21 Good Gifts For Paramedics

Looking for some good gifts for paramedics? Then you have come to the right place! With the past few years in mind, there’s never been a more important time to show those in the emergency services just how much we care about them and appreciate all that they do for us.

So, whether you’re after the perfect paramedic gift for a thank you, a birthday, or perhaps even to celebrate a new job, we have the most thoughtful paramedic gift ideas for you right here. 

Best Gift Ideas For Paramedics

#1 I Drive The Wee Woo Bus EMT Ambulance Driver Shirt 

I Drive The Wee Woo Bus EMT Ambulance Driver Shirt - Gifts For Paramedics

Starting with one of our funniest gifts for paramedics, this ’ I Drive The Wee Woo Bus’ t-shirt is a guaranteed winner. It’s perfect for a holiday or a work anniversary or you may just want to let them know you’re thinking of them right now. Either way, this hilarious t-shirt will be received with a giggle.

#2 Be Nice I Might Be Your Paramedic One Day Coffee Mug 

Be Nice I Might Be Your Paramedic One Day Coffee Mug - Gifts For Paramedics

We have plenty of fun yet practical gifts for paramedics on our list. One of our favorites is this ‘Be Nice I Might Be Your Paramedic One Daymug. Perfect for a hot cup of coffee after a night shift, or before an early morning start. The ideal way to celebrate their important profession in a lighthearted yet thoughtful way.

#3 Personalized Leather Keychain  – Gifts For Paramedics

Personalized Leather Keychain

Nothing shows you care more than a personalized paramedic gift. Luckily, these beautiful, engraved leather keychains can be engraved with your very own handwriting, your child’s drawing or even GPS coordinates to a special place that you both love. You can even select the color of the leather and pick from several beautiful fonts to make it your own.

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#4 Urban Map Glass 

Urban Map Glass

A big part of a paramedic’s job is caring for the community that they live in. Why not celebrate that fact by gifting them one of these chic glasses etched with the city of your choice.  Not only will it look beautiful on their coffee table and house a well-earned drink at the end of the week, but it’ll also remind them of just how appreciated they are by you, and by everyone in their city.

#5 Personalized Photo Paramedic Gift Socks 

Personalized Photo Paramedic Gift Socks - Gifts For Paramedics

For a paramedic gift that they’ll love, and actually be able to make use of, choose these hilarious personalized socks. They’re printed not only with a cartoon image of an ambulance, but also a picture, provided by you, of the paramedic you know doing what they love. Choose multiple faces and pick out their favorite color for that extra special touch!

#6 Paramedic Gift – Custom Caricature Portrait From Your Photo 

Paramedic Gift - Custom Caricature Portrait From Your Photo

We can think of few better-personalized paramedic gifts than this custom caricature portrait. Simply send at least one clear photograph to the artist and they’ll create a portrait especially for the paramedic you know.

Showing off what they’re best at, the digital portrait depicts them standing proudly in uniform next to an ambulance. We love how thoughtful and unique this gift is and are certain they’ll never have gotten one before. Have it printed onto a canvas, mugs, sweaters, and more. The options are endless!

#7 EMT Paramedic Shirt

EMT Paramedic Shirt - Gifts For Paramedics

Searching for funny Gifts For Paramedics? We have just what you’re looking for! Every EMT has to deal with a lot of silly, avoidable injuries throughout their career. That makes this t-shirt the perfect gift for them to wear off-duty.

It comes in 10 unique colorways and is made from soft, comfortable, ring-spun cotton. You’re guaranteed a chuckle when they open this one!

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#8 The Mehlville Carabiner 

The Mehlville Carabiner

As paramedic gadgets go, this has to be one of the most essential and beautifully made items we’ve seen. Whether it’s their keys, their watch fob, or small, essential medical tools they need on hand, this sleek carabiner will make sure they’re always right where they need them. Available in brass, black, or silver, it’ll make a stylish addition to their uniform yet can be used on days off too of course!

#9 Personalized EMT Metal Name Sign 

Personalized EMT Metal Name Sign

Whether it’s a holiday, an anniversary, or to celebrate the start of their new career as a paramedic, this custom first responder sign is perfect. Made from quality metal, these striking gifts for paramedics can be personalized with their name for an extra special touch.

Perfect for displaying in a home office, living space, or anywhere else for that matter! It’s available in black, silver, or red, plus, you can choose between five different sizes ranging from 12” to 30”!

#10 Funny Paramedic Nutrition Facts Coffee Mug 

Funny Paramedic Nutrition Facts Coffee Mug - Gifts For Paramedics

We all need a good strong coffee to kick start our mornings, but paramedics need it even more before a long shift! This mug may be perfect for holding their first cup of the day, but it’s even more special than that. As we all know, being a paramedic isn’t easy, you need a lot of amazing qualities to become one.

This coffee cup perfectly displays those qualities in what we think are pretty accurate quantities. 1000% compassion, 0% sleep, 110% caffeine? That sounds spot on to us!

#11 Funny Friends Parody EMT Shirt 

Funny Friends Parody EMT Shirt - Gifts For Paramedics

For the friend you know that’s an EMT and also a huge, Friends fan, this gift couldn’t be more perfect. With a clever play on lyrics from the show’s famous title theme, ‘I’ll Be There For You’ this shirt has a thoughtful double meaning. It’ll make a great start to an off-duty outfit they can wear whilst watching their favorite show.

