25 Comforting and Useful Gifts for Surgery Recovery

Most people might be stressed before and after undergoing surgery. That’s an extraordinary event in our life and could lead to a dreadful feeling. It’s nice to bring thoughtful gifts for surgery recovery to make them feel better.

The gift doesn’t have to be something luxurious. Simple yet helpful gifts for surgery recovery can help ease the nervous tension. Giving tools for extra help can be very useful for post-surgery patients who have movement limitation as an after-effect. Comforting things that make them feel better also help them on the road to recovery.

We have prepared 25 comforting and useful gifts for surgery recovery that work for family, best-friends, colleagues, or the other relatives. Our recommendation can help you in order to make the decision of what you’ll give to post-surgery patients. 

1. Embroidery Kit

Embroidery Kit

After undergoing surgery, the patient must be laying in the bed all day and night. They should have some activities to keep their mind off from thinking about post-surgery pain.

As gifts for surgery recovery, this Caydo embroidery kit will help them to pass the time. The kit includes 6 patterns on a cotton cloth, small and medium embroidery hoops, thread, needles, and of course an instruction to follow.

2. Chinese Herbal Soup Mix

Chinese Herbal Soup Mix

Vitamin and nutrition are essential during the recovery period. This herbal immune boost soup mix is filled with nutritional herbs rich in vitamins and nutrients based on ancient Chinese medicine. One soup package contains a selection of all-natural high-quality herbs.

The star of this herbal mix is bamboo fungus or bamboo pitch which is high in amino acid and multiple vitamins. There’s also red dates, Chinese yam, goji berry, lotus seed, and lily root. Adding fresh chicken to the soup will add more protein and enhance the flavor.

3. Himalayan Salt Bath with Rose Petals and Essential Oil

Himalayan Salt Bath with Rose Petals and Essential Oil

Gifts for surgery recovery which can be comforting and relaxing will help them speed up the recovery. This Himalayan salt bath with rose petals and rose essential oil will spread a relaxing rose aroma. Great for a relaxing me-time to heal from the post-surgery effect.

The package contains 100% pure unrefined and organic pink Himalayan salt, which is known for having the highest mineral content. Can be used as a bath or foot soak. 

4. Electric Tea Maker and Kettle 

Electric Tea Maker and Kettle

For a post-surgery patient, doing simple tasks such as making tea or heating soup can be burdensome. If you know they are struggling with that, consider giving this electric tea maker and kettle.

As its name suggests, the function is not limited to boiling water. It comes with 9 programs for making flower tea, fruit tea, soup, dessert, yogurt, bird’s nest stew, congee, and so on. It’s easy to operate with precise cooking control for specific tasks and food. With this kettle, there is no need to leave the comfort of your bed for just light food. 

5. Campbell’s Chicken Soup Pack

Campbell’s Chicken Soup Pack

Comfort food always becomes a heart-warming present. Gift for post-surgery is no exception. Show them that you care with this Campbell’s chicken soup pack as gifts for surgery recovery.

One can of soup contains seasoned chicken broth, no-antibiotic chicken meat, carrots, and enriched egg noodles. Chicken is high in protein, which is essential for the healing process. The low sodium version is good if they are on a sodium restricted diet. 

6. Birthflower Necklace with Birthstone

Birthflower Necklace with Birthstone

Entering the post-surgery phase doesn’t mean they should’ve looked dull and bored. Cheer them up with this birthflower necklace with birthstone as gifts for surgery recovery. You can choose the birth flower and birthstone according to theirs. The materials depending on your choice are glass, gold, rose gold, silver, and stainless steel.

7. Foldable Blue-light Blocking Reading Glasses

Foldable Blue-light Blocking Reading Glasses

Super handy! These reading glasses can be folded in half without damaging the glass. The glasses feature a blue-light filter to block the blue light produced by our gadgets such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

As gifts for surgery recovery, this is a perfect option when they have no activity but just playing with their smartphone or reading Kindle. The high intensity of blue light from smartphones can be blocked for better eyesight.  

