25 Best Unique Paperweights That Worth Buying

The unique paperweights provide a different experience than usual. Stunning accents and colors make these items much sought after by people, especially office people. Do you always use paperweights to make it easier to keep important paper or documents on your desk? The unique paperweights besides having functional value, these items have also been considered collectible art objects. Collectors seek and appreciate the unique paperweights for their beauty, creativity, and rarity.

Do you need paperweights for work or daily needs? Are you bored with conventional paperweight designs? And are you a paperweight collector who is completing a collection? Here we present 25 useful and unique paperweights for collectors that you can consider ordering.

Best Unique Glass Paperweights

Paperweights are usually made of glass. Glass material will provide an adequate load to hold paper or documents. Here are the recommendations for the best unique glass paperweights that have stunning colors and designs:

1. Beautiful Turquoise and White Glass Paperweight

Beautiful Turquoise and White Glass Paperweight

Do you need a paperweight that has adequate weight to hold multiple documents? The unique paperweights enhance that desire in an incredibly artistic way. The centerpiece of this cool item made of premium glass features a unique twisted pattern in dark blue and white with two large air bubbles embracing the color. The charming sea wave pattern makes this item unique.

2. Cremation Glass Paperweight

Cremation Glass Paperweight

Lovers of the beautiful galaxy pattern will love this unique paperweight made of glass. Made from a combination of smoked gold and silver dichroic making this item a collectible item. This cool item brings a beautiful and unique spiral design to fulfill the desire for unconventional beauty. These glass paperweights are the perfect desk accessory, a gift for a loved one, or a gift for yourself.

3. Crystal Clear Bubble Trio Paperweight

Crystal Clear Bubble Trio Paperweight

Christmas is coming! The tiring office work will soon be over. Organize all your paper and work using the unique paperweights. This cool item brings the Christmas and New Year atmosphere to your desk. Each piece of glass is formed from molten glass spun and machined into a spherical shape. Snowballs neatly stacked in a glass ball make this item unique and worth buying.

4. Seashell Art Glass Paperweight

Seashell Art Glass Paperweight

Do you have a friend who is a sea lover and likes to collect paperweights? The unique paperweights that carry exotic seashell designs are an exciting choice. In addition to holding paper, this amazing item can be used as a display that can attract the attention of every guest who visits your home. The black hue in the natural base color makes it unique and unmatched.

5. Pyramid Paper Weight

Pyramid Paper Weight

The unique paperweights are always fun to collect. The artistic and ancient shape of the pyramid comes together in a stunning work of optical crystal glass art. You will be able to hold the paper properly while getting positive energy from this cool item. The pedestal that has beautiful ornaments makes this product unique and can also be used as home decoration.

6. OISEGOP Handmade Creative Glass Water Drop Paperweight

OISEGOP Handmade Creative Glass Water Drop Paperweight

Like a refreshing drop of water. All your work on paper will feel better and fresher to look at thanks to the help of the unique paperweights. Hand-blown glass art is a unique piece of art that is both functional and decorative. The aerodynamic shape makes this item worth considering as a unique collection.

7. 3D Laser Constellation Crystal Ball Crystal Paperweight

3D Laser Constellation Crystal Ball Crystal Paperweight

Zodiac lovers will love the unique paperweights that come with the unique zodiac design. This cool item is upholstered in a unique sliver for a sturdy look and features a brown sandbag. Handcrafted and polished crystal glass material makes this item unique with its advanced inner 3D laser engraving technology.

8. Lotus Crystal Glass Figurine Paperweight

Lotus Crystal Glass Figurine Paperweight

The blooming lotus flower is a sign of good fortune. Lotus Crystal Glass comes in natural and artistic forms with beautiful and vivid colors. Lotus is a universal symbol of purity and enlightenment that creates harmony and a sense of optimism. This cool item can be a functional decoration on your desk.

9. Murano Italian Art Glass Paperweight

Murano Italian Art Glass Paperweight

Do you like artistic abstract art? The unique paperweights answer your taste buds in a unique way. This glass paperweight can not only hold your important documents but it can also be used as a beautiful display with a unique binding style. You will be amazed when you see this item in person.

Best Unique Resin Paperweights

Apart from being made of glass, paperweights are also commonly constructed from resin. It is a dense and viscous polymer material. The resin will make the paperweight more durable. Here are the recommendations:

10. Real Flower Paperweight

Real Flower Paperweight

No one ever thought that a beautiful real flower could be preserved and then wrapped in a paperweight made of resin. This makes this item unique. To care for this unique item, all you need is a microfiber cloth or soft cloth that is slightly damp.

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11. Aurora Borealis Resin Paperweight

Aurora Borealis Resin Paperweight

You can now enjoy the rare beauty of the aurora every day through the unique paperweights. Made from a combination of resin, pigment, and wood, this cool item creates a unique and natural aurora pattern. This cool product holds your office work documents well. This unique item features different shades of blue and green, complete with specks of silver dust to simulate tiny stars!

12. Dragon Egg Solid Resin Paperweight 

Dragon Egg Solid Resin Paperweight

Are you looking for the best unique ideas for office gifts? This attractive replica of the green dragon egg paperweight support could be an ideal choice. Keep a good inventory of office documents under items with unique engravings and details.

