26 Fun Mexican Themed Party Ideas that Will Delight Your Guests

What’s a party without the perfect theme? Among so many amazing themes are out there, we do think that Mexican themed party ideas is one of the best. It’s festive, it’s fun, and it’s got tons of stuff that you can do with it. You don’t have to be coming from Mexico to throw a great fiesta, but if you want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo or the Day of the Dead with a Mexican theme, it helps to know what you’re doing.

If you’re looking for some ideas on how to throw a Mexican-themed party, we’ve got you covered! From decorations to food, we’ve got all the tips and tricks that you need to make your next fiesta a success. Therefore, we’ve collected some of our favorite ideas here to help you plan your next Mexican-themed party!

What is a Mexican Themed Party Called?

It’s usually called “fiesta”. The majority of fiestas feature typical Mexican cuisine, music, and dance, and some may also feature customary sporting events like a carrera or rodeo. Particularly if the occasion is a community-wide event, people may dress in traditional Mexican attire.

What are 5 Popular Mexican Dishes for a Mexican Themed Party? 

Enchiladas, Taquitos, Tostadas, Tacos, and Chimichangas are some examples of popular Mexican dishes at the party. In addition, there are a lot of delectable Mexican soups and stews as well, such as Pork and Chicken Posole, Taco Soup, and Fiesta Stew.

Best Mexican Themed Party Ideas

1. Luxurious Mexican Bridal Party

Source: Pinterest (@naildesignsjournal.com)

Red, white, and green are the three main colors to throw a standard Mexican party. However, if you want to make a luxurious bridal fiesta, you can add copper or gold elements to your Mexican decor. We would say that you can use a golden food platter and cupcake stand to display the food and snacks. In addition, decorate the food table with golden horses wearing Sombrero hats and colorful Mexican tablecloth.

2. Colorful Mexican Theme Fiesta Party

Source: Pinterest (@natural-solutions.net)

A bright and vibrant color palette is an ideal Mexican-themed idea for kids. Suppose you want to make a DIY Mexican party decoration for your children, consider trying this concept. You can make colorful tassels in red, green, orange, and yellow with crepe paper. Then, cut colorful papers into hanging fan decorations. Don’t forget to prepare cute decorations on the food table! In our opinion, the kids will have a party that they will never forget.

3. Coco Movie Gallery Mexican Party Theme

Source: Pinterest (@ecstasycoffee.com)

Coco is one of the best movies that would be a nice theme for your Mexican party. So, why don’t you can make a Coco movie gallery that displays photos of the gorgeous characters on the food table? Customize a Coco themed banner as the party background to give the nostalgia feel from the movie. After that, continue by decorating the banner with colorful flower DIY decorations.

4. Outdoor Fiesta Party

Source: Pinterest (@naildesignsjournal.com)

Do you want to enjoy one of the casual Mexican themed party ideas in the backyard? You can make it look like a fun but effortless party with this idea! You can place some tables and outdoor chairs for your guests to hang out. Continue by decorating the chairs with fiesta theme chair covers and add table cloth with the same pattern on the tables. As for the final touch, add festive elements around by hanging colorful Mexican party flags and fairy lamps.

5. Mexican Hats Party Balloons

Source: Pinterest (@naildesignsjournal.com)

Besides flowers and flags, colorful balloons can also be Mexican fiesta style decoration. So, prepare your Mexican party with balloons! Pink, blue, green, and yellow balloons will make a wonderful balloon garland. To add more Mexican vibe, you can hang Mexican hats and maraca, the ethnic music instruments. By saying that, of course we meant in the form of balloons, too!

6. Colorful Outdoor Mexico Theme Party

Source: Pinterest (@shinecoco.com)

When it comes to festive outdoor parties, you can express it through this idea, which is one of the most recommended Mexican themed party ideas. You can start by finding a large yard to throw the outdoor party. Place a large canopy so your guests get a place to shelter from the sun. Decorate the canopy with Mexican party flags and pinatas. On the table guests, you can also use colorful tablecloth and chair covers to make your outdoor party stand out.

7. Mexican Style Garden Party

Source: Pinterest (@loveambie.com)

If you want to have a more formal party, then a Latin American themed party in a semi outdoor area would be best. You can make a pretty garden party with colorful flower decorations hanging on the canopy and lamps. Don’t forget to decorate the table with colorful flowers and macrame tablecloth as well. For the chairs, you can add colorful ribbons and a large flower on each of them.

8. Mexican Farmhouse Style Party

Source: Pinterest (@stayglam.com)

Show the genuine Mexican spirit by throwing a farmhouse style party. This is a creative idea to bring the Mexican vibes that you can try. Instead of using a party table, you can have a straw table with colorful Mexican tablecloth. Place decorative elements such as Ukulele and Sombrero hat above it. For the party decor, set up colorful flowers in the white background with decorative carriage wheels.

