37 Best Gifts For Farmers You Can Buy

Is there a farmer on your gift checklist this season? Well, if you happen to ask them what they want, they will probably say perfect weather. And the challenge of choosing ideal gifts for farmers becomes even worse if they already seem to have everything.

To get that special farmer a gift they will value, you need to think outside the box with unique, creative, or personalized gifts that show them you really care. Have no fear; there are lots of practical and thoughtful farmer gift ideas to give them some inspiration or cheer them up. We have compiled the ultimate go-to list for the perfect gifts for farmers who have everything.

Best Gift Ideas For Farmers

Whether you are looking for sentimental collectibles to add to their display, useful tools to make their life easier, or gag gifts to give them a good laugh, we have got the best farmer gift ideas!

#1 Personalized Farmhouse Sign

Personalized Farmhouse Sign - Gifts for Farmers

You cannot go wrong with a wooden farmhouse sign to add a touch of class to your favorite farmer’s décor. With this particular sign, you give them so much more than just a décor piece.

Its design shows great attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship. The personalization aspect goes to show how much thought went into it. This is one of those gifts for Farmers that will last a lifetime. Find it Here.

#2 Cow Farmer T-shirt – Gifts for Farmers

Cow Farmer T-shirt - Gifts for Farmers

Give the farmer in your life a reason to keep smiling with the simplest possible gift. Combining equal measures of practicality and humorous appeal, this piece will be their go-to tee.

Choose from a wide array of colors to match his preference perfectly. No matter how lousy a day he is having, he cannot help but cheer up with this on. This is one of our top gifts on our Gifts for Farmers list. Find it Here.

#3 11 oz. Personalized Enamel Ceramic Mugs

11 oz. Personalized Enamel Ceramic Mugs - Gifts for Farmers

For any farmer who spends long hours outside, especially during winter, nothing could beat these mugs in making tea time special.

These ceramic pieces come in vibrant colors with a dash of vintage charm. Each one comes with a wooden lid, perfect for when they cannot take tea in one sitting. As a bonus, they make awesome decorative pieces. Find Them Here.

#4 The Muncher – Multi-tool Utensil

The Muncher - Multi-tool Utensil - Gifts for Farmers

Farmers have a soft spot for multi-tools, so how about adding value to their mealtimes with one of these?

Known as the muncher, it is an innovative update to the spork, which combines spoon and fork. It also includes a knife, bottle opener, fire flint, cord cutter, can opener and pry bar among other functions.

Find it Here.

#5 Personalized Farmer Cutting Board

Personalized Farmer Cutting Board - Gifts for Farmers

From the farm to the kitchen, make your favorite farmer’s transition smooth with one of these chopping boards. Full of functional and visual appeal, this piece will be sure to melt their heart.

Choose between natural oak and dark beech and add a personal touch to it. what a beautiful and unique keepsake! Find it Here.

#6 Mini Watermelon Cucumbers

Mini Watermelon Cucumbers - Gifts for Farmers

Bonsai plants are fun and delightful, and every farmer would probably want to start their own collection. Why not get them off to the perfect start with these new rare mini watermelon cucumbers!

This exotic fruit and vegetable would be a great gift for both indoors and outdoors. And it does not hurt either that at the end of the day, he gets to eat some unique exotic fruit! Find Them Here.

#7 Tractor Gifts – Antique Pewter Tractor Wallet

Antique Pewter Tractor Wallet - Gifts for Farmers

Wallets get worn out and your favorite farmer may use a spare one or two at home; especially so, if it comes in high-quality leather with a pewter tractor on the top.

In addition to its classy look, it holds a lot of practical appeal. It has nine card slots, two large slots for notes, a coin purse, and a press stud to keep it all in. Find it Here.

#8 Four-Season Gloves – Perfect Gifts for Farmers

4 Season Gloves - Gifts for Farmers

Everyone who works on a farm could use an extra pair of gloves. They tend to get lost, develop holes, get cuts and lose their functionality in so many ways.

With these gloves, it could be a long time before they have to shop for another pair. Thanks to their heavy-duty build, they can withstand virtually anything! Find Them Here.

#9 Farmer Christmas Sweater – Gifts for Farmers

Farmer Christmas Sweater - Gifts for Farmers

What should I get my farmer’s dad for Christmas? Easy! – Check out this awesome Christmas tractor sweater!

Nothing beats an ugly Christmas sweater in letting the farmer in your life know how much they mean to you! Not only will it get them in the spirit of the season and they can wear it to the family gatherings.

But it will also keep them grinning from ear to ear. What makes it the best gift for a farmer who has everything is the fact that you can be sure he does not have this. Find it Here.

#10 Funny Farmer T-Shirt

Funny Farmer T-Shirt - I don't snore, I dream I'm a Tractor T-Shirt

For the farmer in your life who cannot help but snore, how about a humorous tee to explain the habit? In as far as creativity is concerned, no other tee comes close to this one.

And its humorous appeal is second to none. Give him and everyone around him reason to laugh out loud with one of these funny gifts for farmers. Find it Here.

