25 Orchid Gifts for People Who Loved Orchid So Much

We all know that flowers are beautiful, and they come in so many colors, shapes, and also scents. Beautiful flowers are described as something meaningful, which is why flowers are often used as a gift for special occasions and celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, and many more. However, do you know that orchid is actually one of the favorite flowers out there? The orchid is a flower that symbolizes strength, love, and also beauty. Therefore, orchid lovers would love to have orchid-themed things or orchid gifts in their life.

So, if you are an orchid lover or looking for special orchid gifts for your loved one, then you’ll need to check out the following list of 25 orchid gifts that we have created for you. It comes in jewelry, accessories, and home décor that will satisfy your thirst for collecting orchids-related stuff and hone your gift-giving skills to surprise your loved ones.

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BEST Orchid Gifts for Orchid Lovers

1. Orchid Ring


This cute ring might catch your attention, which is why we put it at the top of our list. This adorable orchid ring comes in a shape of a lovely orchid flower, making it a lovely gift for any orchid lover out there.

Made from high-quality sterling silver, this ring will definitely become one of your most durable jewelry pieces. You can match the accessory with your formal outfit, like a light-colored blazer and long culottes pants.

2. Small Batch House Plant Food 

Small Batch House Plant Food

Instant food is not only available for us, because our plants also need instant food to keep them healthy and fresh. If you’re planning on giving a special gift to your special friend who loves orchid and has a collection of beautiful orchids at home, then these packs of instant plant foods can be a great option.

Moreover, this instant plant food was made of eco-friendly materials, infusing the orchids with extra nutrients while ensuring no disruption of the soil-borne bacteria that support the plant’s growth. This gift is also perfect for the ex-conscious orchid lover in your life!

3. Large Blooming Size Mystery Stanhopea Orchid

Large Blooming Size Mystery Stanhopea Orchid Plant in 6 Basket

A special orchid lover friend will definitely love this Large Blooming Size Mystery Orchid Plant as a gift. Plus, it comes in a cute hanging basket, so soon beautiful orchids will emerge from the side or bottom of the basket.

Moreover, this item also comes with a manual to take care of this plant, which is a plus point for an orchid fan. You can also consider buying one for your gardening enthusiast friend who is a beginner in raising orchids.

4. Liquid Gold Leaf – Indoor Plant Fertilizer 

Liquid Gold Leaf - Indoor Plant Fertilizer

This Indoor Plant Fertilizer can also be a great orchid gift since it can fertilize your orchids to make the leaves remain healthy and look fresh. It contains tons of nutrients, like essential soluble calcium and minerals that will fortify their foliage, leaving it vibrant and rejuvenated.

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or simply a gesture of appreciation, this fertilizer ensures your loved one’s Orchids thrive with utmost beauty. You can wrap some of this item in a paper box and add a red ribbon to make the gift visually appealing.

5. Yellow Golden Orchid Wall Art

Yellow Golden Flower Orchid 5 Pieces canvas

A true orchid lover would love to have an Orchid-themed home decorations, so we think this item can be a nice gift option. The beauty of the orchid is captured beautifully in this set of wall décor, divided into 5 pieces of canvas.

It comes in various sizes that you can choose from based on your needs. Moreover, these pieces of canvas feature beautiful texture, which is also waterproof, guaranteed to look great for many years to come. You can feature one in your living room to decorate the blank wall spaces.

6. Honutige Flower Pot Succulent Orchid 

Honutige Flower Pot Succulent Orchid

Planting an orchid is not an easy thing to do. However, this Flower Pot Succulent Orchid can definitely make your orchid planting activity become a lot more exciting. This pot has an excellent airflow that provides good drainage.

The bottom part of the pot can also be a great vent area, which will further promote your orchids’ root growth. Moreover, the transparent design of this item also maintains the wet and dry degree of the orchid to make it grow better and healthier. You better grab some for orchid enthusiasts in your life, along with potting medium to help them grow beautiful orchids.

7. Orchid Terrarium: Psygmorchis Pusilla

Orchid Terrarium Psygmorchis Pusilla

A special orchid lover in your life deserves to have this Orchid Gift Plant as a gift. This item is a gift plant that features innovative biotechnology, so it may be small in size, but it’s definitely beautiful to have.

This miniature orchid Terrarium can be a nice table decoration or reside on the glass cabinet. Moreover, it needs zero maintenance, so any orchid lover would be thrilled to have this as a gift from you.

8. Orchid Butterfly Mug

Personalized Gift Orchid Butterfly Mug

If you are a true lover of orchid, then this mug will be a great addition to your kitchen or dining room! You can get this mug with your name on it with a beautiful image of orchid graphics under it.

The design of this mug might be simple, but it’s clearly on point because it shows your love for orchids in the most beautiful way. You better customize the name if you want to gift one to your friend to make it more personalized.

