26 Calming Mental Health Tattoo Ideas to Help the Healing Process 

Mental health tattoos can be a great way to keep you aware of your mental state, or to remind you of someone you love who was dealing with mental health issues. In most cases, it can also be a great way to show others about your strengths and struggles with one of the many mental health issues. According to some mental health professionals, getting a tattoo can aid in a person’s healing process by enabling them to see aspects of themselves or their mental health history from a new perspective. Also, there are lots of mental health tattoo ideas that can do just that.

Together, we can raise awareness for mental health issues and make positive differences in our own lives and the world around us. Moreover, many people choose to get a tattoo as a way of expressing their inner self and to become their whole self as well. If you think that we need to be more aware of the mental health and are planning to have a mental health tattoo, then you will definitely need the best mental health tattoo ideas. Here are some great designs that will allow you to get your message across, yet still look good.

Mental Health Tattoo Ideas for Men

We all know that guys can get tattoos to cover scars and help deal with mental health issues. But right here we’re talking about nice, interesting ink. The following list covers everything from representations of demons to symptoms of anxiety as well as hidden meanings behind a tattoo.

1. Traditional Semicolon Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Erin Ruby)

When it comes to simple but meaningful mental health tattoos for men, then you need to consider having the small semicolon symbol on your wrist. The semicolon punctuation mark is used as a message of affirmation and solidarity with those who have mental health illness. Moreover, this is also a great symbol of suicide awareness that will tell you to always keep going and to never give up on life.

2. Anxiety Semicolon Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Alex Christensen)

If you’re looking for a meaningful tattoo for anxiety, then you might want to consider having this tattoo design on your skin! It features an encouraging statement that tells you not to panic and keep the anxiety away. In terms of meaning, the semicolon tattoo also encourages you to keep going and survive. Therefore, whenever you feel anxious, you can see this tattoo as a reminder to release your stress and enjoy life without any burden from the past!

3. Bipolar Sign Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@savedtattoo.com)

Embrace your mental health illness with some of the coolest mental health tattoo ideas, including this Bipolar sign tattoo. If you are a boy with bipolar disorder, then you might have experienced the mood swings and change of feelings. Therefore, we believe you can relate to the happy and sad smiley symbol.

You can have two colon punctuations that are separated by a bracket symbol. Therefore, you can see 2 faces, which are happy and sad at the same time. It will be a unique mental health disorder tattoo on your arm.

4. Mixed Feelings Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@ourmindfullife.com)

Suppose you are looking for a great way to overcome your mental health disorders, we think getting a tattoo that gives psychological effects is going to be a brilliant choice. This tattoo features a blender that is filled with water and a heart. By having this tattoo on your upper arm, whenever you get mixed feelings or have negative thoughts, this tattoo will remind you that it is ok to feel that way. All you need to do is just turn the blender off.

5. Phoenix Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@tattoomenow.com)

A phoenix tattoo is definitely a good new beginning tattoo for men. This mythical bird has stood for “rising from the ashes” and “starting from the beginning” for thousands of years. This black phoenix is a great choice of mental health tattoo as it symbolizes renewal and fresh starts. Yes, we know that it can be challenging to start over, but let the phoenix serve as a reminder that, even when a fresh start isn’t possible, you can always alter how your narrative finishes.

6. A Dissociating Bebe Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

In case you want to get a depression tattoo on your ankle, then you need to consider getting this mental disorder tattoo design. This tattoo explains dissociation that may be a symptom of other mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. Having a picture of a man standing with a simple text “I drifted for a moment” can be a good way to embrace your dissociation issue. Simply make it black and white tattoo if you love minimalist design.

7. Simple Breathe Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@buzzfeed.com)

Usually men love the simple and straightforward metal health symbol for awareness. So are you planning on having a straightforward tattoo as a reminder when you experience a panic attack? If you are, then simply write the “Breath” word and have it tattoo-ed on your wrist. We would also advice that you make it a bit obvious so you can read it whenever you feel panic. Use black ink to write this simple reminder, and we believe that it will surely be one of the best panic attacks tattoos for men.

Mental Health Tattoo Ideas for Female

For women, tattoos are not only an expression of their personality and emotions, but also a way to express their mental health. These tattoos below are perfect for women who want to raise awareness about mental health as well as express their own personal struggles with it.

8. Depression Girl Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@revelist.com)

Girls with depression always have a lot of thoughts in their mind. So if you are looking for ideas about mental health tattoos for depressed girls, then we believe that this concept would be perfect. This depression tattoo has psychological effects to make you let go of negative thoughts. Also, the girl’s half-opened head also brings out a lot of stars resembling the symbol for awareness to let your worries in your head go away.

9. Green Ribbon Butterfly Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Heather Reynolds)

Get your survivor tattoo to increase mental health awareness! Especially if you are the a mental health survivor woman, having a wonderful green ribbon with butterfly tattoo would be a fantastic idea. As we all know, the green ribbon is a famous mental health symbol, while butterfly is a great new beginning tattoo. To create a meaningful mental health tattoo, use green ink to color the ribbon tattoo. After that, you can add the butterfly wings around the ribbon.

