32 Fresh and Unique Female Joker Cosplay Ideas

Are you a big fan of the Suicide Squad? In need of some costume ideas? You have come to the right place. We have put together 20 different costume ideas on this list of female joker cosplay to help you dress up super well as a female joker. Depending on your experience in creating a cosplay look, it is definitely a challenging task to do. It requires a whole lot of creativity.

Today’s particular theme we would like to cover is on creating the best female Joker cosplay look. If you are a fan of the Suicide Squad, you will know that there are several iconic characters that you can try recreating their look.

The Joker, despite being an abusive boyfriend to Harley Quinn, is one of the greatest and most popular villains out there. Many people seem to relate to the inner struggle that Joker has about loving Harley Quinn.

This is why he is such a popular character even among the female fans and for this reason this list existed. This list would be helpful for both the newbie and experienced cosplayers who are looking for inspiration on how to come up with a unique cosplay costume. 

Alternative Female Joker Ideas

As we already mentioned earlier, there are limitless options to choose when it comes to cosplaying the female version of the Joker. In this category we are giving you some fresh female Joker cosplay ideas that will make you the most unique female Joker ever. 

1. Sexy Baddie Joker

Female Joker Cosplay Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@rosadotqgtumai)

This sexy baddie Joker costume will make you become one of the sexiest female cosplayers ever. This costume includes simple elements but when you combine all the elements together, you will look super stunning and will surely make all the guys’ eyes on you in seconds. 

All you need to wear is a black crop top, black shorts, a white shirt plus a purple tie, fishnet stockings, and a pair of black knee-high boots. Make sure you unbutton the shirt and untie the purple tie to create a messy look. As for the hair, dye your hair green and carry a stick to complete your look. Last but not least, make sure you apply the Joker makeup, too. 

2. Halloween Joker

Female Joker Cosplay Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@dearackles)

Next up we have another unique female Joker cosplay idea that will make you the most unique female Joker. Grab a black mini dress and a purple jacket, and wear a gold necklace to create a baddie or gangster look to your whole appearance. 

Then, put on the iconic Joker makeup by creating a smiley line all the way to your ears, and add some temporary tattoos on your chest, legs and face to make you look more convincing as a female Joker. 

3. Long-haired Female Joker

Female Joker Cosplay Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Ev_Winchester)

Wearing a black blazer and black pants to cosplay as a female Joker? Why not?! Take this female Joker cosplay idea for example. This is a very unique female Joker costume that features office attire.

You can wear your black blazer and a pair of black pants, and wear a white tube top as the inner piece. Let your long hair fall naturally but make sure you dye it green as it is one of the most iconic elements about the Joker. Then, create the famous Joker makeup with a long smiley line and add some messy tattoos all over your body. 

4. Joker in Black Bikini

Female Joker Cosplay Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@kongolitess)

Show some skin by becoming a female Joker with a black bikini and a purple tie. Since you can be anything you like in the cosplay world, we recommend you to explore your creativity by becoming this version of female Joker.

Wear your black bikini, add a purple to the style, and wear a pair of black boots to complete your look. Also, we think wearing a pair of purple gloves will boost your appearance as well. Lastly, wear the Joker makeup and dye your hair green, and voila! You’re all set to go!

5. Swimsuit Joker

Swimsuit Joker
Source: Pinterest (@samanthacclark)

If you are running out of time to prepare a proper female Joker costume, then how about DIY the costume by wearing your green swimsuit? Yes, you can still create a unique female Joker cosplay look by wearing a green swimsuit. However, you will still have to pair it with a purple long jacket and a pair of black boots to complete the look.

Then, dye your hair green and use your makeup skill to draw a long smiley line on your cheek all the way to your ears and yep, we think you are now ready to rock the cosplay convention with your DIY female Joker costume. 

6. Sexy Female Joker

Sexy Female Joker
Source: Instagram (@mariannefredericks)

Although we know that the Joker has green hair, we do think that you can still apply a different hair color to show the unique side of Joker as a female cosplay character. This next female Joker cosplay idea features a yellow-ish hair color paired with a purple blazer.

