25 Cool Lighters Worth Collecting for Passionate Collectors

Lighters are not only made for smokers. Lighters are also useful for other things as well, including our daily settings and routines. Whether it’s for a fun camping session outdoors or a quiet relaxing spa at home, a lighter will always be useful. Therefore, we can say that a lighter is definitely a must have item. Light a candle? You’re going to need a lighter. Zombie apocalypse? Yes, you will also need to have a cool lighter at some point as well. However, nowadays lighters can also come as something more than just a useful tool. There are so many cool lighters that can be valuable collectible items, too!

There are several reasons why a single lighter can become a valuable collectible item. Some of the most obvious ones are because it’s rare vintage item made a long time ago, and also because it’s a rare item that only a few of the items are available in the market. Or, some lighters can also be launched in limited edition.

So, even though we are not facing a zombie apocalypse and not planning to light a campfire anytime soon, there are some cool lighters that will make cool collectible items. If you are hunting for one, then check out our list of cool lighters list below for you to pick.

BEST Cool Lighters of All Time

Step into the world of cool lighters, where each spark tells a story of innovation and style. From vintage classics that whisper tales of old-world charm to futuristic designs blazing with modern technology, these lighters are not just tools but icons of a fiery legacy.

Join us on a journey through the best cool lighters of all time, where every flicker is a fusion of art and function, igniting more than just flames.

1. Dragon’s Breath Immortal Lighter

Dragon’s Breath Immortal Lighter

If you plan to buy only one lighter in your lifetime, then we can assure you that this cool lighter is a great option to pick. Not to mention it is unbelievably strong and almost indestructible, too. The best feature of this lighter is that it needs no gas. It is basically a permanent fire starter that can still work even after being soaked in water.

In our opinion, this lighter is very reliable in the case of emergencies. As long as you don’t lose it, you will never have to buy another lighter for the rest of your life. In addition, we also think that it can make a great collectible item to have since it has a classic look that all collectors would love to have.

2. Deck of Playing Card Lighter

Deck of Playing Card Lighter

Playing cards is always cool and it’s a game that will never go out of style. It is like one of the most long lasting games of all time. Based on that reason, we think it makes great sense in terms of why getting a playing card deck lighter is a great move. After all, there are three things that cannot be separated from one another; cigarette, playing cards, and money, right?

In our opinion, it can be a great item to get for those of you who just started your plan on collecting cool lighters. While for smokers out there, we also think that this lighter will make a perfect every day item. It’s very small and thin in size, making it a perfect lighter to carry anywhere you go.

3. Hello Kitty Lighter

Hello Kitty Lighter

This lighter is a cool collectible item not only for lighter collectors, but also for Hello Kitty fans. It comes in neon pink with a kawaii Hello Kitty design. Think pink? This lighter has an eye-catching pink flame! What can possibly be cuter than that??

So if you are thinking of adding a cute lighter as a new addition to your collection, then we think this item is the ultimate pick. Moreover, it is very easy to use and has adjustable flames for your convenience, too. 

4. Yoda Lighter

Yoda Lighter

Can we all agree that Yoda is so much cooler than Luke Skywalker? Well, we also think that it is also a good reason as to why this lighter is a must-have for any Star Wars fan, smoker, or collector.

In case you’re wondering, yes, this cool lighter actually put out a green flame. Very cool indeed, really. So we are calling all hard core Yoda fans out there! You need to get this cool lighter to add on your collection, and may the force be with you!

5. The Moon Tarot Card Lighter

The Moon Tarot Card Lighter

This Moon Tarot Card lighter will make a great gift for any tarot enthusiast babe you know. It comes with an amazing design since it has the moon card tarot design on it. In case you don’t know, the 18th card of the major arcana symbolized intuition, imagination, and dreams. If you adore and appreciate those treats, then this item is made for you.

This card suggests us to see beyond the surface and try to get better understanding, and follow our intuition when we face difficult times or uncertainty. In our opinion, it’s very meaningful indeed and it can also be used as an everyday gentle reminder. Plus, you can also customize this lighter by adding names or angle numbers on the back side. 