9. Frida Kahlo Mexican Puppets Party

Mexican Themed Party Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@prettydesigns.com)

One of the cutest Mexican theme parties for girls that also honors a remarkable person in the history is the Frida Kalho themed party. Customize Frida Kahlo puppets for the decoration. She is an iconic symbol of strong women, making her a great party inspiration for your birthday girl. In our opinion, you can also add some Mexican iconic symbols for decorations such as Sombrero hats, colorful flags, cactus, and flowers.

10. Backyard Mexican Fiesta Theme

Mexican Themed Party Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@pinterest.com)

This decoration is neat and elegant, but still colorful enough for a Mexican theme party. In our opinion, we can definitely say that this is definitely a perfect idea for an outdoor brunch party. Simply place a long party table in your backyard and cover it with white tablecloth. Use a green glass vase to place colorful artificial flowers on the table, and add small bottles with mini Mexican flags inside. Last but not least, don’t forget to hang colorful tassels to create a festive party.

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11. Mexican Quinceañera Party

Mexican Themed Party Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@buzzfeed.com)

Choosing the right concept for Mexican quinceañera is a bit tricky since you want to show the transition of girlhood to womanhood. Therefore, we recommend you combine red and gold as the main colors for the party. Use red table cloths and decors to show that you are a grown up girl, and add gold or yellow elements in the decors that symbolize a bright future ahead.

12. Mexican Flag Color Theme Party

Source: Pinterest (@naildesignsjournal.com)

For those who prefer a simple but still impressive Mexican theme party, you can bring the Mexican flag colors to the decoration. Use red, green, and white curtains for the party background. Add a Mexican flag flower as the focal point of the background, as many people say that it will add a more Mexican touch to the decor. Moreover, you can place a party table with colorful tablecloths and flowers. Lastly, we also recommend you to have a decorative carriage wheel in front of the table, as it is a great idea to give a traditional Mexican vibe.

13. Rustic Mexican Party

Source: Pinterest (@getnaildesigns.com)

A rustic theme is always interesting for any party, including a Mexican theme! You can have a wooden party background with flower decorations. Instead of having real flowers, you can make DIY decorations to give the Mexican party vibe. You can also use a Mexican scarf as a decorative curtain. Moreover, decorate the part table with cute Mexican puppets and colorful party flags!

14. Mexican Candy Party

Mexican Candy Party
Source: Pinterest (@beautifuldawndesigns.net)

Candies are one of the best Mexican food ideas you should have for your kids’ party. Therefore, you can display popular Mexican candies at the party, creating a genuine heaven for kids. For this idea, decorate the party table with a large Mexican tablecloth and add colorful flowers for the party background. Display these Mexican sweets in a traditional platter and wooden cupcake stand to give the Mexican feel. We can assure you that the display will be loved by the kids and their parents, too!

15. Mexican Cactus Theme Party

Mexican Cactus Theme Party
Source: Pinterest (@nailsmag.com)

You may not have enough budget to bring a big cactus to decorate the party. If so, we’ve got you the perfect solution! You can buy cactus balloons to make a festive Mexican theme party. Arrange a balloon garland in green, red, orange, and yellow next to the big cactus balloon. Don’t forget to add Mexican party flags in matching colors with the balloon garland.

16. Day of The Dead Party

Day of The Dead Party
Source: Pinterest (@ideasdonuts.com)

A Day of The Dead celebration should be festive and full of colors. As the first step, you can start by choosing the right location. You can have the party at the backyard or the little alley in your neighborhood. Set up tables in colorful tablecloths and place colorful flowers in the pot on each table. To bring more colors to the Mexican party, hang colorful tassels around.

17. Cinco De Mayo Party

Cinco De Mayo Party
Source: Pinterest (@naildesignsjournal.com)

On this special day, you should have a colorful decoration for Cinco De Mayo. Set up colorful tablecloths in pink, yellow, green, and orange. You can also place a seat cushion in matching color with the tablecloth on each chair. Then, prepare a special food for Mexican party booths. Having a little detail such as colorful plates and flowers also will make a thoughtful Mexican theme decor.

18. Sugar Skull Theme Party

Sugar Skull Theme Party
Source: Pinterest (@naildesigns.com)

Embrace the traditional decoration at your party with Sugar Skull elements. The idea is to put decorative Sugar Skulls on each party props. For instance, customize the Sugar Skull tablecloth and food platter on the table. In addition, you can also have a Sugar Skull mask for the decoration. Moreover, combine the Sugar Skull decor with iconic Mexican symbols such as Ukulele and Mexican puppets.

