25 Charming Handwriting Gifts for Your Loved Ones They Will Cherish Forever

Handwriting is a special way of communicating the emotions, thoughts and feelings of a person. It is one of the subtle, simple ways to show someone how much they are loved and adored by you. But it seems that handwriting has lost out to technology. Therefore, it makes handwriting gifts special as they have sentimental value that technology can’t have.  Moreover, handwriting gifts are often preferred by your loved ones because they have a special meaning and can be kept for many years. The handwriting on the gift shows the amount of love and care that went into it.

If this is your first time to give handwritten gifts to your loved ones, then consider yourself lucky to find this page. From handwriting jewelry for mom and girlfriend to beautiful engraving plaque to show your love, you will get the best handwriting gifts that will be loved by the receiver. Let’s take a look at our top lists below for more extraordinary handwriting gift ideas for your loved ones.  

1. Love Letter Blanket

Love Letter Blanket

Express your love with this beautiful blanket. Inspired by a classic love letter, this blanket comes with a line paper design you can customize with your own message. Made from 100% cotton, this blanket is super soft and comfortable to hug your mom or special ones with love. It will be one of the best handwriting gifts that offer warmth during cold weather.

2. Handwriting Disc Necklace

Handwriting Disc Necklace

Give your significant other a little charm with your handwriting on it. This personalized disc necklace will be a great idea. You can add a simple message with your handwriting on it. This necklace will be created with the most legible engraving possible in your genuine penmanship style. Made from gold plated, this necklace is comfortable to wear and safe for sensitive skin.  

3. Memorial Canvas Handwriting Sign

Memorial Canvas Handwriting Sign

Consider this canvas sign if you’re seeking for straightforward yet sentimental handwriting gifts. You can create art with the real handwriting of your loved ones. These are frequently used as memorial gifts to honor the memory of individuals and to preserve any particular remarks they may have written. This sign is constructed of canvas with a wood frame you can hang for home decoration.

4. Handwriting Monogram Keyring

Handwriting Monogram Keyring

A simple keyring for your beloved partner can be very precious with your thoughtful message on it. Suppose you want to protect your father or boyfriend while driving or doing other dangerous activities, your handwriting on it will be a good luck charm for him. The monogram keyring styles with your personalized handwriting gives a timeless design that is suitable for car key or bag accessories. 

5. Engraved Handwriting Wallet

Engraved Handwriting Wallet

This wallet is a great option if you’re seeking thoughtful handwriting gifts for men. You can customize the text in this wallet with your own message. Every time he opens the wallet, engraving text on the inner side will create a sentimental feeling that reminds him of you. Made from leather with a classic design, it will be a must have item for him.   

6. Leather Handwriting Bookmark

Leather Handwriting Bookmark

For those who are book lovers, this bookmark is definitely a wonderful gift to treasure. It features a personalized bookmark with a suede leather chain and gorgeous full grain Italian leather. You can add your supportive or cheerful message in this bookmark to motivate them while feeling down. Therefore, whenever they want to read a book to release stress, this bookmark will also cheer them up.  

7. Handwriting Bracelet

Handwriting Bracelet

Show your love to your beloved mom or girlfriend with this beautiful handwriting bracelet. Made from sterling silver, the design copies the real handwriting styles you want. You can customize the handwriting with names or simple messages as the main pendant. The pendant is connected with a silver chain, making this bracelet elegant and timeless.

8. Handwritten Signature Bamboo Keepsake

Handwritten Signature Bamboo Keepsake

This lovely souvenir is a wonderful option if you want handwriting gifts for home decor. The background features the handwriting text you want which is transferred into natural patterned text. Add the main signature as the focal point of this keepsake, making it special and one of a kind. Framed with a rustic bamboo material, it also can be a memorable sign you can keep forever.

