25 Fantastic Hipster Bedrooms Ideas That Bring A CozyVibes  

Over time, home decor trends have evolved, including for bedrooms. Classy and sophisticated were in vogue a few decades ago, but today’s fashions are everything from conventional, with people finding inspiration in the most unlikely places. The newest trend in bedroom decor is hipster style, which adds a lot of harmony to the room while being quirky and entertaining. In addition, this style of decoration is influenced by the psychedelic and hippie art movements. Some indie musicians also influence this hippy style. If you are going to do a big room makeover, then many hipster bedrooms ideas below are worth to try.

Many young people choose handcrafted things, ethnic motifs, and symbols of the sun and peace for hipster bedroom decor. Let’s take a look at some ideas about hipster bedrooms in this article below to give you more insights. We are sure you will find some inspiration for the best hipster bedroom theme ideas which match the hipster bedroom furniture. Let’s check this out!

1. Twenty One Pilots Bedroom

Hipster Bedrooms Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@apartmentshowcase.tumblr.com)

Twenty One Pilots is one of the coolest indie musicians which can be your inspiration for your hippy bedroom decorations. All you need is the Twenty One Pilots tapestry for your wall decor to give a statement of hipster bedroom decor. You can put some fairy lights around the tapestry, continue to ceilings and windows. To add more hippy vibe, you can add some retro posters in the ceiling.

2. Dreamcatcher Bedroom Decor

Source: Pinterest (@wholeandhealthy.tumblr.com)

Ethnic style is also one of the most popular hipster bedroom theme ideas you can try. For the hippy bedroom decorations, you can add the enthnic sun tapestry in matching tones with your mandala pillow case. Put some dream catcher wall decor in the empty wall space to enhance the enthnic atmosphere. It will be one of the best hipster decorating ideas for the bedroom.

3. Gloomy Gray and White Bedroom

Source: Pinterest (@mmediacreative.com)

Hipster room decoration is anything but common. You can turn your bedroom into a gloomy atmosphere with this idea. Choose the combination of gray and white for the hister bedroom furniture. You can put some white and gray pillows in your bed. Place an oddly vintage bookshelves next to your bed. To set the perfect mood, don’t forget to hang some mimi bulbs on the ceiling.

4. Traditional Hippy Bedroom

Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

If you love traditional hipster room decor, then this idea is indeed a heaver. You only need a large mattress on the floor, with some pillows and throw blankets to give a quirky bed look. Decorate the wall with ethnic tapestry in matching tones with your bed and pillows colors. You also can add some lights and an indoor plant to create the perfect hippy atmosphere.

5. Mandala Sunset Bedroom

Source: Pinterest (@twitter.com)

Light effects play a big role to set the artistic vibe in your bedroom. To create a wonderful sunset mood, this is one of the best ideas about hipster bedrooms you should try. First, you need to put traditional floral and mandala tapestries on your wall. Match the color and pattern with your ethnic bed cover. Later, you can hang some lights behind the white cloth on the ceiling to radiate a wonderful sunset glow around the room. 

6. Simple Hipster White Bedroom

Source: Pinterest (@fashionmenow.co.uk)

In case you don’t know how to decorate bedrooms in all white with enthic hippy style, we’ve got you the ideal solution!  With this idea, you don’t need too many traditional wall ornaments. Simply put white cow head wall mounts on the white wall above the bed headboard. You can add the swimming chair next to the bed along with white furry throw blanket and etchnic pillows, giving a clean and neat hippie room.

7. Parkway Drive Metal Band Inspired Bedroom

Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

Expressing your interest in heavy metal bands is one of the best hipster decorating ideas for bedroom. With this idea, you can show your music taste through your bedroom. You need to put some of your favorite metal bands on the wall, along with some retro posters that suit the mood. Consider using a patterned bed cover and pillow cover to add some texture in the room. In addition, adding some fairy lights is also a great way to make your bedroom merrier.

8. Bohemian Hippy Bedroom

Source: Pinterest (@excelential.com)

Bright, cheerful, and lively. Those are the best impressions for this hipster bedroom decoration idea. Inspired by Bohemian style, you can customize the matching traditional Kilim patterned blanket and rug. For the decoration, you can hang some acoustic guitars and a unique straw hat on the wall. Make sure you have enough light sources so you can add some indoor plants inside the room.

