25 Gorgeous Katara Costume Ideas for True Katara Fans

Katara is one of the main characters of Avatar: The Last Airbender. She is kind, powerful, and she is often seen wearing iconic outfits with unique hairstyles. It makes her a great character to cosplay, and we think it would be a great idea for female fans of the story and professional cosplayers to cosplay as Katara.

Her most popular outfit is the iconic blue and white outfit, a great choice of Katara costume to pick. 

Katara Costume Ideas

Wear a unique Katara costume for your next cosplay event, and add some twists to add a touch of uniqueness to it. Also, you can add your personal style to the look, too.

Below we are sharing some of the most unique Katara costume ideas for you. Plus, we also include Katara costume ideas at the Fire Nation for more options. So, check out below to discover more!

Katara Costume at The Water Nation

Katara’s most popular outfit includes a blue and white tungustic robe paired with a unique hairstyle called the ‘hair loopies’ that creates an iconic look.

Below are 16 of the most recommended Katara costume ideas based on her outfit at the Water Nation. 

1. Classic Katara Costume

Source: Pinterest (@Goldberry Edition)

This classic Katara costume is a perfect choice of costume for professionals who are looking for a perfect cosplay performance. This costume has all the required elements of Katara’s outfit that includes the robe, gloves, hairstyle and makeup. 

In order to make you look on point, you can also add some extra accessories like a brown sling bag to complete your look.

We think this classic Katara costume is perfect for professional cosplayers. If you are one of them, wear this costume and prepare yourself to be the center of attention. 

2. Light Blue Katara Costume

Source: Pinterest

You can go for a lighter shade of blue as the color of your Katara costume. This costume includes a short sleeve light blue and white robe with blue armbands to match the robe. 

Make sure you wear the iconic blue necklace and style your hair with Katara’s iconic hair loopies and decorate the hair using small blue hairpins. Alternatively, you can also choose to wear Katara’s wig for a simpler way to create the perfect Katara hairstyle. 

3. Katara Costume with Fingerless Gloves

Source: Pinterest (@tophwei.deviantart.com)

The blue gloves are an element of Katara’s outfit that gives her a uniquely distinguished look.

She is always seen with her blue gloves and blue armbands. As for your costume, instead of wearing the common blue gloves, why not add a touch of uniqueness by wearing fingerless gloves instead?

These blue fingerless gloves will create a more casual look and help you to be able to use your phone easily, too!

Based on our experience, typing on the phone can be a challenging task when we wear the usual gloves. So, in our opinion wearing fingerless gloves is preferable.

4. Blue and White Katara Costume with a Wig

Source: Pinterest (@cosgeek.blogspot.com)

Here we have a sky blue Katara costume that features a gorgeous hairstyle. We understand that sometimes, having the perfect hairstyle to perfectly recreate the look of the character you are cosplaying is a challenge on its own.

But not with this one we suppose. This cosplay idea comes with a long and thick wig that will cut a lot of time to style your hair.

Moreover, it already comes with the famous hair loopies. All you need to do is put on simple makeup and use blue contact lenses if you prefer. 

5. Sleeveless Katara Costume

Source: Pinterest (@divetoworldcosplay.deviantart.com)

This next Katara costume recommendation is perfect for a true fan. It has a classic look that features a sleeveless blue and white robe, dark blue pants, beige boots, and a pair of fingerless gloves that come in brown and blue. 

Once you have the main elements all set, add some accessories that include a brown sling bag to complete your look.

As for the hair, this look offers a wavy hairstyle with a high ponytail that will make you look awesome. Personally, the hairstyle is the element that we love the most about this look.

6. Modern Katara Costume

Source: Pinterest (@tophwei.deviantart.com)

Add a touch of modern fashion trends to your Katara costume by recreating this look. Instead of wearing the classic blue and white robe, wear a blue and white jacket that has white fur lines to make you look stylish. 

Pair the jacket with a dark blue skirt and wear a pair of white armbands to complete your look.

Although this look offers modern elements, it still applies the classic hairstyle with Kitara’s iconic hair loopies. 

7. Katara in Black Leggings

Source: Pinterest (@lenkaland.com)

If you’re running out of time to prepare a professional katara costume, why don’t you create it yourself? It will be a fun and fast DIY project with amazing results. You can recreate this look by wearing a blue and white A-line dress as a start.

Then, simply put on a pair of black leggings and pair them with brown winter boots to complete your look.

As the additional accessories, grab a pair of blue armbands and a sky blue scarf, and you are all set for the upcoming cosplay convention. 

8. All-blue Katara Costume

Source: Pinterest (@tophwei.deviantart.com)

Blue and white is a  color combo that describes the look of Katara in the Avatar: The Last Airbender story. Take this one for instance.

This costume comes in an all blue set of costumes that include a blue and white robe paired with a pair of dark blue pants. 

