25 Fun and Exciting Baby Girl Shower Ideas 

Welcoming a new baby girl to the family is always an exciting occasion. Baby showers are always a fun and exciting occasion. A get-together with your friends and family to celebrate a newborn baby girl. However, raising a kid is no easy task. This is why a baby shower is not only to welcome the baby, but also to celebrate the hardworking parents. 

If you are planning to throw a baby shower for a friend, family, or even yourself, this list will help you. There are 20 unique baby girl shower ideas on the list that you can check out. Each one will accommodate different style preferences. We also put together ideas that will also suit different budget limits. 

1. All Pink 

Starting the list of baby girl shower ideas with a simple one. Out of all the creative themes ideas out there, going for a specific color theme like the all pink color theme. You can have every single detail of the baby shower in pink color. Starting from the invitation, outfit, decoration, the food, and everything in between will be in the lovely shade of pink color. This is a great theme if you are on a budget too. 

2. Baby-Things Baby Shower 

A simple and straightforward baby shower girl idea. You can have your place decorated with all baby-related stuff starting from baby onesies, baby pacifiers, baby bottle, and many more. This is actually a gender neutral baby shower idea so you can adjust it with the color. To make it a suitable baby girl shower idea, you can go with lovely colors like pink or other pastel colors. A great baby girl shower idea for those of you who are on a budget. 

3. Girly And Cute Theme 

When you can’t keep the excitement about welcoming the baby girl, you can always go for the obvious girly and cute theme. The pink color is a must for this theme. For the decoration, choose cute characters or animals to make it even cuter. It will be even better if you can transform the place to look like a cute toy shop. Don’t forget to put up the cute banner. This baby girl shower idea is famous for this reason. 

4. Dessert Table Theme 

The idea on this list of baby girl shower ideas that people from all ages will love. Who would not love cakes, cupcakes, candies, chocolates? They say girls have a special stomach for desserts. So, this is a great baby girl shower idea you can consider. It is easy to set up and you can easily put together all your favorite desserts. Adding some sprinkle on the desserts to make the celebration more festive and fun. 

5. DIY Baby Shower Theme 

If you have lots of time in your hand and quite some creative skill, you can always try to do a DIY theme. You can use the stuff that you have at home as decorations. For example, you can take unused boxes, wrap it, and put some ribbons or other decorations to it, and use it as your baby shower decorations. You can also use paper of different colors and patterns to make some banners with it. It is going to be a fun project to do. Also, this is a baby girl shower idea you can consider if you are on a budget. 

6. American Indian Adventure Theme 

Another outdoor baby girl shower idea that is fun and colorful. Inspired by the movie Pocahontas, you can go for some fun orange, blue, and white colors. You can set up some American Indian tents and have everyone come with costumes too. It is the perfect outdoor baby girl shower idea for you to consider. You can also feather details in your decorations and as a head piece. Instead of having a designated photo booth, you can have a face painting booth for everyone. This is definitely a fun baby girl shower idea. 

7. Natural Rustic Theme 

If you are not fond of cute and fun colors, you can go with more subtle colors like the earth tones color. You can try doing a rustic baby girl shower idea. The combination of brown, white, and gold colors will compliment each other super well. In addition, you can try incorporating some green plants as decorations too. 

8. Island Boho Theme 

Another great baby girl shower idea for an outdoor setting. The island life theme is a fun and relaxing theme you can go for your baby shower. Rattan furniture will be a great piece to go with the theme. You can also bring in some macrame hanging headboard decorations for your backdrop situation. You can either choose a natural or bold color palette to go with it.  

9. Balloon Castle Theme 

Another on budget baby girl shower theme you can consider. Get as many balloons as you can get to fill the space with balloons. If you have some extra money to spend, you can order a balloon castle. However, if you are on a budget, you can just fill the space with so many balloons and create your own balloon castle. There are so many types and colors of balloons in the market that you can choose. It gives you endless possibilities and creativity for you to do. 

