25 Most Comforting Post Surgery Gifts for Her

Post Surgery might be a challenging time for anyone. If the woman around you might be undergoing this phase, it is time for you to think about some post-surgery gifts to give her. Undergoing surgery itself is tiring for her, both physically and mentally. Thus, it is necessary to help her recover both physically and mentally after the surgery. Most of the time the post-surgery period would be as challenging as the surgery itself. Thus, she will appreciate any help or encouragement that you could offer.

Finding the right post-surgery gift might be tricky. So, we have curated 25 items that would be great post-surgery gifts options that you could choose from. The list varies from gifts that would help her post-surgery practically and also gifts that will give some encouragement to go through her recovery time. These post-surgery gifts for her list would be divided into two big categories: the items that will help her physical recovery and the items that will give her some mental support and encouragement to get through it.

Post Surgery Gifts for Her Mental Support

Undergoing surgery is one thing, but recovering from it is a whole different story. She will definitely appreciate some mental support to help her adapt and go through her recovery process. Here are several post-surgery gifts that will really encourage her.

1. A Handwritten Card 

A Handwritten Card

The first and simplest item on this post surgery gifts for her list would be a handwritten card, It is a simple gesture that never fails to deliver something meaningful. You can pick a card with an interesting design like this one to make her feel a little better and very much loved

2. Cheer Up Gift Box

Cheer Up Gift Box

Adapting to a new condition after surgery might not be as smooth as we would like it to be. This Cheer Up Gift Box would be a good post-surgery gift idea for her. This box consisted of a tote bag, candles, cookies, and a card. Most importantly, it is in the yellow color that could definitely liven up her mood. 

3. Post Surgery Chocolate 


You can never go wrong with chocolate. A box of chocolate could always brighten up her mood. This could be one of the simplest post surgery gifts options for her that you can go with. 

4. Get Well Soon Teddy Bear

Get Well Soon Teddy Bear

If your recipient is a younger girl, you can consider this get well soon teddy bear as one of the post-surgery gifts options to choose. This teddy bear comes with a customizable t-shirt where you can either write some encouragement or put a picture on it. The cute teddy bear would make a good friend for her during her recovery time.

5. Post Surgery Pamper Hamper

Pamper Hamper

Going through surgery would definitely make her feel worn out. You can consider this pamper hamper as one of the post-surgery gift ideas for her. This pamper basket consisted of items needed to enjoy a spa experience at home

6. Post Surgery Wellness Box

Wellness Box

If the previous pamper box is too much, you can choose this wellness box instead. This box consisted of lip balms, candles, bar moisturizers and handmade soaps. All items are made from natural ingredients like honey which you can consider as one of post surgery gifts ideas options for her.

7. Moisturizer Balm

Moisturizer Balm

After going through a surgery, it is important to take care of herself afterward. The following items would be great post surgery gifts choices for her to pamper herself after a surgery. The first item is a cute moisturizer balm that comes with a dish plate.

8. Calming Shower Steamers Gift Set

Calming Shower Steamers Gift Set

A calming shower steamers gift set will be a unique yet soothing post-surgery gift for her. Comes is a very cute design, these shower steamers will help soothe the tension down. It is definitely a great and lovely post-surgery gift for her. 

9. Honey Tinted Lipbalm Set

Honey Tinted Lipbalm Set

The self-care item list won’t be complete without a lip balm product. This honey-tinted lip balm set is a great post-surgery gift for her. The best thing is that these lip balms are tinted, thus making it easier for her to look more put together with zero effort.  It is simple and definitely would be a useful item. 

10. Dyptique Candle 

Dyptique Candle

Candles will come in handy for a simple and quick pampering time. If she already owned all the items mentioned above, then this Diptyque candle would be the right post surgery gift for her. The nice smell on the candle will help her relax. 

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11. Post Surgery Books

Books can be a great post surgery gift for her. After a surgery, she might need to take some time to recover and she might get bored. Thus, a book could keep her from getting bored during her recovery time. You can choose any book that she likes, this book might be one of them. 

12. Gift Cards

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Girls and shopping are inseparable. If you cannot find any item that will suit her, gift cards will be your last post surgery gifts option. You can either give her a Sephora gift card, a Starbucks gift card, an Apple gift card, or an Amazon gift card. You can also choose other gift cards from shops that she usually shops from.

Post Surgery Gifts for Her Complete Recovery

Other than some mental support, she can use some items to help her recover physically. We have curated some items consisting of both nutritious food items and also tools that will be helpful for her during recovery. Here are several post surgery gifts ideas that would really help her physical recovery.