8. Novel and Manga to Read

Novel and Manga to Read

A post-surgery patient needs more enjoyable activities to take their intention away from pain and boredom. For book lovers, nothing can beat their favorite books as gifts for surgery recovery.

Depending on what genre they’re reading, you can bring a novel such as The Maid which is trending now. A stack of manga comics for anime lovers will also work, like this Attack on Titan The Final Season 1 Manga Set.

9. DIY Organic Bath Bomb Kit

DIY Organic Bath Bomb Kit

More rejuvenation gifts for surgery recovery, because they need it. Post-surgery patients will have more time to do self-care. Give them this DIY organic bath bomb kit so they can make their own and use it afterwards for a relaxing me-time.

The DIY bath bomb kit includes all equipment such as tin molds, drop counters, wrapping cloth, as well as all organic ingredients from witch hazel, safflower oil, essential oils, and the other ingredients. This kit wrapped in a colorful wrapping, makes it more lovely as a gift.

10. Morning Mantra Mug

Morning Mantra Mug

These gifts for surgery recovery will be a positive courage to improve mindfulness, which later help to boost the healing process. The morning mantra mug is made of stoneware with a little reminder written on the body, “what they called mantra. We can customize the mantra from 4 phrases to choose from: Choose Joy, Offer Hope, Extend Grace, and Be Love.

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11. Positive Energy Handmade Bracelet

Positive Energy Handmade Bracelet

Another gift for surgery recovery that balances from the inside is this positive energy handmade bracelet. Featuring African Jasper stones, it is believed to encourage the being to make a positive impression while gaining and giving positive wisdom. A perfect match for post-surgery patients who need to be positive throughout the recovery.

12. Therapeutic Heat-cool Pillow

gifts for surgery recovery

Laying on the bed all day long can lead to muscle tension and pain. Help them relieve muscle tension with his therapeutic pillow. Designed to absorb heat and cool, this pillow can be heated in the microwave to reduce pain, or can be cooled in the fridge for a soothing massage around tension.

The secret ingredient is Cherry pits from Michigan orchards. It is naturally dried and sterilized to make organic insulation. Therefore, you can warm or cool this pillow over and over.

13. Trigger Point Massage Tool

gifts for surgery recovery

You can use a relieving tool whenever soreness hits around the foot or hand. How about hard-to-reach areas like on the middle back? We bring you a solution with this trigger point massage tool.

This massage tool comes in a block with spherical balls in different sizes. It adds therapeutic punch into workout routines, after-office wind-downs, or can be incorporated into yoga practice as a multi-use block. A practical solution for post-surgery patients who need to relieve muscle tension on hard-to-reach spots.

14. DIY Ice Cube Frozen Facial Mask

gifts for surgery recovery

Even during the recovery phase, post-surgery patients shouldn’t forget to do skincare and mask. A calming and soothing DIY ice cube frozen facial mask would be a little saviour to soothe the skin.

The freezing ice in this cube tube will give a cooling sensation and reduce puffiness and redness on the face. To use this DIY frozen facial mask, simply fill up the silicone mold with water and freeze for several hours. Glide the ice on the face or the other part of the skin for a soothing and cooling sensation. The mold can be used as a grip so the ice won’t fall out.

15. Mandala Harem Pants

gifts for surgery recovery

Gifts for surgery recovery are often identical with something enjoyable, relaxing and comfortable. This one is no exception. For a woman patient, you can give her this hippie-style Mandala harem pants.

This trouser is super comfy with a lightweight texture and elastic waistband also around the ankles. The mandala pattern adds some gorgeous touch, making it a perfect wear for lounging around the house or yoga. Another cool thing, it has pockets!

16. Keto-friendly Healthy Cookies

gifts for surgery recovery

Post-surgery can’t keep them away from enjoying crunchy cookies. Bring this set of 4 keto-friendly healthy cookies as gifts for surgery recovery for a crunchy healthy treat. They can enjoy the crunchiness while maintaining their health.