10. Teddy Bear Theme 

Teddy Bear is probably every baby girl’s first friend. So, it is a great idea to introduce it early on. The teddy bear will be the main character of your event. You can go for Teddy Bear in a dreamy concept. A cute teddy bear with a dreamy feeling will never go wrong with baby girl shower ideas. You can add pastel color balloons as the decoration with a cute teddy bear cardboard standee. Then, you can have a dessert table in soft pastel color. For the outfit, you can go with a white or pastel color to match the whole theme. 

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11. Cute Animal Theme 

Another idea on this list of baby girl shower ideas that is perfect for outdoor baby girl shower ideas. You can go with the cute animal theme. You can choose insects or animals in the cute version. It will fit the garden party setting very nicely. You can also combine it with colorful flowers in order to make the whole theme more lively. If you like a baby girl shower idea that is colorful, this one is definitely for you. 

12. Floral Theme 

Floral theme is a simple baby girl shower idea you can always use. With the floral theme, you can go in two different directions with it. If you are into cute floral themes, you can go for a cartoon floral with yellow, pink, and other lovely colors. If you are into a more natural floral theme, you can go for real flowers. Since there are so many varieties of flowers, you can choose based on the color scheme that you want. Real flowers are naturally pretty so you don’t have to do too much other than matching the colors of the flowers. 

13. Woodland Forest Theme 

Source: Pinterest (@bunniesbythebay.com)

Another outdoor baby girl shower idea you can try. Resembling a dreamy forest that you can find in fairytales, you can transform your backyard or any outdoor space into it. It will feel like you come inside a magical forest to meet cute deer and bunnies running around here and there. The magical and whimsical theme you can consider if this is the direction you are heading to. There is no limit for creativity on how your magical forest would look like. Starting from cute little animals to beautiful flowers, it will surely transport you to a whole new place. 

14. Princess Theme 

The princess theme is the most obvious baby girl shower idea. If you want something that is extra and super fun to do, this princess theme is something you can do. Go loud with your balloons backdrop in pink, purple, and every color in between. A castle shaped cake will also be a fun item to have. You can also have your guests dress up as princes and princesses for some fun costume party. 

15. Momma To Bee / Baby To Bee

Source: Pinterest (@Nachotype Of Decor)

The “Bee” trend for baby showers is filled with all the fun and bright elements. Starting from the bright yellow color as the main color of the theme which is perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings. You need to put a cute bee everywhere you can starting from your invitation, decoration, and on your cupcakes too. This trend has been on a rise recently and you can hop on and try it out for yourself. 

16. Sunshine Theme 

Source: Pinterest (@greenweddingshoes.com)

Another popular baby girl shower idea. The Sunshine theme revolves around the combination of yellow and pink color. It is a super pretty theme you can consider. The combination between balloons and flowers could never go wrong. You can also make sure to have all the details including the drinks, snacks, etc. to be in the same color palette. It is a suitable theme for both the indoors and outdoors. 

17. Daisy Theme 

Source: Pinterest (@bittersweetcolours.com)

Another outdoor baby girl shower idea that is fun and pretty. The daisy flower is a beautiful small flower that comes in white and yellow color. The combination of white and yellow color is a super girly theme that will make your heart flutter every time you look at it. This theme is bright and cheery, perfect for the occasion. You can set all the daisy-themed decoration to further accentuate the theme. 

18. Flamingo Flair Baby Shower

Source: Pinterest (@catchmyparty.com)

A flamingo flair baby girl shower idea is another great idea to try. You can for the tropical theme decoration. The pink color from the flamingo will add a lovely vibe to the whole theme. If you are planning for a beach party, this theme will be the perfect one for you to try. The flamingo will be the main detail, but you can incorporate cute pineapples, exotic flowers, and a pink cake to complete the whole look. If you are going for something lovely and fresh, this flamingo flair theme will be the best one for you.

