25 Best Sentimental Christmas Gifts for Best Friends

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”. This sentence is a lyric quoted from Andy Williams’s song, usually played during the Christmas season. Yes! Christmas is the best time to share happiness and love. You can spread the spirit of positivity by sharing some sentimental gifts with your partners.

If you are looking for something Christmas-y for your best friends, we have collected various products perfect for celebrating the occasion. You can express your true feelings through the items that you’ve selected. It is the ideal medium for conveying your good wishes and warm thoughts!

Spread the joyful holiday spirit by sharing some sentimental gifts so that other people, especially your best friends, can enjoy the day too! So, let’s check out the following 25 items below!

1. Novelty Sock Gift Set

Socktail Gift Set

Christmas always falls in winter if you live in the northern hemisphere. Hence, gifts that can provide some warmth will be ideal. This “Socktail” gift set can be your choice. It is an assortment of socks with a novelty design! They are made of cotton and polyester to give comfort during the snowy season.

 Moreover, the socks are packaged inside a beautiful red gift box with a golden ribbon to get that Christmas-y theme. It is one of the loveliest sentimental gifts for best friends! 

2. Wool Christmas Figurines

Wool Christmas Figurines

Your best friends will feel sentimental when they see these beautiful wool Christmas figurines! They give off some kind of fun and joyous vibes that will brighten up your friends’ day. These figurines are handmade from wool and cotton, so they are soft and feel very sentimental!

3. Seasonal Ceramic Mugs With Golden Illustration

24K Gold Green Ceramic Mugs

The Christmas season is usually associated with gold, green, and red colors. So, these golden green ceramic mugs will be great as sentimental Christmas gifts for best friends. These mugs feature 24K gold illustrations from Italy and have ceramics for the base material, making them look elegant. The colors are perfect for bringing warmth during Christmas!

4. Christmas Choco Bar

Christmas Choco Bar

Having a chocolate bar is never wrong during Christmas! Bring sweetness to your best friend’s life by sharing this Christmas chocolate bar with them. 

This chocolate bar is made in France, a country known as the best chocolatier. It is also packaged in high-quality paper with a Christmas edition design. So, we strongly recommend you to check this food item out because it is an excellent sentimental Christmas gift for best friends! 

5. Funny Christmas Mug

Funny Christmas Mug

A sentimental Christmas gift does not have to be too emotionally heavy. It can be something fun too. Hence, this funny Christmas mug is perfect! You can check out some humorous quotes on the surface saying that the giver and the receiver will always have each other’s back. Truly the best sentimental gift for best a friend! 

6. Personalized Wish Bracelet

Personalized Wish Bracelet

This wish bracelet will make an excellent sentimental Christmas gift for best friends. It comes with a greeting card, and you can personalize it. Add the receiver’s name to the card and choose the design yourself. The bracelet itself is very minimalistic and elegant. It looks lovely and mature. Get a matching one for extra sentimentality!

7. Angel Christmas Wreath

Angel Christmas Wreath

Christmas will not be complete without adding this gorgeous angel Christmas wreath at our best friend’s home. This wreath is handmade, using lace and wood as its primary materials. It brings out a rustic and minimalist look at home. 

The wreath has an angel at the center and is very easy to hang. As it is handmade, we consider this item one of the loveliest sentimental Christmas gifts for best friends!

8. Unique Christmas-y Decoration

Landscape Wood 

Looking for a sentimental Christmas gift for best friends? This hand-painted landscape wood decoration is one of 25 items you must consider! It features a vintage look with its design of houses and pine trees. This item is very fitting for a Christmas decoration. It is hand-painted on carved wood, so this item is suitable for being considered a sentimental Christmas gift for best friends!

9. Christmas Star Tags

Christmas Star Tags

Here is another sentimental Christmas gift that has a vintage look! These are the old-school Christmas star tags. You can add your family’s name to each star tag when you order them. They can be used as home or Christmas tree decorations and bring a sentimental feeling. 

10. Christmas Tree DIY Kit

Christmas Tree DIY Kit

Looking for a unique DIY gift that also has sentimental vibes? This Christmas tree DIY kit fits that criteria! The kit consists of a colorful premium cotton cord and wooden accessories. Upon completion, the knitted tree will make an excellent Christmas decoration. Your best friend will feel sentimental as they finish the unique DIY Kit gift!

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11. Snowflake Charm

Snowflake Charm

Did you know that gifting something sentimental is a strong expression of love? You can express your intense love to your best friend through this stunning snowflake charm. It is so sparkling that it brings that kind of intense sentimental feeling. It features a snowflake shape that represents the snowy Christmas. 

Made of 925 sterling silver, this snowflake charm offers a high sentimental value. The receiver will feel touched. Therefore, we add this item to this list of sentimental Christmas gifts for best friends that you should consider!

12. Christmas Inspired Bookish Tea

Christmas Inspired Bookish Tea

Having tea on Christmas will be a great idea. So, this Christmas-inspired bookish tea will be the perfect sentimental Christmas gift for best friends, especially those who love novels! They can use this while having heartwarming quality time with their beloved ones on Christmas day.

