25 Awesome Gifts for Indian Dad To Make Him Smile

In Indian societies, dads are seen as the family’s leader in terms of power and disciplinarian function. Moreover, fathers are traditionally seen as the family’s only breadwinner. After all, fathers in Indian cultures play a prominent role both within and outside the home. As Indian dads have many responsibilities, sometimes they can feel tired and need something to lift up their mood. Gifts for Indian dad will be an amazing way to cheer him up and make him smile ear to ear. Especially if those gifts have traditional Indian accents, any Indian dad will surely be happy to receive them. Moreover, usually traditional Indian symbols represent wonderful values, making them perfect gifts for Indian dad.

If you happen to live in an Indian family, and you are going to show your gratitude with gifts for Indian dad, then you come to the right page! Those selected hot items below are ready to make you more inspired. From the traditional gifts for Indian festivals to the modern gifts for Indian dad, we have prepared them just for you! What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

1. Indian Handmade Handkerchiefs

Gifts for Indian Dad

Surprise your Indian dad with these beautiful handkerchiefs. The charming classic hanky is created from organic hand-woven cloth and is suitable for any occasion. The traditional patterns come with vibrant and attractive colors, so it will add colors and match to his outfits. This will be one of the best gifts for an Indian dad that is appropriate for various occasions.

2. Taj Mahal Coffee Table Top

Taj Mahal Coffee Table Top

In case your Indian dad lives outside India, you should give him this iconic coffee table top that reminds him of his hometown. This beautiful marble table top portrays the amazing Taj Mahal beautifully. With this gift, your dad will feel like drinking coffee while admiring the charm of Taj Mahal.

3. Unisex Cotton Indian Handprinted House Robe

Gifts for Indian Dad

If you are looking for gifts for Indian dad that can be useful everyday, then why don’t you get him this cool robe? With this gorgeous robe, your dad feels like waking up as a monarch. It features pretty handprints produced with wooden blocks and natural dyes in small Rajasthani villages converted into lovely robes.

4. East of India Porcelain Giraffe Matchbox

East of India Porcelain Giraffe Matchbox

Get your Indian dad a little keepsake that shows how proud you are to have such an amazing father. The white porcelain giraffe comes in a cute matchbox with the words “I will always look up to my daddy” printed on the front. Giraffes are powerful symbols of pioneer and leadership which resembles Indian dad very well. It will be one of the most heartwarming gifts for an Indian dad to preserve forever.

5. Punjabi Singh Dad Mugs

Punjabi Singh Dad Mugs

Add color to your Indian dad’s kitchen with this colorful Dad mug. It has a modern mug shape made of ceramic. The creative design will be the center of attraction. It consists of the iconic Indian men pattern with a word that describes your Indian dad in a good way. King, boss, perfect, and even singh are the best words that compliment your Indian dad! This vibrant two-tone mug will bring a splash of color to any kitchen.

6. Radha Krishna Painting

Gifts for Indian Dad

This will be one of the most charming gifts for Indian dad who also loves painting! Goddess Radha Krishna and Lord Radha Krishna are symbols of heavenly love and unity. Their paintings depict their endless and beautiful love story. Radha Krishna represents the divine union of the individual and universal selves. This lovely painting will be perfect home decoration for your Indian dad.

7. Bohemian Throw Pillow Cover 

Bohemian Throw Pillow Cover

Give comfort to your Indian dad’s night sleep with this amazing throw pillow cover. Cotton and linen combine to create this Bohemian rustic farm throw pillow cover. It makes a long lasting, superb texture, and health pillow. This cuddling pillow is ideal for all seasons, from a warm spring to a cold winter. It will beautifully decorate your Indian dad bedroom with a touch of Indian culture.

8. Elephant Eyeglasses Holder

Elephant Eyeglasses Holder

Help your forgetful Indian dad who often forgets to put his eyeglasses with this gift. This elephant eyeglasses holder will be one of the best gifts for Indian dad who often forget. This carved creature is made entirely of sustainably harvested Indian Rosewood and has specks and hues on its trunk. As an elephant is a figure that has a great memory, we hope this eye holder will help your Indian dad to remember where to put his eyeglasses.

