25 Authentic And Auspicious Indian Silver Gifts

Indian culture is strongly influenced by Hinduism. You can see this clearly in their art pieces.  Throughout history, the Indians have made good use of silver. During the colonization era, they were introduced to silver production and craftsmanship. Ever since then, they created jewelry pieces, statues, tableware, and many more from silver. Indians also believe that silver would help them receive positive energy waves. One of the most important uses of silver is to make the pooja items. Pooja is a ritual or ceremony that Indians do as their way of giving their worship to the gods. There are certain items that they need to have in their pooja room or home temple and these items are mostly made from silver. 

With that being said, getting an Indian silver gift would be a great idea to introduce Indian culture and craftsmanship to other people. Also, you can consider getting your Indian friends a token to remind them of home.  We collected 25 different silver items and put it together into this list of Indian silver gifts. You can choose from a variety of jewelry, statues, tableware, and many more. 

1. Silver Leaf Necklace

Silver Leaf Necklace

We will start this list of Indian silver gifts with several silver jewelry pieces. Indian women are known to use tons of jewelry as part of their outfit especially on special occasions. Thus, these jewelry pieces would be great gifts for both Indian and non-Indian women. The silver leaf necklace is one of those jewelry pieces they wore. It is made from brass in silver color in a choker design. Indians love to wear heavy and sophisticated jewelry pieces like this one. Unlike Indian jewelry pieces in general, this piece is not too loud to wear for daily and first timers. 

2. Silver Bangle Set

Silver Bangle Set

You can find many women in India wearing something like this silver bangle set. They believe that using bangles will bring prosperity. Thus, especially after getting married, they will use this bangle to attract wealth, luck, and prosperity. These bangles come in a stack of a lot of bangles that usually come in many different designs. This will be a great gift for your Indian women friends who just got married or you can just give it to your non-Indian friends to introduce the iconic Indian wedding tradition.

3. Indian Anklets

Indian Anklets

Indian women really know how to wear their jewelry in all parts of their body. The anklet is another jewelry piece that is widely used by Indian women. These Indian anklets are made from brass and silver with a boho design. A simple gift item that they will definitely love.  

4. Silver Large Jhumka Hoops Earring

Silver Large Jhumka Hoops Earring

The Jhumka hoop earring is widely worn by many Indian women. Its dramatic design is the perfect piece to wear during special occasions. It is made from almost pure silver in the classic dramatic jhumka earrings design. If they are adventurous enough, they can use this pair of earrings for daily wear too. If you are going to let your non-Indian friends know about Indian silver jewelry, this earring would be a great start for her. 

5. Kolhapuri Stone Earrings And Necklace Set

Kolhapuri Stone Earrings And Necklace Set

The Kolhapuri stone earrings and necklace set is a unique piece of silver jewelry. It comes with an authentic Indian design in the combination of glistening pure silver and magnificent Kolhapuri stone. The stone comes in several colors that you can choose from. The perfect jewelry set for her to use on formal occasions. 

6. Indian Handcrafted Filigree Rhinestone Jewelry

Indian Handcrafted Filigree Rhinestone Jewelry

Another silver jewelry set on this list of Indian silver gifts is the rhinestone jewelry set. It consisted of a necklace and a pair of earrings both in a super dramatic style that is very common among Indian women. This set comes with a full-on silver color with some sparky stones to complete the whole look. It comes with a more subtle style to it so it won’t be too loud if they want to wear it for more casual occasions. A great way for her to incorporate some Indian heritage to her outfit. 

7. Elephant Pendant Necklace

Elephant Pendant Necklace

If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that will suit younger recipients or children, you can consider getting them this elephant pendant necklace. It is a silver necklace with a cute elephant pendant covered with lapis lazuli stone. The stone gives the beautiful blue color to the pendant which compliments the silver color super well. 

8. Sterling Silver Bangles

Sterling Silver Bangles

These sterling silver bangles are the modern version of the traditional Indian bangles that women usually wear after they get married. This one comes in a sleek and stylish design and only comes in a single piece of bangle. It is made from high quality sterling silver, intricately engraved with a tribal design. Each end of the bangles looks like a pointy spear which keeps its traditional and unique Indian style. 

