25 Christmas Nails Designs So Stunning, Santa Would Approve!

Christmas nails have become a trendy icon embraced by many folks to welcome the holiday season year after year, including this year! There are plenty of Christmas manicure styles with various designs, ranging from easy Christmas nail designs to ones with French tip art.

Christmas Nails
Christmas Nail Ideas

These sparkly holiday nails often use winter nail colors like red, white, silver, blue, and evergreen, creating a beautiful combination. If you’re interested in creating simple yet stunning DIY Christmas nail art designs, you can check out our collection below.

Short Christmas Nails

Check out these quick holiday nail art ideas that’ll match your minimalist vibe if you’re all about stepping up your style without going overboard this season.

Our collection has rounded up some short Christmas nails with timeless designs for every occasion, including Christmas 2023!

1. Red Sparkle Nails

Christmas nails
Source: Pinterest (@Kbeauty Addiction)

Red is the ultimate Christmas color that you can’t ignore if you want to rock those festive Xmas nail ideas. You don’t have to go all-in with red, but get as creative as you can to make it pop, like this red sparkle nail art. 

Picture glittery Christmas gel nails on the index and pinky fingers, while the rest go for a nude pink with white dots and tiny Christmas ornaments for that bold color contrast against the softer tones.

Don’t forget to finish it off with a glossy touch to keep the design on point.

2. Candy Cane Chic

Christmas nails
Source: Pinterest (@Kbeauty Addiction)

We’re totally into how easy this candy cane nail stripes design looks, making it perfect for a DIY at home! Just whip up a French tip with a deep red nail polish and slap on that candy cane vibe onto your fingernails. 

Throw in some glittery sparkle on the tips of your thumb, index, and middle fingers for that extra Christmas pop. Keep your pointer finger cool with just a touch of silvery glitter and a glossy top coat.

Boom, you’re done!

3. Korean Christmas Manicure

Christmas nails
Source: Pinterest (@Kbeauty Addiction)

Feeling like ditching the usual for Christmas Eve? Give this Korean Christmas manicure a shot! To make your nails pop, start by painting the thumb and index finger with a slick black color. Then, throw in some shining star decorations on top for that extra flair.

For the pinky and middle finger, go for the French tip vibe, and sprinkle some golden black glitter on the ring finger.

Finish it off by slathering a glossy top coat on all your nails to keep them looking sharp.

4. Festive Red Nails

Christmas nails
Source: Pinterest (@momooze)

Are you a fan of classic red?

If yes, this design suits your personality. It features a glittery red polish that looks stunning wrapping all your nails. To give a Christmas vibe, stick some snowflake characters on your pinky or middle finger. 

After that, top it off with a glossy finish to keep the style strong. In case you’re in the mood for more color fun, throw in a white French tip for an appealing contrast.

5. Deer Cheer Nails

Christmas nails
Source: Pinterest (@Kbeauty Addiction)

Who says short nails can’t look attractive for welcoming this Christmas? Just check out these adorable deer nails! The combo of warm white and glittery brown will steal the spotlight on your look.

You can ask your nail art salon to give a white background on the middle, ring, and pinky fingers. 

Next, ask the nail artists to draw a reindeer character on the ring finger and a polka-dot pattern on the middle finger.

Let the sparkling brown nail polish beautifully adorn your index finger for a stunning contrast.

6. Starry Night Nails

Christmas nails
Source: Pinterest (@Kbeauty Addiction)

This timeless starry night design is perfect if you’re into that fancy minimalist vibe.

All it takes is a combo of light grey to blue nail polish and some silvery glitter to make those stars pop on your nails. 

To avoid overcrowding, just draw those stars on your middle and pinky fingers. The rest of your nails get the regular polish treatment. Finish them off with a glossy top coat for that extra touch of sophistication.

Easy peasy!

7. Evergreen Christmas Nail Art

Christmas nails
Source: Pinterest (@Kbeauty Addiction)

This evergreen Christmas nail is the easiest and fanciest Christmas tree nail you can rock on your fingertips! Paint all your nails emerald green, except for the ring fingers. Those get a glossy makeover. 

Add some white dots on the other nails and slap those tree stickers on. Finish it off with a shiny topcoat to keep that tree shining.

Super simple and seriously cute holiday vibes!

Simple Christmas Nails

Take the chance to spice up your look with some DIY Christmas nail art using our easy Christmas nail designs below. Most of the designs just need a few Christmas ornaments for the tips and a glossy finish that’s super easy to follow.

8. Cute Christmas Nails

Christmas nails
Source: Pinterest (@Emily Robert)

Designing Christmas nails doesn’t always have to be over the top. Sometimes, simplicity is the key, just like this cute Christmas nail design. They have a simple design that only uses a white French tip to make the nails look longer. 

Around the tip, you can see mistletoe in green and red, hanging beautifully.

To maintain the shape and quality of this design, you can add a glossy top coat layer to make it look classy.