The cookie set is keto-friendly as well as sugar and grain free which cater their sweet tooth without raising the blood sugars. It’s also soft-baked and low-carb, perfect for a healthy post-surgery treat.

17. Bamboo Tray Bedside Shelf Table

gifts for surgery recovery

For post-surgery patients who should avoid too many moves, this bedside bamboo tray is definitely a life-savior. With 13.8”L x 9.6”H in surface, it securely holds your essentials such as mug, phone and tablet. It is also sturdy enough to hold a 13” laptop.

This bedside tray is made of 100% recycled bamboo with adjustable strong clamps and anti-scratching pads. It allows the table to fit rails with different thicknesses without leaving scratches on the bed.

18. Cat’s Coloring Book for Adults

gifts for surgery recovery

Are they cat lovers? This Cat’s coloring book for adults would be the perfect gift for surgery recovery patient who’s obsessed with cats. They can spend as much time as they have to express their creativity and have fun.

This book has 50 amazing designs of cute cats with amazing illustrations to enjoy coloring with. Suitable for anyone from all ages of kid to adult and will make the perfect gift.

19. Tibetan Singing Bowls

gifts for surgery recovery

Since the ancient ages, meditation has been practiced to benefit both emotional well-being and physical health. For post-surgery patients, meditation helps bring more peace and calm that will be turned into positivity.

This Tibetan singing bowl has been used for meditation and other spiritual practices, perfect gifts for surgery recovery. It produces a deep tone with emanated resonance that helps revitalize and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. This singing bowl is a holistic healing tool perfect for overall well-being.

20. Octopus Head, Scalp and Neck Massager

gifts for surgery recovery

Massaging can remove tension and tiredness on muscle which is commonly found in post-surgery patients. Bring this octopus-shaped head, scalp and neck massager as gifts for surgery recovery. This massager is made with flexible stainless-steel fingers with rubber to gently massage the scalp and neck. Another tip for using this tool, the handle can be hand-turned for easier grip. 

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21. Lizard Catcher Aluminium Grabber Tool

gifts for surgery recovery

Sometimes, just small movements such as grabbing water from the bedside, can make sore and ache feelings in post-surgery patients. Help them with this Lizard catcher aluminium grabber tool as gifts for surgery recovery.

The grabber tool is made of quality surgical-grade stainless steel with 62” approximate length. It’s available in two color options, silver and black. 

22. Anti-slip Bathtub Mat

gifts for surgery recovery

Any slips or falls in the shower sometimes can be dangerous, even more for post-surgery patients who should be extra careful during their recovery phase. An anti-slip bathtub mat would be a perfect gift for surgery recovery to avoid a slippery bathtub and shower.

The mat is made of top standard anti-slip material. It is equipped with 200 well-placed suction cups, for a maximum sticking capacity which will create a safer environment for them.

23. All Season Goose Down Comforter

gifts for surgery recovery

Comfort them during recovery with this all-season goose down comforter. Made of 400 thread count Egyptian-quality cotton and microfiber blend fabric, it gives a soft feeling with breathability and silk-touch. What’s so special about this comforter is the filling from a premium 750+ fill power European white down feather that provides warmth without weight. It has a lightweight texture, hypo-allergenic and earth-friendly.

24. Wooden Tray with Foldable Legs

gifts for surgery recovery

Some post-surgeries effects might limit movements, and laying up all day is inevitable. But how will they watch online streaming movies when the laptop is super far away? 

Help them with this wooden tray with foldable legs as gifts for surgery recovery. It’s very convenient to put a laptop over. They also can use this as a portable dining table or small desk for writing and drawing.

25. SleepPhones Headband Headphone

SleepPhones Headband Headphone

We all know that post-surgery patients need more entertainment throughout their recovery phase. Many people find listening to music as daily entertainment. But with post-surgery conditions, listening to music might not be as comfortable as the usual way.

Tell and give them these super cool SleepPhones as gifts for surgery recovery. This is a super comfy headband with headphones inside. A set of padded speakers attached to the headband can be removed. Simply detach the speaker and use it as a normal headband.

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