26 Best Tumbler Design Ideas that Will Make Your Friends Jealous

Tumblers are a great way to keep your drinks hot or cold while you’re on the go. But, what if you could also make a statement with your tumbler? With the right design, you can! We will give you awesome tumbler design ideas that will bring your tumbler to the next level. From striking patterns to vibrant colors, there are plenty of ways to make your tumbler stand out. 

Whether you’re looking for a fun way to show off your style or simply want something to keep your drinks cold, these tumbler design ideas will definitely help you create a one-of-a-kind look. Here are some of the best tumbler design ideas to make your tumbler stand out from the crowd. 

What Do You Need to Design Tumblers?

To design tumblers, you will need a 3D modeling program, a 3D printer, tumbler-safe paint, and various tools such as scissors, a craft knife, and sandpaper. Additionally, depending on the type of tumbler you are designing, you may also need special supplies such as a vacuum chamber, a vacuum pump, and probably a jig. All of these items are necessary in order to properly design and create tumblers.

Are Custom Tumblers Profitable?

Yes, custom tumblers can be profitable. They can be sold at a higher price than simple tumblers, and they often have higher customer satisfaction due to their unique designs as well. Furthermore, custom tumblers can be used as promotional items and give businesses an opportunity to advertise their logo or brand.

Tumbler Design Ideas for Guys

Tumblers are an essential item for any guy, whether it be for the office, a day out, or a weekend getaway. From sleek and modern to fun and quirky, there’s a tumbler design out there for every type of guy. In this article, we’ll explore the various tumbler design ideas for guys they surely like.

1. Distressed Flag Tumbler

Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

When it comes to a cool tumbler design idea for guys to show your patriotism, the distressed flag is a perfect choice. You can design the tumbler with the American flag, along with other national symbols such as an eagle and globe. In our opinion, it will create a vintage design to give a timeless feel. Moreover, it will be an excellent  tumbler design for a boyfriend who serves the nation, too!

2. Sunrise Hunting Tumbler

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

If you are looking for tumbler ideas for men who love adventure and outdoor activities, we think the sunset hunting theme can be a fantastic design. This tumbler features a wonderful sunset view with a hunter silhouette hiding in the grass. The resin tumbler works also well with the sunset design, giving a signature appearance. In our opinion, you can also take the tumbler for your adventure buddy while hiking or camping.

3. Horse Silhouette Tumbler

Source: Pinterest (@Terry Childers)

A black tumbler may suit all men well. However, why don’t you give it a little bit of a makeover and make it special? For instance, you can put a horse silhouette design to show how strong and powerful you are. Simply use white color to portray the silhouette on your black tumbler. Personally, we think that it gives a cool and charming look without too many ornaments on your tumbler.

4. Respect The Beard Tumbler

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Show your pride as a man by having this simple tumbler design. We can assure you that the “Respect The Beard” quote can be a great design inspiration that makes you gain more respect. You can choose gray color for the quote and white tumbler background. Don’t forget to design a beard silhouette that supports the meaning of the quote. Even better, it can also be a perfect gift for your boyfriend or father.

5. The Best Dad Tumbler

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Giving a custom tumbler for your dad during Father’s Day is a wonderful idea. And, we’ve the perfect design idea for that. Simply design your own tumbler with heartwarming quotes such as “Best Dad of All Time in The History Ever” to bring a smile on his face. We also think that the combination of navy blue color background and silver metallic font makes the tumbler look awesome.

6. Eagle Swirl Tumbler

Source: Pinterest (@thedancingdaisydesigns.com)

Who says boys only love a simple and minimalist color for their tumbler? To add colors in their life, we recommend you to give your special man the amazing eagle swirl tumbler. You can design the background with a green swirl pattern, giving a bright and vibrant appearance. After that, you can put an eagle vinyl as the focal point. After all, we all know that an eagle is a great symbol of power that resembles men’s charm, right?

7. Happy Camper Wine Tumbler

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

In case you need a Valentine tumbler design for a boyfriend during a camp date, we recommend you to use this simple concept. First, you have to choose a wine tumbler as it is small and allows you to apply a minimalist design. Then, customize the “Happy Glamper” vinyl text and the cute campervan vinyl. Apply them on the center of the tumbler. It will be a charming DIY vinyl tumbler for Valentine’s gift.

Tumbler Design Ideas for Ladies

Whether you are looking for a stylish way to stay hydrated or to add a touch of class to your outfit, tumbler designs offer a range of options to suit any style for ladies. From traditional prints to modern designs, there are a variety of tumbler designs that can help you achieve an elegant, sophisticated look. Let us give you some tumbler design ideas for ladies to choose the perfect tumbler for your style and needs.