9. Rajasthani Musician Wall Decor

Rajasthani Musician Wall Decor

This bohemian wrought iron framed men’s musician is excellent for your Indian dad home decoration. Musicians are made of high grade metal and are elegantly sculpted. The vibrant colors of these three musicians gives a lively atmosphere. This set of handmade dancing dolls offers your Indian dad’s home an exquisite and trendy look that will bring good energy to his house.

10. Handwoven Kilim Rug

Gifts for Indian Dad

Light up your Indian dad’s living room with this beautiful rug. Unlike the regular one, it beautifully combined the modern rug style with traditional Indian style. This rug is woven by hand on a pure and double traditional wooden loom. This hand woven rug from India would make one of the great gifts for Indian dad that could also be used to decorate a wall.

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11. Indian Madhubani Decorative Tray

Indian Madhubani Decorative Tray

Surprise your dad with his favorite drink on the top of this gorgeous serving tray! It features Madhubani art painting, one of the famous painting styles in India. Made from synthetic wood that is durable for a long time, the handcrafted tray is one of the most creative gifts for Indian dads that emphasize quality over quantity.

12. Tea Light Lantern Hanging

Gifts for Indian Dad

As your Indian dad is your source of light, then he deserves another light source. These lovely hanging lanterns will look great in your Indian father’s home. This set of spherical lanterns is made of metal and features an ethnic design and a hook. Combine this with his living room design to fill his home with pleasant energy. It will be one of the best gifts for Indian dads who love festivals and celebrations.

13. Hippie Boho Gypsy Aladdin Yoga Pants

Hippie Boho Gypsy Aladdin Yoga Pants

Get your Indian dad a comfortable outfit that will loosen up his stress after work. The baggy pants style will make your Indian dad appear casual. Moreover, the Bohemian pattern makes a strong statement as a proud Indian dad. Its wide-cut model comes in attractive colors and a unique pattern that can be worn with a variety of tops. Made from 100% cotton material this cloth is one of the most perfect gifts for an Indian dad to relax.

14. Indian Drawstring Pouch

Indian Drawstring Pouch

This lovely pouch is an ideal accessory for Indian dad as it comes with unisex pattern. The elegant Indian traditional design makes it a perfect item to store your dad’s belongings while attending celebrations. Because it is composed of organza and brocade with drawstring closure, this pouch is definitely safe to protect his stuff.

15. Rajasthani Jhumar Windchime

Rajasthani Jhumar Windchime

Make your Indian dad that is busy with work feel calm and relax with this stunning windchime. The delicate spirit of windy music is conveyed by the basic composition of seven whirling ethnic metal bells. Stringing beads together completes the elaborate multi-colored hand-painting on the ports in vibrant reds, blues, and greens, accentuated with attractive patterns.

16. Three Diya Oil Lamp with Small Bells

Three Diya Oil Lamp with Small Bells

Add more good atmosphere in your Indian dad’s room with this unique home decoration. It features an elephant oil lamp with hanging bells on its trunk. The combination of oil lamps and small bells beautifully create a wonderful decor. Handcrafted using high quality brass, it symbolizes joy and happiness, as well as prosperity and good fortune.

17. Healing Chakra Bracelet

Gifts for Indian Dad

If your Indian dad believes in the power of chakra, this charming bracelet will be an amazing gift to treasure. Each bracelet has two rare earth magnets with a combined force of over 15,000 Gauss. It becomes one of Indian heritages to bring positive energy. Magnets placed near the wrist joint and tendons provide the most healing and relieving impact.

18. Masala Chai Tea Gift Set

Gifts for Indian Dad

With this amazing gift set, your Indian dad can enjoy the signature tea from his hometown. Fresh, aromatic Indian spices like cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves combined beautifully with the strong flavor of distinctive Assam black tea and orthodox leaves. These delicious teas packaged in regal packaging, make the ideal gifts for Indian dad.