13. Handmade Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Handmade Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Pretty jewelry is a traditional Christmas gift. However, this stunning pearl necklace is even better! It will make a perfect sentimental Christmas gift for best friends. Not only is it handmade, but it has original pearl gemstone and features a Boho style. You can also customize the necklace’s length and color. Your mother or female friends will absolutely treasure this kind of gift.

14. Christmas Personalized ‘Cheques’

Christmas Personalized ‘Cheques’

Here is a beautiful Christmas gift for your best friends! A personalized fake cheque with a Chritsmas-y design! The Christmas edition cheque will bring extra sentimental feelings as they remember the good old day!

It has two style options: blue snowflakes or traditional red Christmas. You can personalize the name of the giver, the name of the receiver, and the content of the cheque. You can even write that you are giving love on the “check”! So, why don’t we choose this item as a sentimental Christmas gift for our best friends!

15. Winter Flowers Embroidery Kit

Winter Flowers Embroidery Kit

Knitting is one of the best activities that can boost our mental health. It is also the perfect activity for lonely people to pass the time. For your best friends who went far away and have to spend time alone during Christmas, you can send this winter flower embroidery kit! 

This Christmas gift will make them feel very sentimental. The kit includes a gold needle, embroidery hoop, thread, wadding, and other tools needed.

16. Hand-painted Wooden Christmas Lantern

16. Hand painted Christmas Wood Lantern 

We recommend this wooden lantern as a sentimental Christmas gift for best friends. It conjures images of warm light and snowy winter nights. The combination of the two elements brings a really sentimental feeling. Moreover, the stunning crepe flowers attached to the lantern are the cake’s icing! It looks elegant and will brighten up any room.

17. Cardinal Winter Bookmark

Cardinal Winter Bookmark

Most people celebrate Christmas in winter. Therefore, this winter bookmark will perfectly suit your booklover-friend. It is made of wood and hand-painted with acrylic color, making it looks gorgeous. You can also ask for gift wrapping and greeting messages to go along with the bookmark for extra sentimental value!

18. Personalized Christmas Tote Bag

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These Christmas edition tote bags look so pretty! So, you should get one for your friend to celebrate the holiday. They can use it to tote their Christmas gifts. The bag includes a personalization option. So, you can customize the pattern, add the receiver’s name on the bag, and choose the font style. 

Thanks to these customization features, the tote bag has to be unique. Therefore, it is a fitting sentimental Christmas gift perfect for your best friends.

19. Christmas Scented Candle Set

Christmas Scented Candle Set

This set of fragrant scented candles will make Christmas day feel even more special. In fact, the lovely scent will make your friends feel sentimental! So, get one now as a gift for them.

One set includes 12 different fragrances made of natural ingredients such as mint, strawberry, bergamot, and many others. Perfect to light up during Christmas. Scented candles help people to stay relaxed while having Christmas dinner at home. 

20. Moon Lamp

Moon Lamp

This pretty moon lamp will be a perfect decoration for Christmas Eve! It features 16 colors you can switch on in the darkroom, and you can also adjust its brightness. With the pretty LED lights, this lamp will bring a sentimental feeling to your best friend at night. 

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21. Wooden House Advent Calendar

Wood House Calendar

Have you ever heard of the term advent calendar? Unlike regular paper, it is made of wood and features a small compartment for each date. In fact, this one comes in the shape of a wooden house! The tiny containers are decorated with Christmas-y edition, making it looks super lovely.

This advent calendar will allow your friends to put a small gift in each box. The receiver can only open the box that corresponds with the date. Gift exchange is one of the most sentimental things that ones can do!

22. Christmas Advent Calendar with LED

LED Christmas Calendar

If you think that the previous cute advent calender is not good enough, you should consider this one! It features LED light decoration, making this Christmas advent calendar looks more festive. In addition, the middle part of the calendar features a lovely miniature home decoration that looks very Chrismas-y.

Moreover, the wooden boxes are hand-painted meticulously by skillful craftsmen. Your friends will enjoy the advent calendar for a romantic gift exchange session with their partners!

23. Aromatherapy Spa Set

Aromatherapy Spa Set

Chrismas is the best day to enjoy this relaxing aromatherapy spa set! Get one for your friends who probably need to alleviate their stress. Giving this set will show that you care about your best friends, making it an excellent sentimental Christmas gift.

The spa set includes natural clay masks, ultra-relaxing bath crystals, and more! It turns a regular bathing session into a high-class spa time!

24. Starbucks Holiday Mug with Cocoa Set

Starbucks Holiday Mug with Cocoa Set

It is always good to have a cup of hot chocolate on Christmas. It will be even better if you drink it from this unique holiday mug! You can give this one bundle of cocoa powder and the mug as a gift set so that your best friends can enjoy something warm for the special day. There is nothing more sentimental than drinking a hot choco on a snowy Christmas Eve!

25. Christmas Gift Hampers

Christmas Gift Hampers

Are you still unsure which sentimental gift to get for your best friends? If so, we recommend this Christmas gift box for your alternative choice! It includes a handmade bracelet, scented candle, rustic flowers, and a mini vase. Those items will complete your best friend’s Christmas decoration. The rustic and minimalist look will blend well with the holiday spirit, conjuring a sentimental vibe!

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