You can then pair it with a pair of purple pants and wear a black bikini top as the inner piece of your costume. Then, put on some unique Joker makeup with extra makeup on the eye area to a dramatic touch to your overall look. 

7. Cocktail-themed Female Joker Costume

Cocktail-themed Female Joker Costume
Source: Pinterest (@madameblackwatch)

Last but not least we have this super adorable female Joker cosplay idea that will create a classic Joker look. This cosplay idea will make you look as if you are ready for a cocktail party with your fellow villains including the Two-Face and perhaps, Poison Ivy?

You can wear a black shirt paired with a striped black and white vest, and put on your red pants to complete the look. As for the accessories, wear a pair of black gloves and a hat on your bright green dyed hair. Create a dramatic makeup with a long smiley line, and you can also hold a cocktail glass with you.  

AWESOME Female Joker Cosplay Ideas

Dive into a world where chaos meets couture, and the Joker isn’t just a man with a plan, but a woman with an attitude. Welcome to the realm of AWESOME Female Joker Cosplay Ideas, where the iconic green hair and devilish grin get a fierce feminine twist. Ready to embrace the madness with a dash of glam?

Let’s paint the town red… and green!

8. The OG Female Joker

The OG Female Joker

The first female joker cosplay idea would be suitable for the newbies. This is the exact replica of the Joker costume but made for the girls to wear. You will have a suit, pants, and the exact same wig and makeup look. You can get the full costume easily anywhere. The easy way out so the only thing you need to take care of is your makeup. 

9. Joker In Carnival 

Joker In Carnival

We are going to go to a more fun idea: Joker In Carnival. This elevates the classic joker look to a more elaborate and extra look, perfect for the Joker to be part of the carnival. Instead of just the regular suit, you will get a fun carnival costume.

The design of this outfit is similar to the Queen of Hearts’ outfit in Alice in Wonderland. It still comes in the iconic purple, green, and orange color that will remind you of the Joker.

10. Casual Joker Look 

Casual Joker Look

If you want something that is simpler, you can go for this casual joker look. You can just wear a simple shirt and pants in the Joker colors of purple, yellow, or orange. For this look, you will emphasize more on the hair and makeup.

A green wig is a must for this look. For the makeup, you need to replicate the look, the more detail it is the better. Lastly, you can add any accessories you want, maybe a hat or some toy weapons to get more into the character. 

11. Red Suit Joker 

Red Suit Joker

You can consider the red suit joker as the Joker’s stylish twin. If you feel you can’t pull off the look of a purple suit with a yellow shirt, you can consider getting the red suit Joker. While red is still a bold color, it is still a more common color to wear compared to purple.

You can cut down on the green wig also and just focus on your Joker makeup. You still need to do the makeup as closely as possible to the real Joker. By doing so, people still can see where you got the inspiration for your outfit. 

12. Ballerina Joker 

Ballerina Joker - p @Becky Deitsch
Source: pinterest (@Becky Deitsch)

The ballerina joker is a more girly female Joker cosplay costume idea. The most important thing that you need to include is the Joker tutu. This tutu comes in a combination of green and purple. You can combine it with a purple suit or any other top that will match this tutu dress. A fun and feminine twist to the usual Joker look. 

13. Joker Dress

Joker Dress - p @cosplayblog.tumblr.com
Source: Pinterest (@cosplayblog.tumblr.com)

Obviously, we cannot miss the Joker dress on this list of female Joker cosplay ideas. It is the most basic fit for a female Joker cosplay theme. It will still be in the combination of green and purple which are the iconic Joker colors. The fact that it is a dress instead of a suit and pants shows that this cosplay is among the best female Joker cosplay ideas.

