Wall Mounted Log Splitter

This Wall Mounted Log Splitter is an ingenious gadget that will help you create kindling for your fire in an easy and convenient way.

While working on creating kindling with this splitter you won’t have to swing your axe with precision and force. Instead, splitting wood will remind you more of pumping water or using a nutcracker.

To use it, mount the log splitter on a wall, place the log on the lower edge of it and then slice through it with the splitter’s steel cutting wedge. When the wedge gets further through the log, move the log higher up to the second edge and keep cutting through it.

This easy log splitter is also equipped with a lock that will not allow children or any other unqualified person to fiddle with it.

You’ll not only get fresh kindling out of this item, imagine the biceps you’ll wind up with. 

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