25 Cool Bento Boxes for Bento Enthusiasts

We all want to have a healthy lunch everyday, and that’s a fact. To make sure our nutritions intake is adequate, bring our own lunch box to work or school is always a great idea. Plus, you can also choose your own lunch box to make your lunch more exciting and not to mention, enjoyable. With so many choices of lunch boxes out there, you might want to consider having a bento box, which is a multi-compartment box used to contain different courses of Japanese lunch. Basically, a bento box is a Japanese lunch box that has several compartments to allow you pack several portions of lunch meal at once.

Originally, a bento box was made of wood. As time goes by, you can find now find countless bento boxes made of other materials as well, including plastic or aluminum. If you’re currently looking for the perfect bento box to match your taste, sit tight!

Because we have collected 25 cool bento boxes to help you find the best one, whether its for your own personal use, or for your kids and loved ones.

Bento boxes are convenient to use, relatively cheap, and easy to find. Everyone can use bento boxes to bring the food they want to school, work, traveling journey, or anywhere. Bento boxes also gain popularity due to people’s creativity in packing their lunch on social media. You can shape your meal into cute and famous characters like others.

Are Bento Boxes Safe?

The bento boxes use food-safe materials and eco-friendly materials, so they are very safe. Especially the plastic and the silicon bento boxes, they must be a BPA-free food grade to be used. Some of them are microwave friendly, so you will be able to reheat your food with the cool bento box.

BEST And Awesome Bento Boxes

1. Japanese Traditional Wooden Lunch Box

Japanese Traditional Wooden Lunch Box

To start off with the list, we bring you a bento box that comes in its original shape. Made of wood, this traditional Japanese wooden lunch box will take you back to it’s authentic bento-style lunch. Set your lunch meals inside the box and arrange them neatly into the double-layered containers. The divider is removable to match your meal quantity and menu of the day. Moreover, the whole box uses a natural camphor wooden with a natural paint that passes the nutritional requirement.

2. Personalized Japanese Wooden Lunch Box

Personalized Japanese Wooden Lunch Box

Moving on the next item on the list, we’re still recommending a traditional Japanese box but this one comes in the shape of oval. This oval wooden bento box is a good start for you to live an eco-friendly life without plastic. It comes with a cutlery set and you can get your name or initials engraved using a heat tool to make it more personal and memorable. So, grab this bento box and start your healthy lifestyle now!

3. Double Layered Wooden Bento

Double Layered Wooden Bento

What can we say, we just can’t get enough of these wooden bento boxes! This double-layered bento box is made specifically for you who enjoy a large portion of lunch. This item comes with a cotton bag. For that reason, you can choose to purchase the box only, or you can have bamboo cutlery set with a matching design pocket bag to the big bag as a complete set. The Japanese-inspired bento box offers convenience in carrying your packed lunch, both to school or work.

4. Salad Lunch Container To-Go

Salad Lunch Container To-Go

This salad lunch container perfectly fits anyone who recently started their healthy diet programs. This bento box can contain an enormous portion of salad in the big salad bowl. On top of that, you can place assorted ingredients on the top container. If that’s not enough for you, it also has 4-side locking tabs to provide no leaking system. Definitely a bento box to own!

5. Premium Bento Lunch Box

Premium Bento Lunch Box

The two stack-able compartments can bring many foods inside. This cool bento box can prevent you from ordering takeaways for a healthier lifestyle. It includes many small but essential things like a divider, sauce cup, cutlery, as well as chopsticks. Moreover, the premium bento box releases various colors as an option.

6. Versatile Compartment Bento Box

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Having this 4-compartment bento box will be an advantage. This bento box provides you with great features that include microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. You can use it either to pack a lunch out or to store leftovers in the fridge. The lid closes tightly with the airtight seal gasket feature, so feel free to put it inside your backpack along with documents or a notebook.

7. Mini Bento Box

4 Compartment Bento Box

Packing a box of snacks for your kids when they’re going to a friend’s house for group homework is a brilliant idea. For that particular reason, we recommend you to purchase this mini bento box, which will accommodate the right portion of snacks for your kids to enjoy with their friends. The set comes with a spork (spoon-fork) so this bento box is definitely worth buying. Moreover, you can also use this bento box to control your meal during a healthy diet program.

8. Leak-Proof Stacking Bento Box

Leak-Proof Stacking Bento Box

The leak-proof and stack-able bento box allows you to bring any kind of meals you cooked at home. Every container has its own airtight seal lid, so it keeps your food in its original state and taste. If you want to reheat the soup you carry for lunch, do not forget to put the container without the lid inside the microwave. 

9. To Go Collection Bento Box

To Go Collection Bento Box

This square bento box is one of the To-Go Collections. The compact plastic lunch box consists of two removable trays and three compartments. In addition, this cool bento box also comes with a yogurt or sauce container. It’s a perfect bento box for people who are trying to limit non-healthy food consumption. So live a healthy life with this bento box!

10. Cute Lunch Box with Insulated Bag

Cute Lunch Box with Insulated Bag

Pack various kinds of foods for a picnic or camping trip with the 3-tiers lunch box. It gives you many rooms to share your food with others, using the actual six food containers and a cap bowl. You can only use the needed container and make it a lower stack-able bento box. Plus, you will also get a container bag to bring the bento box outside with no hassle.

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11. Eco-Friendly Bento Box

Eco-Friendly Bento Box

For a small eater, this single bento box is perfect for getting the right portion for you. It uses wheat fiber as its main material, and guess what? It’s eco-friendly and biodegradable. The lid has a multi-functional feature to hold your utensil and a cell phone holder when you finish your lunch. Remember to remove the box’ lid before reheating your food in the microwave. If you’re a small eater who loves healthy food and the environment, then this cool bento box is definitely made for you.

