World’s Largest Outdoor LED TV

When the weather is good to you, there’s no better place to spend the day than in your backyard. But sitting in the sun can grow boring quite quickly. What do you do then?

Well, why not enjoy your favorite TV show on the World’s Largest Outdoor LED TV? That doesn’t sound bad at all.

The World’s Largest Outdoor LED TV has a diagonal of 201 inches (5,11m) and can rise straight from the ground up. The TV combined with the supporting beam actually rises 15 feet above the ground which in itself is extremely impressive.

To ensure your comfort the TV can be rotated up to 270 degrees. So you can easily watch the TV all day long and even orbit it to constantly stay in the cool shadow. 

World’s Largest Outdoor LED TV

The main problem with using any kind of screen outdoor is that they don’t mix well with the sun. You can’t see a thing when the light hits the screen and just end up bitter and disappointed.

Well, when it comes to an outdoor TV, this problem has been taken care of. Its display uses 2.222,640 LEDs making it ten times brighter than your ordinary TV screen.

This allows you to watch Game of Thrones in any daylight conditions without missing the slightest detail. Even direct sunshine is not a problem when it comes to this giant TV.

World’s Largest Outdoor LED TV

While the size of this TV is impressive it’s not the most important thing, isn’t it? It’s the quality of the picture it displays that matters.

Fortunately, the World’s Largest Outdoor LED TV hits just the right spot in this matter. This baby is capable of displaying 281 trillion stunning colors. You don’t even need to dig out your calculators to know that this number is extremely impressive.

This feature makes the colors come alive on the TV screen giving you the ultimate viewing experience. 

World’s Largest Outdoor LED TV

So if you’d want to add a dash of luxury to your backyard this TV is the way to go. It won’t stand in the way as it safely hides under the ground.

But when the binge watching time comes, only 25 seconds stand between being bored outside and enjoying TV in your own home cinema.

World’s Largest Outdoor LED TV

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