10. Serotonin Flower Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@revelist.com)

Don’t worry, this is not a complicated chemical structure you should remember. Instead, this is a great mental health symbol with a deep meaning for you or other mental health survivors out there. It features a symbol of serotonin, which is the happiness hormone in your body.

We have no doubt that having this meaningful tattoo will be a beautiful way to raise mental health awareness and be happy everyday. Moreover, you can also adorn the serotonin tattoo with flowers to make it look like a fine flower vines.

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11. Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Lisa Marie)

When it comes to a beautiful semicolon tattoo idea for girls, we highly suggest that you choose this design. It has a subtle semicolon tattoo that blends in the butterfly design. As we know, semicolon is a good symbol for suicide awareness. Meanwhile, the butterfly is a symbol of rebirth and a new beginning.

The combination of semicolon and the butterfly represents personal growth and beautifully demonstrates that meaning, despite all of life’s challenges. In our opinion, having this tattoo will make you realize that it is possible to actually become your greatest version of yourself.

12. Semicolon Heart Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@savedtattoo.com)

In case you often do self harm, look for a semicolon tattoo idea that makes you feel loved. For that reason, how about a heart shaped semicolon tattoo like this one? You can have a small heart tattoo on your wrist, and don’t forget to insert the semicolon punctuation in your heart outline. We believe without a doubt that it will be a great reminder that you are loved whenever you want to do self harm.

13. Free Dove Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@popsugar.com)

Some women may have mental health issues because of comparing their looks or appearance with others. With this free dove tattoo, you may let go of your negative thoughts and focus on being a better version of yourself. The dove’s main message was that women’s unique differences should be celebrated, rather than frowned upon, or even ignored.

Therefore, we personally encouraged women to be free and let go of negativity. Also, having this tattoo will also keep you reminded about a vision where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety.

14. Lotus Tattoo

Lotus Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Stephanie Howard)

Suppose you are looking for a spiritual tattoo for girls, we think the lotus flower symbol is the perfect one. The lotus represents rebirth, growth, and spiritual and personal transformation. With such great meanings, you can definitely have a small lotus flower tattoo on your wrist. If you ask us, we think that getting a lotus tattoo can act as a daily reminder that the difficulty you’re going through now is fostering your personal development.

Tattoo for Mental Health Recovery

Mental health issues aren’t something to keep hidden. We’re encouraging you to keep it real with these tattoos designed to inspire conversation around mental health. Not only are they are badass, but they’ll help people know your struggles and show them that you’re not afraid of talking.

15. Continue Wrist Tattoo

Continue Wrist Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@tattooeasily.com)

During your recovery from depression, you may need a beautiful survivor tattoo. If so, how about writing the “Continue” text around your wrist? You can replace the “i” letter with a semicolon. In terms of design, choose the handwriting font for this tattoo to make it look more personal. Whenever you are going to give up, let this charming tattoo keep motivating you everyday.

16. Anchor Tattoo

Anchor Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Lindsay Lauren)

It’s okay if you still have some weights left during your recovery. As a survivor from mental health issues, you also need to consider getting this symbolic tattoo. It features an anchor that represents your burden left in your healing process.

Moreover, you can also add a green feather or leaf that resembles the green ribbon, showing you are a great survivor. We hope this symbolic tattoo can give you additional strength.

17. Bent Not Broken Tattoo

Bent Not Broken Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@revelist.com)

A unique way to keep you going as a mental health survivor is definitely by having this finger tattoo. You can use the side of your fingers to get the “Bent Not Broken” quote using black ink. It refers to you as the one who can endure hardship and not break. After that, you may add the semicolon symbol on your ring finger. In our opinion, this powerful tattoo will make you stronger and better everyday.

18. Cute Self Love Club Tattoo

Cute Self Love Club Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Nicole Pomba)

One of the best ways to recover from mental illness is by loving yourself, there’s no doubt about it. If you are in the process of loving yourself, then you deserve to be in the self love club! To be part of the club, you can have a small cartoon character smiling and holding flowers to welcome you. And then, put the heart symbol on the character, resembling the pure heart to love yourself. Last but not least, don’t forget to add the “Self Love Club” text below the character.

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19. Mom and Daughter Tree of Life Tattoo

Mom and Daughter Tree of Life Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@ysedusky.com)

A spiritual tattoo is definitely a great choice during your recovery from depression. It symbolizes personal growth, development, and strength, making a perfect be positive tattoo. However, you can make a twist by substituting the tree trunk into a picture of mom and daughter holding hands.

We have no doubt that it can be a good reminder that you have your mom or other support system that will help you during the healing process. Also, we think this tattoo can also be a great reminder that you have the people around you who love you dearly and will stay beside you through the ups and downs in life.