9. Indian Jhumka Jhumki Dangle Earring

Indian Jhumka Jhumki Dangle Earring

The Indian Jhumka Jhumki dangle earring is the traditional jhumka earring tah most Indian women would wear. It comes in a set of 6 earrings and each of them has its own unique design. If they really like to wear traditional earrings, you can give them this set. They will have more choices on what earrings they want to wear on different occasions.

10. Shimmering Moon Raw Diamond Necklace

Shimmering Moon Raw Diamond Necklace

Inspired by the classic traditional Indian polki jewelry, this shimmering moon raw diamond necklace combines sterling silver, natural cut diamonds, and white topaz. It comes in a modern and minimalist design which is perfect for daily wear. While the Indian polki jewelry uses gold with raw diamonds together, this necklace is made with silver instead of gold to create a more subtle and minimalist look. Indians often use moon and star charms, thus this necklace is the perfect representation of the culture. 

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11. Shimmering Moon Raw Diamond Earrings

Shimmering Moon Raw Diamond Earrings

The perfect addition to the necklace is this shimmering moon raw diamond earrings. Also inspired by the Indian polki jewelry, this earring captures the classic and timeless idea from the traditional polki jewelry precisely. The combination of sterling silver, raw cut diamond, and white topaz is just undeniably beautiful to wear. The toenail moon design also goes along with the traditional Indian vibe. 

12. Elephant For Luck Necklace

Elephant For Luck Necklace

Elephants are sacred animals for Indians. They really respect elephants and some of them even use it as their good luck charm since they are associated with the Indian god, Ganesha. This elephant for luck necklace is made from sterling silver. It will be a great piece to bring luck, strength, and endurance. A modern twist to the traditional elephant lucky charm. While most jewelry mentioned on this list are more suitable for women, you can choose the simpler ones like this piece if you want to give Indian silver jewelry pieces for men. 

13. Silver Pooja Plate

Silver Pooja Plate

We will give you some pooja items to consider as an Indian silver gift. The first one is the silver pooja plate. It is made from high quality pure silver with a diameter of 11 inches wide. The engraving on the plate is all done by hand. You can use it both for your pooja ceremony or daily use. Even though this piece is originally made for pooja, it could be used for daily purposes too or as a home decoration. Thus, it will be the perfect item to let others know about Indian silver craftsmanship and pooja traditions. 

14. Silver Plated 3 Cup Punchwala 

Silver Plated 3 Cup Punchwala

The next Indian silver pooja item you can consider getting is this silver plated 3 cup Punchwala. It is suitable to be used for daily housewarming parties, or in Pooja rooms. The cups are handmade from pure silver that comes with a shiny finish which makes these cups a perfect gift item. It will be a great gift for him or her who needs some pooja items to have in their own place while leaving far away from home. 

15. Buddha Incense Holder

Buddha Incense Holder

During a pooja ritual or ceremony, it will involve the burning of incense. Thus, getting the Buddha incense holder would be just right. It is actually made from aluminum with a silver finish which makes it more durable. Comes with a very intricate detail, it will keep your table or floor safe from the burned parts while you are burning the incense sticks. It will also make a great home decoration piece to add a little touch of Indian culture to your home.  

16. Silver Pooja Thali Set

Silver Pooja Thali Set

The silver Pooja Thali set consists of 12 different items that are necessary during pooja which includes the plates, bowls, and many more. The whole set is made from pure silver. With this set, they can just use it easily for any religious occasions. They can also use it daily as part of their pooja room or home temple. The perfect gift for your Indian friends who are looking for a pooja thali set for their home. 

17. Silver Elephant Statue

Silver Elephant Statue

Besides silver jewelry, silver statues would be great gift items as well. The first one on this Indian silver gifts list is a silver elephant statue. Elephants are considered a sacred animal for most Indians since most of them believe in Hinduism. Thus, silver elephant statues will make a great Indian silver gift. It is made from pure silver and comes in a cute mini size perfect as a home decoration piece. It is also considered as one of the pooja items that you can use for pooja purposes. An Indian silver pooja item that is not too serious to introduce Indian culture to your friends. It will also be a suitable gift for both men and women. 