8. Mama Bear Flower Tumbler

Source: Pinterest (@Kelly Nelson)

To celebrate Mother’s Day, you may need a heartwarming tumbler design. So, we recommend you to apply this design. Simply decorate a tumbler with flowers painting; and in our opinion, roses are the best choice if you want to express your love. After that, you can put a bear glitter sticker at the center. Write the “Mama” text in the body of the bear. Finally, seal the design to make your acrylic tumbler last longer.

9. Sunflower Glitter Tumbler

Source: Pinterest (@Ashley Harre)

If you are looking for ideas about tumbler design to welcome the summer season, then we assume that you might want to consider trying the sunflower glitter. All you need is the DIY tumbler kit and extra glitter decor.  Stick the sunflower vinyls that suit your tumbler. You can choose various sunflower’s sizes to decorate the tumbler. Finally, sprinkle some golden glitters to the sunflower petals and seal the design.

10. Cute Deer Tumbler

Source: Pinterest (@Kiki Theriot)

What a wonderful Christmas tumbler design! Girls must fall in love with a cute deer on their tumbler! To create this design, you can start by customizing a blue and white glitter tumbler sleeve. After that, put the deer outline vinyl in the middle. Also, we think a picture of a sleeping deer will add cuteness. Moreover, you can put a cute blue ribbon on the deer’s head, in matching color with the tumblr background.

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11. Rainbow Sea Turtle Tumbler

Show that you are an environmentalist with sea turtle water bottles design. You can customize a rainbow sea turtle swimming in the ocean as in the picture above. Combine cool tones such as blue, purple, and magenta on your sea turtle and the ocean effects. In our opinion, having a rainbow sea turtle tumbler can be a great campaign to protect nature as well. 

12. Fall Tree Tumbler

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

If autumn is your favorite season, you can create a personalized tumbler to celebrate the season everyday. And, we do think that the fall tree tumbler can be a great design inspiration. It features a fall tree with fallen foliage around. Choose fall color composition for our design such as brow, orange, yellow, and white. You can also add pumpkin to portray the Halloween season.

13. Mandala Rainbow Glitter Tumbler

The combination of traditional design and modern one, the mandala pattern can be a wonderful design for a tumbler. Especially if you are looking for a special tumbler design for a girlfriend, we can assure you that it will be a perfect choice! It features a fantastic rainbow mandala design at the upper part. Meanwhile, decorate the bottom part with rainbow glitters for extra charm.

14. Striped Flower Tumbler

Striped Flower Tumbler
Source: Pinterest (@Amy Glenn)

Suppose you want to have an elegant and charming tumbler for women, the striped flower design would be an amazing option. You can customize the design with your favorite flower or your birth flowers to add the level of personalization. After that, put the flower on the black, white, and gold striped background. In addition, you can also add gold and pink glitters to make your tumbler look fancy.

Tumbler Design Ideas for Kids

When it comes to designing something special for your child, tumblers are a great way to show off their unique style and give them a one-of-a-kind item they can treasure. Tumblers can be personalized with your child’s name, favorite characters, or even images of their artwork. With a vast array of design ideas available, we believe without a doubt, you can make sure your little one has something that no one else has.

15. Minion Kids Tumbler

Minion Kids Tumbler
Source: Pinterest (@Terri Demonbreun)

Minions are an adorable character for kids. Therefore, how about making a little buddy in your kids’ tumbler? Choose a small tumbler for kids and turn it into a little minion character in yellow and blue. Customize the minion eyes, hair, and mouth with vinyls. Then, put these vinyls on the yellow part carefully. Furthermore, you can add blue glitters to make the little minion stand out.

16. Lion King Inspired Tumbler

Lion King Inspired Tumbler
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Next up we have a cute and motivational tumbler design for kids, you can create a gorgeous tumbler to treasure with this idea. Inspired by the Lion King movie, design a cute lion character in the center of the tumbler. Choose a yellow background to match the lion design. Moreover, you can also add a motivational quote “Remember Who You Are” to remind kids to always be humble to people.

17. Captain America Tumbler

Captain America Tumbler
Source: Pinterest (@facebook.com)

Superheroes are fantastic characters to kids. So, having a Captain America tumbler will surely excite them. Customize the tumbler in blue, red, and white, the iconic color of Captain America. You can choose a marble pattern for the tumbler background. After that, put the Captain America logo at the center, giving a statement that this tumbler belongs to superhero lovers.

18. Personalized Dragon Tumbler

Personalized Dragon Tumbler
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

If you are looking for a simple personalized tumbler design for kids, we’ve got you covered! Especially if you kids love dragons or dinosaurs, we’re pretty sure this design is for you. Simply paint a green dragon that resembles your kids’ favorite on the tumbler. Make sure you have a clear and vibrant cartoon-style design. Then, you can also add a personalized name above the dragon.