12. Double Layer Bento Box

Double Layer Bento Box

The double-layer bento box will be your best lunchtime companion. Your lunch will stay warm up to three hours after it’s packed, so you don’t have to worry about enjoying a cold meal. A big capacity for a total of 1,300ml provides you the capability to bring as many foods as you want. The plastic utensil and a stainless bowl will come as a set for you.

13. Personalized Eco-Friendly Bento Box

Personalized Eco-Friendly Bento Box

To keep your family healthy, you can pack a nutritious meal with the eco-friendly bento box. It uses wheat straw material that is food-grade safe. The long lock keeps all three containers in a safe stack. Also, you can purchase a soup cup set as a bundle. Personalize each box with a graphic or name of your preferred style.

14. Microwave Portable Lunch Box

Microwave Portable Lunch Box

The two-tier bento box is perfect for your kids as they will be happy to have their lunch inside this cute bento box. This item is microwave friendly, which allows you to reheat your food before eating. It can carry a complete meal menu for your active and busy family members. In addition, the four-side locks keep your packed lunch steady.

15. Stainless Steel Leak-Proof

Stainless Steel Leak-Proof

For an active individual with lots of meetings and appointments, a simple bento box made of stainless-steel is the one thing you need. As a perfect bento box for working adults, this item will let you bring the simple yet delicious packed meal to enjoy in between your working hours. This bento box gives you choices to have one or two dividers with the big container, or not use it at all. Everything is yours to decide.

16. Classic Lunch Box

Classic Lunch Box

When your man has a fishing plan with his friends this weekend, then you can use this classic lunch box to bring him sandwiches, wraps, or any other meals. You can also place the food into a bento-style instead of ordinary food storage. This bento box is easy to carry with its handle on the top of the box.

17. Silicon Food Storage

cool bento boxes

Grab this complete set of four silicone food storage and let them be your new and adorable bento boxes. Each color container can hold any menu and snack for your lunch supply. Instead of just having the adorable and fresh colors, these silicon bento boxes also have so much more features to offer. They are collapsible to 1/3 their original size. So, you will have extra space after you eat your packed meal.

18. 5 Compartments Stainless Steel

cool bento boxes

This stainless-steel bento box allows you to reheat your food without any hassle. Being complete weak-free, you can actually pour hot water below the stainless inner tray with your food in it. The big compartment is divided into five sections to keep every different menu safe and fresh until lunchtime. 

19. Unicorn Bento Lunch Box

Unicorn Bento Lunch Box

The leak-resistant bento box is an excellent choice for your youngest kid at home. You can safely store various menus like fresh fruits, vegetables, snacks, and many more. In addition, it also offers you an effortless cleaning, only by removing the inner tray. Besides the cute unicorn design that your toddler likes, there are many available kids-friendly designs for you to choose from.

20. Robot Bento Box

cool bento boxes

You can allow your kids to pack their lunch themselves with this robot bento box. Assembling the cool bento box like this can be a super fun activity to do in the morning before the bus school arrives. Comes in two color options; green and pink, you can choose based on your little ones’ favorites.

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21. Strawberry Bento Box

cool bento boxes

Still searching here and there for the perfect bento box for your youngest daughter? Well if you ask us, then this strawberry bento box is definitely our top recommendation. It has a double-layer container, which allows you to put plentiful of rice on the bottom layer and side dishes on the top. A yellow separator between the top and bottom container holds the utensil firmly for convenience eating access. Moreover, It also helps to keep the food from leaking.

22. Fish Shape Bento Box

cool bento boxes

If you are traveling with kids, it’s completely normal to bring supplies like diapers, milk, meals, etc. This fish-shaped bento box will be perfect for storing their meal during the trip. Your children can directly eat from the pink bento box without any big trouble at all. Both the container and the spoon are BPA-free, so it’s totally safe for your children.

23. Bento Box for Toddler

cool bento boxes

This cool bento box is the must-have lunch container for you if your children like various menus for their lunch. It has five compartments of different sizes for different menus. In addition, the colorful box also comes with a pair of stainless spoons and a fork.

24. Owl Shape Bento Box

cool bento boxes

We are delighted to recommend you this cute bento box as the perfect lunch box for the kids. You can use the two compartments of the owl bento box to bring a meal and sliced fruit for them. The safety clip on the left and right will be the owl’s wings when open. It’s available in various colors with different facial expressions. Now that you know why this adorable bento box is perfect for your adorable kids, you better grab this box now before it runs out!

25. Brick Design Bento Box

cool bento boxes

If your child loves Lego, then you can give this cool bento box as their birthday gift. They will definitely use the brick bento box to school every day. They can brag to their friends about the bento box and the meals. The colorful boxes will give them a good mood to eat up their meal and go back to study or play with their friends.

Final Thoughts

The best thing about a bento box is that it has different compartments to place your dishes separately, keeping your lunch fresh to consume although it was prepared early in the morning. If you’re one of those who love to have your lunch inside a bento box, we hope our list of some cool bento boxes can provide you with some inspirations on the next bento box to have.

It has transformed into more than just a simple lunch box with three or four compartments inside. It is now a box with unique design and features like a designated compartment to store your spoon, fork or knife, and a special design that will your kids excited to have their lunch with a Lego bento box.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which bento box is best?

The best bento box would be a lunch box that can carry many foods at once, like this 3-tier bento box. However, for a worker, a single or double-layer bento box that is available to reheat will top the list. Accommodating the needs of the people whose lunch is packed to work, school, or other places will be the best bento box duty.

Do adults use bento boxes?

Yes. Many adults use bento box to bring their packed meals to their workplace. The bento box gives a big help for bringing the homemade food anywhere they want. A simple lunch box like this eco-friendly bento box can fit an adult portion of appetizer, main, and dessert.

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