18. Silver Idol Lord Ganesha

Silver Idol Lord Ganesha

We can basically see the Ganesha statue in most Indian homes. This silver idol Lord Ganesha is made from pure silver and could be used as a home decoration for your home temple or pooja room. It is the perfect Indian silver pooja item to get for your friends. If they don’t actually need any pooja items at home, they can still use it as a unique home decoration item. Both men and women would love getting this as a gift. 

19. Silver Small Dishes

Silver Small Dishes

The silver small dishes are one of the practical choices on this list of Indian silver gifts. It is made from certified sterling silver. It comes in a super simple and straightforward design. The perfect gift to be used for food or and other purposes. You can also use it for pooja. 

20. Flower Shape Diya Jyot

Flower Shape Diya Jyot

Diya Jyot is a traditional item that is used to light up oil lamps. This flower shape Diya Jyot is made from certified sterling silver with the shape of a flower. You can use this to light up candles while you are doing meditation or just to unwind after a long day. This piece is also suitable to be used for pooja. It could also be a great home decoration piece for him and her. 

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21. Gaj Lakshmi Diya Pooja Thali Set

Gaj Lakshmi Diya Pooja Thali Set

Similar to the flower diya jyot, this is also a diya pooja thali set. Each set comes with 10 pieces of the diya. This one has a more traditional design to it and it comes in a small size. You can use it as pooja decorations where you can light up small candles on this. This diya pooja set will be the perfect housewarming gift. If you prefer something that is more traditional, you can consider this item. 

22. Silver Tulsi Plant

Silver Tulsi Plant

Tulsi plant or the holy basil is a decoration that is usually used in pooja rooms. They also use this decoration during other religious occasions and festivals. The Tulsi plant is known to symbolize prosperity, wealth, and good luck. The silver tulsi plant is made from good quality silver and would make a great Indian silver gift for any occasion. If you are looking for a less serious home decoration piece to give your non-Indian friends, this will be a great piece. 

23. Silver Plated Pooja Thali Set 

Silver Plated Pooja Thali Set 

If you are looking for a mini pooja set for your Indian friends who are living alone and away from home, you need to really consider this item. This pooja thali set consists of 5 different items. It is also the smaller and simpler version of the huge pooja thali set. Each item on this set is coated with pure silver which gives off its glossy finish. If they don’t have a specific pooja room or they have a limited space for their pooja, this mini set will be the perfect set for them. With this, they can still have their mini pooja setup that won’t take too much of their room.  

24. Silver Small Bowl Set

Silver Small Bowl Set

The silver small bowl set is not necessarily a pooja item. It could also be used as a decoration or a small bowl. The set comes with a small bowl and a spoon made from silver plated aluminum. Each set comes inside a luxurious red velvet box that will be perfect as gifts.   

25. Silver Haldi Kumkum Holder

Silver Haldi Kumkum Holder

We will end this list of Indian silver gifts with the Haldi Kumkum holder. Haldi Kumkum is an integral part of Indian culture. By lighting them up, they believe it will attract positive energy and are considered as good omen. It is made from good quality silver and comes in a small size. It will be perfect to be stored in smaller spaces. Each set comes with three pieces. 

Latest Post:

Is Silver good for Pooja?

Silver is a good material for pooja items. While being the more expensive choice, silver is believed to be able to receive positive waves. Also, compared to gold, silver could withstand the heat better. Since the pooja ritual usually requires being exposed to heat for a long period of time, silver will be a better choice of material to use. If you want to give your Indian friends some pooja items, getting the ones made from silver will be a great idea. They can use it for a longer period of time since they won’t come back to India very often. 

What are the pooja items in silver?

You can get the whole set of pooja items in silver. Each set usually consisted of bowls, pots, and other ornaments that were used to hold the items needed for the pooja rituals and prayers. A set that is made from the same material would look better together. On this list of Indian silver gifts, we have included the silver pooja thali set which consists of all the things you need for pooja. 

Is gifting silver auspicious in India?

Silver is considered one of the most auspicious metals in India alongside gold. They believe that it will bring health, wealth, and joy to people who receive it. For this reason, silver has been one of the most common gifts for the Indians. 

Is Indian silver good quality?

There are different types of silver available in India. Starting from the best and finest type or what they usually called as pure silver to the one that comes with lower purity. Since silver is a common metal in India used for several different purposes, thus they have a variety of different qualities. 

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