25 Dreamy Baby Girl Room Ideas That Are Easy To Do 

Are you welcoming a baby girl into the family? Do you need some style inspiration to decorate the baby’s room? You have come to the right place because we have 20 different styles you can consider. All these 20 styles are super easy and simple to achieve. You will not find too many problems when you try to make it into reality. 

We have a diverse choice of style on this list. There is a style that will suit the small and big baby room and also if you are on a budget. Having the right decoration for your baby girl’s room will not only give your baby girl comfort, but also the mom’s comfort. Seeing a neatly organized room, with dreamy decoration, and all the baby things available in the room, will make the new moms feel happy and secure too. Hopefully, you have a style that you like on this list. Feel free to combine two or more styles together.

1. White Room 

Baby Girl Room Idea

We are going for something basic and simple to start with the baby girl room ideas. It is always an easy one to go with. All white furniture and a little splash of colors here and there. You can go with the white furniture and simple nursery decorations to go with it. Having this simple white room, you can easily adjust the room setup as your baby girl grows older without the need of doing much renovation. 

2. Classic Pink 

Baby Girl Room Idea

In every list of baby girl room ideas, we cannot just miss out on the classic pink baby girl room. A clean white room with white furniture always looks right when paired with pink baby girl room decor. If you like something that is simple and foolproof, this style will always be your best bet. Also, this style is perfect if you are on a budget which is the main reason that it is included on the list. 

3. Pink And Grey Nursery Room

Baby Girl Room Idea

A modern baby girl room style that is simple to achieve. If you have an industrial style home, this style would suit your whole house well. You can leave the walls grey, put in some white furniture, and pink baby girl room decor. The pink and grey color is a charming combination you can try for your modern baby girl room. 

4. Pretty Peach

Baby Girl Room Idea

Pink baby girl rooms might be too overly done these days. So, you can opt for this pretty peach style. The peach color is a pretty and bright color. You can include different peach color room decorations such as peach colored pillows. To add some sparkly details to the room, you can also add some gold colored stars or other wall decorations

5. Classic Wooden Room 

Baby Girl Room Idea

Another classic style could never go wrong: classic wooden style. This is a modern baby girl room style that could never go wrong. It is a gender neutral style that is very easy to achieve. You can incorporate wooden furniture in a clean white room. For the room decoration, you can get an earth tone colored item which will look nice with all the wooden furniture. Also, wooden kids toys would also be a great addition to the room. 

6. Elegant Purple 

Baby Girl Room Idea

Another color alternative to the classic pink baby girl room would be the elegant purple color. Purple has a deeper and more elegant feel to it, thus it will create a different mood for your baby girl room. The easiest way to start is with the purple wall. Then, you can work your way to some purple decorations and pillows too. A great color combination will be gray and purple which gives off a totally different feel with the pink and grey combination, but still looks very nice. 

7. Dreamy Nursery Room 

Baby Girl Room Idea

When you dream about your baby girl nursery room, this look will probably pop up in your mind. This is why we name this style the dreamy baby girl nursery room. Not only because it looks dreamy, but it has probably been in your dream several times. You don’t necessarily need a big room for this. All you need is a cute dreamy crib with a cute pink cloud, moon, and stars hanging on top of it. Also, you need a comfy chair with some nice and warm blanket for you to sit on when you are nursing your baby girl. 

8. Sparkly Baby Room 

Baby Girl Room Idea

When your baby girl arrives, she will turn your life around. She will turn on a spark inside your heart and your heart will be overflowing with love. We are trying to depict this feeling with this room idea. For the overall color of the room, it is best to keep it simple with white or pink. Then, you can go for all the sparkly and glittery stuff for the room decoration. You can start with metal lights and metal table decorations. You can choose to have these metals come with gold or rose gold finishes. 

9. Clean And Bright Style 

Baby Girl Room Idea

The clean and bright style is always a great idea for you who needs to work with a small room for your baby girl nursery room. Bright color walls and furniture will make the room look more spacious than it actually is. For the decoration, you can go with something simple like the framed artworks and a cute laundry bag.

10. Grey Is The New Pink 

Grey Is The New Pink

A more modern style that you can consider. The grey wall color looks very nice with the contrast from the white furniture in the room. You can have simple decorations in more girly colors like pink to just make the room look prettier.  This look would be great if you enjoy industrial interior style. The grey is also easy to maintain and when your baby girl grows older you can use the grey walls as a blank canvas for your baby girl to draw and learn. 

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11. Scandinavian Style 

Baby Girl Room Idea

The Scandinavian style is great if you enjoy having a minimalist interior style for your home. You can also have your baby girl nursery room in this Scandinavian style. Simple colors like black and white look super well with wooden furniture. For the decoration, you can add simple framed artwork or decoration pieces to make the room look warmer.

12. Pink Bunny Room 

Baby Girl Room Idea

The absolute cute style for a baby girl room is this pink bunny room. Pink room with bunny decorations everywhere: it can’t get cuter than this. A wooden crib would add more depth to the room instead of a simple white crib. Bunny dolls and decorations are must haves with it and you need to have lots of them. 

13. Natural Wooden Baby Girl Room 

Natural Wooden Baby Girl Room

Light washed full wooden baby girl room will always be a pretty and subtle style to go with. Since everything is super subtle, it feels like a clan canvas that you can freely decorate. This will also be great if you have a small baby girl room to work with. Instead of going with the white colored wall, you can go with the light beige colored wall which will make your room look more romantic and feel warmer too. For the decoration, you can choose something that has a bold color for the contrast or go with something clean and subtle with white or earth tone colored decoration. 