13. Post Surgery Pajamas 

Post Surgery Pajamas

The first item you can choose from this  post surgery gifts ideas would be a post surgery pajamas. After a surgery, putting on her usual pajamas might not be an easy task. This pajama has been designed to be used in an easier way which will help her post surgery. So, she doesn’t need to sacrifice her sleep quality due to not being able to use her usual pajamas.

14. Comforting Hospital Care Package

post surgery gifts for her

If she happens to be required to stay in the hospital for recovery, you can choose this hospital care package instead. This would make a post surgery gift for her because it will help her feel more comfortable during her stay in the hospital. This package consisted of a beanie, socks, a comfortable gown, and a tote bag.  

15. Bed Wedge Pillow Set

post surgery gifts for her

After surgery, she usually still needs to stay in bed even if she has gone back home. You can consider this bed wedge pillow set as one of the more practical post surgery gifts options for her. This bed wedge will definitely be useful to lessen the aching and pain she will feel due to staying in one position for a long time.  

16. Rest Arm Pillow

post surgery gifts for her

Depending on what surgery she had, this rest arm pillow would be another practical post surgery gifts option for her that you can consider. If she just had surgery on her arms, this might be a better option than the previous one.

17. Seatbelt Pillow

Seatbelt Pillow

While she is still in recovery, she might need to keep her body safe from any excessive pressure.  This seatbelt pillow would act as a protection cover for her during car rides. If you think she might need this, this would be a great post surgery gift for her. 

19. Elevating Leg rest pillow

post surgery gifts for her

This would be the last type of pillow making it to this post surgery gifts for her list: the elevating leg rest pillow. If she happens to have surgery for her foot or leg, this pillow type would be the best choice. It could help keep their leg in a certain position to make sure that their leg or foot could recover properly. 

19. Aches and Pains organic Balm

post surgery gifts for her

If getting one of the pillows is too troublesome, you can choose this item instead. This aches and pains organic balm would be an alternative post surgery gift idea for her. It would be a simpler alternative to help her loosen her body aches.  

20. Post Surgery Recovery Supplements

post surgery gifts for her

After the surgery it is important for her body to have the proper nutrition to be able to recover well. This recovery supplement would be a great gift for her. However, consulting the doctor prior to consumption would be suggested, since the supplement might not be suitable for all kinds of surgeries. 

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21. Manuka Honey

post surgery gifts for her

Manuka honey has been known for helping wound recovery. Thus, you can consider this as one of your post-surgery gifts options for her.

22. Broth 

post surgery gifts for her

Soups are the best food during the recovery period. If she happens to live away from her family, it is always a good idea to cook her some soup as a post surgery gift for her. However, if you can’t cook or you don’t have time to cook, you can consider giving some bone broth as a post surgery gift for her. She can use it to make some soup or some kind of broth can be consumed as it is directly 

23. Green Tea

post surgery gifts for her

Lastly, Green tea is known to have anti-inflammation properties that would be useful during the recovery process. Thus, green tea is definitely one of the suitable post surgery gifts options for her. 

24. Body Wipes

post surgery gifts for her

After surgery, it might be difficult for her to take a shower. Thus, these body wipes would be one of the post-surgery gifts for her that you can consider. Especially, if she has to stay on her own after the surgery, this item could be a lifesaver.

25. Lightweight Grabbing Tool for Post Surgery

post surgery gifts for her

Have to stay in bed all the time during recovery? This lightweight grabbing tool would make a great post surgery gift for her. This gift is practical and would help her to take items even if she is not able to move around.

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What are the best after surgery gifts for her?

Out of the 25 items mentioned above, the best post surgery gifts for her would be the manuka honey or the handwritten card. The manuka honey would be great in helping her to recover and the card would be a great way to show her our care and support for her recovery.

What are the best post surgery gift baskets?

If you are thinking of giving a set or a basket, out of the three baskets/sets mentioned in the list above, the Cheer Up Gift Box would be the best post surgery gift choice. It has a little of everything that she would need during her recovery: a little snack, words of encouragement from the card, and some candles to help her relax. You can also pick up several items on the list to create your own post surgery gift basket

What are the best gifts for teenage girls after surgery?

If you happen to be finding the perfect post surgery gift for a teenage girl, the get well soon teddy bear and a box of chocolate would be the perfect duo. Younger girls would surely enjoy and appreciate these two gifts.  

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