25 Valentine Teddy Bears for Heartwarming Hugs

Be a sweetheart for the upcoming Valentine’s day! Surprise your loved one and show your love for her by granting Valentine teddy bears that give a heartwarming hug and she will remember it forever! Teddy bears are a popular and great gift for Valentine’s day when, particularly when people all around the world celebrate a day filled with love. To make it more special for your significant other, you can personalize it with the name of your loved one printed on the teddy bear and you can also add a love note literally like “I love you/I miss you/I appreciate you/Thank you”. 

Most of our curated choices of teddy bears are handmade of high-quality cotton materials, which are super soft and safe to people’s skin. Also, these cute creatures can surely draw a smile on her face and be a cuddling companion or a perfect partner that gives heartwarming hugs. 

Is A Teddy Bear A Good Valentine’s Day Gift?

Yes, the adorably cute teddy bear is absolutely a good Valentine’s gift for your special someone time after time. It is a good gift because it can spread a smile to your loved one with the teddy bear’s cute look, super soft fur, and fluffy body which will be a perfect partner for heartwarming hugs and cuddling companions.

Do Guys Like Teddy Bears for Valentine’s Day?

Some soft-hearted guys might be like teddy bears as a gift for Valentine’s day. This teddy bear will indeed be a great gift with a certain costume based on his favorite characters, from popular movies or comic books like Superman or Batman, etc. You can choose a neutral dark color for this teddy bear such as dark brown.

BEST Valentine Teddy Bears – Our 3 Best Picks

Over-sized Valentine’s Teddy BearValentine’s Teddy Bear MascotCustomized Valentine’s Teddy Bear
Giant Pink Teddy BearLine Friends Brown BearTraditional Brown Teddy Bear
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Valentine Teddy Bears for Your Special Person

1. XO Valentine’s Day Bears

XO Valentine's Day Bears

Valentine’s day is coming soon, so these adorable Valentine teddy bears are the perfect pick as a gift for Valentine’s Day!

The design full of “XO” all over the stuffed bear is sure to send the message that you want to kiss and hug your significant other all day long. So why not be a sweetheart this Valentine’s day and give your loved one this Valentine teddy bear?

2. Personalized Valentine Teddy

Personalized Valentine Teddy Bears

Valentine’s day is just around the corner. If you plan on giving her a meaningful gift this year, you might want to take a look at this embroidered teddy bear made of high-quality material, which will definitely last a lifetime.

Being one of the most adorable Valentine teddy bears on this list, you can place this Valentine teddy bear on the bed or on a decorative shelf, which will remind your loved one about how much you love her.

3. Giant Cute Cotton Teddy

Giant Cute Cotton Teddy Bear

This huge Valentine teddy bear is a perfect partner for a heartwarming hug. It is handmade using high-quality soft plush filler and also 100% PP cotton.

In our opinion, this is one of the Valentine teddy bears with the warmest hugs. Moreover, its dimension varies depending on your preference from 60 cm to 210 cm. Last but not least, it is also available in various colors.

4. Customized Valentine’s Teddy Bear 

Personalized Valentine’s Teddy Bear 

Surprise your loved one with a smile by giving this Valentine teddy bear! This teddy bear is surely one of the sweetest cuddle companions or perfect partners for playful times like snuggling and cuddling.

In addition, you can also choose the color combination with a certain name and current year printed on its feet, which will make a wonderful touch of personalization.

5. Red or Pink Rose Teddy Bear

Red or Pink Rose Teddy Bear

This Valentine teddy bear is completely handmade with soft synthetic roses that come in different colors for you to choose from. Every single rose is beautifully attached to our teddy bear by hand.

Sprayed with a real rose scent, it is also ideal as a decoration. Also, thee rose petals of the teddy bear are made of high-quality PE foam, which is completely non-toxic and very durable, which will make sure the infinity bear keeps its shape forever.

6. Brown and Red Rose Teddy Bear

Brown and Red Rose Teddy Bear

Your sweetheart will swoon when you give her this adorable Valentine teddy bear.

Crafted from soft plush fabric, this stuffed bear is ready for endless snuggles and cuddles. We also think that this teddy bear plush has a sweet smile and lovely rose details. So, let’s show Cupid that you are into winning her heart when you give this teddy bear to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

7. Brown Big Teddy Bear with Bow Tie

Brown Big Teddy Bear with Bow Tie and Footprints

We all need somebody to lean on, including your children. Hence, give your kids this 38-inch life-size teddy playmate that is perfect for snuggles, hugs, and playtime! With this warm Valentine teddy bear that stands the test of time, you find the perfect way to express your love.

