25 Amazing Surgery Gifts for Recovery Helper

Having a surgery, whether it’s minor or major, will always be challenging for everyone. So many things need to be prepared, so many pills and medicine to take, plus the recovery process that might take weeks or even months to complete. Despite all the challenges that every patient needs to face, we need to remember the goal, which is our health. However, support from loved ones would be very meaningful for the patient. If you wonder how can we support someone who recently had a surgery, we can always give something nice as a thoughtful surgery gift for them.

If your mom, wife, daughter, sister, or friend just had a surgery, choosing the perfect surgery gift for her can also be challenging. You can go with something useful for her recovery process, or you can also go for something sweet to create positive affirmations.

Moreover, you can always choose food and snacks, too! But remember to check with her doctor to make sure that the food is safe for her to consume. If you need some recommendations on what could possibly the best items to pick, you can check the following list of 25 post surgery gifts for her.

BEST Surgery Gifts for Her

1. Therapy Dough

Therapy Dough

Many experts say that playing with clay dough can help people to manage their difficult emotions. It often appears as a treatment tool for mental and physical therapy. Thus, it will be a great post-surgery gift to relieve stress and ease the tension that a patient experienced during the process of recovery after surgery.

Comes in four options of aromatherapy scents, you can choose the best one for a special women in your life. Undoubtedly, this gift will help her to relax for speedy recovery.

2. Cherry Pit Therapeutic Heat Pillow

Cherry Pit Therapeutic Heat Pillow

Swelling is part of recovery process after surgery. If your wife just had a surgery, then it might be uncomfortable for her to have a proper rest due to the swelling. That’s when she needs this heat pillow, which will make a great post-surgery gift for her.

This is a handmade pillow made of 100% cotton and up cycled cherry pits. You can cool this pillow in the freezer, which will help in reducing any bruising or swelling. Moreover, you can also heat it in the microwave to reduce tensions.

3. Foot Therapy Spa Gift Set

Foot Therapy Spa Gift Set

If your girlfriend is still having difficulty to resume to normal activities after surgery, you can give her this foot therapy spa as a sweet and useful post-surgery gift for her.

Pamper her with your love by giving her a foot spa with lavender or eucalyptus scents. This gift will allow her to have a wonderful day at home while relaxing her foot using this adorable foot therapy set.

4. Get Well Sugar Cookies

Get Well Sugar Cookies

These cute cookies can be the best supporters for a little girl who just had a knee surgery. A dozen of colorful cookies will come with one personalized cookie referring to her surgery.

The sweetness can cheer her up from being tired of the recovery process. You can ask to personalize the cookie colors and add her name to make it more meaningful.

5. Post Surgery Survival Kit

Operation Recovery Survival Kit

Are you looking for unique post-surgery gifts for a friend who just had a surgery? This quirky package is the one that you need.

This package has a lot of things inside with a funny description card on the outside. Your friend’s day will definitely be brighter after she receives this package from you. It can reduce her pain a bit, plus it can also make her feel positive about her recovery process.

6. Post Op Box Cancer Care Package

Post Op Box Cancer Care Package

Awarding the most important woman in your life after having a breast surgery will be an excellent form of support.

This appreciative cancer care package is possibly the best post-surgery gift for her. It includes eight products that will help her to have a proper post-surgery rest, while getting her beautiful skin back to its prime condition. 

7. Sending Hugs Care Package

Sending Hugs Care PackageSending Hugs Care Package

It’s unfortunate to be away from your sister when she’s having a surgery and going through her recovery process. But it doesn’t mean that you can send her a thoughtful post-recovery gift to show your support.

The Sending Hugs Care Package is a great idea as a post-surgery gift for her. You can choose the quote on the mug and add some tea bags to the package. 

8. Post Surgery Gift – Patient Pajamas

Post Surgery Patient Pajamas

This pajama was specifically designed for post-surgery patients. You can send this beautiful pajamas by choosing one out of three available colors to your female relative who just had a surgery. It provides maximum comfort because it was made of soft and luxurious cotton-blend fabric.

If that’s not enough, it also gives inside and outside pockets to store essentials like lip balms, surgical drains, hand sanitizer, etc.

9. Boredom Buster Care Package

Boredom Buster Care Package

Being passive and having to rest all day long is quite difficult for an active person like your girlfriend. This boredom buster care package will be an excellent post-surgery gift for her.

It contains snacks, a coloring book and pencils, and many puzzle games. It will surely provide fun things that she can do alone while taking a rest at home.

10. Nut & Dried Fruit Tower

Nut & Dried Fruit Tower

Surprise your mother with a six level snack tower as post-surgery gift for her during her recovery. She can choose different nuts and dried fruits from the gift basket every day.

It comes with an elegant black and gold packaging, with the same color ribbon on the top of the tower. A contrast heart-shaped ‘get well soon’ card in pink will represent your caring heart for her.

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11. Take Your Pain Scented Soy Candle

Take Your Pain Scented Soy Candle

If you hope to lessen your girlfriend’s pain and hard times during recovery after surgery, you can send this scented candle as a post-surgery gift for her. The wording on the jar may cheer her up and throw away her negative thoughts.

Light up the encouraging candle and let her relax in her recovery period. It’s smokeless, so it won’t disturb her resting time.

12. Get Well Soon Gift Basket as a Grea Surgery Gift

Get Well Soon Gift Basket

During recovery, your woman will have a lot of free time until she gets bored of it. This Get Well Soon Gift Basket is a nice post-surgery gift for her to spend her leisure time at home.

