25 Cool TV Stand Ideas for Your Living Room

Watching your favorite show on TV has to be one of the most relaxing activities after a rough day at work. To enhance your enjoyment, you probably need to get a TV stand, because it will provide you with proper level monitor position as well as ideal height. This way, you can enjoy watching TV in a comfortable position. In addition, several TV stands also provide extra compartments for capable management, which is why some cool TV stand ideas would come bery useful for you.

Cool TV stands are able to accommodate widescreen TVs. The one with extra cubbies can even handle modern consoles and other accessories as well. To create a cozy home theater in your living room, TV stands are very essential, since they will be the centerpiece of the room. If you are looking for cool TV stand ideas, then you’ve come to the right place! Enjoy our top 25 picks!

Why Do You Need A TV Stand?

You need a TV stand because it provides stability and level surface for the monitor. This way, you can enjoy watching TV more comfortably. Some TV stand models offer you with extra storage drawers and shelves for cable management. In addition, tv stands can be nice furniture for your living room.

Cool TV Stand Ideas for Modern Designs

TV stands are excellent furniture additions to provide a welcoming living room atmosphere. If you are looking for a present for your friends, the following cool TV stand ideas may give you inspiration. They are perfect to decorate a modern living room.

1. Luxurious TV Stand with Geometric Textures

Luxurious TV Stand With Geometric Textures

This TV Stand looks luxurious with a geometric texture. Sandwiched between the closed doors shelves, it also provides open decorative space. It’s a perfect place to showcase your preferred collections, from consoles to books. Say bye to messy cables and overheated devices with the accessible back panel. Say hi to Nexera Hexagon TV Stand and take it home today!

2. Mana Nordic Style TV Stand

Open Concept TV Stand Idea

Mana Nordic Style TV Stand looks chic with wide-open shelf space and an asymmetrical design. It is not only well-made but is also surprisingly easy to assemble. Melamine-coated and include side plasters, Mana has become an ideal durable stand for your TV and a perfectly safe display shelf for your treasured collection.

3. KattoDESIGN’s Industrial TV Stand

Rustic Industrial TV Stand!

Staying true to its industrial root, KattoDESIGN’s Industrial TV Stand optimizes the use of space with the open shelf underneath the countertop. This TV stand also shows how it focuses on practicality and durability by using oak as its primary material. The creator also offers customizable design and dimensions for this product. This is why it’s selling fast, so better add it to the cart today!

4. Walker Edison Wren Cubby TV Stand

Super Sturdy TV Stand

Walker Edison Wren Cubby TV is a sturdy one. You can even probably sit on it, and it will hold you up just fine. Able to withstand up to 90 kg weight, it also has open cubby storage underneath the TV stand. It can manage up to 6 cords without getting the cables all tangled up. Don’t wait and get this item today!

5. TV Stand for 55” Screen

TV Stand for 55” Screen

AVF provides 2 different sizes for its TV stand. One can accommodate a 42″ TV while the other can store up to 55″ TV. However, both come in the elegant simplistic design with black glass shelves. Both also have an angled back that can fit room corners.

6. Mainstays Television Stand

TV Stand for Entertainment Center

Mainstays TV Stand embraces the classic design of a sturdy TV stand in 4 different finish choices. It has 4 open cubbies suitable for other multimedia devices or any other collection display. Even though not made of solid wood, a mix of MDF and particleboard are sturdy enough to hold up to around 25 kg.

7. TV Stand with Integrated LEDs Light

TV Stand with Integrated LEDs Light

Watching your favorite shows will be a lot more fun with this modern TV stand. It comes with integrated LED light that will improve the viewing ambiance. The lights provide you with an extra atmosphere and the color will enhance your mood. In addition, the TV stand offers 6 extra cabinet compartments so you can store your consoles.

8. Wheelbarrow TV Stand

Wheelbarrow TV Stand

Are you looking for a unique tv stand idea for your living room? This model comes in the shape of a wheelbarrow! It has a wheel so you can push your tv around the room easily. The unusual design makes this TV stand look like a piece of modern art. It looks quirky and whimsical, providing your room with a homely feeling.

9. Rolanstar Fireplace TV Stand

TV Stand With LED and Electric Fireplace

An electric fireplace is a great way to conjure cozinnes. The Rolanstar Fireplace TV Stand will be an excellent addition for your friend’s new home. This model also includes ambiance LEDs light to produce extra warmth. In addition it comes with adjustable glass shelf to accommodate game consoles and accessories.

Wooden and Cool TV Stand Ideas

TV stands nowadays are integrated with shelves or cubbies. It provides a centralized entertainment unit for a cozy living room. The sturdy countertop ensures that your wide screen stays stable and level. Meanwhile the extra compartment provides space for consoles.

10. Mid-Century TV Stand Vibes

TV Stand With Mid-century Vibes

The mid-century TV stand is visible mainly from the muted color tones and the clean definitive lines. A massive storage space hidden inside two closed doors is made possible because of its sturdy build of 160 cm in width. It promotes a neatly organized look with super spacious shelves. Get this item today as gift for your friend’s living room!

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11. Customizable Wooden TV Stand

Customizable Wooden TV Stand

Since the solid woods used on this TV stand are either spruce or pine, this furniture will be easier to move around the room. That means redecoration is possible anytime and anywhere. Upon ordering the product, the seller offers a customizable size for their decorative small TV stand. They also come with a gift wrapping option. Because this is a hit item, grab it fast before it sells out! 

12. Walker Edison Wooden TV Stand

Wooden TV Stand for Wide Screen

Another TV Stand from Walker Edison comes with two behind-the-door storage spaces and one open display shelf. This TV stand can withstand an 80″ TV! It is equipped with a cord management system to reduce clutter. The glass cubby can hold up to 13 kg each, making it a perfect fit to put your trinket collections on view.

