25 Fashionable and Stunning Gifts for Indian Brides 

Indian culture has special rituals for a bride. People give gifts to the bride to wish her a prosperous life. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event and tradition must be followed as it is customary. In addition, these first gifts for Indian brides are given to help her get started in life. Besides, Indian brides are very respected and admired. They will be the queens of the house and they keep on upgrading the family tree with their marriage. So, people give gifts to the Indian bride to give her blessings on the wedding day.

If you are going to attend an Indian wedding, then you may want to wish the Indian bride and groom good fortune through Indian wedding gifts. Especially when the Indian bride is your family or friend, you will definitely want to get luxury wedding gifts for her. Let’s take a look at our top lists of Indian wedding gifts for brides below for more insights. From stunning Indian bride jewelry to modern Indian bride dresses, we are sure you will find the best gifts for an Indian bride in your life.

1. Bridal Silk Thread Bangles

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Bangles are more than just accessories for Indian brides. Giving these charming gifts to an Indian bride means you wish them good luck, health, and prosperity. The combination of bright pink silk fabric and golden ornaments make these bangles luxury wedding gifts that will make her smile ear to ear, making ideal Indian bride jewelry to show her charm on her wedding day.

2. Indian Hair Juda Pin

Make your Indian bride look graceful with beautiful flowers adorn her hair at her wedding. Especially if you are part of her bridesmaids, you can help her to style her hair with these wonderful flower hair pins. Each set comes with 6 flower pins, making perfect gifts for Indian bride to style her long hair. Your Indian bride will surely be happy receiving this gift.

3. Ethnic Bridal Shoes

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Give your Indian bride a special pair of shoes to wear at her wedding. If you are looking ethnic gifts for Indian bride, try to consider this beautiful juti.  Made from white silk fabric base embellished with beads, crystal chain, dabka, zari thread, silk thread embroidery, these shoes will add beauty to your Indian bride. Moreover, these stunning shoes are also comfortable to wear.

4. Bridal Kaleera

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Wish your newly married bride happiness and eternal love with this bridal kaleera. This is one of the best gifts for Indian bride from families as it will remind her of cousins or friends she is going to leave behind after marriage. Wearing this Indian bride accessory on her wrist will make her look elegant and charming during the wedding ceremony.

5. Personalized Indian Bride Canvas Art

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When it comes to personalized gifts for Indian brides, a customized picture of her portrait in a traditional wedding dress will definitely be a good idea. Choose the best photo of your Indian bride and it will be transformed into a stunning canvas art. She can hang this picture on the Indian bride and groom’s new house as a home decoration she will cherish forever.

6. Modern Indian Bride Wedding Planner

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One of the most important gifts for Indian bride and groom while preparing the wedding, this gorgeous wedding planner book will be a great present to treasure. This book will guide them to break down all wedding necessities in a simple way, which will be an ideal gift for the modern Indian bride and groom. So, it will minimize unnecessary mistakes during D-Day.

7. Gold Churiyan

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Surprise your newly married bride with a charming Indian bride accessory they can wear during the wedding party. This bride’s churiyan represents good fortune, fertility, and wealth. It is thought to make the Indian bride and groom’s relationship stronger. Its gold finish symbolizes wealth and prosperity in her marriage, making it one of the most stunning gifts for Indian bride you can buy.

8. Indian Ethnic Kundan Set


Help your Indian bride to look gorgeous on her wedding day with this amazing kundan set. She can wear this Indian bride accessory in honoring the Goddess of Marriage. This set includes an ethnic kundan choker and a pair of kundan earrings with a headpiece. The combination of the stunning kundan gemstones in gold jewelry makes your Indian bride look shining.

9. Luxury Indian Bridal Box

Luxury Indian Bridal Box

A compact box that serves everything she needs before the wedding, it will be one of the most useful gifts for Indian bride ever. These luxury wedding gifts include a charming honeymoon outfit, relaxing soy scented candle, exclusive doli payal, and Indian wedding planner in one box. From the wedding preparation to the honeymoon vacation, this box will be very functional for newly married brides.

10. Meenakari Long Chandbali Earrings


Moon is believed by Indians as the protector of Earth. Wish your newly married bride’s life full of blessings with these beautiful chandbali earrings in meenakari style. These are thoughtful gifts for Indian bride that may protect her after marriage. The beautiful crescent moon designs with meenakari painting gives these earrings a special charm.

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11. Dulhan Makeup Bag

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In case your Indian bride often forgets to carry small but important things like makeup, then you can give her this adorable makeup bag. Unlike the basic makeup bag, it has a cool “Dulhan” lettering to remind her that she is going to be a bride. Made from faux leather, the design is very sturdy and durable. This is one of the best gifts for Indian bride to be! 

12. Indian Wedding Mala

Indian Wedding Mala

Give your religious Indian bride a beautiful mala to pray and express her gratitude to God after the wedding. This mala is also very useful for wedding decoration since it has bright and charming beads to light up the ceremony. The combination of red beads and silver crystals will make a luxury Indian gift to treasure. Your Indian bride will surely be happy with this gift.

13. Indian Bride Kaftan

Indian Bride Kaftan

It’s time to relax and enjoy the honeymoon vacation! Make sure your Indian bride got a proper honeymoon outfit with this kaftan. It has a traditional floral pattern which makes an elegant Indian dress. Because it is composed of 100% cotton, this kaftan is super soft and breathable. This is one of the best gifts for Indian brides who want to be in style during their honeymoon.

14. Indian Gold Round Hoop Earrings

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These earrings are luxury wedding gifts that will be loved by all Indian brides! Cubic zirconias on these gold round hoop earrings give the fusion of traditional and modern style. This is definitely one of the most gorgeous and modern Indian bride jewelry you can buy to make them smile. In addition, these elegant earrings are suitable to wear in both traditional or modern parties.