20. “Don’t Forget to Love Yourself” Tattoo

“Don’t Forget To Love Yourself” Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@fforeverforgotton.tumblr.com)

Instead of a panic attack tattoo, a simple quote or reminder on your wrist can be so meaningful during the recovery process. As you are focusing on medication, you may forget the most important thing in life, which is self love.

Therefore, you can write a simple reminder such as “Don’t forget to love yourself” on your wrist. To make it look cool, you can also choose the handwriting style font with black in to make your tattoo look gorgeous.

21. Think Positive Tattoo

Think Positive Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@fyeahtattoos.com)

During your recovery, let’s fill up yourself with positive things in life! If so, why don’t you get the positive tattoo that will guide you to always be on the track? You can get a straightforward design such as the “Think Positive” text on your wrist. After that, make a twist by replacing the “t” letter with a religious cross symbol. We can assure you that this tattoo can be a great reminder to always have positive thoughts and faith in life.

22. Life Goes On Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@ourmindfullife.com)

If you just recently completed a recovery program from depression or other mental issues, then it’s time to embrace the new journey in life. To keep you reminded that life still has so many things to offer, you might want to have this tattoo on your skin. The tattoo says “Life goes on” which means that no matter what happened to you in the past, life goes on and you still have a bright future in front of you.

23. Broken but I’m Fine Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@ourmindfullife.com)

This tattoo might look cute but it actually holds a deep meaning behind it, especially for people who have been through a lot in life. The heart can still put a smile on its face even with so many wounds on it. It describes a person who has been through so many heartbreaks in life but somehow still manages to smile and move forward. This tattoo will remind that person that no matter what life threw at you in the past, you are strong enough to stand up and say “I’M FINE”. What a perfect tattoo for a mental health survivor.

24. Fingers Crossed Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@ourmindfullife.com)

This fingers crossed tattoo is a very meaningful tattoo for a mental health survivor. If you happen to be that person, why don’t you have this tattoo on your body? It will make a great reminder about hope and also a great way to mark your accomplishments in dealing with depression until today. In our opinion, having this tattoo on your body can be considered as a self reward. Don’t you think?

25. Breathe Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@outsons.com)

Next up we have the perfect tattoo for those who have been dealing with anxiety. Sometimes it can be hard to keep calm when anxiety attacks. However, if you have successfully passed that phase in life, having this tattoo will make you realize that to breathe is a way to keep anxiety away. Just a simple tattoo that says “breathe” will be an excellent reminder of that. Moreover, to make it look nice, you can also choose the best font that looks good on you, too.

26. Still Here Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@ourmindfullife.com)

Yup, you’re still here and that is something that you can be proud of, especially after dealing with mental issues and depression. This tattoo will help you to forget about all the bad things about your past and make sure you will still be here to face new and positive things that life has to offer. Moreover, this tattoo also includes a semicolon that replaces the letter ‘i’ which makes it even more meaningful.

Final Thought

Having a mental health tattoo is a good way to embrace your mental illness and raise awareness to more people around you. For survivors, this tattoo can be a great reminder to always bring positive things and additional strength to overcome their issues. Moreover, it can also be a good mental awareness campaign. Therefore, we recommend you to choose the best mental health symbol that suits your mental condition and the message you want to spread.

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What is a mental health tattoo?

Mental health tattoo is an old art form that serves as a vehicle for many people to communicate their grief, anguish, hardships, hope, and also courage. It is possible to express personal experiences without speaking about them by getting a mental health tattoo. So, if you are looking for mental health tattoo ideas, you can check in the article above.

What is the tattoo for anxiety?

Mandala, hamsa, chakra, tree of life, Buddha, lotus, and other spiritual tattoos are popular for reducing anxiety. They represent the triumph over adversity, safety, self-care, rebirth, the circle of life, kindness, strength, new difficulties, and also fresh starts. For more mental health tattoo ideas, you can read in the article above.

What tattoo symbolizes overcoming depression?

The traditional semicolon is the popular tattoo for depression. The meaning of the semicolon tattoo is similar to what a writer interprets a semicolon to mean, which means that there is still more to be written, that it’s not the end. Moreover, semicolon tattoos also signify that a person with depression is making the decision to carry on.

What tattoos symbolize mental health?

The international sign for mental health awareness is the green ribbon. Therefore, you can have a green ribbon tattoo as a symbol of mental health. Wear a green ribbon to express your concern for the mental health of your coworkers, loved ones, or just people you pass on the street.

What colors signify mental health?

The color green is used to raise awareness of mental health issues. It stands for bipolar disorder, depression, and mental diseases. The color green stands for the ongoing awareness of mental health and the struggle against the stigma that is frequently attached to it.

What color helps panic attacks?

Blue is an ideal color to help panic attacks. Blue has a calming effect on the nervous system and is a mentally calming color that promotes deep relaxation. Besides, one of the many colors that can help to lower anxiety and promote a calmer state of mind is green.

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