9. Xmas Wed Nails

Christmas nails
Source: Pinterest (@Wedding Planner)

For those of you planning to tie the knot around the Christmas season, these Xmas wedding nails are a must-consider option. Just like before, the designs are flawless and eye-catching. 

The mistletoes on the fingertips look charming, appearing to climb toward the center of the nail beds. To add a dramatic appeal, you can throw in some crystals at the center of the tips.

Don’t forget to finish them off with a glossy coat!

10. Metallic Nail Glam

Christmas nails
Source: Pinterest (@Daniela Rojas)

If you’re not really into Christmas ornaments but still want to stay on-trend for rocking Xmas nails this season, we suggest trying out this metallic nail glam. They’ve adopted the square acrylic nail shape that allows for more creative space.

You can go for a nude pink color with a metallic finish on all your fingertips except the middle finger.

For that one, adding some sparkling silvery glitter will give off a festive vibe.

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11. Black Snowflake Style

Christmas nails
Source: Pinterest (@Style Your Occasion)

Unlike before, this one relies more on a glossy coat and French tip. The black French tips look stunning for the middle, index, and thumb fingers. 

For the ring finger, stick or draw black snowflake characters and top it with glossy polish.

Additionally, the pinky finger will look great in all black, and add frosty flakes characters near the lunula.

12. Green Glittery Polish

Christmas nails
Source: Pinterest (@Style Your Occasion)

Besides red, emerald green is another ultimate Christmas. If you’re not into complicated designs, this green glittery polish will satisfy your desire with just two types of nail polishes. 

To add a shimmering touch, use glittery polish for the pinky, ring, and middle fingers.

The rest can be coated with solid emerald-green nail polishes.

13. Stunning Glitter Nails

Christmas nails
Source: Pinterest (@Kbeauty Addiction)

Some people prefer keeping it low-key with neutral or soft tones. If you’re one of them, this glitter nail idea is bound to become your instant fave. Just paint your nails with a soft pink or salmon hue, whichever you fancy. 

After that, sprinkle some silvery or gold glitter from halfway down to the center of the nail bed.

Finish it off with a glossy nail polish coat. Easy, right?

Christmas Nails French Tip

Explore chic and eye-catching Christmas nails with French tips that will elevate your look during the festive Xmas season. Check out our awesome collection featuring winter nail colors in the next section.

14. Holly Bliss Nails

Christmas nails
Source: Pinterest (@Kbeauty Addiction)

Back to the red era once again! This time, we think the design can still match those who aren’t big fans of vibrant tones. The red French tips look seamless, giving a clean cut with the rest of the nail beds.

You can go for a deep red or burgundy if this red shade is too bright for you. Instead of going all out with the red, it’s better to choose colorful glitter for a few nails without adding the red polish.

After that, coat them all with a glossy finish!

15. Mistletoe French Tips

Christmas nails
Source: Pinterest (@Fab Mood)

If you’re tired of the usual red but still wanna rock some Christmas vibes, try going for emerald green French tips with a dash of colorful glitter. That green looks fancy on the tips, totally bringing out the festive feel. 

To amp it up, throw some glitter around the fingertips.

Keep your index fingers sleek with just a glossy finish, skipping the green but adding some white glitter.

16. Icy Blue French Tip

Christmas nails
Source: Pinterest (@Nail Art Design)

Forget red and green, go for a bold icy blue!  Even though it’s a different color, the design is still kinda like the two previous collections.

Just gotta draw those French tips with deep blue polish on all your nails. Now, throw in some glitter, go colorful, or add silver, totally your call for the fingertips.

To wrap it up, layer them with a glossy finish. And voila!

17. White Elegance

Christmas nails
Source: Pinterest (@Lulus)

Nothing beats the classy vibes of white, just like this nail design. Unlike the square nails, this one is perfect for those rocking longer or acrylic nails.

You can rock with white French tips on all your nails. 

Now, between the tips and the nail bed, add those signature Christmas gold ribbon characters. To amp up the glam, finish it off with a metallic silver touch.

It’s a win-win for elegance and festive vibes!

18. Classy Frosty Nails

Christmas nails
Source: Pinterest (@Kbeauty Addiction)

French tips are usually seen on short or square nails, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with long nails. This classy nail doesn’t require your whole nail kit, just glossy nail polish, and some white snowflake vibes.

Start by asking your nail artist for white French tips on all nails. Then, pop a snowflake on the ring finger before giving them all a glossy coat.

What a piece of cake, right?

19. Silver Acrylic Nails

Christmas nails
Source: Pinterest (@Kbeauty Addiction)

Acrylic nails are always a win when it comes to giving you the freedom to get creative with your fingertips.

This design really shouts out if you can pull off an appealing French tip with acrylic square nails. 

Go for it with some silver glitter on all the tips, and throw in a ribbon-like feature on the ring finger to amp up the whole nail vibe. Finish it off with a glossy touch. Boom, now you’ve got the perfect nails to kick off the Christmas vibes!

