25 Useful and Special Gifts for Amateur Photographers

Do you have amateur photographer friends and want to give them something special to show your support of their hobby? But first, what is an amateur photographer anyway? Amateur photographer refers to someone who is interested in photography and does a lot of photography work, but most of the time, they just do it in their spare time and for fun only.

Just because they don’t do photography jobs professionally, doesn’t necessarily mean that they make bad photos. Amateur photographers often create amazing photography works just like professional photographers do. They just don’t necessarily do it for money and charge people for their photography works.  So what is the best gift we can give them? Below are a selection of gifts for amateur photographers you might know.

1. Camera Acrylic Photography LED Lamp

gifts for amateur photographers

Every photographer knows the importance of good lighting in a photo-shoot. Either it’s an indoor or outdoor photo-shoot, lighting plays a significant role in the outcome. This LED lamp is a perfect representation of that. The lamp comes in a camera shape making it a great decorative piece in their room.They can even use this LED lamp as an additional lighting in their works to create a certain ambiance. 

2. Motivational Photography Water Bottle

gifts for amateur photographers

Professional and amateur photographer needs to stay hydrated during their photo-shoot session. Having a bottle of water ready for them will help them to stay sharp even during an exhausting photo hunting session.

This water bottle has a funny quote that says “I may snap at any moment” that can be relatable for every photographer since they literally may take pictures at any moment. The material is durable, shatter resistant, and BPA free. The lid is attached to the bottle with a strap so they will never lose it even when they are on a hectic schedule. 

3. Dainty Camera Necklace

gifts for amateur photographers

This camera necklace will make a great gift for your amateur photographer bestie. The camera shaped pendant is delicate and simple and can be stacked and layered with other jewelry. It is made out of high-quality sterling silver that is safe for sensitive skin. The necklace is adjustable so she can find the perfect length she prefers. 

4. Customizable Laser Cut Wood Keychain

gifts for amateur photographers

This keychain set includes two wooden plates. One is a circle with a popular photography quote “When life gets blurry, adjust the focus” to inspire and motivate your amateur photographer best friend. The other plate is in the shape of a camera with a customizable name and date so you can put their name and birth day on the keychain. 

5. Camera Mug

gifts for amateur photographers

A hot drink can be a perfect company when an amateur photographer does their post production process such as editing the pictures. Getting them a camera mug that is in the shape of a camera lens can be a fun thing to do. The prints on this mug have a great detailing and look like a real lens. Aside from serving its main purpose as a coffee mug, this camera mug will also make a great decorative piece on the photographer’s desk. 

6. Vintage Instant Camera Photography Hoodie

gifts for amateur photographers

The vintage camera design on this hoodie is so cute and is perfect for every photography enthusiast. The hoodie itself is comfortable for every occasion and the color is neutral making it works with everything. It is perfect for a casual photographer look. This hood is made out of 85% cotton material making it soft and comfy for a long wear. On the front side, there’s an “Out of” text logo making it look simple and minimalist while the back side is a straight art piece.

7. Camera Lover Photographer T-shirt

gifts for amateur photographers

A T-shirt is a simple clothing piece everybody can wear. When you want to get a t-shirt for a photographer, then this t-shirt with a vintage camera design is so beautiful and perfect for a camera lover. This t-shirt is made out of 100% cotton material that is soft and comfortable for day or night. The print is high-quality and will last for a long time. 

8. Lens Filter Kit

gifts for amateur photographers

This kit includes CPL filter, UV protection filter, FLD filter, and more accessories that can be very helpful for an amateur photographer. Why the filter, you may ask? Sometimes, it is hard to get certain details especially on a daytime outdoor photo-shoot when the sunlight might create high-altitude.

The result taken by the camera might not look the same as the reality. This is when lens filters can come in handy. A filter can help neutralize the lighting and enhance detail so your amateur photographer friends can take the pictures that they visualize. 

9. Professional Cell Phone Camera CPL Lens Kit

gifts for amateur photographers

Of course, professional or amateur photographers don’t always have their professional camera with them. Sometimes they need to take pictures using their phone camera because they don’t want to lose the moment. But even when phone cameras nowadays have evolved and have great quality and result, they often can’t produce the high-quality pictures the photographer needs.

This additional cell phone lens kit can be the solution to this problem. This lens will help the phone camera ability and improve clarity. The circular polarizing filter also helps to reduce unwanted reflections from shiny objects such as glass and water. 

10. Professional Camera Cleaning Kit

gifts for amateur photographers

It is very important for a photographer to keep their camera clean in order to make the camera work properly. This kit includes a variety of cleaning tools made specifically for cameras that can even clean the trickiest part of a camera. Your amateur photographer friend will be able to clean their camera thoroughly from removing dirt out of the camera body and keep their lenses spotless. 

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11. Portable Photo Light Reflector

gifts for amateur photographers

In a photo-shoot a reflector is often used to even out the lighting of an object. It will help reflect the light whether it is natural sunlight or a professional studio light. But sometimes a reflector is hard to carry and not always handy for an outdoor photo-shoot especially when the photographer has to work all by themselves. This is why a portable, collapsible reflector like this one can help them a lot.

This reflector is relatively small in size making it easier for a photographer to take it out with them. But it still can do its job as a reflector perfectly. This reflector kit includes 5 reflectors with different colors they can use depending on their needs. 

