25 Unique Bedroom Chairs to Spice Up Your Room

Are you looking for a way to give your bedroom a breath of fresh air but you don’t want to commit to something too serious such as changing the wall paint? Then unique bedroom chairs are probably all you need. You will be surprised on how a single chair can add a unique touch and change the entire room vibe.

But first, we need to define what it means by unique bedroom chairs. It doesn’t have to be an over the top chair with a crazy design that works solely for decorative purposes. It can be a simpler form of chair with unique details that works well with your current bedroom design. 

So, without further ado, below is a list of unique bedroom chairs you can pick to redecorate your room with. 

1. Pelican Chair

Pelican Chair

Judging by its material and color, this looks just like a regular chair. But if you do a further observation, you will notice the unique design of this chair. The back side has an interesting shape complimenting the overall rounded theme. Since a minimalist room can easily look plain and boring, this chair will flip it and add that unique touch. It is an example of being different without being loud. And if you are more of a colorful type, this chair is available in other other colors too. 

2. Nelson Coconut Chair

Nelson Coconut Chaira

Unique ideas can come in simple forms. Take a look at this chair! While, okay, the color itself might already steal the show, but the unique shape of this chair is hard to ignore. If we think about it seriously, it’s practically just a combination of circle and triangle. With a bit of curve, it turns into a very unique chair your friend will envy. The design of this chair is so much simpler than regular chairs, but the impact of its uniqueness goes beyond them all. 

3. Florrie Effie Tripod Chair

Florrie Effie Tripod Chair

How many times do we think of a small detail that can make such a big difference? Unlike other chairs, this chair doesn’t follow the four legged rule. Instead, it has a third leg in the back part, providing a secure and reliable balance to the chair. A fully functioning unique bedroom chair that doesn’t look that different at a glance. And of course, the colorful floral fabric is very hard to miss. 

4. Rustic Oval Chair with Faux Antler

Rustic Oval Chair with Faux Antler

Innovation is basically taking old ideas and adding something new to it. The designer of this chair definitely believes in that wise saying by heart. Before the whole faux antler thing, this chair is just the regular rustic mid century oval chair. But with a bit of a ‘think out of the box’ session, they can transform it into something new and different. The leg is made to look like raw wooden twig to tie it together. Such a smart idea to make a unique bedroom chair. 

5. Leather Wrap Chair

Leather Wrap Chair

This chair is made out of wood, brass, and leather wrap. What’s so special about it? They are the materials we often find in chairs, right? But by making the back side not fully closed and keeping it open like that, that’s what makes this chair unique. Usually, chairs with intricate design can make a room look crowded. But this chair keeps everything simple and open. It can still steal attention, add an artistic value, but stay humble at the same time. 

6. Heart Shaped Chair

Heart Shaped Chair

This chair needs no explanation, really. The heart shape makes it stand out on its own. It is perfect as a vanity chair or side chair. The red and gold color combination offers elegant and luxurious feels. Planning on designing a romantic room? You definitely need to grab this chair. 

7. Olive Tree Sculpture Chair

Olive Tree Sculpture Chair

Combining natural material such as wood with metal is a smart way to create a unique look. First of all, let’s talk about the design of the chair. It is artistic while maintaining the raw look. With its metal legs, this chair can suit basically any interior design style. 

8. Handmade Carved Elm Chair

Handmade Carved Elm Chair

If you value artistry and the effort people put into a product, you will fall in love with this chair. It looks simple and raw, yes. But that is exactly what makes this chair unique. It brings artistry into a modest form. The back side is left as if it’s unfinished but has an interesting centerpiece. Pair it with a wooden side table and it will make your bedroom feel like home. 

9. Elephant Leg Chair

unique bedroom chairs

Why get a normal leg chair when you can get an elephant leg chair? If it’s not because of the unique rounded fat legs, this chair will look just like other chairs. It gives the room a more playful vibe but still appropriate for both kids and adult bedrooms. But because this chair can look bulky, you need to make sure that you have large enough space to put them on. 

10. Hot Pink Leopard Armchair

unique bedroom chairs

When vintage furniture gets a makeover, this is what you get. A french armchair that will steal all the show. The hot pink color will add an interesting color splash in a room. The whimsical artwork in art deco style makes it the ultimate unique bedroom chair. The “I’m not like the other chair” kind of unique. The perfect chair for brave and bold souls.

