25 Creative Baddie Halloween Costumes to Slay the Night

There is an event that we celebrate every October 31 and it’s called Halloween. Many believe that on this night, the souls of the dead will return to visit their homes. Therefore, people celebrate Halloween by wearing costumes and turning on lights to guide them, and that was the origin of Halloween. Nowadays, Halloween has become the day to celebrate every year, and there are many creative costume ideas to wear on Halloween. To be part of the amusement, you can wear a creative baddie costume for Halloween. In addition to following the vibes by wearing a baddie costume, you can scare people and look flashy.

Baddie Halloween costumes are suitable simply for everyone, young or old, kids and adults. If you’re looking for some inspirations of baddie costumes, in this list we have prepared a list of creative baddie costume ideas that you can wear on Halloween. Trick or treat! Let’s start scrolling down to find inspirations of the creative baddie costumes for Halloween.

1. Chucky Costume

Creative Baddie Halloween Costumes

Chucky is supposed to be the best gift for a child, since it comes as a cute doll. However, Chucky turns into a horror story if the spirit of a murderer possesses the cute doll. It will becomes scary just like this image. This creative baddie Halloween costume was inspired by Chucky from the classic horror movie titled The Child’s Play. With Chucky’s suit and signature makeup, this costume idea is definitely perfect for kids on Halloween eve.

2. Little Georgie from IT

Creative Baddie Halloween Costumes

IT, one of the famous novels by Stephen King, has been adapted into a feature film to spread the horror of Pennywise. This shapeshifting being has the power source from the fear of children and even preys on them. Like little Gorgie, who also fell prey to IT, became our inspiration as a creative baddie Halloween costume that is suitable for kids. In addition, wearing a yellow raincoat and red balloon will make it looks more terrifying.

3. Hela from Marvel

Creative Baddie Halloween Costumes

If you are a true fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then you must be familiar with this one figure. Hela, the older sister of Thor, is the goddess of death and the ruler of Hel and Niflheim. Her terrifying strength almost ensured her becoming the ruler of Asgard, which is why we chose her as one of the most recommended inspirations of a creative baddie Halloween costume. Using a green robe and a dark touch, this costume is very suitable to wear on Halloween.

4. Headless Jack o’Lantern

Creative Baddie Halloween Costumes

Halloween celebrations are famous for decorations from pumpkins or Jack o’Lantern. Usually, people carve pumpkins with terrible faces as decorations. But, what happens if these decorations turn into scary figures who come to life? For this reason, we recommend the headless Jack o’Lantern as your creative baddie Halloween costume. By modifying your Outfit, you can become a horrible headless figure on Halloween night.

5. Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas

Creative Baddie Halloween Costumes

Have you ever watched the Nightmare before Christmas? The beautiful bride of Jack Skellington, named Sally, is pretty, shy, and also caring. Therefore, we recommend her as creative baddie Halloween costume ideas that you can use to celebrate the night. By wearing bluish makeup like corpse color and fake stitch scar, you will be able to create a scary look that is also easy to apply.

6. Mother and Daughter Devil

Creative Baddie Halloween Costumes

This recommendation is one creative baddie Halloween costume for a mother and daughter couple. Yup, a devil theme with a bright red color is a must. You can equip the costume with additional horns and pitchforks to highlight the devil’s annoyance from your costume. You can be a baddie and also cute at the same time by wearing this costume with your daughter.

7. The Death of Mario and Luigi

Creative Baddie Halloween Costumes

The fans of the retro game must be familiar with Mario and Luigi. The brothers from the Super Mario franchise can be a creative baddie Halloween costume. By using Mario and Luigi’s hats, we can change them with ghost-like or coprses makeup to make them look more attractive. The death of Mario and Luigi will definitely suit a couple of best friends who want to wear matching costumes on Halloween.