12. Portable LED Panel Light

gifts for amateur photographers

LED panel light can do an amazing job in providing good lighting for photographers. This LED panel light is suitable for most cameras and can be used for various photography works including macro-shoots, product shooting, video production, and many more. It has low power consumption but provides great brightness that can be adjusted depending on the needs. The best of all, this light is compact and lightweight making it easy to carry and use. 

13. Flexible Aluminium Tripod

gifts for amateur photographers

A tripod can help an amateur photographer to steady their camera and make them be able to reduce shakes that can make the pictures appear blurry. This tripod has flexible legs making it easy for amateur photographer to adjust it for their shooting needs. It is suitable for almost every camera and can hold the camera steadily at any angle. It is made out of high-quality material that is hard enough and durable, but also lightweight at the same time. 

14. Camera Shoulder Strap

Camera Shoulder Strap

A camera strap is very helpful not only for easier handling when the photographer needs to move a lot during a photo-shoot, but also to ensure safety and avoid the camera to drop. This camera strap has a classic and vintage style and will be perfect as a gift for amateur photographers. It is strong and comfortable to wear at the same time. However, the strap is lightweight so it won’t add extra weight to the photographer’s shoulder. This shoulder strap is suitable for all cameras. 

15. Edible Custom Photo Cookie Kit

Edible Custom Photo Cookie Kit

This gift is perfect for someone who loves photography just as much as they love baking. You know, photographers try to capture sweet memories, and this edible custom photo cookie kit can bring the sweet memory into life. This kit is totally customizable and you can choose the best pictures your amateur photographer friends ever take.

The kit will come and includes a number of edible stickers out of the photos you already choose, and the baking ingredients. This kit will let the photographers have some fun in the kitchen instead of a photo studio photo for once. 

16. Memory Keepsake Dish Set

Memory Keepsake Dish Set

Good photographers value good photography. They also love creative ways to showcase photos. This dish set is customizable. You can choose the photos you want to turn into the dish set and the artist will do it for you. Your amateur photographer friend will be stunned in awe to see their works turned into an unexpected form of art. 

17. She Explores Photography Book

She Explores Photography Book

A photographer’s shelf is not complete without a good photography book. This book in particular, features stories of 40 inspiring ladies who love the adventure. Their journey through nature is well documented in this book. This book will inspire a photographer who loves to take landscape photography, nature photography, and also love to go on an adventure themselves. 

18. Solar Photography Kit

Solar Photography Kit

A photographer would love to learn and experiment with new things. This Sunography kit can be a good gift for them. Pioneered by the first female photographer in 1842, Sunography is a fun combination between photography and printmaking. This kit is extremely easy to use and your amateur photographer friend will have endless ways to use this kit and create great arts.

19. Universal Camera Bag

Universal Camera Bag

Cameras need to be stored carefully especially when it is taken outside or on a trip. A proper camera bag is a necessity for every photographer no matter if they do the photography gig for their own pleasure or professionally. This camera bag has a decent size and different compartments to place the camera gears securely.

It also has a water resistance feature to keep all the gears safe. This camera bag is suitable for most cameras so it will be useful even if your photographer best friend has several cameras from different brands. 

20. Waterproof Soft Camera Lens Pouch

Waterproof Soft Camera Lens Pouch

Camera lenses are fragile. They need to be taken care of carefully and get special treatment. Sometimes, storing them in one of the camera bag compartments is not enough. It needs extra protection, hence this soft pouch can be a perfect solution for that. This pouch is made out of thick neoprene that will give the lens extra protection against moisture and shocks. It is soft and elastic so it will protect the lenses without creating any scratch. 

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21. Flexible Octopus Tripod

Flexible Octopus Tripod

Sometimes a photographer needs to take pictures in a challenging environment that a regular tripod cannot help. In this case, a flexible octopus or gorilla tripod will help them stabilize the camera in challenging situations. This tripod is flexible and can be attached to various objects including poles and branches. It is suitable for cell phones, go pro, and strong enough to hold the weight of a pro DSLR camera. 

22. Camera Ornament

Camera Ornament

This camera ornament will make a great gift for your amateur photographers friend will be able to hang it on their Christmas tree or just as an additional decoration in their space. It comes with an amazing detail of a Pentax camera that is very adorable. 

23. Smart Photo Frame

Smart Photo Frame

The best way to showcase photos is by putting them in frames and hanging them as decoration. But what if your amateur photographer’s bestie has a huge, amazing photo collection? This smart photo frame can be the answer. It will display the photos that they choose so they can alternately change the photo they want to display. This photo frame works with WiFi and can be controlled via a phone app. 

24. Polaroid Instant Camera

Polaroid Instant Camera

A Polaroid camera can be a great gift for any photography enthusiast. It brings back the old way of taking pictures and trains their capability to take photos in one shot. This instant camera has a classic retro design that makes a really cute gift. 

25. Wireless Photo Printer

Wireless Photo Printer

Right now, your best friend might still be an amateur photographer. But they can work their way up by building a well curated portfolio. A good photography portfolio can only be achieved through great web design and well printed materials.

This wireless photo printer will help them build their portfolio. Because this printer is made specifically for photos, it has a great quality in photo printing making it the best gift for amateur photographers ever.

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