6. Personalized Engraved Cool Lighters

Personalized Engraved Lighter

Personalized items are always so much cooler than regular items. Personalized items indicate thoughtfulness, and in terms of ownership, personalized items are ours and ours only. If you are planning on giving a special someone in your life a personalized gift in the form of a lighter, then that lighter will truly become one of the receiver’s most meaningful gifts ever.

Take this lighter, for instance. This lighter is laser engraved so we can assure you that the design will never fade even after years. Aside from being a lighter that the receiver will never lose again, it can also be a great gift or even wedding souvenirs, too.

7. Vintage Antique Lighter

Vintage Antique Lighter,Reusable Windproof Trench Cigarette Lighter

This vintage antique looking lighter is a cool lighter for anyone who has good taste. In our opinion, the color and design of this item is very elegant and it looks luxurious, too. Plus, the size is pretty small, making it easy to carry or put inside your pocket.

In addition, it also has the quality that ensures consistent spark every time you flip it open. The wick cover serves the job to avoid accidents as well as avoid fuel evaporation. It is durable and can be used for a long time. Above all of that, we also think that the coolest part of this lighter would be the turntable that can be rotated. 

8. Rechargeable Electric Lighter

Lighter - Electric Lighter Windproof Double ARC Plasma Lighter USB Rechargeable

In this modern world, technology has already penetrated every aspect of our life. Now, there are electronic versions of every single item we use in our lives, and this electric lighter is truly one of them. It has the classic lighter look combined with the advance of technology. The lighter comes with a double windproof plasma arc so you can use it even if under windy weather.

Moreover, it also has a blue light battery indicator so you will know when it’s time to recharge. And after it is fully charged, it will last up to several days before you need to recharge it. What a cool item to have!

9. Antique Transparent Bottle Lighter

Vintage Antique Lighter with Creative Transparent Bottle Design

How often do you see the fluid inside of an antique lighter? Almost never, right? Well, that’s not the case with this one, since it comes with a transparent packaging that allows you to see the liquid inside it.

Now you see it because this cool lighter has an elegant and unique vintage design, plus a transparent bottle as a cool twist. Moreover, it also has the size of a pocket watch so you can easily carry it in your coin pocket and take it out whenever you need. 

10. Mini Electronic Lighter

USB Mini Lighters Electronic Rechargeable Windproof Flameless Portable Cigarette Slim Lighter

Being a smoker, it is very easy for us to forget about having our lighter with us at all times. It will not be an issue of we hang out with others who smoke, too. But when we’re all alone then it might be a bit hard to find a lighter. Therefore, we must say that this cool lighter is the answer to that situation.

Designed specifically to help you with that problem, this lighter comes in a mini size. In our opinion, it’s just as small as a cigarette so you can put it easily in your cigarette box so you will never leave it behind. 

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11. Floating Lighter

Floating Lighter

This floating lighter is made specifically for survival purposes, making it a perfect item for a true adventurer who love explore the great outdoors. It is made out of a unique floating ABS construction that is strong and durable even when you drop it to the ground.

It has an O-ring sealed cover with locking stainless wire clasps. Also, since this is a floating item, we can assure you that this lighter is waterproof when fully closed, so you can carry it safely when you go out on a river adventure or when it is raining outside. 

12. Flower Skull Lighter

Flower Skull Lighter

Flower skull is more than just a decoration. For Mexicans, it is part of their culture, and it often appears during the day of the dead celebration. Moreover, flower skulls are also an artistic representation of skulls.

Therefore, we think this cool lighter is a perfect collectible item as it holds a cultural meaning that is meaningful for Mexican people. Created with a powder coat with matte finish, we can guarantee that this lighter will be clean from any fingerprint at all times. Upon seeing this piece, we also think that it is a very well-made piece as it will not scratch easily. 