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19. Moon And Stars Theme

Source: Pinterest (@karaspartyideas.com)

If you are looking for a fantasy and dreamy baby girl shower idea, you can choose this moon and stars theme. You can go with a white and silver color palette. There are endless possibilities for you to go with the stars and moon combination. You can also incorporate it with some white flowers for the decoration to make the whole look more lovely. 

20. Butterfly Theme 

Source: Pinterest (@partiesonpurpose.com)

The last on the list will be this butterfly theme. Naturally, butterflies do have many colors so you can get creative with the color palette. Most people would go for the purple and gold color combination. This combination of color gives off a different vibe to the usual pink color. It is definitely a beautiful baby girl shower idea you can go with. 

21. Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower

Source: Pinterest (@Laura Lee)

Welcoming a baby girl is something that every member of the family is waiting for, especially mommy and daddy. Therefore, to celebrate the newest member of the family, you can go the extra mile in terms of arranging a special baby shower. One of the best ideas is to apply this pinky hot air balloon-themed baby shower! It looks super adorable and dreamy, especially with those wonderful cloud-looking balloons around the balloon.

22. Crafty Baby Shower

Crafty Baby Shower
Source: Pinterest (@fun365.orientaltrading.com)

A baby shower is the best moment to get crafty, and you can arrange a special baby girl shower party that brings out the crafty side of you. You can create your own decorations and make your own snacks for the lovely guests to enjoy. Since the theme is crafty, you might wanti include a special macrame as part of the decorations, and add small balloons around the macrame to make it look nice and sweet. 

23. Winter-themed Baby Shower

Winter-themed Baby Shower
Source: Pinterest (@julie campos)

Moving on to the next idea on the list, we have this winter-themed baby shower idea. As you know, winter is the season of togetherness with family, which is why it can be a perfect theme for your upcoming baby girl shower party. White and green can definitely become the main colors of decorations. To add a girly touch to it, you can include pinkish decor items or snacks like cupcakes or candies.  

24. Sweet Bee Baby Shower

Sweet Bee Baby Shower
Source: Pinterest (@sweetsimplicitybakery.tumblr.com)

When you’re about to welcome a baby girl, it will feel like something sweet is coming into your life, as sweet as honey! Therefore, we are recommending you to have a special baby shower with a sweet bee theme, which will be full of sweetness. Since it would be all about bees and honey, it’s mandatory for you to have all black and yellow decorations as part of the baby shower. It may include the snacks and also the overall decorations. Not to mention the costume for the mommy-to-be, too!

25. Teddy Bear Baby Shower

Teddy Bear Baby Shower
Source: Pinterest (@mindyweiss.com)

We think it’s fair to say that almost all babies in the world have a teddy bear, right? Therefore, why not try to conduct a Teddy Bear-themed baby shower, which will be loved by the mommy-to-be. To become the main attraction of the party, you can try to have some big grass bear, which will be the perfect photo spot for all the guests.

Latest Post:

What is a good baby shower theme for a girl?

Particularly for baby girls, themes that are more on the girly and lovely side will be a good one. You can choose a princess theme or an all pink theme. However, if you prefer a more gender neutral theme like boho theme or garden party theme, it will be great too. Most importantly, do a theme that is within your means, in terms of both money and effort. The most important part is you have fun and feel celebrated and loved during the baby shower. 

How do you pick a baby shower theme?

To pick a theme, you should go with what you like. If you are throwing a baby shower for others, you need to consider what they like. You also need to consider the budget and also the facilities that you have. Lastly, you also need to consider how many people are invited.

Which color is best for baby shower?

Usually people will go for pink or blue. Brighter colors are usually more popular for baby showers. People find it more fitting for the occasion to use instead of dark gloomy colors. 

Nursery themed baby showers is the classic baby shower theme and one of the most popular today too. People are also into outdoor baby showers with rustic forest themes these days. Lastly, people go with the classic pink for girls and blue for boys theme. 

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