9. Nirvana Rock Band Bedroom

Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

Nirvana is one of the most influential bands for hippy style. If you are one of the fans, then you can express it through bedroom decor. Of course Nirvana posters and vintage wall art will be the focal point for this bedroom. For bedroom furniture, you can place the floor bed mattress with the quirky bookshelves next to it. You can also place a vintage tapestry in the ceiling to add more hippy vibes.

10. Yin Yang Bedroom

Yin Yang Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@Brianna miller)

Find the perfect balance in life with Yin Yang. This is also one of the unique traditional themes for hipster bedrooms. You need the yin yang tapestry for the main decor on the wall. Put some vinyl record wall decor along with retro pictures on the wall for the supporting decorations. Don’t forget to add colorful fairy lights to add more color in your life.

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11. Vines Bedroom Decor

Vines Bedroom Decor
Source: Pinterest (@youtu.be)

For those who are not interested with fairy lights decor, you can use vines for your hipster bedroom decor then! By hanging some vines on your ceiling along with some indoor plants, the room will look brighter and charming.  For the wonderful light effects on the bedroom, you can place the ring lights and traditional bamboo lamp shade to combine both modern and ethnic vibes.

12. Boho Hipster Small Bedroom

Boho Hipster Small Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@oyuncutube.com)

If you only have a small space and don’t know how to decorate bedroom in a hipster theme, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! Use a low wooden slat bed frame, so your room will look spacious. Add some functional furniture such as a clothing rack and bookshelves next to the bed. For the hipster decor, hang the ethnic macrame and indoor plants on the wall. You can place a traditional rug to enhance the ethnic vibes.

13. Grunge Music Studio Bedroom

Grunge Music Studio Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@homemydesign.com)

Perhaps you are one of the grunge genre fans, this hipster bedroom theme will be really suitable for you. Cover the whole wall in your bedroom with a retro pic wall collage kit. Add functional furniture such as a bed, pillow and blanket in enthnic and traditional tones. You can also place an electronic keyboard instrument, creating a hippie studio to express your music.

14. Moon Sun Stars Bedroom

Moon Sun Stars Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@pyhq.shop)

Moon and sun are the perfect combination for a hipster bedroom since they are believed to bring good fortune. You can customize the moon and sun tapestry for the main wall color in your bedroom. Cover the rest wall with dark mandala tapestry, which is also believed to be a symbol of protection. Some fairy lights on the ceiling can be the stars, accompanying the moon and sun.  

15. Hipster Wooden Interior Bedroom

Hipster Wooden Interior Bedroom

A quirky but charming bedroom, this idea radiates the hippy style from its unique interior and setting. You can use the bamboo ladder for hanging the blanket instead of keeping it on the cupboard. Add some wooden boxes on the floor to store your belongings  such as sports equipment or event clothes. Use the low wooden slat bed frame to complete the unique wooden interior. 

16. Trendy Hipster Bedroom with Ethcnic Wooden Wall

Trendy Hipster Bedroom with Ethcnic Wooden Wall

Perhaps you want to add ethnic vibe to your modern bedroom, so we recommend you place a large wooden wall behind the headboard of your bed. The wooden wall adds the traditional hipster vibes. In addition, you may add the bamboo partition to hang your blanket or towel. Use white bedcover to balance the traditional and modern style in the room.

17. Hipster Moroccan Style Bedroom

Hipster Moroccan Style Bedroom

When it comes to classic but modern hipster bedrooms, the Moroccan style is a great idea. Combine the white bed sheet and pillows with the Moroccan traditional patterned blanket and other pillows. White color gives the modern vibes, while Moroccan pattern radiates the hippy style. In addition, you can add the vintage classic lantern lamp above the headboard for a charming light source.

18. Ethnic Colorful Bedroom

Ethnic Colorful Bedroom

Create a colorful hipster bedroom to lift up your mood every day! This idea allows you to use colorful Kilim patterned pillow covers and blankets to enhance the cheerful vibes. The wooden hanging rack is a smart way to decorate the wall with dream catchers or wind chimes without damaging the wall. You may also add some indoor plants for extra green color in the bedroom.

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19. Pink and Green Hipster Teenage Bedroom

Pink and Green Hipster Teenage Bedroom

The combination of soft pink and green is extremely popular for teenage hipster bedrooms. For the wall decor, customize pink and green leaves wall art along with the green leaves wallpaper. Use the black metal material for the bed frame, table, and shelves. In addition, you can add pink colors for the throw blanket and chair. Meanwhile, add some greens for the bedsheets and indoor plants.

