20 Unique Ways on How to Celebrate Star Wars Day at Work 

Star Wars Day is one of the best days of the year! This May the 4th, why not celebrate Star Wars Day at work with some of these fun activities? From creative DIY crafts to snazzy snacks and hilarious memes, there’s something here for every level of fangirl or fanboy. And, if you’re a Star Wars fanatic, it means one more excuse to dress up as your favorite character at work. Who knows? Maybe even your coworkers will join the fun!

As Star Wars Day is coming up, you need to find ways to celebrate the best space opera in history. Therefore, we have compiled the best and unique activities you can do, celebrating Star Wars Day at the office. Whether you’re at work or in a meeting, you can use these ideas to make your day memorable.

1. Do Simple Star Wars Cosplay

Maybe your daily outfit is boring and needs a little bit of a makeover in the Star Wars celebration. On this special day, you can have a Star Wars dress code at your workplace. Choose a black vest with a white shirt, do Han Solo cosplay or simply wear a buckethead! If you want to still have a casual Star Wars outfit, you can wear a tan jacket with khakis that resembles Luke or a brown bathrobe that is similar to an Obi Wan costume.

2. Write Email with Funny Star Wars Memes

Only for this special day, bring smiles to your coworkers by adding funny Star Wars memes on your body email. We recommend you to find inspiration at Pinterest for more Star Wars memes with office humors. For example, you can add the cats with lightsabers or disco-dancing Chewbaccain the end of your email, making a cool way to say “Best Regards”!

3. Listen to Star Wars Soundtrack

Do you want to have relaxing music to improve your mood at work? As a Star Wars fan, listening to Star Wars music from John William is a genuine therapy. Still need more of a boost? In our opinion, you should spend 10 hours listening to Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes play the Cantina song continuously. Star Wars good music will make you relax and focus while preparing your next weekly reports!

4. Use Star Wars Languages

If you’re a fan of Star Wars, you undoubtedly already know that there are many distinct alien languages spoken in that galaxy far, far away. So, one of the best activities to celebrate Star Wars Day is using their unique language! For example, you can say Su cuy’gar (hello), Vor entye (thank you), and Ret’urcye mhi (goodbye) to communicate with other employees.

5. Bring Star Wars Themed Treats

The employee who brings meals to work is well-liked by all. Therefore, a menu that is extra-special for May 4th is required. Return to Tatooine with a recipe for Jabbacado toast that is both healthy and delicious. In addition, don’t forget to prepare desserts! For dessert, you can make a scrumptious batch of Lula donuts from Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

6. Make DIY Tauntaun to Go to Work

DIY Tauntaun (Source : pinterest)

The wind-blasted snow plains of Hoth are home to a species of snow lizard known as a tauntaun. On this special day, you can make your own tauntaun as your “transportation” to the office. You may create your own vehicle by combining a broomstick, an alpaca mask, and some ram horns. Let this unique “snow lizard” impress your coworkers as you park it at the office pantry!

7. Play “Would You Rather” Star Wars Edition

Would You Rather (Source : thequiz)

A simple but fun game is a great tool to strengthen the relationship of Star Wars fans at the office. Test them if they are diehard fans or just new to Star Wars with the would you rather game. There are two ideas on each card, and you must decide which one you “would prefer” to happen. With these questions, find out if people would prefer to pilot the Millennium Falcon or a pod racer!

8. Diss on Star Wars Style

Perhaps it isn’t appropriate to swear at the office. However, you can use Star Wars words as the alternatives. Use one of these venerable Star Wars taunts to disparage someone if there are coworkers who offend you. Bantha Fodder is a way of saying “bulls**t”. Meanwhile, Son of a Bantha is similar to “son of a b***h”, a derogatory term used around the galaxy.

9. Coloring Star Wars Pages

Coloring Star Wars Page (Source : pinterest)

Sometimes you need healing activities to release your stress at work. If so, take a break from all the activity and sit down with some Star Wars coloring pages. You can buy those coloring books from Amazon. Or simply print a Darth Vader Star Wars coloring page from the internet. Use your markers and highlighters to create a masterpiece in celebrating Star Wars Day.

10. Call Your Subordinate “Padawan,” and Your Superiors “Master”

Youngling, Padawan, Knight, and Jedi Master are the four fundamental ranks of the Jedi Order. Celebrate Star Wars at your workplace by calling your coworkers based on the Jedi Order. It gives the Star Wars vibe, as if you are living in space! Working will be more fun and less pressure as you get a personal and favorite nickname to each other.

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11. Set the Imperial March as Your Ringtone

For those who need a “wake up” ringtone during the late afternoon at the office, try to set the Imperial March by John William. The loud boom of the brass instruments makes the Imperial March heavy and thick. It is a great song that portrays militaristic marching triplet figures on the upbeats, perfect to show respect on Star Wars Day. So, whenever the boss calls you, you’ll be ready to pick up!

