25 Lovely And Special Traditional Japanese Gifts

We all know Japan, the land of the Gods and the goddess, the country where the sunshine is aesthetically cooperating with you to make the best memories in your life. Japan is also famous for its high-quality merchandise, gifts, and souvenirs. However, this dreamy country is a bit far and it will take a lot of time and money to go there. But thanks to technology, we can now have the freedom to buy Japanese gifts online, whether it’s for ourself or for our loved ones.

Excited about everything about Japan, but you don’t have time to go to that land of Sakura? Here you can find many traditional Japanese items that you might never have any idea about before! Make everything Japanese gifts special with this list of recommendations you don’t want to miss. Collect it and feel the ambience of Japan right in the comfort of your own home!

Traditional Japanese Birthday Gifts

Is your Japanese friend’s birthday coming really soon? Whether he/she is Japanese or just someone who truly loves Japanese culture, this list of traditional Japanese birthday gifts will be just perfect to be wrapped and sent to your friend right away!

1. Traditional Japanese Cherry Blossom Snow Globe

Traditional Japanese Cherry Blossom Snow Globe

What other item can remind you of Japan more than this Cherry Blossom snow globe? This item will let you own the feeling of walking under the rain of sakura flowers in your grasp. Moreover, you can also feel the heartwarming scenery from this clear glass globe.

2. Traditional Tales of Japan

Traditional Tales of Japan

Japan is famous for its culture, which cannot be separated from its legends and mythology. Many tales of Japan are told in bedtime stories, based on religion and also culture. For a friend who’s interested to learn more about Japanese culture and tales, this item will be a great gift. Your friend will be able to see how the God and Goddess live among the citizens of Japan in this book of Japanese folklore

3. Traditional Bamboo Matcha Tea Whisk Set

Traditional Bamboo Matcha Tea Whisk Set

Give your friend this lovely matcha whisk set, and let him or her explore the sensation of making indigenous green tea in Japan. Come to you with the bowl, sieve, whisk, the bamboo spoon, and also a tiny little duck as the spoon’s holder. In short, this set is the perfect gift to become the beginner set for Japanese taste!

4. Traditional Japanese Silk Yukata

Traditional Japanese Silk Yukata

This silk-like robe is well decorated with the traditional Japanese painting that looks bright and lovely. Wear it and enjoy the feeling of conventional Japanese women during the traditional festival in this Yukata! This item would be the perfect gift for a collector of Japanese items, or for an individual who loves Japan.

5. Traditional Japanese Sandal

Traditional Japanese Sandal

Give this traditional Japanese Sandal to your birthday girl and let her sense the feeling of aristocratic Japanese women walking on the fresh soil. Made of Paulownia wood, this sandal is very good for your health. It stimulates your sweat and also heat through your feet.

6. Traditional Japanese Incense Sticks

Traditional Japanese Incense Sticks

Bring the sensation of Japan right to your senses! These Japanese scented incense sticks mix sandalwood, cinnamon, and herbal spices together to light up your room. By having this item, you can definitely feel the Plum Blossom of Japanese without having to get up from your bed!

7. Traditional Japanese Suzune Mask

Traditional Japanese Suzune Mask

Take a look at this cute Kitsune mask, which is the old Japanese mythology. It would be suitable as a birthday gift, or to add an excellent item to your Japanese item collection. The bright white with red and gold ornaments perfectly represents the contrasting character on the legend itself.

Handmade Traditional Japanese Gifts

Everyone loves the authenticity of a hand-making item, while some are just really into rare items. They would be really happy to have those items, since those items will never be the same as other people’s. Curious about what the best handmade traditional Japanese gifts that you can find? Here, we collect it into a list just for you!

8. Traditional Authentic Japanese Tea Cup

Traditional Authentic Japanese Tea Cup

What could be more authentic than drinking Japanese green tea from this exquisite traditional teacup? This rare handmade item is a must-have for everyone who are interested in the culture of Japan, since it resembles and represents it all!

9. Traditional Japanese Shibori Robe

Traditional Japanese Shibori Robe

Imagine using this traditional Japanese robe around the house while feeling the luxurious Japanese vibe! Handmade using the Shibori techniques, every robe will have a different pattern for each piece. Use it in your house during the day or night, especially after taking a long shower of self-care routine. 

10. Traditional Japanese Curtain

Traditional Japanese Curtain

This traditional Japanese room divider is called Noren. Usually, this item is used as the house protector from the wind and dust. It also used to separate two rooms inside the house from one another.  The indigo dye, famous for the name Aizome, looks calming yet authentic. This Aizome Noren is handmade, which means that it could be different from one to another. 

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11. Traditional Japanese Style Handmade Pet Collar

Traditional Japanese Gifts

Look at this cute collar for your pet! With the traditional Japanese style and a little bell with the head of Shiba Inu, it would be perfect to see it around your pet’s neck. Made of high-quality cotton, this handmade collar can also be customized with your pet’s name.

12. Traditional Japanese Style Whiskey Glass

Traditional Japanese Gifts

Handcrafted with precision, this Japanese Sengen Whiskey Glass is authentically unique! This glass has different distinctive models from one to another. Having this glass means giving a new experience of enjoying your favorite whiskey in your hand. For extra safety, this item is shipped in a safe and aesthetic wooden gift box.

13. Traditional Japanese Hand Towel

Traditional Japanese Gifts

This traditional Japanese hand towel is decorated with bright yellow color and also a gold koi fish that not only resembles luck, but also picturing tranquillity in life. Handmade in a particular production house, this soft towel is perfect for a special gift!