#11 Tractor Cufflinks – Great Gifts for Farmers

Silver Tractor Cuff links - Gifts for Farmers

Every once in a while a farmer has to venture out of his comfort zone and dress up for a black tie event. For such times, a new pair of tractor cuff links would come in particularly handy. They allow him to look his best while showcasing his love for farm life with some awesome accessories. How cool!

Find Them Here.

#12 Odorless Scientifically Designed Biomorphic Composter

Odorless Scientifically Designed Biomorphic Composter - Gifts for Farmers

A farmer would stop at nothing to keep his farm in tip top condition. Help him along with this innovative composter that turns food scraps into fertilizer.

Known as gardeners’ gold, this composter will keep plants healthy and happy. And all this without the familiar foul odor farmers often have to put up with. Find it Here.


#13 Funny Farm Phone Wallet Case

Funny Farm Phone Wallet Case - This is how I roll

When it comes to funny gifts farmers simply cannot resist, this funny wallet comes in first place. After all, they need to keep their phone away from the dirt and compost.

Making use of a fun word pun and vivid imagery, it is a sight for sore eyes. It also has a slot for bills and credit cards. Find it Here.

#14 Instant Farmer Coffee Mug – Awesome Gifts for Farmers

Instant Farmer Coffee Mug

If there is a farmer in your life who needs a caffeine-boost before starting his day, this mug is just for him!

To turn him into the best version of himself, all you need is to add some coffee into this “instant farmer” mug. What an awesome gift choice to give him plenty of laughs.

Find it Here.

#15 Berry Buddy – Practical Gifts for Farmers

Berry Buddy

For a busy farmer, taking the hassle out of washing berries is likely a top priority. With this beautiful stoneware strainer, eating berries will never be the same again.

A spout and drip catcher inject lots of functionality to the piece. Its handcrafted design also makes it a timeless addition to any kitchen. Find it Here.

#16 10 Reasons To Date a Farmer Shirt

10 Reasons To Date a Farmer Shirt

Does the farmer in your life need a girlfriend? With this humorous t-shirt, he will pretty much have his work cut out for him!

Showcasing ten great reasons to date a farmer, he should have a date or two in no time. The reasons are full of witty puns related to farming, irresistibly cool! Find it Here.

#17 Custom Gardener’s Tool Belt – Useful Gifts for Farmers

Custom Gardener's Tool Belt - Gifts for Farmers

Speaking of making a farmer’s life easier, you cannot go wrong with one of these custom tool belts.

Gorgeous and full of functional value, this piece will keep everything they need within arm’s reach. Add a personalized touch to the piece to infuse it with sentimental value. Find it Here.

#18 Butter Churner – Practical Gifts for Farmers

Butter Churner

More than anyone else, farmers have a soft spot for farm fresh produce. That is why you cannot go wrong with one of these new gift ideas for a farmer. With this home butter churner, breakfast will be a delight. As a bonus, it comes with loads of recipes to whip up flavored butter varieties. Find it Here.

#19 Farmers Market Tote

Farmers Market Tote bag gift

Bring out the kid in her with one of these gifts for farmer wives or girlfriends. Everyone remembers the nursery rhyme that informs this design.

And you can be sure it will bring a smile to her face. Whether she is going to buy a fat pig or not, this is all she needs for that extra bounce in her step. Find it Here.

#20 Silver Cow Cufflinks – Special Gifts for Farmers

Silver Cow Cufflinks

When the situation calls for it, you can easily turn the farmer in your life into a dapper gentleman. Silver cow cufflinks make a great gift for farmer boyfriend, for times when he needs to dress up.

The two curious cows inject character into the pieces, showcasing what he loves and stands for.

Find Them Here.

#21 Hardcore Survivalist Hatchet + Sheath

Hardcore Survivalist Hatchet + Sheath - Handy Gifts For Farmers

Whether the farmer on your checklist is preparing for the Apocalypse or loves adventure, a new survival hatchet and sheath will add tons of value to his tool collection.

Though it comes in the size of a hatchet, its capabilities match those of a full size axe. Its head is made using ordnance steel and can handle anything life throws its way. Find Them Here.

#22 Pig Cuff Bracelet Farmers Gift

Pig Cuff Bracelet

Looking for the ultimate gift idea for a farmer dad? Well, look no further than the pig cuff bracelet. Add a touch of style to his look while allowing him to showcase his love for farm life. Optionally, you can include a secret message on the inside to make it truly special. Find it Here.

#23 Wipe Your Hooves Doormat

Wipe Your Hooves Doormat Unique Gifts For Farmers

As any farmer would tell you, keeping dirt out of a house on the farm is a major challenge. And that is precisely why every farmer needs one of these doormats.

Besides its obvious functional value, the mat’s humorous appeal will make every guest smile. That is, unless they have actual hooves, because then the joke will be lost on them. Find it Here.

