarkable design with a wonderful meaning. In fact, the red cloud was used by Akatsuki as a symbol of justice and fairness. As the value changes, the red cloud symbolizes the blood that was shed in Amegakure during the conflicts.

9. Smiling Naruto Tattoo

As a Naruto lover, you may want to see Naruto’s smile everyday. Therefore, to light up your day, we recommend you to simply get this tattoo on your ski.

It features the smiling Naruto face with a simple quote; “The Smile That Saved Me”, which can be a great inspiration everyday. Also, we think that this tattoo is a perfect reminder for girls to always smile and look at the bright side whatever life throws at them.

10. Aesthetic Konoha Leaf Symbol Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@youtube.com)

When it comes to a tattoo reflecting Naruto series, we think the Konoha leaf is just awesome! Especially if you are looking for aesthetic Naruto female tattoo ideas, then you can definitely go with this design.

The tattoo has thin strokes, portraying the Konoha symbol and leaves above it. In fact, the symbol also stands for “Leaf”. The village of Konoha means village hidden in the leaves.

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11. Chibi Naruto Sasuke Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@cartoondistrict.com)

Look how adorable Naruto and Sasuke are in chibi characters! We believe without a doubt that girls must love the idea of having the cute version of Naruto and Sasuke on their skin.

Especially if you are going to tattoo both of your thighs, you can make these chibi characters facing each other. Moreover, you can also get Sasuke and Naruto tattooed with their cute annoyed faces for extra cuteness!

12. Kyubi Seal Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@kawaii-koneko-ichigo.deviantart.c…)

Next up we have a subtle tattoo idea for girls to show that you are Naruto lovers, which comes in a Kyuubi seal symbol that will look good to become your back tattoo.

The purpose of this seal in the anime is to entice tailed beasts to help the Jinchuriki they have been confined inside since the more chakra they provide. To begin with the process, simply use black ink to create a spiral symbol with detailed accents of this Eight Trigrams Sealing style.

13. Young Itachi Back Tattoo

Source: Instagram (@suskitattoos)

For many girls, Itachi is their ideal type that deserves to get his image on their skin. If you are one of his fangirls, then it’s a sign to also have this tattoo on your back.

Find the cutest scene from the series such as when young Itachi visited a cat café and wore a cat ears headband. Then, continue to make your tattoo look timeless by coloring the tattoo as the black and white version.

14. Temari Back Tattoo

Temari Back Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@temari-ore-no-yume.deviantart.com)

Temari is one of the best female characters in Naruto that you can try for cosplay.

However, to make your Temari cosplay appearance more attractive, you can get the Temari tattoo on your back. You can go with the confident and brave Temari sitting on the rocks with her giant iron fan next to her. Make it the black and white tattoo version so it will look stunning on your back.

Badass Naruto Tattoo Ideas

Naruto has had many different tattoos over the years, but there are a few that stand out as being particularly badass. So, we’ll explore some of the best badass Naruto tattoo ideas. Whether you’re looking for an elaborate sleeve or just want an awesome piece on your forearm, we believe these designs will definitely inspire you!

15. Naruto Battle Scene Tattoo

Naruto Battle Scene Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@outsons.com)

We can’t deny that Naruto battle scene is fun and exciting to watch. Therefore, we recommend you make it stays forever in your skin with this Naruto sleeve tattoo idea. You can have the iconic scene when Naruto fights against Itachi.

Start from the Naruto image, continue to Itachi, and make a close up detail to the sharingan scene in the bottom part. Moreover, we have to remind you not to forget to color your tattoo to make the tattoo more alive.

16. Naruto Life Transformation Tattoo

Naruto Life Transformation Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

As Naruto lovers, you may appreciate each Naruto’s life phase with his awesome journey. And, you can also keep his life story as a badass tattoo on your arm. You can combine the young Naruto, the sage mode Naruto, and the Hokage phase in one design.

In our opinion, it will be a great tattoo to show how tough and long Naruto’s journey was, from young age to finally become a great Hokage.

17. Orochimaru Tattoo

Orochimaru Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Junior Della Rosa)

Despite his evil personality, we personally think that Orochimaru’s design will make a great artistic tattoo. Orochimaru has scary eyes and smiles, especially when he transforms into a big eight headed snake.

Moreover, to make a badass tattoo, you can display Orochimaru with his long tongue, controlling a big snake in front of him. In our opinion, it will be one of the darkest and fantastic Naruto tattoo ideas you can have.

18. Aesthetic Hinata Tattoo

Aesthetic Hinata Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

Who says that this female character can’t show her badass side? Inspired by Hinata while showing her jutsu, we think this tattoo is definitely awesome. You can see how Hinata’s eyesight would become severely strained from her face.

So, let Hinata fight against the wolf to keep the exciting moment in your skin. Moreover, don’t forget to adorn the tattoo with lily flowers that resemble her beautiful name.