Wear armbands on both hands that come in blue and white to finish your cosplay look. As for the hair style, wear a wig that already includes the hair loopies. Last but not least, wear blue contact lenses to finish it off. 

9. Battle Mode Costume

Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

Committed to perform your best for the next cosplay convention? We hear you!

Here we have a recommendation for a perfect Kitara costume for you to consider. This is an awesome classic costume that features the blue and white robe, dark blue pants, and beige winter boots.

The best thing about this costume is the accessories that include the adorable sling bag, blue leather fingerless gloves, and the silky blue scarf. The costume also includes an adorable hairstyle with a gorgeous wavy look and hair loopies, as well as the iconic necklace. 

10. Casual Katara Outfit

Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

In the world of cosplays, sometimes simplicity can be the ultimate sophistication.

We think it is perfectly described by this simple and casual Katara costume. As you can see, it only comes with a white crop top and a pair of blue pants. 

You don’t even have to wear any shoes! But we still recommend you wear at least a pair of sandals, though. However, the hairstyle is without a doubt the most important element about this costume.

You will need to style your hair with the two hair loopies, and wear Kitara’s iconic necklace to complete your casual look.

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11. Katara with Mini Dress? Why Not!

Source: Pinterest (@Ali)

This customized Katara costume will make you look as if you are ready to party the night away.

If you are looking for a major customization to your Katara costume, we think this mini dress version of costume will be a great recommendation.

You can create a blue and white mini dress with a low rise shirt and long sleeve to create a sexy touch to your appearance. Wear a choker necklace as a piece of your identity as Katara, and wear your ankle boots to complete the sexy look. 

12. Sexy Katara Costume

Source: Pinterest (@Maria Bitzios)

Next up we have a sexy Katara costume that comes as a one piece robe in metallic blue and white.

This is the perfect personalized costume that will help you show some legs and be the center of attention. 

As accessories, wear blue armbands and style your hair in wavy style and create the iconic hair loopies to let people know that you are cosplaying as a sexy Katara. Then, wear a pair of your cool Dr. Martens’ boots to finish it off. 

13. Bathrobe Style Katara Costume

Source: Pinterest (@Danya Shere)

Who said that you can’t look sexy and stylish in your bathrobe-style costume? This recommendation is to prove that you can look sexy in a bathrobe. Well, in the sexy Katara costume that comes in the form of a bathrobe to be exact. 

The bathrobe comes in blue and white, made of silk fabrics to ensure you are comfortable in it all day long. Then, style your long hair to match Katara hairstyle plus the iconic hair loopies.

Last but not least, get yourself the choker necklace as an identity. 

14. Sexy Katara with Appa the Bison

Source: Pinterest (@julianne)

If you are looking for the sexiest version of Katara costume, we just have to recommend this petite Katara costume to you.

While we know that this costume is far from the original look of Katara costume, it still offers an authentic look of Katara through the color combination.

Another aspect that shows the authenticity of the character is the fact that the Appa doll is part of the costume.

Although the size of the doll is super tiny compared to the original Appa, we can assure you that it will still become a piece of accessory that makes you the sexiest Katara ever. 

15. Katara Costume with Leather Boots

Source: Pinterest (@Katie Titus)

This is another choice of a classic Katara costume that we recommend for professional cosplayers.

It has all the crucial elements that a Katara costume needs to have. It features the blue and white robe, the dark blue pants, and also the blue gloves.

One element that makes this costume one of a kind is the knee-length leather boots. Instead of wearing the beige winter boots, you can choose to wear a more stylish option to make you look more attractive and modern. 

16. Winter-themed Katara Costume

Winter-themed Katara Costume
Source: Pinterest (@cosplayfanatics.tumblr.com)

Last recommendation for Katara costume at the Water Nation is this stunning winter-themed costume.

This winter costume includes a blue, white and black jacket that is paired with a dark blue skirt and pants. 

Wear a pair of white armbands and a pair of beige winter boots to complete the look, and style your hair by making the famous hair loopies to finish it off. 

Katara Costume at The Fire Nation

In the story of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Katara was also seen in her red Fire Nation costume. The costume is gorgeous with a unique hairstyle, which also makes a great cosplay recommendation.

If you are interested in cosplaying as Katara in her red costume, here we have several best ideas of costumes for you to consider. 

17. Classic Katara Costume in Red

Classic Katara Costume in Red
Source: Pinterest (@faid-eyren.deviantart.com)

Let’s start the list of recommendations with this classic-looking Katara costume when she was in the Fire Nation.

This costume looks super adorable with the bright red top and skirt with a touch of dark brown that can be seen in some lines of the costume. 

To turn your look into perfection, wear a high-quality Katara wig that offers the perfect curls and bun, and add some accessories like gold bangles and a necklace. 

18. Maroon Katara Costume

Maroon Katara Costume
Maroon Katara Costume

If you don’t feel like featuring the actual red Katara costume when she was with the Fire Nation, you can always go for another share of red like maroon, just like this costume recommendation.