9. Engraved Handwriting Rings

Engraved Handwriting Rings

Keep your love stay forever in this wonderful handwriting ring. It features a simple and minimalist silver and gold ring design which you can add with engraving text on the band. Simply send your handwriting sample and it will be transferred on this ring in no time. This ring is one of the most romantic handwriting gifts for couples to strengthen your relationship.

10. Engraved Poem Heirloom

Engraved Poem Heirloom

Write heartfelt messages to your children which they will cherish in the future with this gift. You can customize it with poems, prayers, or just your sincere feelings to your loved ones. The vintage design gives a sentimental feel in this wooden heirloom. Made from walnut and maple wood, this gift will last for a long time. You can give it to your children as a keepsake that reminds them of your love. 

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11. Engraved Heart Locket Pendant

Engraved Heart Locket Pendant

A little piece of memory, this heart locket pendant will keep it just for you. Especially for those people who just lost someone, this gift will keep the last memories of his handwriting and photo. You can personalize the heart pendant with the actual handwriting of that person. Inside the pendant, you can add that person’s photo as well for a beautiful memorial.

12. Doctor Handwriting Mug

Doctor Handwriting Mug

Make a gag with your humorous friends by giving them funny handwriting gifts such as this mug. This mug will be a hilarious entertainment that cheers them up whenever they feel down. The “incredible” doctor’s handwriting wisdom quote is indeed “inspiring” that will lift up their mood. By reading this quote, your friends will definitely forget their problems as they focus on solving the handwriting puzzle.

13. Handwriting Microfiber Beach Towel

Handwriting Microfiber Beach Towel

Feel the softness from this microfiber beach towel, making another excellent choice for personalized handwriting gifts for couples. Each towel is printed according to your handwriting request using in-house digital dye sublimation printing to adhere brilliant colors to the superfine fibers. This microfiber towel will absorb water and dry more quickly than a traditional beach towel. Microfiber is also quite lightweight and takes up considerably less space.

14. Personalized Family Recipe Board

Personalized Family Recipe Board

Create a sentimental gift for the whole family with this unique recipe board. Your grandmother’s excellent recipes need to be printed on something more elegant and durable than a paper card. You can transfer the original handwriting recipe into this cherry wood board. It can be a great kitchen decoration as the ingredients and directions for one significant dish are displayed on this special cutting board.

15. Personalized Note Wedding Keepsake Frame

Personalized Note Wedding Keepsake Frame

Celebrate your beautiful wedding moment everyday with this wonderful frame and note. You can personalize this gift with engraving your own message or wedding promises on the back. At the front side, put your wedding photo with a brass clip, making this gift look classic and memorable. Add personalized names and dates at the front side to mark those beautiful memories.

16. Laser Engraved Letter Acrylic Gift

Laser Engraved Letter Acrylic Gift

Show your love to someone that is cool outside but warm inside, like your dad with this acrylic gift. Write your letter to your dad and transfer it in this acrylic using engraving laser to make sentimental handwriting gifts for him. It will be perfect for office decoration, as the transparent design will blend well to any colors. This gift can express your love but not too obvious a cool way

17. Handwriting Pillow Cover

Handwriting Pillow Cover

In case you’re looking for handwriting gifts for a long distance relationship that can accompany your partner at night, try to buy them this pillow cover. Add your personal message with your handwriting on this gift. Made from linen with rustic texture, it works well with your artistic handwriting.  It also comes with a zipper closure, so your partner can fill it with their favorite pillow inside.

18. Signature Keepsake Box

Signature Keepsake Box

Make your loved ones feel special by giving them this signature keepsake box. With this box, they can store jewelry, letters, or memorable keepsakes from you. Carve the top cover with your own handwriting and signature sample, making it one of the most precious handwriting gifts for them. Because it is constructed from mahogany wood, this keepsake box is sturdy and durable.

19. Personalized Handwriting Docking Station

Personalized Handwriting Docking Station

Surprise your forgetful dad with this cool docking station. It comes with masculine design that allows your dad to store phones, wallet, and even car keys. Therefore, it prevents his probability of missing those important items. In addition, you can add a personalized handwritten letter inside the docking station to express your love and gratitude to him. It will be one of the best handwriting gifts for Father’s day.  