13. Fire Breathing Dragon Lighter

Fire Breathing Dragon Lighter

This fire breathing dragon lighter can be the definition of a cool lighter itself. It has a cool dragon design on it, and when you open it to light it up, it will look like as if a dragon is actually breathing fire.

We believe without a doubt that this is one of the coolest lighters on our list. Therefore, it will surely make a great gift for collectors. It is made with horizontal brush technique, which will leave a unique texture and buffed with high polish finish to make it look sleek. 

14. Portable Thumb Mini Lighter

Portable Thumb Mini Lighter

When you first saw this cool lighter you may think that it is just an imitation and doesn’t actually work. Well, we have to tell you that it is not and it can really work. In fact, we say really say that this is a real lighter that you can actually use.

Due to its mini size that is smaller than a thumb, you can use it as a keychain decoration. But when you encounter an emergency, you can use it to light up fire. All in all, this is possibly the smallest working lighter in the world and you need to add to your lighter collection. 

15. Sword Shape Lighter

Sword Shape Lighter

Feeling like a cool knight ready to save the nation? Then we believe that this lighter is one of the things that you need to own. Highlighting a classic appearance, it has a cool sword design with amazing details, too.

More than just a lighter, it also comes as a piece of pocket-size art. In terms on how to use it, simply slide the cover open and it will give you the flame you need. Just look at the design, who doesn’t want this lighter on their collection, really?

16. Lipstick Shaped Lighter

Lipstick Shaped Lighter

No ladies, this is not a real lipstick. Actually, it’s far from lipstick because it is actually a lighter. Well, it’s a feminine-shaped lighter if we may say. It is a working lighter shaped like a classic bullet lipstick, and this is the item that we think will make a cool lighter that suits the badass ladies.

This lighter is fully made out of metal so it is durable and has a good weight to it, too. In short, it will make a perfect gift for a makeup enthusiast. 

17. Guitar Shaped Lighter

Guitar Shaped Lighter

Have no idea on what to gift to your musician friend? Worry not, because we have the best recommendation of gift for him. Here we have a lighter that comes in the form of a guitar, small-sized guitar to be exact.

In our opinion, this guitar-shaped lighter is definitely the answer to your problem. It comes in a classic electric guitar design that looks very sleek and come in the right size, too! It will flame up when you slide the bottom part of the guitar. In short, we can say that this is probably the best lighter for a guitarist. 

18. Cannon Table Lighter

Cannon Table

This canon table lighter is not just offering it’s classic and retro look. We believe that it comes as something way more that that, which will make an awesome item to add to any collector’s collections.

For your enjoyment, we are happy to say that it’s an actual old lighter, which is the reason why it is worth collecting. Also, this is a table lighter so naturally you will not be able to carry it around whenever you go. But with its cannon design, we believe without a doubt that it will make a cool decorative piece on your desk. 

19. Binocular Style Lighter

Binocular Style Lighter

This is the perfect lighter for anyone who has an adventurer soul. Also, we must say that the binocular design is definitely the main uniqueness that this lighter can offer. Plus, the size is relatively tiny, too.

Even better, since the size it’s really small, you can also use it as a keychain. In addition, when you need to start a campfire while camping with your friends, this lighter will be there to help you as well. 

20. Sport Car Lighter

Sport Car

Sport cars are the way to go when anyone wants to look cool. Even if you already own a real sports car, a lighter in the shape of a sports car is still a cool thing to own nevertheless.

Being a sure unique item to own, all you need do is to press the top of it and then it will ooze fire easily. We believe without a doubt, tt will make a perfect gift for every car enthusiast, and unique lighters’ collectors, too!

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21. Pen Hidden Lighter

Pen Hidden Lighter

If you don’t want anyone to know that you smoke and see you carrying a lighter, then we think this pen concealed lighter can be your perfect camouflage. In terms of appearance, it looks like a real pen so you can carry it anywhere you go without having to worry about getting caught. 

Well actually, it is a real pen so this item will allow to have a pen and a lighter from one single piece of item. It is easy to carry and comes with an elegant design as well, making it a must-have item for a true collector.