8. Phoenix from X-men

Creative Baddie Halloween Costumes

Jean Gray, or Phoenix, is a powerful mutant from the X-men franchise. Strong telekinesis and telepathy power make her respected by all mutants. Based on that, you can turn this strong figure into a villain as a creative baddie Halloween costume for a woman. Wearing a red dress and phoenix wings will definitely give an elegant and terrifying impression on Halloween night.

9. Joker

Creative Baddie Halloween Costumes

The Joker is the most troublesome enemy of our favorite detective, Batman. This villain doesn’t have any superpowers, but he is the enemy that it is almost impossible to guess what his next step will be. The figure famous for his clown-like makeup and also the quirky purple suit, which makes his figure very iconic. We recommend the Joker as a creative baddie Halloween costume that you can wear and is suitable for men.

10. Mad Hatter

Creative Baddie Halloween Costumes

If you’ve ever read Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, you must be familiar with this character. Alice meets him when she visits Wonderland as the Hatter, the hat maker. The man with the iconic big hat is described as having a temper and can be said that he is mad, especially when holding a tea party. You can use this strange man as creative baddie Halloween costume ideas for your Halloween treatment.

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11. Bloody Horn Girl

Creative Baddie Halloween Costumes

Halloween just can’t be separated from costumes with spooky themes. This time we provide creative baddie costume ideas for you, which is a girl with a bloody horn. By using fake horn implants and fake blood to make it more realistic, it strengthens the impression of horror on Halloween night. Undoubtedly, this one is a perfect costume idea for girls who love unusual properties and are really into Halloween parties.

12. Female Hades

Source: Pinterest (@Joa Casas)

Hades from the animated movie called Hercules is the figure of the ruler of the underworld God, who becomes the main villain of Hercules. He is depicted as a God who has hair made of smoldering blue flames. Based on the scary look of this figure, we recommend female Hades as creative baddie Halloween costume ideas for girls who look for a unique costume. In addition, spraying hard hairspray on your hair will also help you to get the hair shape like this picture.

13. Dracula Kid

Creative Baddie Halloween Costumes

Dracula is a horror figure that you can use as a creative baddie Halloween costume for kids. This blood-sucking scary figure is associated with being able to turn into a bat, which can suck blood from its prey. You can choose a child-sized Dracula costume that they can wear on Halloween night. In addition, provide them with a glass of ketchup or tomato juice as a supporting accessory.

14. Grim Reaper

Creative Baddie Halloween Costumes

Grim Reapers are angels whose job is to take human lives when it’s time for them to die. His figure is described as scary, wearing a black tunic hood and also carrying a large scythe as a tool to take lives. Make this a creative baddie Halloween costume for those who want to look all-out spooky on Halloween night.

15. Poison Ivy

Creative Baddie Halloween Costumes

Poison Ivy is one of the villains in the Batman comic or movie. Its name was taken from one of the famous poisonous plants. The Poison Ivy is actually dr. Pamela who is a maniac botanist, and she unites with the power of poisonous plants to become a villain. We chose it as a creative baddie Halloween costume for girls that you can try during the celebration. Wearing green clothes and fake plant accessories, you will have a badass look of Poison Ivy.

16. Scar from the Lion King

Source: Pinterest (@Vanessa Coelho)

Scar is the main antagonist of the movie, The Lion King, which was produced by Disney. He is a cunning lion who tries to seize power from Mufasa, Simba’s father, by underhanded means. For this Halloween, you can definitely get a creative baddie Halloween costume from Scar. You can have this look simply by using the appropriate make-up. In addition, you can add Scar’s signature black mane to make it more precise.

17. Father and Son Kylo Ren 

Creative Baddie Halloween Costumes

Kylo Ren is the name chosen by Ben Solo when he chooses the dark side. Known as the new Darth Vader, Kylo Ren is the inspiration that we highly recommend for you. A creative baddie Halloween costume for father and son who like the Star Wars franchise is definitely a must-wear on a festive night. With a unique black coat and saber light, you can turn into a Kylo Ren.

