25 Funny Valentines Gifts for Her

Valentine’s Day: that one time of the year where men aren’t allowed to screw up. Your partner is going to be expecting the best treatment you can ever give to her. When we mean best, it doesn’t necessarily translate to wealth and money, but it can be seen through your efforts. Trust us, girls will surely appreciate all the romantic gestures and funny things in this annual celebration. Hence, finding funny valentines gifts for her might be tricky for most men.

We said that your efforts don’t necessarily mean that you have to spend a lot of money. But it certainly won’t hurt to find some precious gifts that mean something to her. If you are bored of buying chocolates and other traditional Valentine’s gifts, you are in the right place. On this list, you are going to find different kinds of funny Valentines gifts for her. Let’s begin our journey in finding the perfect gift for your one true love!

How Do You Make Her Feel Special On Valentine’s Day?

There are a lot of things to impress her on this joyous occasion. Aside from finding wonderful and memorable presents for her, you might want to try finding funny Valentines gifts for her as well. Besides that, you could also plan some activities that you can enjoy together. Remember that the activities don’t need to be outdoor experiences.

What Should You Not Give Your Girlfriend?

A woman likes to be treated with special care. That’s why it’s really important for you to avoid buying counterfeit items. You also need to avoid finding common things that she can buy on her own. Your best bet is to find cool and funny Valentines gifts for her through our list!

Funny Valentines T-shirt Gifts for Her

Shirts are one of the most affordable gifts out there in the market. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t find a unique one. In fact, we have compiled some of the best shirts that meet the criteria as funny Valentines gifts for her. Let’s take a look!

1. “The Elton John” Shirt

The Elton John” Shirt

Elton John’s music is proving to be legendary. Not only does it sound good on your ear, it certainly looks cool on a shirt. This one, however, comes with a twist of words that will make you laugh. We know for a fact that your girlfriend will like this!

2. “D and P” Shirt

D and P” Shirt

Loving someone’s D or P doesn’t always translate to something pervy. In fact, if you clear your mind from those things, you’ll realize that the D on this particular shirt stands for “Dedication”, while the P on the other shirt stands for “Personality”. But we guarantee that it’ll still look cool on you and your lover!

3. “Sweeter Than Honey” Shirt

Sweeter Than Honey” Shirt

It’s not a problem if you are not a sweet talker. Why, you may ask. It’s simple: let this awesome shirt do all that for you! This shirt will definitely be worn proudly by your girlfriend!

Funny Valentines Game Gifts for Her

Looking for a night at home for Valentine’s? Then you gotta make sure to have all of the necessary items to set up a romantic night together with your partner. Aside from delicious hand-cooked dinner, you might want to consider giving couples games as one of your presents. It is a cool way to spend your time together! Let’s see some of the most funny Valentines gifts for her!

4. Hand Casting Craft Kit

Hand Casting Craft Kit

The first item we’re recommending is not really a game, per se. However, it’s an exciting craft kit that will be a memorable experience for a couple. With this casting kit, you are task to make a couple’s holding hand. After you both finish the task, your lady can display it anywhere she saw fit. 

5. “That’s What She Said” Card Game

That’s What She Said Card Game

Inspired by the term originally made famous by the legendary TV series “The Office”, comes a fun and exciting game for you love-drunken partners. It contains more than 400 different cards that will make you laugh out loud. What’s more, this game can even be played at a later time with friends!

6. “Our Moments” Couple Game Card

“Our Moments” Game

Ever feel like you still didn’t know much about your partner? Don’t be! Play this fun game with her to embark on a romantic quality time so that you may get to know each other even better. There are 100 question cards printed on high quality cards that will ensure you have the best dating experience. 

7. “The Couple’s” Bucket List

“The Couple’s” Bucket List

Quality time and great communication are the key to a successful and lasting relationship. That’s the reason why we’d like to recommend this awesome set of cards. Throw all of your gadgets away and spend time together with your girlfriend to talk and create a list of things based on the cards stored inside the game. 

8. Re-memory Couple Game

Rememory Game

A couple who has been together for a long time can be prone to forgetting little moments that mattered in their relationship. Perhaps, this game might be the catalyst to remember all those beautiful stories. Make sure to buy one as a present for her!

9. “Let’s Get Deep” Card Game

“Let’s Get Deep” Game

Let’s Get Deep challenges you and your partner to be able to get to know each other on a whole new level. Equipped with 500 cards, both of you will be questioned with private and important questions that will surely make you bond!

Funny Valentines Item Gifts for Her

There’s a lot of funny and unique presents that you can find your girlfriend. Starting from cool posters to personalized stuff, we’re here to guide you in finding the best funny Valentines gifts for her. 

10. 100 Dates Scratch-Off Poster

100 Dates Scratch-Off Poster

There’s a lot of activities that you can do with your lady, other than going shopping in malls. This scratch-off poster is here to help you find new activities that you probably haven’t thought about. Go check it out!