19. Indian Traditional 22k Gold Chain

Gifts for Indian Dad

Show your gratitude to your Indian dad with this beautiful traditional gold chain. It represents that your dad is as precious as this jewelry. Hindus believe that gold has the ability to purify anything it comes into contact with. It is also regarded as a symbol of prosperity and power. Therefore it will be one of the most precious gifts for an Indian dad that brings good fortune.

20. Indian Men Ring

Indian Men Ring

Who says men can’t wear rings? Well, this gold ring will be a great addition to your Indian dad appearance. The attractive design and big size makes this ring look charming. Each ring worn by an Indian man has been meticulously calculated in order to positively influence his energies to live a happy and prosperous life.

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21. Indian Carved Wooden Cookbook Stand

Indian Carved Wooden Cookbook Stand

If you want to buy gifts for Indian dad who loves cooking, then this cookbook stand will be a lifesaver. Intricate carving inspired by local flora and themes borrowed from traditional mandalas adorn this sturdy rosewood stand. Its easel-style folding back keeps cookbooks at the perfect angle on a kitchen surface. Whether your Indian dad needs to look for recipes in a book or watch cooking videos from Ipad, this gift will be very useful.

22. Biryani Rice Dinner Kit

Biryani Rice Dinner Kit

Help your Indian dad to enjoy delicious biryani rice easily. Each item is packaged and sealed in a premium packaging with a traditional motive pouch, so you can guarantee its hygiene and quality. This amazing dinner kit provides everything your Indian dad needs to cook the tasty biryani rice. From the basmati rice to the Indian spices, it will be one of the most convenient gifts for Indian dad to prevent a bigger mess in the kitchen.

23. Indian Men Jutti

Indian Men Jutti

These shoes are must-have gifts for Indian dad’s wardrobe. This Punjabi jutti is popular since your Indian father can wear it in both professional and casual settings.   The gold traditional pattern in the dark blue jutti creates an expensive and elegant look to your Indian dad. Composed by the combination of leather and high quality textiles with foam inside, it provides high comfort to the wearer.

24. Wooden Jharokha Wall Frame

Gifts for Indian Dad

Keep a beautiful memory in this ethnic wall frame. This wooden wall jharokha will give your living room a lovely boho feel. The skilled artisans have meticulously hand painted it, making it the focal point to your Indian dad’s house. A photograph or a mirror can be hung in the frame, radiating the classical Indian architecture in the house.

25. Indian Wooden Traditional Chowki

Gifts for Indian Dad

Chowkis are commonly used as seating decorations in religious rituals. With this traditional chowki, your Indian dad will feel a traditional accent to his home, especially during Pooja rituals. Made from solid Indian teak wood, this hexagon chowki puts a modern take on the traditional Chowki, with a geometrical design that makes it all the more quirky.

Latest Post:

What can I gift my dad in India?

As India has many cultures and traditions, there are many gifts for Indian dad you can give that bring traditional touch. You only have to match the gift with the right occasion. For example, if your dad is going to attend Indian celebrations, then you can give him fashionable items such as the Indian men jutti. For more great ideas, please check our selected items above.

How can I surprise my Indian dad on his birthday?

A thoughtful and meaningful birthday gift will be the best way to surprise him. You should give your Indian dad the Indian traditional 22k gold chain or the Diya oil lamp with small bells that symbolize good wishes on his birthday. If you want more inspiration, you can read the best gifts for Indian dad in our article above.

How do I impress my Indian dad?

Surprise him with a simple gift that your Indian dad never thought of! To get the perfect gift to impress your Indian dad, try to observe his hobby and needs. For example, if your Indian dad loves cooking, try impressing him with the Indian wooden carved bookstad. It will be one of the most unique gifts for Indian dad that he may never think that exists but it becomes very useful in his life.

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