14. Traditional Japanese Style Bag

Traditional Japanese Gifts

This bag was carefully made by hand using premium material on every inch and detail. Presenting the traditional Japanese painting, this bag is a perfect addition to your outfit, as well as to wear on a daily basis! Show it off to everyone to prove how pretty it is on you.

Traditional Japanese Gifts for Couples

Are you wondering what would be the perfect gift for your relative’s wedding or anniversary? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back here! You can find the best Traditional Japanese gift for the lovely couple in your life, in case you’re running out of ideas!

15. Traditional Japanese Kintsugi Ceremony Kit

Traditional Japanese Gifts

Have you ever heard about this Kintsugi ritual for couples? Kintsugi is the art of pottery to bring the broken ceramic together using silver or even gold. This technique teaches the couple that even the broken pieces could be fixed. Although it might not be as perfect as it was, it can look even more beautiful with their flaws. Therefore, this is the perfect and meaningful gift for a couple!

16. Traditional Japanese Custom Kanji Calligraphy

Traditional Japanese Gifts

Get this traditional Japanese Kanji calligraphy as a gift that you can customize. You can put a name on the top of the golden Kanji word (Japanese letter) that means ‘Love’! Personalize this gift as a special present for a new couple or as an anniversary gift. Without a doubt, this item will grant couples with the best Japanese cultural art they ever have!

17. Traditional Japanese Custom Chopstick

Traditional Japanese Gifts

Experience a fancy Japanese dinner with your loved one using these traditional Japanese art chopsticks! Engrave your name on the chopstick to make it more personal, and take it anywhere you go! Using the non-toxic premium wood, this beautiful chopstick will last a lifetime and surely won’t do any harm to your body.

18. Traditional Japanese Style Wedding Ring

Traditional Japanese Gifts

This gorgeous mokume band is perfect for couples! Using the Mokume technique or noticeable with the wave, this handmade ring will always look different from one to another; means that you will never find any identical ring to the one you have, anywhere in the world.

Traditional Japanese Gifts for Friends

Give your dear friends one of these magnificent traditional Japanese gifts, and have a stronger bond of friendship! Play and explore these gifts with your friend as you plan for a long-waited Japanese trip!

19. Traditional Japanese Green Tea Kit

Traditional Japanese Gifts

Moving on to the next item on this list, you can definitely enjoy and be creative with this one! This box consists of 15 ingredients of green tea that you can mix anyway you like! The herbs and green tea are imported from the best place, which will provide you with the best green tea experience. So what are you waiting for? Discover new tastes every day as you put what is in your mood today into your glass.

20. Traditional Japanese Wooden Shogi Game

Traditional Japanese Gifts

As seen in many comics and anime, this traditional Japanese game is famous for its originality. Japan has special Shogi competitions, ranging from small to big tournaments, which why Shogi is a big thing in Japan. This little wooden pack would be a perfect gift for those who just learned the basic of Shogi game, which can be the way to find out more about Japanese culture.

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21. Traditional Japanese Kendama Juggling Ball

Traditional Japanese Gifts

Rewind your childhood memories with this traditional Japanese kids’ play, called the Kendama juggling ball. Not only fun, this toy can also train your concentration and balance. Try to toss the ball to one of the side cups. It may sounds easy, but in reality it’s not as easy as it sounds. The more you play this game, the more you will feel the addiction of Kendama!

22. Traditional Japanese Painting Wall Decor

Traditional Japanese Gifts

Decorate your home interior with this undisputed beauty of the Japanese vibe pictured in vintage color, made by Utagawa Hiroshige. Look at the blossom flowers taking place in Ueno Shimizu main hall. You can see people walking around while enjoying the fresh air, as seen in this painting!

23. Traditional Japanese Painting Poker Cards

Traditional Japanese Gifts

Bring more fun to your classic card game with this Japanese style of poker cards! Play it with your friends while adoring the fascinating view and painting of Japanese scenery. Brought to you by Hasui Kawase, this card will look cool, and also fun to play with!

24. Traditional Japanese Sake Set

Traditional Japanese Sake Set

There is no better way to drink sake than using this special traditional ceramic sake glass and sake pot. Whether you love it warm or cold, this charming sake set is made with love, especially for you to experience the best feeling of drinking sake in Japan, without having to fly out of your country!

25. Traditional Japanese Chef Knife

Traditional Japanese Gifts

This sharp, luxurious knife is designed by hand by the best sculptor in Japan. Claimed to be resistant over a generation, this indigenous knife is widely used as a chef knife in Japan to make a precise cut of sushi fish or show off the omurice. This item is a perfect addition to your collection, which can also give you the best experience to cook like a true Japanese chef!

Final Thoughts

Japan is a beautiful country with breathtaking landscape and amazing culture, rich of traditional heritage. Moreover, Japan is also known as a country that produces high-quality products, making it one of the countries in the world that produces world-class products. Having said all that, we can assure you that giving traditional Japanese gifts to our loved ones is an amazing idea, especially those who love Japanese culture.

There are countless options of traditional Japanese gifts to choose from, but in our opinion, the best way to pick the best one is by making sure the gift will come useful for the receiver. For instance, you can buy a set of Japanese knives for a chef, or you can get a Japanese tea set for someone who loves to enjoy a cup of hot tea in the morning. For more options, make sure you check out our list, and we believe you will find the one you’ve been looking for in no time.

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What are the best traditional Japanese gifts for couples?

The best traditional Japanese gift for a couple will be the Kintsugi repairing kit, as it is not just an ordinary technique of repairing the pottery, but also teaches the couple about many philosophies of life. Tighten the couple’s bonding and preach a new mindset and principle to their marriage.

What are the best traditional Japanese gifts for friends?

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What gifts do Japanese girls like?

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