Classy Christmas Nails

Classy Christmas nails are perfect for those who like to design their nails with minimalist accessories but still want them to look fancy. Interested?

We have some of the best collections below for you to check out.

20. Glamorous Holiday Nails

Christmas nails
Source: Pinterest (@momooze)

Go all out this Christmas by jazzing up your nails with some fabulous holiday nail art.

Try a deep grey or mauve for your ring and index fingers, and go all out with white covered in sparkly silver glitter for the middle one.

Keep the other fingers stylish with a light grey or muted pink matte finish. With this look, you’re guaranteed to turn heads at the Christmas dinner table

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21. Merry Manicure Design

Christmas nails
Source: Pinterest (@Eluxe Magazine)

Suppose the usual stuff is a bit too much for you. In that case, a cheerful manicure design will spruce up your white Christmas look. 

You could go for a subtle grey, a knitted texture for your middle fingers, and give the pinky and thumb a sparkly champagne wine vibe.

The ring finger will look killer in glossy muted grey with a hint of copper glitter on the lunula, and you can keep the index finger a solid muted grey.

22. Trendy Almond Nails

Christmas nails
Source: Pinterest (@Lucia Liu)

This one is super easy but classy. Use muted and pastel colors, like this muted purple to grey, to jazz up your Christmas nails. Go for a glossy finish to bring out that classy vibe. 

After you’ve painted them all with your favorite color, add golden edges to the cuticles for a touch of luxury that’s unmatched.

We recommend putting on your sparkly ring for some extra glam vibes.

23. Timeless Metallic Dazzle

Christmas nails
Source: Pinterest (@Beautymone)

Are you a fan of metallic gleam? If so, this timeless metallic dazzle is just a perfect match for your personal taste. You can go first with black or deep grey ones that beautifully adorn your thumb and point fingernails. 

Leave room for a champagne wine tone on the middle finger, while the ring one highlights classiness in gold.

For the pinky one, you can opt for a beige that balances other shades.

24. Golden Xmas Glow

Christmas nails
Source: PInterest (@LIGHTS LACQUER)

Diverse tones are indeed appealing, but some think those are overwhelming. In case you have similar thoughts, you can go with gold.

Instead of short nails, we recommend opting for medium to long nails that infuse a luxurious feel to the look. 

For this design, having a matte finish will create a cleaner finish. However, we think that a glossy one will elevate the sophisticated feel of celebrating Christmas Eve.

25. Nude Nail Gleam

Christmas nails
Source: Pinterest (@Design Madhu)

If you’re up for a unique twist, rocking a nude nail glow can give you an awesome Christmas nail vibe. Consider going for a deep gray with a hint of purple on your index, middle, and pinky fingers. 

Then, sketch some white lines resembling blades of grass and add a touch of extra luxury with crystals on the middle and pinky fingers.

Keep it simple but stylish with solid silver gel nails on the ring finger.

Final Thought

This holiday season, unveil your creativity to experiment with diverse Christmas nail styles. Whether you want to opt for red and green Christmas nail art or make a nude and intricate twist, let your nails become a canvas of your wild imagination.

We recommend giving a try to some winter colors, like blue, silver, and burgundy if you want to infuse the festive spirit with the seasonal vibes.

Remember, there are no rules to explore nail designs to celebrate Christmas Eve.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the trend in Christmas nails for 2023?

The Christmas nails trend in 2023 is all about festive nail designs. You can embrace your creativity by mixing Christmas nail polish colors, like deep red, emerald green, and rich burgundy to create holiday-themed manicures. 

We recommend opting for snowflake nail designs to decorate the nail bed and elevate the look. Also, experiment with the unique texture of knit, velvet, or shimmering metallics to make elegant Christmas nails.

What nail color is best for Christmas?

When it comes to Christmas nail polish colors, the best Christmas nail vibe is classic red! We can say that it’s the ultimate color to create festive nail designs to welcome Christmas. 

You can make red and green nail art to design holiday-themed manicures or simply go with snowflake nail designs, incorporating transparent glossy polish and red French tip style for simple Christmas nails.

How to design a nail Christmas?

To design elegant Christmas nails, we recommend you opt for festive colors, like red, green, and gold ones. You can also try infusing sparkle polishes to make glitter Christmas nails. 

In addition, adding Christmas characters, such as Santa hats, ornaments, or snowflakes is a brilliant idea to elevate your sparkly holiday nails. As the top layer, you better add glossy nail polish to secure the design.

What is the meaning of the Christmas nail?

For some people, Xmas nails are not just an accessory that transforms their look to welcome the joyful season of the year. These Christmas manicure styles are a reminder of the whole Christmas story. 

No wonder many fans of Xmas nails feature Christmas characters to create Christmas tree nails, red and green nail art, and also glitter Christmas nails with stars symbols.

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