9. Gold Tone Vintage Orchid Flower Woman’s Pendant

Gold Tone Vintage Orchid Flower Woman_s Pendant

This item is one of the most adorable choices of orchid gifts for your special someone. This Gold Tone Vintage Orchid Pendant is a perfect gift for your mom, wife, sister, or daughter, which will be a nice addition to their accessory to complete their everyday look.

The orchid design of this pendant is stunning, adorned with glimmering gems that make this piece looks luxurious. Any female orchid lover will look charming when featuring this piece on a dress or plain shirt.

10. LED Orchid Tree Willow Branch Light

20 LED Orchid Tree Willow Branch Light

Do you know that these flowers can be placed indoors? Well, we can all be sure of that because this LED Orchid Tree Willow Branch Light is an orchid-themed decoration that comes in the form of LED lights.

We just had to put this item on our list because this is an adorable orchid gift for your special orchid lover. It features a warm white LED light, which will definitely add a warm and cozy ambiance to any room at home. But we recommend having this lamp in a bedroom to offer a peaceful sleep.

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11. White Artificial Orchid Flower Arrangement

orchid gifts

We need to compliment this artificial set of white orchids because it looks like a real orchid, making it a perfect home décor item. This White Artificial Orchid Flower Arrangement also comes with willow in a moss-lined, plus a vase with succulents in it.

Made of high-quality material, this item can add an elegant yet natural look to any room at home. However, you better arrange one in your living room against dark-colored walls to highlight the beauty of the orchid blooms.

12. Cattleya Orchid Flower Art Print

orchid gifts

if you’re still don’t know what to get for your special orchid lover, that’s ok because we still have a long way to go. However, this illustration image of Cattleya Orchid Flower deserves a place in your list of possible gift items.

This print art features a sweet vintage look that will be a nice wall decoration. To make the most of it, we highly recommend hanging this wall art on beige, grey, or white walls in your living room.

13. Computer Mouse Mat – Orchid Flowers

orchid gifts

This one is a perfect orchid gift for a special girl who loves orchid. This Orchid Computer Mouse Mat features a beautiful design, which will be a nice working companion in front of her computer!

Moreover, this mouse mat is made of high-quality material that offers a great grip that supports her wrist and hands while working. In addition, we think that it will be better to also include a white mouse to complement the gift.

14. Handcrafted Orchid Framed Gift

orchid gifts

Giving your friend an ordinary gift is no longer a trend, but giving your orchid friend a one-of-a-kind gift is definitely something. For that reason, how about giving your friend this Handcrafted Gift Framed that features artificial Orchids in it?

If you ask us, we think that this item will go pretty well for you. Moreover, the flowers also come with a foliage wall as well, so the orchids can be put together nicely inside the wooden frame. Then, feature this stunning piece on the living room or family room walls.

15. Orchids Whimsical Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

orchid gifts

Have you ever felt a little bit nervous when it comes to giving someone a special gift? Well, it’s actually quite normal, and we can even say that it’s actually exciting.

If you’re currently looking for the perfect gift for a friend who loves orchid, then you might want to expand your horizon by choosing this item. This is an Orchid Whimsical Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle, which contains 380 pieces of puzzle pieces that will make a beautiful image of orchids. Once it completes, your friend can glue and frame it then turn the puzzle into a beautiful wall décor.

16. Orchid Care Kit Gift

orchid gifts

For a special someone who loves orchid, this one’s for her. This is an orchid Kit that comes with all the basic things that she needs to plant orchids. This package also includes essentials that she must have to take care of her orchids, including comprehensive instructions.

Moreover, this set comes with moss, measuring cups for fertilizer and water, plant tags, misting bottles, fertilizer, bark, and also stem clips. Having such a complete set, you can consider surprising a novice gardener who’s about to start her orchid-planting journey.

17. Orchid Earrings with Pearl Dangling 

orchid gifts

We have shared with you reviews about a nice orchid ring and orchid pendant. Now, we will share with you another piece of jewelry that will also be a nice pick for orchid-themed jewelry.

This orchid earrings with pearl dangling is a perfect and precious set of earrings for a special woman in your life who has a love for beautiful orchids. It will make an enchanting accessory to match her backless dresses, especially those with white or lighter shades. We recommend styling the hair with side clips to reveal the earrings.

18. Orchid Birthday Gift Card

orchid gifts

Sending your love to your loved one is something that needs to be done to keep the love alive between you two. This Orchid Birthday Card can be a sweet way to express your love to a special someone who loves orchid.

Give this card for special occasions like a birthday or anniversary, and without a doubt, someone will be very happy to know how much she means to you. However, it will be better to include the gifts, like earrings or an orchid planting set to include with the card to make a lovely gesture.

19. Orchid Keychain Gift

orchid gifts

Say goodbye to losing your keys since this item will keep your keys secure and in tact wherever you go. As a fan of Orchid, you need to have this Orchid Keychain. This keychain comes in various color options, including blue, green, purple, pink, and orange, to choose from.

