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Handcrafted Butterfly Cloak

When we are children, we chase them, hoping to be fast enough or sly enough to catch them; when we are adults we admire their beauty but no matter what age we are, there is something magical and enchanting about butterflies.

This amazingly handcrafted butterfly cloak by Costurero-Real does wonders to capture the natural beauty of butterflies and nature.

Designed to replicate the wings of one of the most well-known butterflies, the Monarch Butterfly. 

Handcrafted Butterfly Cloaks

Handcrafted Butterfly Cloak

This awesome butterfly cloak, with semi-transparent wings, will have you blending in with the world around you, whether you are tromping through the forest with fairies or performing in a dance.  

Handcrafted Butterfly Cloak

Handcrafted Butterfly Cloak


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