Bedtime Story Phone Projection Accessory

The Bedtime Story Phone Projection Accessory makes the bedtime story time much more engaging and enjoyable for both you and your child.

Even though we don’t exactly remember our bedtime stories, we still remember that warm and happy feeling of listening to the stories about our favorite heroes and the soft voice telling us the fairy tales.

And this amazing phone gadget for parents will manage to bring those stories to life, so  that your child can enjoy them even more than you used to.

This accessory uses the flash of your phone to project the pictures from the stories onto a ceiling or a wall. 

Bedtime Story Phone Projection Accessory

It comes with an ingenious app, that shows you the bits of the story to read and turns “the pages” for you as you turn the reel of the projector.

It even has sweet sound effects that will aid you with the storytelling and will make the time spent even more special.

 Bedtime Story Phone Projection Accessory

The storytelling time will not be the same as it was before for you or your little kid, because sometimes it’s feels good to shut the whole world out and enjoy the fairy tales with your children.  

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