25 Best Joker Gifts for DC Villain Fans

The Joker is the main antagonist of the DC Batman series. The clown-faced villain is popular among DC fans and people who have watched his stand-alone movie. Therefore, the Joker gifts are something that must be obtained by DC fans to complete their set. You can’t say that you are a fan of DC if you do not own his memorabilia.

Did you know that the Joker is supposed to be killed at the start of the series? However, the evil mastermind continues to become Batman’s enemy due to his popularity. His famous quote is, “if you are good at something, never do it for free ”. And so, if you really are true DC fans, you should not spare any expense to get the Joker gifts!

What Does The Joker Symbolize?

The Joker symbolizes chaos, anarchy, and nihilism. His criminal activity is the product of the society that cast him away. He wreaks havoc in Gotham city to make a point. He reminds us that people, no matter how good they are, always have darkness inside their hearts.

What Is The Joker Most Known For?

Joker is well known for his relatable quotes in life, sick jokes, and clown-like figure. Of course, the Joker is Batman’s greatest enemy ever. However, his psychopathic antics can be relatable sometimes. Even though he is a villain, he is one of the most loved characters in the DC comics.

Joker Gifts for Halloween Party

Believe it or not, the Joker actually has good taste in fashion. In the series, he often appears wearing an expensive-looking suit. And so, if you want to dress up like him, here is the list of the Joker costumes that you can buy.

1. Deluxe Joker Costume

Men_s Deluxe Joker Costume

If you are looking for unique Joker gifts for your friend, try this set of blue suits! The outfit will fit anyone, and your buddy can become the center of attention at the Halloween party. In addition, the clothes are polyester, so they should be easy to clean even after a messy Halloween party.

2. Men’s Joker Suicide Squad

Men_s Joker Suicide Squad

You can turn your friends into a DC villain with this cool-looking costume. It features the Joker’s outfit during the Suicide Squad movie. The jacket comes with an attached shirt making it easy to wear. It fits adult men perfectly, but women can try it too!

3. Cartoon Joker Costume for Kids

Kid_s Deluxe Joker Costume

Not just for adults, kids may also find the Joker to be their favorite villain. This costume depicts the cartoon version of the supervillain. The clothes are made of high-quality polyester for your kid’s convenience. Just add a bit of Joker makeup, and your kids will look like a mini villain. The set is undoubtedly one of the best Joker gifts you can buy for your children.

4. Joker Women Cosplayers

Joker Costume for Women

Women can also wear the Joker’s attire to make them look cool. In any case, this costume will turn your friend into the dreadful clown of Gotham city. This set also includes additional guns and walking sticks for extra accessories!

5. Joker The Standalone Movie

Joker Psycho Clown Costume

The Red and Yellow Joker costume is the iconic outfit from the standalone movie. The psychopathic failed clown became an instant world sensation when the movie came out in 2019. Your friend can cosplay as the realistic Joker with this set. He just needs a little bit of makeup, and he will look like the insane clown.

Collectible Joker Gifts

Aside from costumes, there are many more collectible Joker gifts available online. You can use the following items as a prop for a funny prank or put them on a shelf as an artistic decoration. Anyway, you can buy these gifts for DC fans to cheer them up!

6. Laughing Disorder Card

Joker laughing Disorder Card

At a glance, this card looks like a plain business card, while in reality, it is actually a prank card. You can distribute these items to your friends or strangers to make them laugh. The card design took inspiration from the latest 2019 The Joker movie. The creator uses high-quality inks and paper to print the cards. You can also order the laminated version for extra fun.

7. Joker Socks

Joker White Socks

Plain socks are boring, so why don’t you try some artistic socks just like this one? This pair of socks will suit both men and women because of their unisex design. Boys and girls would be delighted to have the joker socks because they may be able to wear them to school.

8. Joker Gun Replica

Joker Gun Replica

The replica gun is very well-made! It has a custom design that is unique to The Joker. And so, you can use this gun to play with or use it as a cosplay prop for a Halloween party. Inspired by the Suicide Squad, the replica comes in deep gold and purple. It is one of the most perfect Joker gifts suitable for gun lovers.

9. The Joker and Harley Quinn Art Print

The Joker and Harley Quinn Quote ART PRINT

“True love is finding someone whose demons play well with our own” is such a profound statement. This beautiful sentence describes The Joke and Harley Quinn perfectly. You and your lover have to accept each other’s flaws to have a lasting relationship. This quote is now printed on professional photographic glossy paper. You can buy it as a gift, and the item will be an excellent addition to your friend’s room.

10. Joker Harlequinn Framed Decor

A Crazy Kinda Love Joker Harlequinn

If your spouse is a DC fan, this framed figurine of The Joker and Harley Quinn art will be an excellent valentine’s present! You get to bring this customizable wall hanging to your home as a romantic gift. The seller offers a personalized option. This way, you can print a custom message inside the frame.

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11. Joker Keychain

Joker Keychain

The Joker is a complex supervillain. Even though he is a bad guy, sometimes he does have a point. These Joker keychains come with a printed quote that says, “Put On a Happy Face.” The statement will remind you to put on a happy face no matter how bad the day is! 

