Women’s Portable Shaving Kit

This Women’s Portable Shaving Kit allows you to quickly shave your legs, whether you’ve missed a spot or are on the go.

You know the feeling when you’re out in your new dress or shorts, smoothly shaved legs and all. But then you notice it.

There’s a patch of unshaved dark hairs that you’ve somehow missed in a dimly lit bathroom. This is where this shaving kit comes in.

This 3-in-1 kit is no bigger than a compact powder. At the core of it lies a rotating panel with 3 tools inside. 

Women's Portable Shaving Kit

First, rotate it and then spray your legs with a bit of water. Rotate it again and soap up the area to ensure a smooth shave. Once again, rotate it and uncover a portable mini razor that will do the perfect job of removing the hairs.

Women's Portable Shaving Kit

You can carry this shaving kit in your purse on a daily basis just in case (remember, how in How I Met Your Mother Robin tried to shave her legs using a stick of butter as the last resort? You don’t want that). But even better, you can take it on festivals and trips to save space in your luggage.

Women's Portable Shaving Kit

It can also save you money on buying shaving essentials on the spot. This is one of the best gadgets for women we’ve seen in a long time.

Women's Portable Shaving Kit

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