#24 Funny Egg Apron – Funny Gift For A Farmer

Funny Egg Apron

Make their experience in the backyard a lot more fun with one of these funny aprons. Without the imagery, the pun-filled text would have anyone imagining all sorts of inappropriate things. But when they see the chicken and eggs, they simply cannot help but laugh! What a way to spread good cheer. Find it Here.

#25 Drinking Cow Wine Bottle Holder

Drinking Cow Wine Bottle Holder

After working hard all day, a farmer needs a glass of wine to unwind. How about making those sessions super fun with a touch of farmyard humor?

The drinking cow wine bottle holder is the essence of creativity and makes one of the best gifts for farmers who love wine. Put the fun back into storing wine. Find it Here.

#26 Inspirational – Tend to the Garden of Your Sole Necklace

Inspirational - Tend to the Garden of Your Sole Necklace

Remind a farmer not to spend too long in the garden as to forget to take care of himself. With this cute necklace, she will always hold the reminder close to her heart.

And it’s elegance will serve to add tons of visual interest to her look when she’s up and about. What a perfect combo! Find it Here.

#27 Weekend Forecast Farming Hoodie

Weekend Forecast Farming With a Chance Of Drinking Hoodie

For the farm girl or guy in your life, this humorous hoodie will plant a permanent smile on their face. It is soft and cozy, perfect for all kinds of weather. To add to its all-season appeal, it makes a funny weekend forecast that will keep the wearer smiling. Find it Here.

#28 Engraved Decanter Set

Engraved Decanter Set

Get them as close to the perfect glass of whisky as they can ever get. This engraved decanter set makes one of the best gifts for a farmer husband who has a soft spot for whisky.

Its great looks make it an impressive addition to any collection. And the visual appeal serves to enhance the pleasure of every sip. Find it Here.

#29 Personalized Gunmetal Pocket Watch

Personalized Gunmetal Pocket Watch - Gifts for Farmers

Farmers spend so much time doing what they love that they might forget how to prepare for formal events. Get them off to the right start with this personalized pocket watch.

This is one thing he definitely does not have and will certainly appreciate. Add to its sentimental value with the personalized engraving. Find it Here.

#30 Barrel Aged Vermont Maple Syrup

Barrel Aged Vermont Maple Syrup

Good gifts for farmers come in every shape and size, but this one takes the day! In order to be productive all day long, a farmer needs the perfect start to every day.

What better way to make that happen than with this maple syrup aged in bourbon barrels? As a bonus, the preparation method is environmentally friendly! Find it Here.

#31 Corn Socks The Perfect Farmers Gift

Corn Socks - Perfect Gifts for Farmers

Keep his feet happy all day long with these fun corn socks. Whether he is working on the farm or out and about, this pair will put a spring in his step. Every time he wears them, they will crack him up and spread joy to the world around him. Find it Here.

#32 Personalized Rustic Tray – Farmhouse Decor

Personalized Rustic Tray - Farmhouse Decor - Gifts for Farmers

Complete his farmhouse décor collection with this rustic tray. Full of vintage charm, the piece would look great on an entryway table or for backsplash décor.

Choose from a wide array of finishes to ensure it blends with existing décor. Personalization adds to its sentimental value and warm feel. Find it Here.

#33 Aztec Black Corn

Aztec Black Corn

Spice up their predictable crop collection with this exotic vegetable, Black Aztec corn looks like your regular corn when it starts out.

But as it matures, the seeds turn purplish-black. They will add tons of visual interest to your recipient’s farm or cornmeal. Find it Here.

#34 All-Weather Duckboot

All-Weather Duckboot

Given the environment they often work in, every farmer needs a solid pair of boots. And it cannot get any more solid than this!

Everything on them, including the laces, is waterproof and the interior is surprisingly comfy and breathable. They are designed to keep his feet toasty even in frigid winter, making them great farming gifts for men. Find Them Here.

#35 Personalized Tool Set

Personalized Tool Set

You cannot go wrong with this toolset when it comes to picking out the perfect farmer gift. More than anyone else, a farmer can never have too many tools.

And when they come in a set as elegant as this, complete with personalized details, they are irresistible. Find it Here.

#36 Mini Anvil in Sterling Silver

Mini Anvil in Sterling Silver - Gifts for Farmers

Give him an opportunity to wear his feelings around his neck with this creative jewelry piece. A mini anvil in sterling silver makes an amazing centerpiece for any necklace.

He will be proud to showcase his passion with this fun piece. At the same time, its high visual appeal will make a statement wherever he goes. Find it Here.

#37 Funny Farming Hoodie – Gifts for Farmers

Funny Farming Hoodie - Gifts for Farmers

Whether your favorite farmer is cozying up after a long day at the farm or taking an evening walk, this hoodie will make a great companion.

Besides keeping them warm, it will also make them and everyone that reads the message happy. The only challenge will be getting them to take it off! Find it Here.

Make this holiday season memorable for the farmer you care about with one of these timely gifts for farmers. With this unique collection, there are more than enough options to go around with the assurance of giving that special someone a reason to keep smiling.

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