14. Joker Nurse 

Joker Nurse - p @The Cheerful Spirit
Source: Pinterest (@The Cheerful Spirit)

Inspired by the popular Halloween costume, the Joker nurse is a unique idea to consider. The story behind this idea is that Joker is cosplaying into a nurse. You can use the complete nurse outfit with the white dress and hat.

However, you need to keep your face and hair to mimic the Joker. A green wig and full Joker makeup are a must. This is one of the easiest female joker cosplay ideas you can consider doing. 

15. Streetwear Joker Look  

Streetwear Joker Look - p @wattpad.com
Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

The modern twist to the classic Joker look. This idea is inspired by the streetwear fashion that many people are into these days. You can use any streetwear outfit that you want as the base. Then, we need to add a purple fluffy wool jacket to complete the whole outfit. The hair and makeup should be green hair with classic Joker makeup.

You can think of this idea as what female Joker would wear if she is into streetwear fashion. 

16. Female Joker Clown 

Female Joker Clown

Joker and clowns have similarities in their looks. So, it will be a great idea if we mix the two. Instead of going for the curly clown hair, you can go for the Joker’s green hair. Then, you can combine the Joker’s smile scar with the clown’s blue eyelid. For the outfit, instead of doing the full clown outfit, you can go for a Joker-inspired outfit. Don’t forget to paint your nose red. 

17. Willy Wonka Joker 

Willy Wonka Joker

This idea combines the Joker and Willy Wonka vibe together. The perfect cosplay outfit idea that is fitting for Halloween parties and other parties as such. Instead of portraying a mean and scary Joker, it shows the fun and cool side of Joker. It is probably the side that makes Harley Quinn fall in love with him. The tall hat and the strap are the two fun elements of this outfit.

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18. Young Joker 

Young Joker

This look is inspired by imagining what Joker would look like when he is still in his teenage age. He would probably look like this one. You can try creating this look for a more comfortable Joker look. This look is actually quite simple to achieve.

You can go with a black hoodie and a striped shirt on the inside. Then, you can just use a Joker mask or put on some Joker makeup. If you pull out this look nicely, someone might recruit you to be part of the Suicide Squad early on. 

19. Joker’s Daughter 

Joker’s Daughter

If Joker and Harley Quinn ever got married and had a daughter, this is what she would look like. A green smooth long hair with full-on face make-up exactly just like her cool dad. You can pair it with a nice one-piece dress with matching ballerina flat shoes to go with it. An innocent-looking girl that looks exactly just like the Joker

20. Mourning Joker

Mourning Joker

We call this idea the mourning Joker. The reason is that you go with an all-black outfit. Joker usually dresses in a very colorful outfit with all purple, yellow, and green, even his hair and makeup are colorful too.

This time he is feeling a little sad so he decided to go all black for his outfit, makeup, and hair. You can go in an all-black suit, dark hair color, and also black and white makeup. This is probably what Joker looks like when he is overwhelmed with sadness after breaking up with Harley Quinn. 

21. Orange Suit Joker 

Orange Suit Joker - p @twitter.com
Source: Pinterest (@twitter.com)

If you have no problem with such bright colors like orange, you can try pulling off this orange suit Joker look. This one definitely lies on the brighter side, so it will bring off the fun side of the Joker. You can complete the look with a yellow vest and matching ties to make yourself look more put together. 

22. Dressing Up Like Your Girlfriend

Dressing Up Like Your Girlfriend - p @myfancydress.ie
Source: Pinterest (@myfancydress.ie)

This is probably how Joker dressed up when he was obsessed with Harley Quinn. It is like playing dress-up as your significant other. You can start with long green hair and the usual Joker makeup look. You can have Harley Quinn clothing in the Joker color: purple, orange, or yellow. Adding purple gloves will make your outfit look chicer. 

23. Get-Off Work Joker 

Get-Off Work Joker - p @toyhaven.blogspot.com
Source: Pinterest (@toyhaven.blogspot.com)

The suit sometimes makes you feel stuffy and all. However, you can ditch the suit and go with the vest. You can wear a green vest, orange dress shirt, purple dress pants, and some white gloves. Don’t miss out on your green hair and fierce Joker look. This is what Joker will look like if you meet him in a bar on a Friday night. 