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19. Mexican Fruit Party

Mexican Fruit Party
Source: Pinterest (@Patrizi4)

If you need a Mexican themed party idea in the summer, a fruit party would be perfect. You can make a cactus food display from a half of oval watermelon and fruit skewers on it. Moreover, create a unique cowboy character wearing a Sombrero hat to place snacks in it. You can also create a fruit display in a large pot that resembles the cowboy body. Don’t forget to add colorful tablecloth to give the Mexican style party.

20. Mexican Pinata Party

Mexican Pinata Party
Source: Pinterest (@Michelle Torre)

You can go with Pinata if you are looking for fun Mexican games for parties. Consider placing a large colorful unicorn Pinata next to the food display. Decorate the table with colorful tablecloth and flowers. Use colorful crepe papers to make these colorful decorations. Moreover, you can hang some colorful flowers and tassels as the background party.

21. Mexican Gold Anniversary Fiesta

Mexican Gold Anniversary Fiesta
Source: Pinterest (@kaylaeveretts.com)

A perfect Mexican themed party idea for older people, let your grandmother or grandfather have a remarkable party to treasure! Instead of having a colorful tablecloth, you can use gold and red tablecloth for the party table. These colors are a great symbol of maturity and awesomeness of your grandparents. Don’t forget to bring colorful flags, flowers, and Mexican hats for decoration.

22. Frida Kahlo Inspired Party

Mexican Themed Party Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Tamig84)

As one of Mexico’s greatest artists, Frida Kahlo has been inspiring so many people in the world for so many years, in every aspect of life, too. She is remembered for her self-portraits, passion and also vibrant colors. Therefore, this Frida Kahlo-inspired Mexican party will be an excellent idea for your party. You need to make sure to use bold and vibrant colors as the party decoration, and place the face of Frida in a cute and colorful design to make your party become more fun and colorful.

23. Mexican Party at the Beach

Source: Pinterest (@elenadamy.com)

There is nothing more beautiful than having a special beach party to celebrate your birthday, engagement, or wedding. If you are planning on throwing a Mexican party at the beach, you might want to check out this idea. It includes beautiful and colorful Mexican decorations but also includes soft colored elements that will turn your beach party into a moment that all guests will never forget.

24. Private and Intimate Mexican Wedding Party

Source: Pinterest (@mujerde10.com)

This next idea is perfect for those of you, who are about to throw a special wedding party for your loved ones and family. Since it’s a private and intimate party decor, there is no need to put too many elements to it. For this one, we have to say that less is more. Add some Mexican-themed hanging decorations in white, and use earth-toned elements as the table decorations including the flowers, table runner and plates. We can assure you that your wedding party will be the one you’ll never forget.

25. Colorful Cinco De Mayo party

Source: Pinterest (@momooze.com)

It’s time to celebrate Cinco De Mayo in style with this next Mexican party idea. For this idea, you will need to prepare colorful party decorations and elements. One of the elements that you must not forget is definitely the cactus decorations. After all, there is no Mexican party without a cactus, right? You can place cactus decor items on the tables and see how it can bring more colors to the party.

26. Boho-Style Mexican Party

Source: Pinterest (@zaitography.com)

Boho-style is one of the most popular decor ideas, which more and more people love, especially when it comes to party decoration. Therefore, we would suggest you combine boho and Mexican decoration to create a stunning boho-style Mexican party for your next special day. Whether it’s your wedding, anniversary or birthday, we have no doubt that this idea would turn your party into something more memorable.

Final Thoughts

Throwing a Mexican themed party is a great way to make a festive and impressive day to remember. Whether you are going to throw a party for children or even your grandparents, a Mexican theme is always suitable for any range of ages. We hope our Mexican themed party ideas above can give you a lot of insights for your upcoming party!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do you need for a Mexican themed party?

A Mexican themed party is distinctive due to the music, dancing, and food. So, you need traditional music, such as the Mariachi, to be played at these gatherings. Typical Mexican fare including rice pudding, churros, salsas, taquitos, sopapillas, and tortillas also should be served at festivities, along with traditional Mexican cocktails. For the best Mexican themed party idea, you can check it out in the article above.

How do you throw a good Mexican party?

The Mexican food will be the highlight of a good Mexican themed party idea. In huge margarita glasses or molcajetes, serve salsa or garnishes. Then, use toothpicks in solid colors or the Mexican flag and little papel picado banners to adorn cuisine. Moreover, fill a sombrero with chips and place it atop a cake stand. On serving platters, place a miniature centerpiece with a Mexican theme.

What is a Mexican themed party like?

Mexican parties always feature colorful decorations. Besides, they also play some fun traditional songs to sing and dance together. Not to mention, the Mexican delicacy is always served at the Mexican theme party.

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