19. Minnie Mouse Disney Castle Tumbler

Minnie Mouse Disney Castle Tumbler
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Who doesn’t love Disney? Kids will surely jump into joy and happiness if having a Disney character on their tumbler. To make it unique, you can consider this Minnie Mouse design. Instead of having a simple Minnie Mouse character, you can combine it with the image of Disney castle. Moreover, you can have white polka dots in a pink background for extra cuteness.

20. Frozen Olaf Glitter Tumbler

Frozen Olaf Glitter Tumbler
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

An Olaf tumbler will be a great Christmas gift for kids! If you are interested in creating glitter tumbler designs on your own, we recommend you to try this idea. Simply decorate the tumbler with blue and silver glitter. Divide them into the upper and bottom part. After that, place the Olaf vinyl on the center of the tumbler. Also, you can customize Olaf’s happy face and funny pose.

21. Upside Down Stitch Tumbler

Upside Down Stitch Tumbler

For those kids who love to shake and play with their tumbler, we’ve got the perfect design. We have no doubt, having an active cartoon character such as Stitch on their tumbler will be double fun. Stitch loves to breakdance and upside down on his head. So, you can put a Stitch upside down vinyl sticker on the tumbler. You may also decorate the background with blue and silver glitters; or add pink flowers around.

22. 3D Cherries and Sparkling Tumbler

3D Cherries and Sparkling Tumbler
Source: Pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

If you think that you are looking at real cherries, you might want to think again. It’s actually a tumbler with life-like cherries as decorations. In our opinion, having a drink from this tumbler will make you feel like you are drinking a fresh iced cherry punch with extra ice cubes on top. You can decorate the tumbler with cherry drawings and red glitters to make it look adorable. Also, don’t forget to add several 3D cherries to make it a one-of-a-kind tumbler.

23. Converse Tumbler

Converse Tumbler

If you think that you are looking at real cherries, you might want to think again. It’s actually a tumbler with life-like cherries as decorations. In our opinion, having a drink from this tumbler will make you feel like you are drinking a fresh iced cherry punch with extra ice cubes on top. You can decorate the tumbler with cherry drawings and red glitters to make it look adorable. Also, don’t forget to add several 3D cherries to make it a one-of-a-kind tumbler.

24. Hand Painted Floral Tumbler

Hand Painted Floral Tumbler
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Your tumbler can also be your canvas and you can create artwork on it. Take this one for instance. To recreate this adorable tumbler, you can draw floral patterns based on your taste and preference, using any color you want. If you consider yourself as an artsy kind of person, we highly recommend you to create your own personalized tumbler with your drawings on it. We can assure you that it would be a tumbler that no other person in the world has except you!

25. Lipstick Tumbler

Lipstick Tumbler
Source: Pinterest (@images.search.yahoo.com)

Next up we have the perfect tumbler for makeup enthusiasts. We’re pretty sure they would love to have a lipstick tumbler like this one. It comes with a unique shape that resembles the shape of a lipstick. Plus, it also features a bright pink color, which might be the color of your favorite lipstick, too! Imagine yourself carrying this tumbler while strolling around the city. We have no doubt all eyes will be on you.

26. Purple Rhinestone Tumbler

Purple Rhinestone Tumbler
Source: Pinterest (@Michelle Sowa)

Any girl or woman with a fun and bright personality deserves to have a purple rhinestone tumbler, just like this one. If you consider yourself as one, then we recommend you to have a tumbler like this one, as it will be the perfect tumbler to show your personality. It features beauty and is very pleasant to the eyes, as it also requires extra skills and patience to create. But once it’s complete, we believe you will love it to bits!

Final Thoughts

The best tumbler designs are those that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. With the right design, your tumbler can be both a stylish and practical item that will last for years to come. 

With so many options available, it can be hard to choose the perfect tumbler design. However, with this inspiring article and a little bit of creativity, you can create a one-of-a-kind tumbler that will make your friends and family jealous.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is epoxy or resin better for tumblers?

Epoxy is generally considered to be better for tumblers because it is more durable and less likely to crack than resin.  Epoxy is also easier to work with, as it has a longer curing time, allowing for more time to make adjustments and create your desired look. Resin can still be used to create beautiful tumblers, but is not as durable as epoxy. Resin is more prone to cracking and chipping, and also tends to be more expensive.How do you seal a design on a tumbler?

Why can’t tumblers go in the dishwasher?

Tumblers are typically made of either glass or plastic, and both materials can be damaged by the high temperatures and harsh detergents used in a dishwasher. This can cause them to crack, warp, or discolor. Additionally, the tumbler may become scratched or pitted by other dishes inside the dishwasher, which can be unsightly.

Can you put hot water in a resin cup?

No, you should not put hot water in a resin cup. Resin is a type of plastic and can be damaged by extreme temperatures. When hot liquid is placed in a resin cup, it can cause the cup to warp, crack, or melt.

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