20. Custom Handwriting Wood Picture Frame

Custom Handwriting Wood Picture Frame

Make each photo with your loved ones feel special with this wood picture frame. You can customize each photo frame with your handwriting messages on the top and bottom part with laser engraved technique. Due to wood grain, inherent flaws in the wood, each frame is unique and special. You can place this frame on the table or hang it on the wall for home decoration.

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21. Personalized Leather Journal

Personalized Leather Journal

Let your loved ones express their feelings and thoughts in this special journal. Especially if they are more comfortable in writing to express their emotion, this gift will be a brilliant idea. You can customize the leather cover with your handwriting or pictures engraved to remind them of you. This is one of the ideal handwriting gifts for those who love journaling.

22. Handwriting Embroidered Hoodie Sweatshirt

Handwriting Embroidered Hoodie Sweatshirt

This unique hoodie sweatshirt is definitely a genius idea to express your love and care to your girl in a cute way. By using embroidered technique, you can transfer your original handwriting in this fabric material. Put the little handwriting in the arm or other visible part to remind her of you. Therefore, she can feel your presence as she wears this hoodie sweatshirt. 

23. Personalized Handwriting Jewelry Dish

Personalized Handwriting Jewelry Dish

Get your mom or girlfriend this gift to keep her jewelry safe. Especially if she wears a lot of jewelry, then she can simply put them in one place before taking a bath. Made from medium sized porcelain, it gives you plenty of space to decorate with your own handwriting. You can send your handwriting sample and it will be transferred by vinyl. It will be a special gift for mom or girlfriend as it can remind her of your love.  

24. Handwriting Metal Wallet Insert Card

Handwriting Metal Wallet Insert Card

As writing on paper is not long lasting, why don’t you express your feelings to your loved ones in a metal wallet card? This is a great alternative for those who love to keep a letter for someone special in their wallet. Because it is made from stainless steel and only as small as a credit card, your significant others can keep it on their wallet as a charm. They also can read the letter in case they miss you.

25. Handwriting Engraved Compass

Handwriting Engraved Compass

Mark your anniversary with precious handwriting gifts such as this engraved compass. Just like a compass that symbolizes the right direction, so does your partner that leads you to the better way. You can add your handwriting messages engraved on the cover, making it thoughtful and romantic. In addition, this metal compass with gold finish is functional and not just for decoration.

Latest Post:

What do you do with a loved one’s handwriting?

As they usually write on paper, you may keep the original handwriting by laminating it with plastic or keeping it in a proper condition. However, as paper tends to rot with age, you may need a long lasting copy from this original one. Therefore, you can preserve your loved ones’ handwriting in the form of jewelry, plaque, or frame signs. Simply send the photo of the original version to the crafter and they will transfer the exact handwriting in the long langsing form.

What kind of pen do you use to write on ornaments?

Usually the pend depends on the material of ornaments. The most common is to use a permanent marker with an extra-fine tip, which is suitable for fabric or plastic material. You can create lengthier names and messages as well as smaller letters with that pen. You also can use the industrial Sharpie extra fine point. However, bear in mind that these will be removed quite simply. For long lasting handwriting, you can use laser engraving technique.

Can you get handwriting engraved?

Yes, you can. To create a special and sentimental object, the engraving is precisely aligned with the handwriting that was provided. There are many techniques to transfer your original handwriting into engraving text. For acrylic material, you can get laser engraving technique. Moreover, you can carve your handwriting in wood material. 

Does good handwriting mean intelligence?

According to research, handwriting styles predict reading and writing abilities and are linked to IQ. According to a study conducted by Royal Mail and renowned handwriting expert Tracey Trussell, you are more likely to be a genius if your writing slants to the right and you extravagantly cross your “t” letter. As good handwriting only indicates neat, legible, and stylistic, it isn’t linked to intelligence.

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