22. Working Clock Lighter

Working Clock

Next up we have a functioning clock lighter that comes in a classic lighter shape, which also has a clock decoration on the front side. In our opinion, the design of this lighter is one-of-a-kind, making it a valuable addition to your collection.

Seeing how this small item can be so useful, we just have to put this into our list of recommendations. Also, what we love about this item is definitely the part where the clock actually works! Also, we need to compliment the design too, because it It has a chrome finish that makes it look extra shiny and elegant. 

23. Horse Barrel Lighter

Horse Barrel

This horse barrel lighter also serves as a unique decorative piece perfect to put on your desk or coffee table. Being an adorable piece of lighter, it also comes with great details and in terms of size, we honesty think that it is relatively huge considering that in fact it is a lighter.

Moreover, although it’s a lighter, but the main purpose of this item is actually a decoration. But don’t worry, you can still use it as a lighter to light up your cigarette.

24. Retro Robot Lighter

Retro Robot

This lighter may remind us of those vintage futuristic movies where people try to imagine the future in a way. Now this item is pretty much reminds us of those movies as well.

It comes in a shape of a robot that will be super attractive for those of you who are into vintage and classic robots. Also, this cool lighter might be small in size but we do think that it still has great details to make it appear realistic. Plus, it also comes with a lanyard so you can use it as a keychain. 

25. Vintage Gameboy Lighter

Vintage Gameboy

Finally, let’s end this cool lighter list with a lighter that will bring us some nostalgia. This vintage Gameboy is very close to our heart as Gameboy is a wonderful part of our childhood memories.

Now that you have grown older, you can reminisce the good old days by having this Gameboy-inspired lighter as your new collection. Moreover, you can even relive those memories by getting this lighter as an addition to our everyday attributes. 

Are Cool Lighters a Good Gift Idea?

Yes, obviously a cool lighter can be a great gift idea. Not only for those who enjoy smoking, but also for collectors who have always been looking for rare and unique pieces to complete their collections. If you are looking for some cool lighters for a collector, then make sure you search for the most unique items that will be a valuable addition to the receiver’s collection.

How Long Do Cool Lighters Last?

The lifespan of a cool lighter depends on several factors, such as the frequency of use and also the type of fuel used by the users. However, some cool lighters may last for several months, while others may last for several years.

Final Thoughts

As a small item, a lighter is something that comes as one of the most important items that almost everyone has at least one at home. It’s more than just something people use to smoke, but a lighter is also part of household items, outdoor supporting tools, and also a collectible items, too!

Any collectors of lighters will always try to find a new addition that comes as something that is unique and rare to add to the collections. If you are one of them or know someone who is a collector, then we believe that you will find our list of recommendations of unique and cool lighters useful. Make sure you find the one lighter that will make a great addition to your collection.

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FAQ (Frequently Aksed Questions)

What is the coolest lighter?

The answer to this kind of question always depends on who you are asking. What defines cool to them? Some people think that Zippo lighters are cool but some others might think that electric lighters are way cooler because they don’t need no fuel and therefore relatively better for the environment.

Some people also might consider the look of the lighter itself no matter what kind of lighter it is. So, to answer this question, we have to ask you back: what defines cool you? 

Popular designs for cool lighters include those with unique shapes, those with eye-catching patterns or colors, and those with special features such as rechargeable batteries or adjustable flame height.

There are several popular cool lighters brand in this world, but when we talk about the most popular, Zippo is probably the most popular among them all. Simply ask anyone whether they are smokers or not, a lighter lover or not, and you can expect that they will know what Zippo is, even if they haven’t seen the physical Zippo lighter itself. 

What is the longest lasting lighter?

On top of this list is an immortal lighter. It is called immortal for a reason: because it has no limit as in other cool lighters. You can use it forever without having to refill the gas or to recharge it. As long as you take good care of it and you don’t lose it, you can use it literally forever. It might be the last lighter you ever need to buy.

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