24. Office Worker Joker 

Office Worker Joker - p @Office Worker Joker
Source: Pinterest (@Office Worker Joker)

A female joker looks as if she is an office worker. We will go in an all-red costume this time. You can get yourself a red blazer or cardigan, a green dress shirt, an orange vest, a red pencil skirt,  and matching heels. Don’t forget to do your Joker makeup and hair properly. If you want something that is more modern looking, this one is definitely for you. 

25. Striped Suit Joker 

Striped Suit Joker - p @hydraevil.deviantart.com
Source: Pinterest (@hydraevil.deviantart.com)

Unlike the usual purple suit, this striped purple suit just feels more feminine and fitting for women to wear. The vertical line makes you look slimmer and taller. So, if you are new to cosplay and you want to do it correctly and confidently for the first time, go for this striped purple suit. Also, bringing a gun replica or any other props would complete the look. 

26. Chic Joker 

Chic Joker - p @Lilith (Vamp Vixen) Lovelust
Source: Pinterest (@Lilith (Vamp Vixen) Lovelust)

If the Joker is a female character, he will definitely be a fashionista. Living with that imagination, you can create the chic joker look by combining a purple shirt with black shiny leather pants or a skirt. Then, for the accessories, you can get yourself a black hat. A chic twist to the original Joker’s outfit. 

27. Anime Joker   

Anime Joker - p @tmz.com
Source: Pinterest (@tmz.com)

To end this list of female joker cosplay ideas, we are bringing the anime-inspired Joker look. Do you know that anime fans also do lots of cosplaying? So, we get to do a Joker look that is inspired by their cosplay culture. Female anime characters usually dress in a cute way.

Thus, we are going to create a cute, or should we say kawaii, Joker look. You can start with a new hairstyle with see-through bangs and half pigtails, but still in green color. Cute hair pins will also work the trick. Then, go for a crop shirt for the top and short pants or a skirt for the bottoms. Just make sure that all comes in the Joker color. 

28. Casual Female Joker

Casual Female Joker
Source: Pinterest (@mamirrachadas.com)

If you want to be a female joker that looks scary yet still casual, go for this casual female Joker cosplay. Get yourself a purple jacket and tie, a black shirt, and also green pants to create this look.

Once you’re done with the costume, you can start with your makeup and try to be more creative with it because it will be the focal point of your entire look. Put on an extra white foundation, black circles around your eyes, and put on a red lipstick that goes to your cheeks to create that iconic Joker’s smile line. Lastly, create a messy hair look, and voila! You’re all set.

29. Inmate Joker

Inmate Joker
Source: Pinterest (@deviantart.com)

Being a villain, going in and out of jail must have been something that the Joker is familiar with. Based on that fact, why don’t you try to highlight it by turning yourself into an inmate female joker carrying a prison board?

You will look super badass in this costume, which will surely make you the star of the costume party. Add a purple shirt and a tie in matching color, and add a green skirt combined with a black stockings. For the prison board, don’t forget to provide as much as details as possible to make it looks real, including the inmate number.

30. The Lady ‘Joker’ Boss

The Lady ‘Joker’ Boss
Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

You have probably seen quite plenty of female Joker in badass costumes on this list, right? Well this time, we think that it would be a great idea to recommend this professional female joker for you, which creates a little more ‘decent’ look of the Joker.

Although we still can’t let go of the green hair and bold makeup, obviously. To steal this look, get yourself a blue set of blue business attire that includes the skirt and blazer, and an orange vest, green polka dot scarf, and a green handbag to add a professional touch to your look. 

31. Bad Girl Joker

Bad Girl Joker
Source: Pinterest (@geekxgirls.com)

This female Joker costume will make you feel like you can conquer all the boys out there. Because let’s be honest here, this costume is something that will turn you into a bad girl Joker, right? If that’s the impression that you’re aiming for, then in our opinion, go for this costume!