She can wrap herself in the soft plush blanket while crossing the puzzle book. The insulated mug and organic herbal tea can also enhance her resting time.

13. Recovery Sleeping Mask Set

Recovery Sleeping Mask Set

Your daughter needs a plentiful rest after her surgery. You can help her get the necessary rest with this sleeping mask set. It will be a great post-surgery gift for her.

The cute sleep mask and reusable silicone earplugs will block unwanted lights and noises, so that she can sleep peacefully. The comfy socks with encouraging wording intensify her resting quality.

14. Breast Cancer Recovery Pillow

Breast Cancer Recovery Pillow

This pillow is the best post-surgery gift for her who just had a mastectomy procedure. It protects her chest area while providing comfort. The recovery pillow can also be her seat belt cushion, so that she will have a cozy trip in a car.

You can choose one out of four designs that can make her the happiest!

15. Straight Outta Surgery Gift Box

Straight Outta Surgery Gift Box

The Straight Outta Surgery Gift Box provides many all-natural products that are good for people who just had a surgery. You can choose the preferred scent that your female best friend likes, and then send the package to her right away.

She can try all the products inside the box to take care of her body. Three box sizes can be sent with you personalized special messages to support her during recovery.

16. Orthopedic Bed Wedge Pillow Set

Orthopedic Bed Wedge Pillow Set

If you want to give full comfort to your wife during her recovery process, then you can prepare this 5-piece pillow set as a post-surgery gift for her.

You can put the pillow set on the bed, couch, or even in your living room. It uses memory foam that provides body support in softness. Your wife can avoid the discomfort by laying on the pillow and getting the needed rest for healing.

17. Recovery Mode T-Shirt

Recovery Mode T-Shirt

A fun gift can help liven up your girlfriend’s mood after her surgery. The Recovery Mode t-shirt will be a cute notice for everyone who comes to check up on her. It offers various t-shirt colors that will be a good post-surgery gift for her.

Don’t worry about her comfort, because this t-shirt uses cotton and polyester. 

18. New York Gourmet Food Gift Basket

New York Gourmet Food Gift Basket

Have you ever thought about buying the New York Gourmet Food Gift Basket as a post-surgery gift?

This gift basket is the most out-of-the-box gift for people who are currently in their post surgery and recovery period. It will be a remarkable memory for both you and your girlfriend. But this gift basket can solace her longing for the city.

19. Hip Replacement Surgery Gift

Hip Replacement Gift

A small gift will also show your genuine care and support for your girlfriend. The high-quality ceramic mug can be a nice post-surgery gift for her.

The mug will tell everyone that it solely belongs to her, so no one will ever use the mug. It comes as a dishwasher and microwave-safe mug, so it will not be difficult to clean.

20. Twilight Saga 5 Movie Collection DVD

Twilight Saga 5 Movie Collection DVD

How does your romantic lover spend her leisure time after surgery? If she has nothing to do, then you can buy her the Twilight Saga Movie Collection DVD.

It comes in two discs that contain all five series. There are also Blu-ray and Prime Video as other options, too. With this gift, she might binge-watch the vampire and werewolf saga in one day. 

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21. Really Big Body Wipes

Really Big Body Wipes

It’s frustrating to be unable to do anything you usually do. It goes the same for post-surgery patients like your daughter, who usually loves to take a long bath or shower.

You can stock this lavender scent body wipes at home as a post-surgery gift for her. Until she can move like she normally does, she can use safe and sustainable body wipes like these plant-based wipes.

22. Burt’s Bees Gift Set

Burt’s Bees Gift Set

After your girlfriend’s surgery, this skincare gift set, including the multipurpose ointment, will be the perfect post-surgery gift for her.

All the products help to soothe and comfort the dry skin. It helps your girlfriend to bring back her nourished skin faster. The Burt’s Bees gift set provides natural ingredients to make the product safe and eco-friendly.

23. Love Knot Necklace

Love Knot Necklace

Having a surgery is not easy, even for the strong woman that can hide her pain very well. Thus, this gorgeous necklace is a brilliant post-surgery gift for her.

The little message on the card can encourage her not to give up on her health recovery. The necklace uses 14k white gold that covers the stainless steel. Your strong woman can easily adjust their post-surgery gift to find a suitable length.

24. Ladies Recovery After Surgery Gift Bracelet

Ladies Recovery After Surgery Bracelet

If your female friend who believes in holistic medicine gets out of the hospital after surgery, you can prepare this recovery bracelet for her. The natural crystals will focus on her recovery and aid with stress, anxiety, insomnia, and other issues. 

25. Funny Shoulder Surgery Tumbler

Funny Shoulder Surgery Tumbler

Recovering from a surgery is stressful and it can make people say things they don’t really mean. And for that, you can give this funny tumbler for your sister to laugh at together.

Even though it’s a funny gift, this insulated tumbler comes in super handy to keep hot drinks warm for a long time, and it works for cold drinks, too!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the best post-surgery gift baskets?

You can find many post-surgery gift baskets with different gifts inside the box. It can contain anything that your loved one needs for recovery. The best post-surgery gift baskets will be the basket of care treatment products like this care package gift box and also the mental care gift basket to send her boredom away.

What are the best after-surgery gifts for her?

During recovery period, it’s important to keep supporting her in doing her recovery routines. Sometimes, stress can be the biggest enemy.

This therapy dough will be the best after-surgery gift to help take her stress away little by little. Or the best after-surgery gift can be a product that gives her extra comfort during her resting time, such as this pillow set.

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