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11. Funny “Roll Together” Mug

funny valentines gifts for her

Mugs always have the best printed designs. This is definitely one of the best mugs out there, and it certainly fits perfectly as funny Valentines gifts for her. Give this precious mug to show your intention of spending the rest of your life together with her. 

12. “Pizza Dat Ass” Plush

“Pizza Dat Ass” Plush

Valentine’s Day is celebrated annually, which means that you are required to be original in your ideas for finding presents. Luckily, originals can be equal to funny. With that in mind, you’d probably want to consider this funny pizza plush for her!

13. Doormat


Another “The Office” reference! The “That’s what she said” term has been so popular that it’s started to get into Valentine’s-related items. Besides, this is one of the most funny Valentines gifts for her. Just imagine putting it in her home entrance and watching people reacting to it!

14. Scented Candle

Scented Candle

Scented candles will always be welcomed in practically every house. Its soothing aroma will make everyone in the room rest in relaxation. But who’s to say that you cannot find a funny one? This hilarious scented candle contains a soothing rose aroma with funny labels imprinted! 

15. “Heart in Hand” Sculpture

funny valentines gifts for her

This sculpture will be the perfect representation of your feelings toward your one true love. It symbolizes the meaning of true love: the ability to give and receive it. It’s practically the reason why you should buy one for her on this Valentine’s Day

16. Pencil Holder

funny valentines gifts for her

This sweet gift is a perfect item for all you children and young adults out there. They will like this funny design, and it will certainly come in handy for storing their pencils. Go and buy one for the girl in the next class that you adore. 

17. “Poop Emoji” Toilet Paper

“Poop Emoji” Toilet Paper

Looking for more unique and funny Valentines gifts for her? This might be the perfect item! With three different designs of poop emoji, this funny toilet paper will surely upgrade your girlfriend’s bathroom.

18. Romantic Comedy DVD Movie

funny valentines gifts for her

With a lot of streaming services at our disposal, it’s questionable to think about buying DVDs anymore. However, buying one or two hardcopies of your favorite movies won’t hurt. It certainly won’t hurt to share it with your loved ones during Valentine’s. This particular movie that we’re recommending, titled “Date Night”, is a funny and cool movie that suits really well for a Valentine’s movie. 

19. Personalized Funny Valentine Cuff

funny valentines gifts for her

When you are thinking about Valentines gifts for her, you might be imagining items like earrings and necklaces. We bet that cuffs won’t even pass through your mind. But you might want to consider one after looking at this elegant and retro-looking cuffs, which could be 100% personalized. 

Funny Valentines Greeting Card Gifts for Her

Want to give a cherry on top for your funny Valentines gifts for her? The answer is simple: find an equally funny greeting card! Do not worry, we got you covered on this. Below, you can choose the card which suits you the most.

20. Gollum Funny Card

funny valentines gifts for her

Let’s be real: Gollum can be a little scary and creepy. But in any way you want to see it, you can clearly see how sincere he looks. Besides, giving this particular greeting card to a girlfriend is not a common occurrence. If you wanted a unique one, this is the perfect answer. 

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21. “Perfect Match” Greeting Card

funny valentines gifts for her

Being a perfect match for each other doesn’t mean that you won’t have arguments between the two of you. One common argument will be to decide which of you is hotter. If you genuinely believe that you are the better one, you might want to give this funny card to give the piss to your lady!

22. “Snoring” Funny Card

funny valentines gifts for her

Night rest is essential for you in order to regain energy for the next day. That can be ruined by loud snoring made by your partner. Show her that you loved her so much that you’d even be willing to get through with her noisy habits with this funny card

23. “Watch Together” Comedy Card

funny valentines gifts for her

Growing old together means that you are going to spend a lot of time together. It will include all the boring ones too, including watching TV on your couch! If you are serious with your commitment to her, then make sure to buy this beautiful card!

24. Dwight Schrute Card

funny valentines gifts for her

We can’t get enough of The Office. Well, neither should you! Dwight Schrute may look like an idiot who sucks up to Michael all the time, but he’s got some of the best quotes out there. This quote might be the perfect one for your greeting card! Get one now!

Final Thoughts

Valentine’s day is the perfect moment for you to give a special present for a special and funniest woman in your life. Now that you have gone through a list of our most recommended funny gifts for her, we do hope that you are starting to get a picture on what would be the best funny Valentine’s gift for your significant other.

Although you’re looking for a funny gift, you need to make sure that the gift is also meaningful and has that special element that can convey your feelings toward her. Check out some funny t-shirts or mugs on our list and see if those kinds of gifts can be your perfect pick.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What should I give my girlfriend on Valentine’s Day?

There’s an important thing that you need to consider before going out to find presents for your girlfriend. Remember this: it’s not about the price tag, it’s all about the effort and heart you give into the present. After you understand that, you might also want to try finding unique and funny Valentines gifts for her, such as funny doormats and scratch-off posters.

What are the most funny Valentines gifts for her? 

There are a lot of funny Valentines gifts for her out there. All you have to do is look and pick the item that you thought she might appreciate. We recommend you to check out card games, plushies, and funny toilet paper for your lady!

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