25 Thoughtful Gifts for Children with Cancer

Cancer might not be incurable, but treating patients with cancer takes a lot of time, effort, and support from family and friends. It is even more so when the patient is still a child. Cancer is such a cruel disease. Children will have a tough time dealing with it physically and mentally, and it is up to us to become their support system. One of the best ways to support children suffering from cancer is by showering them with gifts.

Thus, here are our recommendations to make it easier for you to choose gifts for children with cancer.

1. Custom Childhood Cancer Shirt

Custom Childhood Cancer Shirt

One important point of being a part of a family dealing with cancer is to make sure that the patient knows that their family will always, always, be on their side. Having a personalized item like a custom childhood shirt could be a suitable gift for the whole family, with the patient’s name printed, so they won’t forget that their family will always support them. 

2. Thinking of You Tumblr

Thinking of You Tumblr

Children who are dealing with cancer might find themselves having low self-esteem and need more emotional support. So, this thinking of you tumbler would be a great gift for children with cancer to show your support and encourage positivity from the inside. The tumbler is written with words of encouragement like, “You are strong. You are awesome. You are loved,” and so on. Hopefully, it can be a good motivation for children battling cancer. 

3. Chemo Headwear

Chemo Headwear

It is common knowledge that going through chemotherapy can cause a major hair loss issue. Although hair loss might not happen in every case, there is always a possibility that the patient would suffer such an issue. Therefore, having chemo headwear as a gift for children with cancer can be a smart choice. It is especially great for female patients, who are more self-conscious about their appearance.

4. Mints Care Package for Cancer Patient

Mints Care Package for Cancer Patient

Aside from hair loss, chemo can also cause several side effects, and one of them is getting nausea. Having encouragement mints on a care package as gifts can be useful for them. It is not only for the patient but it can also be shared with the family dealing with cancer. 

5. Chemo Cancer Body Care Package 

Chemo Cancer Body Care Package 

Another must-have care package gift for children with cancer is this body care. Because why not? An illness like cancer should not stop someone from taking care of their body. With the natural ingredients and paraben-free product, it is suitable for patient who undergoes chemotherapy.

6. Chemo Port Pillow

Chemo Port Pillow

Cancer surgery, especially breast cancer surgery, can cause extreme discomfort when it comes to wearing a seatbelt. Thus, a port pillow is needed to protect the patient’s chest area. This port pillow might be one of the safest gift options for children with cancer if you don’t have any idea what to give.

7. Cancer Muggle Bingo Card

Cancer Muggle Bingo Card

A cancer patient might find it hard to deal with their condition. They might worry about what other people would say about them. You can help them find acceptance by having a cancer muggle bingo card that can be marked according to their experience. That way, you can help them accept themselves as they are and to be brave to face adversities. 

8. Weighted Blanket

Weighted Blanket

For cancer patients who are forced to stay in the hospital, bringing home-like comfort is essential. Help them to get more homey comfort with this weighted blanket. It is a perfect gift for children with cancer. It provides soothing comfort with 100% breathable cotton, suitable for children. The weighted blanket is great for patients to relax the body and provide a night of better sleep.

9. What Happens When Someone I Love Has Cancer?

What Happens When Someone I Love Has Cancer?

Here is another cancer guide for everybody whose loved ones got cancer. Sometimes, they don’t know how cancer develops and affects human bodies, how the treatments help them, and what they can do to help. Having a book might come quite handy for the family dealing with cancer, thus making it a useful gift for children with cancer. 

10. Fight Like a Girl Tote Bag

Fight Like a Girl Tote Bag

For girls who are fighting cancer, sending useful gifts with a positive message such as this tote bag would be helpful. It has a positive message “Fight like a girl” to show more spirit and send some positive thoughts to her. The tote bag includes a spacious main compartment and some interior pockets for more storage availability.

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11. Kid Pajamas Set

Kid Pajamas Set

For cancer patients who spend most of their time in bed, getting comfy clothes would be a lovely idea. So, this kid pajama set would be a very useful gift for children with cancer. The seat features 2-piece PJs including 2 tops, 1 pair of shorts, and 1 pair of pants. For the ultimate comfort, this PJ set is made of 100% cotton and available in sizes 12M to 5T.

12. Believe Yourself Socks

Believe Yourself Socks

Thinking about a gift idea that is both useful and encouraging? Look no further with this, believe in yourself socks. Children with cancer might spend most of their time inside a hospital or house and nothing could be better than wearing warm and comfortable socks.