20. Modern Green and White Boho Bedroom Interior

Modern Green and White Boho Bedroom Interior

For adults who want to have a hipster bedroom, green and white will show the room’s elegance and charm. So, you need to paint the wall in dark green, showing your maturity. Add some green plants for extra greenery as well. Meanwhile, let the wall decor, bedcover, floor, rug, and curtain in white tones, making your room clean and sleek. You can add some unique wooden ornaments such as a ladder and the mini book shelves.

21. Garden of Eden Hipster Room

Garden of Eden Hipster Room
Source: Pinterest (@myorganicsleep.com)

Show your love to nature by making your hipster bedroom into the Garden of Eden, just like this one. Put some of your favorite plants inside the bedroom and create an earthy appearance by applying earth-tone colors such as brown, cream, broken white, and natural wooden floor. In addition, adding a wood grain carpet will also enhance the look of your Garden of Eden hipster room.

22. Grunge Hipster Room

Grunge Hipster Room
Source: Pinterest (@sweetteaandsavinggraceblog.com)

Looking for some recommendations on how to decorate your hipster bedroom? Try something different this time by adding a touch of grunge style into the room. You can start by painting your bedroom walls in dark colors like black, or maybe you can use a dark-toned wallpaper instead. Add or draw some grudge-style artworks on the walls, and place some hanging lamps to add a dramatic touch to it. As for the bed, use a bedsheet, cushions and blankets with tribal patterns. Don’t forget to use the same pattern for the window curtain, too. 

23. Hipster Room with Loft Bed

Hipster Room with Loft Bed
Source: Pinterest (@brit.co)

Wanting to have a hipster bedroom but the space is limited? Don’t worry, because you can make a loft bed instead, and use the remaining space for other purposes. In our opinion, the best way to utilize the space under the loft bed is to make it into a comfy place to read or to listen to your favorite music. Add a bookshelf, a reading lamp, music posters, and several comfy coaches, carpets and cushion to make a cozy private space under the loft bed. Moreover, remember to put some plants, too!

24. Hipster Room in the Attic

Hipster Room in the Attic
Source: Pinterest (@dale)

Having your own bedroom in the attic is something that many people out there are dreaming of. If you are one of the lucky ones, we have the perfect decor idea for you, especially if you want to turn it into a hipster bedroom. Put your bed in the corner of the room and place some cool posters on the wall next and above the bed. Make sure you choose the coolest ones, since we know that those posters will be the last images you see before going to bed at night. Then, add some retro items like old suitcases to store your books, hippie style blankets and cushions to keep you warm, and old records as decorations. 

25. Black and White Hipster Bedroom

Black and White Hipster Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@amazon.it)

If people tell you that your hipster bedroom needs to be full of colors, don’t trust them just yet. Because you know what? A hipster bedroom can also be made in black and white, and it looks gorgeous! For your bed, pick a tribal and gipsy style bed sheet and combine it with black pillow sheets. Then, add a curtain to add a dramatic hipster style, and hang a lovely dream catcher in the center of the curtain. Gorgeous!

Latest Post:

How can I make my hipster bedroom feel sensual?

The lighting will play a big part in turning the sensual mood in your hipster bedroom. Make sure the room is softly illuminated with low, indirect light. You can use a night lamp or some fairy lights, making your room sexy in low light. 

How can I make my room more hippy?

Try employing a classic tapestry to adorn your room instead of a headboard. The ethnic pillows will help make your bedroom look more hipster. Vintage Moroccan carpets can either be used as genuine rugs or as wall hangings. You may create a fantastically quirky atmosphere by combining mood-improving lighting with some vintage hippy decor.

Which is the best color for a hipster bedroom?

Hipster bedrooms don’t have many bright colors. They love to use wooden and neutral colors for the furniture. A few bright colors which work well in a hipster bedroom are green, yellow, and magentas. Those colors work well with wooden ornaments and neutral color furniture like white. 

How do hippies decorate?

They love tapestry for the wall decor. Other ethnic ornaments that show the hippie movement are also their favorite. Macrame wall decor, dream catchers, and wooden decor have always been the main elements for hippy decorations.

What are hippie colors?

Lilacs, violets, purples, and indigo are classic hues for hippy attire. Violet and indigo are each related to the crown and third eye chakras, respectively. Meanwhile, purples help us connect with our more spiritual selves and our intuition.

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