18. Michael Myers

Creative Baddie Halloween Costumes

Halloween can never escape the figure of Michael Myers, who is the serial killer who goes into action on Halloween night brings true horror to us. Only by using the iconic Michael Myers mask, you can become a creative baddie Halloween costume that is simple but still scary.

19. Little Medusa

Source: Pinterest (@costume-works.com)

Medusa or Gorgo comes from Greek mythology. It is the figure of a woman who was cursed and became a lady monster with snakes as her hair. Medusa is a monster who will turn anyone into a stone only by looking at her in the eyes. Based on that, we recommend this creative baddie Halloween costume for girls to wear at Halloween parties. In addition, adding a fake snake to your hair makes it look more scary.

20. Money Heist

Source: Pinterest (@takerlama.com)

Money Heist, or La Casa de Papel in its original title, is a series that tells of a group of thieves who robbed a state bank. With a well-organized plan, this group is known for the red suits and Dali masks they wear to protect their identity. A creative baddie Halloween costume that you can wear to look mysterious and flashy at the same time.

21. Freddy Krueger Halloween Costume

Source: Pinterest (@vaultgoods.com)

Who could possibly forget about Freddy Krueger? Freddy is the man who has been haunting kids in their nightmare, and we just hope that we will never see him in our dreams, ever! Knowing how bad this man is, you probably want to wear Freddy’s costume for this year’s Halloween. It’s actually pretty easy to do, because all you need to prepare is a gray and red long sleeve sweater, a cowboy hat, and a claw, which has become his iconic weapon to scare children. For the make up, you can apply a makeup that resembles his burnt face. To look badass, the scarier, the better. 

22. Bane Halloween Costume

Source: Pinterest (@gabeweb.tumblr.com)

We know how bad Bane is from Batman. He is a cruel man with his muscles and scary voice that omes out of his mask, although deep down inside he is actually a good man who’s just trying to protect her dear friend. If you’re looking for a creative baddie costume for Halloween, then the Bane costume is the answer. You can be creative by choosing an army vest that has buckles and pockets. You also need to prepare dark blue cargo pants and a leather glove. Lastly, don’t forget to wear the iconic Bane mask, because Bane simply can’t live without it.

23. Cruella de Ville

Source: Pinterest (@kit.co)

When it comes to female baddie characters, we just can’t leave Cruella de Ville out of our list. Known as a lady who just hates puppies, she is known as a villain character who’s always well dressed with full makeup and of course, her black and white hair. If you want to look baddie, wearing this Cruella costume can be an option. You need to prepare leather pants, boots, blazer, and gloves, all in black, to become Cruella for one night. As additional accessories, bring along a stick and paint your hair in black and white.

24. Lord Voldemort

Lord Voldemort
Source: Pinterest (@buzzfeed.com)

As for this one, we just can’t tell you how evil this guy is and we really can’t mention his name. This “he-who must not be named” costume needs to be on your list of the most recommended baddie Halloween costumes this year. In order to look like Lord Voldemort, all you have to do is get a long and oversized black coat, and also a wand, so you cast your spells. One last thing, you also have to make sure you wear a mask with a bald head, too. 

25. Thor’s Hela Costume

Thor’s Hela Costume
Source: Pinterest (@Doosan’s Dashboard)

Hela is a badass princess who carries that evil gene wherever she goes. She even tried to kill her brothers for power and willing to destroy everything that stood in her way. Guess we already know that she is a true baddie, which makes her costume a great option to wear on Halloween night. You can wear Hela’s costume that combines black and green into a nice overall suit to wear. Then, paint your hair in black with smokey eyes as part of the makeup.

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How do couples dress as baddies for Halloween?

A couple of best friends can wear the death of Mario and Luigi as baddies for Halloween. The most important thing is that you wear a costume with the same theme as your partner on Halloween night.

How do you put on makeup when you dress as a baddie for Halloween?

You can put makeup like Scar or Joker as a baddie for Halloween costumes. The purpose of makeup is to give a deeper impression to your baddie Halloween costume, don’t let the makeup you use fail and give a bad impression.

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