#12 Awkward Styles Christmas Ambulance Truck Tshirt for Him to Her

Awkward Styles Christmas Ambulance Truck Tshirt for Him to Her

Whilst we know the holiday season is a fair way off right now, we think it’s never too early to purchase the perfect gift when you find one. Then, simply put it away for December 25th! For example, these amazing ambulance truck Christmas t-shirts.  They’ll be highly appreciated by the first responder you know, are available in 5 different colors, and come in both men’s and women’s sizes. Also, they’ll make a practical alternative for Christmas jumper days if they live in a warmer climate!

#13 EMT / Paramedic Throw Blanket 

EMT / Paramedic Throw Blanket - Gifts For Paramedics

If anyone deserves a comfortable rest after a long day at work, it’s a paramedic. Luckily, these cozy, customizable blanket gifts for paramedics exist!  They come in three different sizes so you can pick the best one to suit their space. What’s even more special is, you can have their name printed at the bottom of the blanket. Gift them this to show just how much you care and to thank them for all that they do.

#14 Paramedic Funny EMT Unisex Sweatshirt Hoodie 

Paramedic Funny EMT Unisex Sweatshirt Hoodie

We love gifts that feel super thoughtful, yet can also make the recipient laugh the moment they open them. This is the perfect example and we think the paramedic you’re buying for will totally agree. Not only is this cozy hooded sweater the quintessential clothing item to wear on well-earned days off, but it also has a super funny slogan. ‘Keep Calm… Okay, Not That Calm’ a twist on the old saying, ’Keep Calm And Carry On’ with a darkly comic flatline symbol. Available in black, navy, and red, you can even pick out the color they’ll love most.

#15 Paramedic Travel mug 

Paramedic Travel mug

There’s no doubt about it, being a paramedic has to be one of the most demanding jobs in the world. Therefore, we not only think the paramedic you’re treating deserves a good laugh, but they also deserve a quality gift. Happily, this funny travel mug covers both bases. It comes in 12 different shades and three different sizes. So, if they really love their coffee, we’re sure the large 30oz mug will be a more than welcome addition to their mornings!

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#16 F-Bomb Paperweight 

F-Bomb Paperweight

We’ve no doubt that at times, being a paramedic can be incredibly stressful. However, since they’re not about to start dropping F-bombs at their place of work, we figure this handy paperweight can take care of that in their home office! The ideal way to keep any important documents from moving out of place, plus, they’ll smile every time they look at it and remember who gifted it to them.

#17 A Chill Out & Relax Paramedic Gift Basket 

A Chill Out & Relax Paramedic Gift Basket

Speaking of stressful workdays, we can think of no better way to help the recipient of your gift relax and unwind than with a paramedic gift basket filled with luxury skincare and bath products. Choose the bath salts you wish to send from ‘Energize’, ‘Revival’, ‘Lady Business’, and more. You can even choose to include a spa-quality bath bomb for just a little extra.

#18 Purramedic T-Shirt

Purramedic T-Shirt

Give your paramedic friend who happens to be a cat’s lover a chance to show off their humorous side. This apparel features a hilarious quote and a walking cat exquisitely formed from the printed heart rate. A superb combo of two things they love dearly. It is a unisex t-shirts so it is an awesome one to give your both male and female paramedic friends. 

#19 Cotton Woven Paramedic Throw Blanket

Cotton Woven Paramedic Throw Blanket

Being a paramedic must often face stressful situations because of their life-saving job. Well, giving them a gift in the form of a throw blanket may offer comfort after their long night shift. It is perfect for featuring in bedroom chairs, sofa bed, or couch as a complement. Besides its versatility, the illustration of paramedic stuff looks stunning as a display in the room where it belongs.

#20 Hot and Cold Coffee Tumbler

Hot and Cold Coffee Tumbler

We all know that paramedics often get crazy working hours outside of regular ones because of the job demands. Therefore, giving them a coffee tumbler is a great way to help them deal with their sleepiness. If they love cold coffee, it is not a problem since the tumbler can be used for both hot and cold beverages. Moreover, this tumbler has a fun feature that can burst their laughter once they realize it. Long-shift is not a problem if accompanied by coffee that prevents sleepiness in the eyes.s

#21 Inspirational Paramedic Keychain 

Inspirational Paramedic Keychain 

Simplicity is the best quality when you are thinking of a gift, like this one keychain. Although it looks simple, it emphasizes a bold statement about the quality of paramedics. As it is tiny, the keychain can be installed in their various items, such as bags, vehicle keys, and house keys. What’s more special is, this keychain showcases a recognition for any paramedics for their dedication to saving other people’s lives.

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It is understandable if you have no clue to find the best gifts for paramedics as they almost have no time to explain what they love. Well, it is easy to please them as long as you have pure intention to give them gifts. You can choose the following options as the best thoughtful gifts for them: inspirational paramedic keychain, coffee mugs, paramedic t-shirts, and throw blanket. We are sure that they will appreciate any effort you give to make them happy. 

Those good and thoughtful gifts surely touch the heart of your paramedics’ friends dearly as you are considered a caring friend. Finding the greatest gifts for them is tricky but no need to worry as we have compiled the best among all only for you. Share this post so that others can notice just in case they are looking for gifts for paramedics.

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