These socks help provide a warm feel on children’s feet. The belief in yourself quote also acts as encouragement for the children to always think about themselves in a positive way. 

13. Water Bottle

Water Bottle

‘Stay hydrated’ is a good piece of advice for everybody. Cancer patients, in particular, need to stay hydrated the most. Going through chemo can result in dry skin that might hurt. Therefore, having a water bottle helps them to keep water around when they go outside.

Especially if they are exercising, there comes a need for more water. Even if these side effects do not show up, there’s nothing wrong with giving this water bottle with healing gem as gifts for children with cancer. 

14. Lip balm

Lip balm

Another great gift for children with cancer, especially for those with dry skin from chemo side effects, is this lip balm. Dry skin that happens after chemo often hurts, and it can cause dry and chapped lips. Having a lip balm within their reach will help them in moisturizing their lips.

15. When A Kid Like Me Fights Cancer

When A Kid Like Me Fights Cancer

Encourage children who have cancer through this “When A Kid Like Me Fights Cancer” book. This storybook helps children gain more confidence to fight cancer through a story of a kid named Ben who finds out he has cancer and learns how everyone around him helps to fight it together. It is such an inspiring story. making the book a great gift for children with cancer. 

16. Throat Soaks

Throat Soaks

Here’s the thing: the chemo side effects also affect the inside of the patient’s body. As their skin becomes dry, there might be a chance they have a sore throat or sore lips too. Therefore, a throat soak is just the right item to add to your care package to give as gifts to children with cancer. 

17. Essential oil

Essential oil

Another great thing to include in your care package gifts is essential oil. The main point of having essential oil is to help them to relax. Essential oil not only can be used in a diffuser, but it also works great as a bath mix.

If you happen to know what their favorite scent is, you can give it to them according to their tastes. But if you don’t know, there’s nothing wrong with giving them a set of essential oils and letting them have fun trying each aroma. 

18. Body Moisturizer

Body Moisturizer

Have we mentioned dry skin as a side effect of chemo? Right. A body moisturizer or lotion can be another thoughtful gift that you can give. However, if the patient happens to have a sensitive nose, a fragrance-free body lotion can be an option as a preferable gift. 

19. Hand Bell

Hand Bell

As a cancer patient who undergoes cancer treatment, one must stay in bed for a quiet period of time. During those times, things can get difficult when there’s no one to sit beside them 24/7. One of the fun and useful things to give to families dealing with cancer is a handbell. It can help them to call someone or to indicate they need a drink. 

20. Eyes Relaxation Gift Set

Eyes Relaxation Gift Set

Chemotherapy’s side effects may vary from one to another. Another notable side effect for cancer patients is insomnia or sleeping trouble. With such side effects, you might want to consider eye relaxation care packages as gifts for children with cancer. The eye pillow, soap, and relaxation pack, hopefully, help cure their sleeping trouble. 

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21. Shark Comfy Slipper

Shark Comfy Slipper

As cancer patients spend most of their time in the hospital, getting comforting things such as these shark comfy slippers would be useful gifts for children with cancer. It’s really helpful to keep their feet warm while leaving their room for some testing or walking around the hospital. The cute shark pattern would be nice and suitable for children. It’s available in several sizes and colors to choose from.

22. Puzzle 


Another great self-activity to pass the time while maintaining focus during resting periods is puzzles. If the patient happens to love reading classics, they might be familiar with Jane Austen. Thus, this Jane Austen puzzle can be a perfect choice for them.

23. Board games

Board games

Do you want to give gifts while also accompanying them? A board game can be a perfect choice as a gift for children with cancer. It would be a fun activity and everyone could participate, so it is also suitable for families dealing with cancer. 

24. Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear

A supportive friend such as this teddy bear would be an adorable gift for children with cancer to bring back their smiles. It’s not just a teddy bear, but it’s a supportive friend that is hoping for a good recovery through the message “Get Well”. The teddy bear is about 6” in height, which makes it small but so cute to have. 

25. Portable Fan

Portable Fan

A long trip back and forth to the hospital to receive cancer treatment might be a problem, especially when it is hot. It’s not only the weather but also the aftermath of the treatment that can cause them to feel hot. Therefore, here’s a portable fan that can be brought everywhere, helping them to anticipate the hot air. 

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How can I help my daughter with cancer?

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