Designed with super soft fur and adorable details like a bow tie and bear paws, we have no doubt that it will indeed bring warmth and love to life. 

8. Medium Sweetheart Teddy Bear

Valentine’s Day Medium Sweetheart Teddy Bear

Give your special someone a Valentine’s Day gift that they will love and cherish for years to come, such as this Valentine teddy bear. This beautiful teddy bear features a uniquely designed smiling face and comes complete with red accents on the face and ears.

Furthermore, the cute creature comes in a sitting position and is holding a dark red plush heart with “XOXO” embroidered to convey your message of love to that special person in your life. Collect this treasured item each year with the current year embroidered on the red and white foot. 

9. Valentine’s Day Besties Teddy Bear

entine’s Day Besties Teddy Bear

Show your loved one how much you care this Valentine’s Day with this Valentine teddy bear. This adorable stuffed bear will undoubtedly make the perfect companion for anyone! Let your girlfriend hug and cuddle this beautiful bear for hours to remind her of your love and care.

Moreover, the super sweet plush bear features fluffy brown fur, red sequined paws, ears, and nose, and it holds a red sequined heart that says “Besties” in black and two small white hearts. We can assure you that you will get the warmest hug upon giving this teddy bear to your love one.

10. White Musical Teddy Bear

White Musical Valentines Teddy Bear with Red "I Love You" Heart

Surprise your girlfriend with a smile on her face by giving this Valentine teddy bear who plays joyful music. When you press the button, this beautiful bear plays lovely music for her.

The cute white plush bear holds a red heart with embroidered I Love You. When your girlfriend needs a heartwarming hug, this fluffy and soft teddy bear will be there for her to surely keep the memories of the love you shared.

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11. Valentine’s Day Hug Me Teddy Bear

Valentine's Day Hug Me Teddy Bear

Show her that you really care about your love by giving this Valentine teddy bear so she will be very happy. Let this teddy bear be a lovely partner that is the perfect choice for a hug. In our opinion, this teddy bear will come as the perfect symbol of your love, especially with the red rose on the chest as a way to express your love.

Also, the red heart “Hug me” also indicates when she is in a bad mood, so she can rest with the teddy bear so she can feel better soon. Moreover, this cute teddy bear also has a realistic shape, smooth feel, comfortable, and undeniably soft to the skin.

12. White Teddy Bear with Hearts

White Teddy Bear with Hearts

This Valentine teddy bear is adorably cute with red hearts print, soft fur, and a satin bow. Delicately stuffed for softness, this teddy bear is definitely a cuddly and huggable plushie to make as a Valentine’s day gift for your loved one. Moreover, we also think that this cute teddy bear is also a perfect partner for playtime such as snuggling.

13. Rainbow Teddy Bear

Rainbow Teddy Bear

Delight your darling romantically with this rainbow teddy bear! This Valentine teddy bear is classically cute with soft pastel rainbow fur, a hand-stitched nose, sparkling eyes, and also a pink satin bow.

In addition, this teddy bear also has a floppy body with delicately soft stuffing, making this teddy bear a cuddly companion that gives a heartwarming hug. 

14. “I Love You” Cream Teddy Bear

valentine teddy bears

This brand new Valentine teddy bear will come as a wonderful way for you to express your love literally to your loved one. It has soft fur with cream color, which makes it a perfect partner to hug and cuddle.

On addition, It also features a red satin bow and red stitches on its feet, which match each other beautifully. Moreover, we have to admit that this plush teddy bear is hand-made from high-quality materials, and we can guarantee that it will stays with your loved one forever.

15. Large “Je t’aime” Teddy Bear

valentine teddy bears

This Valentine teddy bear is a large grey bear holding a red heart with writing in French “Je t’aime” to express your love literally in a classy and cute way.

It is handmade and designed delicately with super soft high-quality materials. And for that reason, we believe without a doubt that this teddy bear will make a long-lasting cuddle companion or a perfect partner for heartwarming hugs.

16. Traditional Brown Teddy

valentine teddy bears

Are you looking for a classic and cute Valentine teddy bear that can be personalized? We have the perfect choice for you. This next item is a teddy bear that offers personalization, and you can add the name of your loved one with a love message.

This traditional style brown teddy bear is the perfect pick for your loved one. You can express your love message literally with these ideas: “I love you/I miss you/I appreciate you/Thank you” or any kind thoughtful note that she will remember forever.

17. Giant Pink Teddy

valentine teddy bears

Grant this really huge teddy bear to your loved one to express how much you love her. In our opinion, it will surely give her endless heartwarming hugs, especially when you’re not around.

