Wireless Pocket Scanner

This Wireless Pocket Scanner lets you scan any kind of document or image, regardless of their measurements. Additionally, this amazing gadget is equipped with state-of-the-art text recognition software, that allows you to easily transform paper text and tables into text files and spreadsheets.

It’s light, small and has a built-in illumination system for high-quality images. Moreover, while scanning you can instantly see the result on your computer or tablet.

This cool pocket scanner allows the precision and control over the scanning process and outcome, that you simply can not get when using your smartphone to take pictures of a book page. Plus, this scanner solves the problem of scanning things that don’t fit into a normal scanner.

As it was mentioned earlier, this scanner is equipped with a text recognition system, that can recognize text in over 60 languages. It means that you can not only edit the scanned documents but also translate a scanned menu or flyer on-the-go.

What can I say, except for that it really is a cool gadget, that can definitely make a college student’s life much easier? At least in the scanning aspect of college life. 

 Wireless Pocket Scanner

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