15. Ethnic Indian Dupatta

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A charming dupatta is one of the most stylish gifts for Indian bride that resembles a graceful Indian woman. The ethnic design on this gorgeous cloth, which is crafted from a delicate chiffon fabric, is what gives it its beauty and aesthetic appeal. A traditional yet elegant touch is added to this dupatta by the antique golden beading on its four sides.

16. Indian Bride Head Chain

Indian Bride Head Chain

The Indian head chain is believed to protect the Indian bride from negative energy. So, you can give her this beautiful headchain to wish her a life full of blessings. It is ideal for both traditional and vintage weddings because of its chic designs in the bohemian style. This is one of the most beautiful gifts for Indian bride to adorn her head at the wedding.

17. Dulhan Party In A Box

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Suppose you are a bridesmaid who is going to surprise your Indian bride during a bridal shower, this party box will be a great choice. This box features “Dulhan To Be” balloons, sash, eye mask, and other party decorations, making ideal gifts for the modern Indian bride. This is definitely one of the perfect gifts for Indian bride from bridesmaids.

18. Indian Toe Ring

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Toe rings are a symbol of married women. Get your Indian bride her first toe rings as her wedding gift. These toe rings are made from swarovski, making luxury wedding gifts she will remember forever. These bridal barefoot sandals have a deep boho appeal, which will look fantastic on your Indian bride feet. These toe rings are charming gifts for Indian brides you should buy.

19. Indian Colorful Bathrobe

Indian Colorful Bathrobe

This colorful bathrobe is a perfect gift that represents your Indian bride’s joy and happiness after the wedding. Surprise your Indian bride with the charming bath robe she can use while having spa treatment after a tiring wedding ceremony. Its eye-catching traditional floral design will surely delight your Indian bride. Made from 100% cotton, this gift is safe for those who have sensitive skin. 

20. Indian Bride Necklace and Earrings Set

Indian Bride Necklace and Earrings Set

As a new Indian wife who will often attend ceremonies and festivals, a pair of new Indian necklaces and earrings will be a great Indian bride jewelry gift to treasure. Inspired by Bollywood style, this jewelry set features luxurious maroon and white pearls, making it one of the most attractive fashion items for Indian brides. This fashionable jewelry set will match with any traditional outfit.

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21. Indian Jhumka Jhumki Earrings


A charming and elegant pair of classic earrings for Indian women, it will be one of the most precious gifts for Indian bride in her life. This Indian bride jewelry is creatively decorated with kundan crystals and pearls, giving the Indian bride dress a touch of charm. The antique and traditional design makes this jewelry also suitable to wear in any occasion. 

22. Indian Muslim Bride Abaya

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For those Indian bride muslim, we got the perfect gfits for them! This beautiful abaya is a charming Indian bride. It has a stunning yet lightweight design as it is composed of rayon and crepe material. This long dress allows your Indian bride muslim to wear in both casual or formal occasion. It will definitely be one of the best gifts for Indian bride muslim.

23. Punjabi Bride Suit

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A luxurious Indian bride dress which is inspired by Bollywood, this outfit will add charm to the wearer. Give your Indian bride this gorgeous Punjabi bride suit to make her look elegant in Bollywood style. Made from crepe material with ethnic printing design, its color combination will make your Indian bride appear fresh. She also can wear this suit to any formal party or ceremony.

24. Indian Pearl Clutch

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Surprise your Indian bride with this fancy pearl clutch to add to her bag collection. Especially if he loves bags, it will be one of the most precious gifts for Indian bride that will make her jump into joy and excitement. The charming pearls design on the suede bag will give its own charm, making it look expensive and stunning. Your Indian bride will surely fall in love with this gift.

25. Indian Floral Lehenga

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Make your Indian bride look gorgeous on her wedding day with the perfect lehenga. This is the most stunning Indian wedding dress that symbolizes prosperity, good luck, and new beginnings. It is composed of organza fabric and embellished with sequins and zari embroidery. The traditional floral pattern gives another appeal, making wonderful wedding gifts for Indian brides. 

Latest Post:

What can I gift an Indian bride?

You can give her thoughtful gifts that will be useful at her wedding such as Indian bride jewelry or dresses. Or, if you are a bridesmaid, you surprise her with a bridal shower party and treat her like a queen. If you need more inspiration for Indian wedding gifts, you can read in the article above.

Is it an Indian tradition to buy the bride a present?

Yes, it is a custom of giving gifts for Indian brides and grooms. Money is the customary wedding gift, which is deemed to be the most considerate gift for the couple as they begin their life together. Moreover, Indian brides prefer useful gifts such as jewelry or dresses she can wear at other ceremonies as a newly married wife. 

What is the best gift for newly married couple?

Money or gold is believed to be the best gifts for them as it will be so useful during marriage life. If you want to give them a special present, you can ask them first for the best gift they need after the wedding day. Therefore, the gift will be useful for newly married couples as well.

Why do Indian brides wear a nose ring?

Women wear nose rings as a sign of respect and devotion to Goddess Parvati, who is revered as the patron goddess of marriage. The nose ring is a sign of marriage for all women in Hindu tradition. A girl is supposed to wear a nath just on the wedding day and keep wearing it till she is married, according to tradition.

Why do Indian brides wear so much jewelry?

Because those jewelry have symbolic ethnic and religious implications on the wedding. The bride’s jewelry is a sign that she will join her husband’s family after they get married. Moreover, these jewelry are a component of the cleansing ceremony as she joins her bridegroom’s extended family.

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