12. Joker 3D Led Lamp

Joker 3D Led Lamp

You should try this Joker LED lamp to decorate your room and to celebrate the spooky Halloween night. The accessory lamp is also a suitable decorative item to liven up any party. Additionally, the light has seven colors that you can choose manually or automatically. You do not need to worry about its durability because the LED can last up to 1000 hours.

13. Joker Foil Print

Joker Foil Print

All DC fans need these Joker gifts in their room. The foil-printed art will be an excellent wall-hanging, especially if they want to bring classical vibes into their home. Additionally, you can customize your order. The creator allows you to put in a custom message on the printed art. Many people have ordered this printed Joker art, so grab it before it runs out!

14. Skull Face Mask Bandanas

Skull Face Mask Bandanas

Doing makeup like The Joker takes time and requires patience. If you have no time for that, you can simply use a face mask that has the Joker’s scarred mouth motif instead! Moreover, this unique Joker-themed gift can be worn when you drive a motorcycle to protect you from sunburn, dust, wind, and sand.

15. Heat Changing Joker Coffee Mug

Heat Changing Joker Coffee Mug

The Joker’s mug will make DC fans happy and allow them to enjoy their coffee to the fullest extent possible. This mug is not ordinary! At a glance, it may look like a plain mug. However, The Joker’s pattern will emerge when you pour a hot liquid into it! It is like a magic trick!

16. Joker Ashtray 

No products found.

If your friend is a smoker who loves the DC Universe, they will surely appreciate this ashtray. Unique Joker gifts will make them happy! Thanks to the cool ashtray, they can enjoy the smoking sensation even more. This item will also look excellent to decorate a coffee table.

17. Vinyl Joker Clock

No products found.

Time is money. It is a perfect phrase for everyone, including DC fans. The Joker’s clocks are suitable Joker gifts that will encourage your friend to value their time. The clock is vinyl, and the design will blend seamlessly with the bedroom furniture. The Joker artsy accent will class up your comfy nest!

18. The Joker Figurine

The Joker Figurine

Suppose your friend is a Joker action figure collector. In that case, the joker gifts like these fit them. This unique figurine is made of high-quality resin and molded perfectly. Also, the Joker’s iconic “HAHAHAHAHAHA” laughing pose will provide a nice decorative touch to your friend’s table.

19. Funko Soda DC Comics

Funko Soda DC Comics

Even soda cans have Joker’s paint on them! It goes to show that this DC villain is super iconic. The newest vinyl factor soda offers a refreshing beverage in The Joker can design. If your friends enjoy soda very much, they will appreciate this one as well!

20. Joker Wrapping Paper Roll

Joker Wrapping Paper Roll

If you want to give a birthday gift to a DC fan, don’t ever forget to buy the DC-themed paper roll to wrap it! The matching wrap and gift will add extra sentimental value. The paper comes in white, gray, green, and purple colors. It is a perfect paper to wrap The Joker gifts. 

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21. Joker Collectable Coin

Joker Collectable Coin Gift

A coin collector who loves the DC Universe will also love Joker coins. This token is worth collecting for DC fans due to its novelty value. The coin is made of alloy and has a 3.8 cm of diameter with 35 grams. 

22. Joker Mouse Pad

Joker Mouse Pad

A mousepad is an essential laptop accessory that will help with productivity. If you are bored with a regular mouse pad or need a new one because the old one is torn, you should get this model. DC fans who are also gamers will enjoy their gaming session with the Joker mouse pad.

23. The Joker Artistic Illustration

The Joker Illustration

Decorating your room is a fun thing to do on the weekend. DC fans should decorate their room with this incredible Joker artwork! It is printed on professional photographic paper, truly a high-quality product. If you know a friend who loves art and The Joker, don’t hesitate to get this item because it is one of the best Joker gifts for DC fans.

24. Clown Joker Figurine

Clown Joker Figurine

Fans of fast food will know that McDonald’s mascot is a clown named Ronald. Kids either love or fear the yellow clown; there is no in-between. What if Ronald turns into The Joker? Now, that’s an exciting yet disturbing food for thought. This figurine precisely depicts that scenario, a hilarious gift for fans of McD and DC.

Final Thoughts

Although Joker is a villain character, it has a special place in every DC fans. It has a strong character that makes us somehow love him, especially because he has a sad childhood experience that shaped him the way he is now. Based on that fact, Joker has a solid fan base and if you know someone who loves Joker, then we are happy that you have found our list of the most recommended Joker gifts above.

We know that there are several versions of Joker since the first Batman movie was launched until the last one that was played by the late actor, Heath Ledger. All versions have their own uniqueness, and it is best for you to know exactly which version of Joker that your special Joker fan loves the most. Therefore, it will be a lot easier for you to find the perfect and ultimate Joker gift for them.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the best joker gifts for her?

The best joker gifts for her should include Harley Quinn-themed items. For example, Joker and Harley’s artistic framed lego figurine will be perfect for her. If she loves cosplaying, the female Joker costume will also suit her. You and she will definitely be the center of attention at the costume party.

What is the best adult joker costume?

The best adult Joker costume depends on someone’s size. A men’s Deluxe Joker costume will be the best if they have a big belly. But for a thinner man, a Joker suicide squad costume would be the best for them.

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