13. Dandelion Clock Resin Paperweight

Unique Paperweights

Dandelion flower trapped in a glossy paperweight. Made of high-grade resin material, this cool item is durable and scratch-resistant. The stunning flake-like sprinkles make this item unique and impressive. What are you waiting for? Order this quality resin product right away!

14. Winter Polar Bear Diorama Resin Paperweight

Unique Paperweights

This unique paperweight features a white polar bear walking across a glossy blue icy landscape. This is a stunning resin diorama with a cool and unique north polar atmosphere. This amazing item can be given as a unique gift, placed on top of your coat or work rack.

Best Unique Rock Paperweights

Sturdy stone material will hold your documents firmly. Unique paperweights made of stone will be preferred. Here are the recommendations.

15. Vintage Stone Cube Paperweight Pen Holder

Unique Paperweights

Two amazing functions are presented by the unique rock paperweights. You can hold important documents while putting your pen or pencil on this cool item. The grooves and deep holes make this item unique with a smooth surface.

16. Brass Trilobite Rock Paperweight

Unique Paperweights

Are you an ancient fossil rock lover? These unique paperweights are made of hollow rock that forms the fossils of ancient trilobite animals. The gold-tone detailing makes this item much sought after by paperweights collectors.

17. Zen Rock Paperweight

This unique paperweight is made of sturdy zen stone wrapped in a unique rattan rope. This unique item is inspired by the decorative work of Japanese baskets. This unique stone would be a fun item to hold your paper or work documents.

18. Curling Stone Paperweight

Unique Paperweights

The dwarf-like shape makes these unique paperweights unique. Made of smooth river stone, this is a great gift idea for curling enthusiasts. You will get a stone with a red, yellow, and blue handle.

19. Rockcloud Heart Shape Rock Paperweights

Rockcloud Heart Shape Rock Paperweights

Heart puff agate comes as unique paperweights. Beautiful hand-carved accents are perfect for creating a force field to amplify a positive aura. You can hold the paper with this beautiful and unique item to make it look even more fun.

20. Mandala Painted Rock Paperweight

Unique Paperweights

This beautiful Mandala Stone is hand-painted and painted with high-quality Acrylic paint. You will get a unique dimension with the pointillism technique. These items are unique paperweights focused on beautiful and stunning visualizations.

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Best Unique Metal Paperweights

Metal has amazing resistance and durability. Unique paperweights made of metal can be a tough choice. Here are the unique paperweights that are constructed from quality metal.

21. Metal Airplane Paperweight

Unique Paperweights

Are you a lover of the aviation world? Do you have a friend who is a pilot? The unique paperweights with this airplane mode are perfect for him. Antique metallic chrome airplane models can hold important aviation documents properly. Shiny shapes and colors make this item unique.

22. Metal Brass Die Paperweight

Unique Paperweights

The paperweights are laid out as dice on a hexagonal base for an extraordinary uniqueness. Symmetrical dimensions with a strong metal material is the right choice for organizing your documents. Buy now before they run out!

23. Metal Paperweight Pressed Leather Tool

Metal Paperweight Pressed Leather Tool

The combination of high-quality metal and stainless steel makes this unique paperweight strong and anti-rust. Exquisite workmanship ensures excellent surface finishing. Its weight-like shape makes this shiny item unique and worth buying.

24. F-Bomb Paperweight Desk Accessory

Unique Paperweights

Boom! The F-Bomb Paperweight will be a unique explosive on your desk. This unique bomb-shaped item is ideal as the perfect desk accessory for any home or office. This cool item has a clear matte finish to prevent rust.

25. Nautical Rustic Metal Cast Anchor Paperweight

Nautical Rustic Metal Cast Anchor Paperweight

Are you a pirate movie lover? Bring a pirate atmosphere to your desk with the unique paperweights. Excellent anchor decor with a classic vintage rustic appearance. Metal material with a metal finish makes this item unique and perfect for nautical enthusiasts.

Latest Post:

What makes a paperweight valuable?

At first, paperweights have a monotonous shape and color. However, along with the times, paperweights continue to improve in terms of shape and design. The unique paperweights are valuable in terms of color, clarity, and brilliance of the material. The more unique and beautiful the accent on the paperweight, the more valuable it is!

Are old paperweights worth money?

Old school objects have a unique and antique value. Some collectors think that the old paperweight has a high value. The more beautiful, creative, and rare a paperweight is, the more it is worth the money. Collecting old paperweights can be done after production stops as antiques.

How do I know if my paperweights are antique?

What a unique question! Paperweights are considered antique in terms of design, accents, ornaments, and year of manufacture. You can identify it visually by the sharpness of the color and texture of the paperweights. Don’t make the mistake of identifying the uniqueness of paperweights!

How do you clean glass paperweights?

This is an essential question. The unique paperweights must be treated in a proper manner. The best way to clean paperweights is to rub a cotton swab soaked in alcohol or isopropyl. This material will easily remove stains and dirt stuck to the paperweights.

Are paperweights good gifts?

Of course, the answer to this question is YES! Paperweights have the value of functionality to hold your important paper or documents. In addition, paperweights can be used as decorative ornaments so you can display them on your desk or study. The unique paperweights are ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas gifts!

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