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19. Itachi’s Dark Side Full Sleeve Tattoo

Itachi’s Dark Side Full Sleeve Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

Although Itachi is a good character at the beginning, he also experienced a moment of hurt and wanted revenge. if you love this character and perhaps want to expose his dark side in the form of art, then you can go with the full sleeve tattoo.

In fact, Itachi has a tremendous amount of power to take revenge. You can use black and red ink to portray the moment when he is using chakra or even transformed into fire.

20. Kurama inside Your Arm Tattoo

Kurama In Your Arm Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Jacob)

As one of the most powerful nine tailed beasts, we definitely think that keeping Kurama in your skin will definitely be fantastic.

On your upper arm, you can create a picture of Kurama scratching your skin with his long nails, as if the beast is hiding behind it. You can portray its angry red eyes, watching beneath the torn skin. In our opinion, it will be one of the most creative nine tail fox tattoos to treasure.

21. Sharingan Sleeve Tattoo

Sharingan Sleeve Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@dave.vero.ink)

Sharingan is one of the most powerful abilities inherited by the Uchiha clan. You can see the sign from the red eyes with the copy wheel eye symbol on it. Therefore, how about collecting characters that use sharingan in one sleeve tattoo design?

You can put Itachi, Madhara, and Obito from the Uchica clan while using sharingan. Moreover, don’t forget to add Kakashi who got an eye transplant from Obito since he is also using sharingan.

22. Black and White Naruto Tattoo

Black and White Naruto Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@mungfali.com)

This one is for Naruto fans who still somehow prefer to have black and white instead of color tattoos. As for this one, we would suggest that you have it on your arm down to your wrist. It will make you look like a true badass fan of Naruto and envy other fans who see it. Aside from being a statement of your love for Naruto, this will also make a great body art to adore forever, too.

23. Minato Tattoo

Naruto Sasuke Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Admiral_tattoo)

Next up we have another tattoo idea for Naruto fans that will make you look like a true badass. It comes as a black and white tattoo with a touch of colors on Minato’s eyes. The blue eyes clearly turn the tattoo into life as if Naruto is looking straight into your eyes. It also includes the image of Minato from his back wearing his Shippuden Akatsuki Hokage cloak. Have this on your arm and we can guarantee that you won’t regret it.

24. Naruto and Kurama Color Tattoo

Naruto Sasuke Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

This super cool color tattoo of Naruto and Kurama is another great tattoo choice to show your love for the character. It comes in two main colors which are black and red to highlight Kurama, which will look as if he is protecting Naruto, being loyal to his master. You can have it on your lower arm to make sure everyone can see it while you are out and about. 

25. Electric Kakashi Tattoo

Electric Naruto Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Kurama – 𝟐𝟎𝟎𝟔)

Another badass tattoo for both men and women who adores Kakashi and his abilities is definitely this electric Kakashi tattoo that has a blue aura highlighting his powers. This one comes in the form of Kakashi gathering powers. In our opinion, tattoos can be something that represents the owner’s personality. Therefore, this tattoo will be perfect for those who are working on their inner power to be a better individual, inspired by Kakashi.

26. Gaara Color Tattoo

Naruto and Gaara Color Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@smalltattoosideas.com)

Gaara is a character that has fragile childhood memories, making him the way he is today. With characters such as quiet, calm and mysterious, Gaara has successfully gathered his own fan base, which is why having a Gaara tattoo would be a great idea. However, if you are a fan of both Naruto and Gaara, we think this tattoo will be a great choice and you can have it on your lower arm area. Plus, it also comes in colors so it will make a great piece of body art, too. 

Final Thoughts

For Naruto fans, there are many ways to express their love to their favorite manga or series. And, getting a Naruto tattoo is one of the best methods to show your admiration and make a special connection to the story or characters.

Since each person may have different reasons to choose a Naruto tattoo design, we hope our selected ideas will give you more insights and inspiration before getting one.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why do Naruto fans want to get a Naruto tattoo?

For hardcore fans, Naruto theme tattoos are a great symbol to express your love to the fandom. Besides, only Naruto lovers may be the only ones who can recognize tattoos that reference Naruto. Therefore, you will definitely get a special connection to the manga.

What does Gaara’s tattoo say?

As many fans are aware, Gaara’s forehead bears the “ai” tattoo symbol, which stands for love. It refers to a “Devil Loving Just Himself”, in the broad sense. So, Gaara’s tattoo is intended to represent a misunderstood individual who is continually searching for love.

Do any Naruto characters have tattoos?

Yes, they do. Sensei Kakashi Hatake, Yugao Uzuki, and later Sai have tattoos as notable ANBU members. Moreover, the curse Sasuke received in the Naruto series leaves him with a curse mark like a tattoo on his neck known as the Cursed Seal of Heaven.

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