In terms of material, this Valentine’s day teddy bear is also super soft to the skin and very fluffy. Therefore, it makes a perfect partner for hugging and cuddling companions.

18. Giant Teddy and Big Footprints

valentine teddy bears

Designed delicately with extra attention to detail, this giant Valentine teddy bear is full of LOVE!  It is a great gift for Valentine’s day for simply anyone you love.

It is super soft to the skin, which is a perfect pick for hugging and snuggling. In addition, due to its neutral color and perfect size, we think that this adorable teddy bear can also make the best choice for decorating a home or playroom.

19. Extra Large Plush Bear

valentine teddy bears

Grant this happy and huggable extra large teddy bear to your loved one so it will spread a smile to her face. This Valentine teddy bear is a big, super soft, and furry best friend.

Clever craftsman was surely made this exquisite teddy bear with extra attention to detail from the tips of its ears to the bottom of its paws. As you can see, this is one beautiful teddy bear, which will make a super sweet Valentine’s day gift, ever!

20. Line Friends Brown Bear

valentine teddy bears

If you are looking for a Valentine teddy bear as a gift to Line Friends fans, here comes Brown, the warmhearted bear whose actions speak louder than his words! From the popular global messaging app line, comes Line Friends with expressive character stickers come to life as a huggable plush! Moreover, this brown bear has a surface-washable construction for easy cleaning.

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21. Wonder Woman White Teddy

valentine teddy bears

It is time to team up to save the world and playtime with help from some of the DC Universe’s most powerful superheroes.

Dressed up in Wonder Woman’s classic red, yellow, and blue costume with shiny silver wrist cuffs, gold crown, and yellow WW insignia, this super cuddly warrior bear will undoubtedly please comic book enthusiasts and movie fans. Also, this teddy bear will also make a great to show your girlfriend that she is the one and only wonder woman in your life.

22. Happy Teddy by Steiff

valentine teddy bears

Looking for a happy and huggable Valentine teddy bear? Pick this one quick because this hand-sewn and hand-finished teddy bear features a friendly face, a snuggly plush finish, and a signature yellow tag at the ear.

Steiff brand is internationally renowned for exceptional quality, traditional materials, and proven manufacturing techniques, Steiff has been making plush toys and collectibles that have set a standard for heirloom-quality products since 1880. Therefore, we can guarantee quality and durability from this teddy bear right here.

23. Toothpick Teddy

valentine teddy bears

This toothpick Valentine teddy bear is a perfect playful partner or cuddle companion with colorful flecks and a bright-red nose. This cute teddy bear is super soft and also safe for skin. For those of you who prefers a different kind of teddy bear this year, this one might be your best pick. Also, you can keep this cute teddy bear clean by hand washing and drying it flat.

24. Small Care Bear

valentine teddy bears

Each of these tiny teddy bears has the cozy plush and comforting spirit with the original characters from adorable 80s adventures of Care Bears.

You will get to enjoy taking Funshine Bear and Cheer Bear with you wherever you go, lending a friend your Share Bear to play along, or making funny faces while trying to erase the frown off of Grumpy Bear. Covered in their iconic colors, each bear has a unique embroidered symbol on its bellies.

25. Sweetheart Teddy Bear Tote

valentine teddy bears

Give the sweetest gift this Valentine’s Day to your loved one with the Sweetheart Teddy Bear Tote! An adorable reusable tote comes filled with everyone’s favorite treats like Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Caramel Masterpiece Bar, Tom Clark Caramel Popcorn, and much more!  All of this plus a sweet and cuddly plush bear would certainly make this the perfect Valentine’s gift for your special someone!

Final Thoughts

A hug is a universal love language to show people how much they mean to us, and a Teddy Bear is the icon of it because it is considered as a cute huggable item, which is loved by everyone. Giving a Teddy Bear as a gift is a sweet gesture to express your feelings to someone.

To make sure you give the right Teddy Bear to the right person, you need to the item carefully and make sure it can convey your message correctly to that person. We also suggest you to consider having a Teddy Bear that can be customized so you can have your message in your own wordings.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it normal for adults to have teddy bears?

Yes, it is surely normal for adults to have teddy bears because these cute handmade creatures can be a perfect partner to cheer you up when you feel down by heartwarming hugs or if you feel playful you can snuggle and cuddle up close with your super soft and very fluffy teddy bear. 

Why are teddy bears given on Valentine’s day?

Teddy bears are often given on Valentine’s day because it is a symbol of love that a teddy bear is able to give a hug and a feeling of warmth. These Valentine teddy bears can also be personalized with the certain name of your loved one, the current year and the love message literally like “I love you/I miss you/I appreciate you/Thank you”.

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