13. TV Stand with Farmhouse Vibe

Barn doors on a TV stand look refreshing. Twin Star Home puts the barn doors on a railing. That way, we can customize which cubbies to display and which cubbies to hide. The length of this TV stand is considerably smaller than the previously mentioned stands. However, it makes it perfect for any kind of room, from the bedroom to the hallway.

14. TV Stand with Cozy Fireplace Add-On

TV Stand With Cozy Fireplace Add-on

Netflix and chill will be a lot more intimate when you have the TV stand with a fireplace. The model offers traditional vibes for your bedroom or living room. There is nothing more  comfortable than watching your favorite shows while basking in the warmth of a fireplace. The firebox is electrical so it is perfectly safe because it doesn’t produce real flame and smoke.

15. Corona Gray TV Stand

TV Stand With Drawers

The Corona Gray TV stand is a high quality furniture that will grace your living room with elegance. This model comes with two drawers and a compartment for consoles and other necessities. Therefore, by having this high-quality furniture your cozy home will be a lot more inviting!

16. TV Stand With Indian Style

TV Stand With Indian Style

Bring a little piece of the beautiful India into your living room with this antique TV Stand! The color and the motifs will certainly provide you with Indian vibes. It is handmade using solid sheesham timber and crafted beautifully by seasoned artisans.

17. Clovelly Acacia Television Stand

High Class Designer Acacia TV Stand

Acacia is a versatile solid wood that can be used to create beautiful furniture. Now, the Clovelly Acacia TV Stand is definitely among the top TV stand models, which will class up your living room for sure. The skilled woodworker will provide you with precision build and beautiful carvings. 

18. Modway Transmit TV Stand

TV Stand for 70” Screen

TV screens nowadays are getting larger and larger. For an immersive viewing experience, the giant 70” TVs are getting more popular and affordable. To accommodate the big monitor, you will need the Modway Transmit TV stand! This model comes in superior construction to provide extra stability. Your fancy TV will be safe sitting on it!

Minimalist But Cool TV Stand Ideas

You do not have to buy flashy furniture to create a cozy living room. The following TV Stand ideas are selected because of their simplistic designs. They are practical and will blend together perfectly with any modern house.

19. FalkelDesign’s Wood Monitor Stand

TV Stand with Adjustable Angle

Declutter your entertainment center with FalkelDesign’s Wood Monitor Stand Riser. The height of this screen stand is adjusted to match the perfect angle benefitting your neck and back. It has a phone standee grid, and it also provides a space for a keyboard underneath. Get this item today for a comfortable viewing experience!

20. Heavy-duty Titanium Finish Monitor Stand

Heavy Duty Titanium Stand

Heavy-duty Titanium Finish Monitor Stand can fit screens up to 15 inches wide and 9.5 inches deep. It is ergonomic, with the perfect angle easy on users’ neck and shoulder. Mild steel material with titanium finish gives it a sleek and clean look. Not to mention that it, of course, keeps the messy desk away.

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21. Adjustable Trolley Monitor Stand


We can all say bye bye to the wheeled TV shelves commonly used in middle school. So ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the more simplistic wheeled mobile TV Stand. It looks just like a casual standee, rotatable by 360°, and features a lock mechanism and adjustable screen height. This Perfect for a minimalistic living room, meetings, longue, or other get-together activities.

22. VIVO Artistic Display Stand


This TV easel may look brittle with only a stick and three legs. However, it can withstand TV weight up to around 34 kg! It has a different screen lock, fitted to most TV models. It also has an adjustable swivel and height controller to match the audience’s optimum view. Take VIVO’s mobile TV easel home today!

23. Millwood Pines Floating TV Stand

Floating TV Stand

Unlike a traditional table or a shelf, this TV stand can be mounted on the wall. As a result you get a cool looking accessory for your room that seemingly defies gravity. The floating wooden stand  offers a minimalistic vibe, suitable for a modern living room.

24. Minimalist White TV Stand

Minimalist White TV Stand With Cabinet

A TV stand is essential furniture for your living room. This white-colored stand comes with an integrated cabinet for extra storage space. You can put your DVD or other TV accessory’s inside. Thanks to the simple design this model will blend well seamlessly.

25. Cuba Corner TV Stand

 Corner TV Stand

Utilizing inconvenient corner space is a genius way to provide a tidy room. For a smaller house, this Cuba Corner TV stand is excellent. It is created using solid oak and it would fit seamlessly into the corner of any room. It may not have fancy drawers or flashy finish, nevertheless this unit is practical!

Final Thoughts

There are three things you need to remember when choosing a new TV stand. The first one is to pick a stand that can firmly hold your TV, so you must know exactly the size and measurement of your TV unit. Secondly, pick a TV stand with a design that will fit perfectly to the whole design of your living or TV room at home. Lastly, you need measure the available space precisely to ensure that the stand is not too big or too small to fit the space.

We hope that the recommendations of cool TV stand ideas on our list above can give you better picture in helping you choose the perfect item to suit your need.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the best TV stand ideas for the living room?

The best TV stand ideas for the living room is the one that uses wood as its main material. It should come in the shape of a table or shelf because the design will blind in with your living room interior. Furthermore, you can manage the cable and hide them from the plain view so it looks tidy.

What are the best TV stand ideas for small spaces?

The best TV stands ideas for small space are the portable models. They offer versatility and do not take a lot of space. They are made out of metal skeleton instead of a bulky shelf. This slimmer TV stand can be moved around easily. In case you need more space, you can just put the stand away temporarily.

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