Wear a maroon sleeveless crop top and pair it with maroon pants to create a matching element. Then, wear a pair of sandals with the same color, put on a long hair wig, and complete your overall look by wearing the iconic gold accessories. 

19. Simple Red Costume

Simple Red Costume
Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

This is one of the simplest options of Katara costume ideas that includes a unique one shoulder red top to be paired with red pants.

You can leave your long hair as it is, but make sure you make a bun that will become the element of your identity as Katara.

This costume recommendation does not include the gold jewelry but in our opinion, if you are looking for a classic and simple Katara costume at the Fire Nation, this one will make a great choice. 

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20. Bold Bangles to Boost Your Look

Bold Bangles to Boost Your Look
Source: Pinterest (@geekxgirls.com)

Katara is wearing a set of bold jewelries to complete her look in the red costume.

If you are planning on recreating her look with the red costume, then make sure you include bold gold bangles as part of the accessories.

This is an example of the bold bangles that will create a gorgeous Katara look instantly.

Especially if you are a professional cosplayer who wants to look your best at cosplay events, make sure you wear high-quality accessories to complete your perfect appearance.

21. Red Sandals for a Desert Look

Red Sandals for a Desert Look
Source: Pinterest (@ichigokitty.deviantart.com)

If you are feeling like having a photo session with your Katara costume, then make sure you wear all the necessary accessories to make you look on point.

 For example, if you are planning on having a photo shoot with a desert background, then make sure you wear a unique pair of red sandals to be paired with other elements of the costume.

Wear a wig to create an authentic look and don’t forget to wear the gold jewelry, too! 

22. Pretty in Red

Pretty in Red
Source: Pinterest

Looking pretty at any cosplay event is mandatory, especially if you are a professional cosplayer who aims for winning the best costume award.

In our opinion, you can consider recreating this costume idea of Katara when she was in with the Fire Nation.

This costume includes all the necessary elements that a high-quality costume needs. It includes the red top and pants, and it also comes with the wig and bun as well. In addition, you will need to put on makeup that brings out Katara’s personality in you.

This costume will undoubtedly make you the winner of the best costume for sure!

23. Black and Red Combo

Black and Red Combo
Source: Pinterest (@dtjaaaam.com)

This costume features a gorgeous combination of red and black in an adorable Katara costume.

As you can see, the red color looks so bright that it matches perfectly with black lines on the skirt. 

In our opinion, this is undoubtedly one of the most recommended Katara costumes for both pro or new cosplayers who want to become the center of attention at any cosplay event. If you are one of them, this costume is for you.

24. Red Umbrella as an Accessory

Red Umbrella as an Accessory
Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

In the world of cosplayes, sometimes a costume with the most unusual and unique accessories is the winner. Take a look at this next recommendation.

This is a super simple Katara costume that includes a classic umbrella as an accessory.

First, wear a pair of red leggings and cover them with a red scarf, and pair them with a red tube top to add a sexy touch to the costume. Then, carry a red classic umbrella as the only accessory that will make you look awesome and unique. 

25. DIY Katara Costume

DIY Katara Costume
Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

Although Katara’s red outfit looks pretty complicated, you can actually create one yourself. If you are short on time to get a proper costume, then it[s time to make your own version of a Katara costume.

You can get a one shoulder crop top and pair it with red wide pants. Style your head by leaving your long hair as it is and make a small bun on top.

You don’t have to wear any shoes or sandals, because you already represent the look of Katara even without them. 

Final Thoughts

Being one of the most popular characters in the famous Avatar: The Last Airbender story, we believe that cosplaying Katara is a great idea. The best way to do it is by wearing a costume that represents Katara while also carrying your personality, too.

You can choose to cosplay Katara in her Water Nation or Fire Nation costume. Both costumes are adorable, and you can definitely add some personalization in several aspects to make a costume become yours. 

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the key elements of Katara costume?

The elements of Katara costume include a blue and white tungustic robe with the lower sleeves and cuffs removed. Elements like the loose sleeves, A-line silhouette, side slits, and rounded collar with trim are all typical of many traditional Tungusic outfits. 

What is the significance of Katara’s costume in “Avatar: The Last Airbender”?

Katara has been wearing her Water Tribe clothing for the majority of the show. The original blue and white outfit is known to symbolize the deep connections she had to her tribe and Southern roots. 

Are there any variations of Katara’s costume for different occasions or seasons in the series?

Katara is also seen wearing a Fire Nation outfit that includes a one-shoulder, bow crop top, brown pants with a red skirt over the top, golden arm bracelets, golden gauntlets, and a different hairstyle.

How can one accurately replicate Katara’s hairstyle and makeup to complement the costume?

Katara has a unique hairstyle with her hair loopies. The hair loopies style is actually a braided hairstyle that is common in many cultures.

Katara’s trademark hairstyle is actually a unique Canadian Inuit. You can find the step-by-step guide online and some tutorials are pretty easy to follow like this easy tutorial video

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