We think that pink, purple, and blue are for those with collected, tranquil personalities, while the rest are perfect for cheerful ones. Moreover, you can also pick this cute yet useful item as a special gift for a sweet Orchid lover in your life.

20. Orchid Flower Necklaces

orchid gifts

This one is clearly one of our most recommended 0rchid gifts for a special person in your life. Having this as a gift will definitely put a smile on her face, which will also touch her heart. T

his Orchid Flower Necklace features an adorable and pretty design that will add an elegant look to her appearance. Made of tarnish-resistant silver plated over brass, this item comes in a calming and charming color. If she wants to show off her jewelry beauty, it will be best to wear a v-neck shirt or tube dress.

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21. Scarf with Orchid Flowers Pattern

orchid gifts

All women need a nice scarf to complete their everyday look. That’s why we recommend this beautiful orchid scarf as a gift for your loved one. This Scarf with orchid Flowers Pattern can be a charming accessory that is made of high-quality fabric.

Moreover, this scarf is painted in watercolor, which makes it look even more aesthetic. She can have one as a head scarf to make her look appealing with a white tank top or tube dress, or turn it into a lovely tie.

22. Orchid Wine Glass 

orchid gifts

If you are a fan of home decoration who happen to love orchids as well, then this thing needs to be yours. This orchid Wine Glass will be a nice addition to your dining room, which will add a sweet and artistic touch to the room.

To make it more personal, you can have it customized by adding your name to the glass, too. Instead of a full or nickname, we recommend adding your initials to not cover the beauty of the engraving orchid.

23. Pressed Flowers Wall Art Orchid Flower 

orchid gifts

This adorable and unique gift was made of a natural orchid flower, making it a sweet orchid gift for a friend who loves orchid. This item was made of glass and metal, which will keep the pressed orchid flower protected.

The overall design of this item features a rustic and modern vibe. Furthermore, it will be a nice piece of decoration, especially to feature in the bedroom, next to your nightstand.

24. Orchid Shape Tray

orchid gifts

This orchid Shape Tray is a beautiful gift that you can get for your friend. Orchid’s fans would love to receive this kind of present. Not only beautiful, it also has beautiful color blends, which are perfect for to be used as a tray.

Moreover, this tray comes with a silver antique branch handle and also silver decorative stones to make it more adorable. In addition to make it functions as a tray, your friend can turn it into a table top decoration.

25. Orchid Substrate Product

Orchid Substrate Product

Flower fans, or orchid fans to be exact, would be thrilled to receive this gift. This item might be the most useful thing you can get for a plant lover. This is an Orchiata Orchid Substrate, a product that can help your plant to grow fresh and healthy.

You can give this item as an attractive gift by wrapping it in a paper box with a red ribbon. However, consider adding other items, such as mini pots or a care kit for beginners to make the gift more presentable.

Final Thoughts

Orchid lovers are certain to cherish Orchid gifts, as these offerings showcase the beautiful flowers they hold dear. Furthermore, Orchid gifts serve as a thoughtful gesture, acknowledging the recipient’s passion and appreciation for these stunning plants. Whether it’s a potted Orchid, a care kit, or a decorative item featuring Orchid motifs, these gifts symbolize the shared adoration for these rare blooms.

You may consider showering them with Orchid gifts at anniversaries, birthdays, housewarmings, or graduations as a token of appreciation. In addition, these presents effortlessly fit other special occasions, like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the best orchid gifts for him?

If you are curious about what can be the best gift for a male orchid lover, then you might want to look at the orchiata orchid Substrate, orchid Kare Kit, or a HONUTIGE Flower Pot Succulent orchid. These three gifts are the perfect options for a man who loves orchid. He will be able to take good care his orchid plants using those gifts. For more options, you can take a look at the orchid Flower Metal Art and orchid Shape Tray, too.

What are the best orchid gifts for her?

Women or girls love to receive orchid gifts in the form of accessories or home decoration. You can try to get them an orchid Key Chain, orchid Flower Necklaces, or LED orchid Tree Willow Branch Light. The orchid Key Chain can be an accessory to make their bags or keys look more aesthetic. For the orchid Flower Necklaces, the design is really beautiful so it can also be a perfect gift for her special day.

Can you give orchids to a man?

You can give orchids to both men and women. Orchid is a gender neutral plant that you can give to anyone you love. What is important to see about giving someone an orchid is the colors or maybe the size of it. Some men love to see a small orchid, but some might like it in a different size. You can choose the size and color that is close to the recipient’s preference.

What does it mean when a guy gives you orchids?

The one who gives you orchids can see you as a beautiful, strong, and lovely person. Orchids are well known as strong flowers. It is because they can hold up well over time. The ability of them to bloom for a long time can be a representative of your strong existence in this world. You seem strong enough to go through your bad days and stay strong with it.

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