14. Fun Baby Nursery Room 

Fun Baby Nursery Room

This is a typical nursery room style that is gender neutral. Wooden furniture with some wall decoration in bright colors like yellow and green makes the room more inviting. This style would also be great if you are making a nursery room in public spaces or schools too. This is definitely the style that you can consider doing if you don’t want something that is too girly, but still feels fun and inviting for younger kids. Adding a sun wall decoration would be a great idea to add some pop of color to the room. 

15. Purple Cloud Style 

Purple Cloud Style

The purple cloud style room is a more dreamy version of the elegant purple style mentioned before. Instead of having the wall colored with one shade of purple, you can have it painted with the gradation of several different purple shades in the shape of clouds. All white furniture with pink pillows and blankets will complete the whole look. You can also add some other decorations too like star wall decals to make the room look more dreamy. 

16. Pink Butterfly Room 

Pink Butterfly Room

In order to add some unique factor to the classic room, you can put in the main character of the room. It will be the beautiful butterfly this time. You can add some butterfly wall decorations to the pink walls. Adding some table decorations or light decorations in a butterfly shape would also be a great choice. 

17. Art Gallery Room 

Art Gallery Room

For the artsy family out there, you can definitely make your baby girl room feel like an art gallery. You can start with the wall colors. Having a dark color on one side and a bright girly color on the other would make a great combination. Also, artsy decoration is a must have in the room. Playing with unique patterns would also be a great idea. 

18. Yellow Bright Room 

Yellow Bright Room

Instead of taking the girly colors, you can also go with a bright yellow color. It is best to have a bright and positive vibe to your baby girl room.  You can incorporate some yellow colored furniture and decoration to the room. Also, star shaped decoration would go well with the yellow theme of the room. 

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19. Flower Baby Girl Room 

Flower Baby Girl Room
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Since it is a room for baby girls, having a flower or floral themed room will be just right. Having a floral wallpaper or floral decal would be a great start. You can also add some flower decorations to the room. For the color, you can choose any color that you like. However, it is best to keep the floral print subtle so the room won’t feel overwhelming. 

20. Baby Animal Nursery Room 

Baby Animal Nursery Room 
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

The last on this list of baby girl room ideas is the baby animal nursery room. It is a fun and classy baby girl room style that you can go with. For the baby girl room decor, you can add baby animals framed artwork. Adding some green plants to the room will also set the right mood to the room. For the furniture, you can go with wooden furniture to set up the right mood. 

21. Nature Inspired Wallpaper

Nature Inspired Wallpaper
Source: Pinterest (@Gaby V.)

In this kind of room with a decoration inspired by the beauty of nature, your baby girl would have a good night’s sleep for sure. Inspired by nature, this room features a decoration that includes furniture made of natural wood, wood floor palette, and a wallpaper full of adorable graphics of leaves, and all in earth-tone colors. A baby room like this will definitely make sure that mom will  have a nice quality time while reading her baby girl a bedtime story.

22. Giraffe on the Wall

Giraffe on the Wall
Source: Pinterest (@notes-on-nesting.nl)

Any baby girl would be very happy to see a couple of adorable giraffes on her bedroom wall. This sweet looking baby girl bedroom comes in a soft color like light brown, cream and white, which gives a calming effect to your little one. Add a baby bed canopy with a similar color tone, to make sure your baby can sleep well at night. 

23. Minimalist Gender Neutral Room

Minimalist Gender Neutral Room
Source: Pinterest (@caitinthecommons.com)

This next baby room idea comes as a gender neutral room with a minimalist design. If you don’t feel like having a baby room that is not too girly but still gives your little baby girl the comfort that she needs, this one can be a great option. You can apply neutral colors to the room decor like white, green, gray with a touch of nature by placing a plant inside the room. 

24. Classic Luxury Baby Room

Classic Luxury Baby Room
Source: Pinterest (@ArsyPicts)

There’s nothing wrong about applying a classic and luxurious room design to your baby girl room. Being a girl, we do believe that being a girl, your baby girl will have that sense of luxury sooner or later. To add a touch of luxury to the room, apply colors like soft red, dark gray floor palette, light gray wall, and add wall decorations like flowers or photo collage. 

25. Boho Rainbow Wall Decal

Boho Rainbow Wall Decal
Source: Pinterest (@justkiddingstore.com)

This room decoration will be the perfect choice for a cheerful baby girl with lots of energy to spend her time playing and exploring things in this cute looking room. It highlights a cheerful boho style with a wall decal that features a huge rainbow, round and heart-shaped patterns that give a cheerful touch to the room. 

Latest Post:

How do you decorate a baby girl room?

When decorating a baby girl room, you can start with choosing the color palette that you like. Painting the walls in a clean and simple color would be the first step. Then, you can choose furniture that has contrasting colors with the wall. Lastly, you can add in some wall decorations or any decorations to complete the whole look. 

How do I decorate a small baby room?

In decorating a small baby room, it is important to make the room look bigger and more spacious. Choosing the right color for the wall is the way to go. Whtte or bright colored walls are always the way to go. Then, you need to put only the necessary furniture in the room. It will be best if you can find nice looking furniture to go inside the room so the room would be effortlessly pretty without uch decoration. Also, it is best to prepare enough storage space that is closed because the mess would make your small room look even smaller. 

How do you decorate a baby room on a budget?

If you are on a budget, you can also go for one color theme baby room decoration. Having the wall painted in a certain color would be the cheapest and safest option that you can do. On this list you can try the classic pink style, pretty peach, or the elegant purple design. 

What do you put on nursery walls?

There are so many items that you can put on the nursery walls. Starting from the functional items like storage cabinets to store the baby’s necessities and toys all the way to some decoration pieces. For the room decoration, framed artworks or hanging plants will do. 

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