12. Have a Laser Sword Battle

When it comes to a Star Wars themed-party, a laser sword battle is a must. Since you are at the office, use any number of everyday objects such as highlighters, rulers, pencils, or even bananas you’ve got from the cafeteria. Ask your coworkers to participate in this dramatic scene, celebrating Star Wars Day at the office with some fun battle scenario.

13. Connect with Star Wars Fans as a Mentor

Suppose you are the “Jedi Master” in Star Wars, use this special day to teach some new Star Wars fans at work. You will definitely be a good mentor for them! Share your knowledge about Star Wars, tell them how fans celebrate all Star Wars stuff. After all, Star Wars is all about connecting with others, developing your own path, and occasionally using your wits to lift objects while upside down.

14. Use MTFBWY Auto-Signature

Use MTFBWY Auto-Signature

This is a simple way to say “Good Luck” to your coworkers after writing a long email, telling them their next assignments. Especially when you have a big project that needs a lot of consideration, the abbreviation will work like magic! Let non Star Wars fans guess the meaning or search on the internet by themselves. Who knows, you may get more Star Wars fans at the office with this cool auto-signature!

15. Take Yoda Master’s Advice

Take Yoda Master’s Advice

Just like a life motto, Jedi Master quotes will be a great medium to inspire you whenever you get a tough project. Remember when Yoda Master said, “Decide how you must serve them best. If you leave now, help them you could, but you will destroy all for which they have fought and suffered.” Moreover, don’t forget the “Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose” quote. This is a great reminder to always work to the fullest and never give up.

16. Test Your Luck on Star Wars Bingo

Star Wars Bingo (Source : papertraildesign)

Inspired by the classic bingo, you can spend the break time at the office to test your luck as Star Wars fans! Ask your coworkers to prepare their own bingo table, write Star Wars stuff on each box on their own. Cross those boxes when the participants mention the Star Wars related words that are available. This is a good way to check if you and your coworkers have similar thinking of Star Wars or not.

17. Share Star Wars Light Up Cards

Share Star Wars Light Up Cards
Light Up Cards (Source : leftbraincraftbrain)

Show your sweet and thoughtful side on this special day by giving your coworkers Star Wars light up cards. In fact, you can create it on your own to add the level of personalization. Create Star Wars objects that will beautifully shine such as lightsabers or the buckethead on the card with colored plastic. Place a mini LED light behind the card so it will shine through the Star Wars object you’ve made!

18. Bring Star Wars Bento Box

Bring Star Wars Bento Box

Creating a unique bento box is not only fun for children, but also for grown up Star Wars fans! Before going to work, make sure you wake up early to prepare a bento box in Star Wars edition. Just like the regular lunch box, put nutritious food in your box. However, use your creativity to make Darth Vader hard boiled egg, the BB-8 cheese, and the Death Star apple. This special menu will increase your appetite at lunch time!

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19. Wear Star Wars Zoom Background

Wear Star Wars Zoom Background

Make your zoom meeting less boring by changing the background into the Star Wars edition. Simply find your best Star Wars background here. In addition to celebrating Star Wars Day, this is also a great way to strengthen the bond of the team. Especially if you work remotely, it makes you feel close to other members as you have similar background themes.

20. Play Galactic Egg Race

Play Galactic Egg Race

In case you are looking for a creative Star Wars inspired game you can play with all coworkers, we suggest that you try the Galactic Egg race. Ask them to bring hard boiled eggs from home. Inspired by Stormtroopers, decorate your eggs using black markers. After your stormtrooper eggs are ready, you can start the racing competition. Look for handrails or sloping fields as a race track. See how fast your stormtroopers can go!

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Final Thoughts

As Star Wars fans, May 4th is a remarkable moment to celebrate. On this day, you can apply Star Wars good and fun stuff to light up your hectic working life at the office. Besides, this is also a great moment to strengthen relationships with your coworkers. In our opinion, doing Star Wars fun and unique activities at work will radiate positive energy to your surroundings. May the force be with you!

How do you celebrate May the Fourth?

Since it is Star Wars Day on May 4, it’s the ideal excuse to nerd out on all things Star Wars. You can simply watch one of the movies, work on a Star Wars craft project or go all out and celebrate everything Star Wars. If you are looking for fun activities you can do at work, please read the article above.

What do people do for Star Wars Day?

As Star Wars fans, people will love to do Star Wars inspired activities. For example, they may prepare some Star Wars treats or make Star Wars bento boxes. Or, they will play Star Wars edition games together to celebrate Star Wars Day.

What do you say on Star Wars Day with coworkers?

You can say the motto of Star Wars Day which is “May the Fourth be with you.” It’s a play on the famous Star Wars phrase “May the Force be with you” that symbolizes “Good Luck.” In fact, Star Wars Day is an unofficial celebration on May 4th, which honors the Star Wars film series.

Why must you celebrate May the 4th?

It is important for fans since May 4, often known as “May the Fourth Be With You,” is a day set aside to honor everything Star Wars. As most fans are aware, the line “May the force be with you” uttered by Jedi masters in the films led to May 4th becoming known as Star Wars Day. In case you are looking for fun ways to celebrate Star Wars Day at work, go check our article above.

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