Have yourself a magenta shirt, brown leather jacket, sexy green vest and hot pants, and lastly, a torn stockings that will definitely be the focus point of your overall appearance. 

32. Burlesque Joker

Burlesque Joker
Source: Pinterest (@Keineisha Dorrough)

If you are bored of the mainstream Joker look, then you can try to look different with this unique burlesque female Joker costume. It will create a super unique costume like no other, and will definitely make the other girls envy your look.

The one element that you must include in this costume is the black and white stripes stockings, because it is something that will make all eyes on you during the costume party.

Why Female Joker Cosplay?

There are limitless options of the Joker costume designs for you to pick. The Joker is a legendary character that we have seen from many years ago. The character’s outfit has been evolving from time and time, giving you more choices of costume designs to pick. 

Although we know that the Joker is a male character, he was seen wearing outfits that can be customized for women as well. If you choose to cosplay as the Joker, we can assure you that you will have the freedom to explore your creativity and imagination, which will create a one-of-a-kind Joker costume. 

Tips for First-time Female Joker Cosplayers

The world of cosplay is an exciting world especially for those who love superheroes or anime characters. If you are one of the cosplayers who is about to cosplay as a female Joker for the first time, we have three important tips on how you can show the best version of the character. 

1. Know Where to Buy, Rent or DIY The Female Joker Costume

First, you need to find out what would be the best way to perform your best look as a female Joker. Is it better to buy, rent to make your own costume? There are of course some pros and cons from all three options, but it all depends on your budget, time, and purpose. So, think before you make your final decisions. 

2. Attend Cosplay Conventions 

It is important for professional cosplayers to attend cosplay conventions or exhibitions on a routine basis. Seeing and meeting other cosplayers will give you great inputs and insights on your costumes, especially if you see cosplayers who wear the same costume and you.

3. Interact with The Joker Fans and Other Cosplayers

Make sure you interact and communicate with other cosplayers because you will be able to know the latest updates about the Joker costumes. You can do it by joining online communities such as the Joker fans group or The Joker cosplayer communities.

Final Thought

Stepping into the shoes of a female Joker is more than just cosplay; it’s a bold statement of creativity and defiance. The world of Joker-inspired looks is vast, vibrant, and waiting for your unique touch. Whether you’re channeling a classic vibe or crafting a modern twist, your vision matters. Embrace the chaos, let your imagination run wild, and remember: in the world of cosplay, you’re the artist and the masterpiece. Ready to leave your mark?

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FAQ (Final Thought Questions)

How do you put on makeup like a female joker?

There are tons of youtube tutorials that you can find on how to put Joker makeup on. Joker’s makeup look is more on the heavier side, thus usually face paint is used to achieve the look. However, some people have experimented with creating a simpler and lighter version of the whole Joker look.

If you are new to this cosplay makeup game, you can start with something simpler and practice your skill from there. There are also full set kits available in the market that will provide you with all the things you need to create the Joker look. In any case, if you are looking for unique female Joker cosplay ideas, we will have your back!

How to dress like a joker differently?

The basic rule to dress up like a joker is to wear an outfit with a combination of purple, yellow, and green. The color of the outfit is what actually makes an iconic joker outfit. You can dress in any outfit you are comfortable with. You can also get creative by pretending that you are a real joker who is playing a cosplay of other characters. This is how people came up with the Joker nurse idea. 

What is the best hair color for a female joker?

In the comic and series, Joker has green hair. You need to go with green-colored hair in order to achieve the best Joker look. You can either use a wig or a temporary hair dye to achieve the perfect Joker hair. 

Does joker wear a mask?

Joker does not wear a mask in the movie or comic. He has his iconic smile scar and super red lips. Joker is also known for his super white face. Nailing this scar smile, red lips, and white face is a must when you cosplay as a joker. 

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