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11. Antique Bobbin Chair

unique bedroom chairs

Getting an antique chair is relatively easy. But finding an antique chair that is actually unique is a whole different story. From far away, this chair looks just like regular antique goods. But the design of this chair is like no other. Either this chair has a double back side or one? Does it have arms on each side or not at all? We can’t decide. 

12. Velvet Accent Chair with Gold Printing

unique bedroom chairs

This is the chair to get if you want to add a splash of decorative furniture but you’re not ready for a bolder color option. The black velvet will blend seamlessly if you’re determined to keep your room simple and minimal. The gold printing, however, offers a unique view on a basic chair. Yes, we know that you see this chair a lot, but if you look for a unique chair, the plain velvet will simply not be enough. 

13. Velvet Retro High Back Accent Chair

unique bedroom chairs

Aren’t we all secretly dreaming of being queen and king somewhere? Instead of waiting for a prince charming to take you to his castle, you can create your own throne in your very own bedroom. The high back on this chair gives this chair a queen and king vibe. The perfect chair for you to spend the evening chilling in glory. 

14. Three-legged Shell Chair

unique bedroom chairs

Who says that a plywood chair is boring? With a bit of twist from a design genius, you can get a chair that is both functional and unique. If you are in love with mid-century modern furniture but want something that is a bit unusual, this chair is for you. It goes well in a modern room due to its sleek design. The exaggerated curve gives it a unique look as well as comfortable seating. 

15. Artistic Swivel Barrel Chair

unique bedroom chairs

This is the chair to get if you want to make your room look more extra but not really. The cushion looks so comfortable and inviting. Meanwhile, the back side that expands to the arms has a unique shell look. While most shell chairs are usually thinner, this chair is going through the thick route, making it look fluffy and artistic. If your bedroom is large enough, adding this chair will provide you with a decorative element and comfortable nook to chill. 

16. Gymax Chair

unique bedroom chairs

If this chair were a person it’s the straight forward type with no much ado. On the other hand, it has a strong character and personality that will give your room an interesting vibe. The combination of gray and gold is practically basic, but the frame of this chair is the opposite of basic. It is unique with a curve and nothing in the back creating a floating look. It will go perfectly in a modern minimalist room design. 

17. Unique Inflatable Chair

Unique Inflatable Chair

This chair looks like it comes straight out of a futuristic movie. The design is undoubtedly unique and looks like a spaceship. Meanwhile, the curve is designed specifically to provide you with comfort. It comes with an ottoman so you can give your legs a hearty rest. The best thing about this chair is that it is inflatable so it is lightweight and you can move it with ease. 

18. Shell Hollow Chair

Shell Hollow Chair

Plastic chair is probably our least favorite among other chairs. It usually looks cheap and tuppeny and doesn’t do the room any good. But not if the plastic chair has such an interesting detail like this one. The hollow design makes it look unique and provides you with the peaceful feeling of mother nature every time you walk into your room. The white color looks clean and simple, perfect for a minimalist room. You can also dress it up with a colorful pillow or a throw blanket

19. Pink Glitter Confetti Chair

Pink Glitter Confetti Chair

If you like your life to be all fun and colors, we found the perfect chair for you. It is pink and glittery, it will give your room an extra fun vibe. While it looks two-bitsy and might not work for a more grown up looking room, it will match a whimsical and colorful room well. It is comfortable and inflatable. It means that whenever you don’t want to use it, you can simply deflate and save it. 

20. LED Flocking Inflatable Chair

LED Flocking Inflatable Chair

If glitter and sparkle is not enough, maybe you want to consider this LED chair. It is also inflatable so storage convenience won’t be a problem. But instead of glitter and confetti, it has LED lights on the inside. Even when you don’t use it as a chair, the LED light can still work as a decoration. The perfect unique bedroom chair if you want to have a party in your room. 

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21. Transparent Inflatable Chair

Transparent Inflatable Chair

Okay, another inflatable chair, but this one is different. Did you know a saying that says when we don’t try too hard, we show our best performance? It’s okay if you don’t because we just made that up. Instead of being loud, this chair goes transparent completely. But it makes this chair so much better than its peers. It looks clean and of course transparent can go with any color. Hence, it can suit any room decor style. Its shape is also unique and provides you with comfortable seating. 

22. Gold Glam Bedroom Stool

unique bedroom chairs

This chair is so pretty and princessy. You will have so much fun sitting in this chair doing your makeup or simply enjoying your afternoon tea and reading books. The golden metal material makes the bow doesn’t look childish at all. It’s just beautiful and simple. This unique bedroom chair will work as a decorative piece that is fully functional. 

23. Toast Bread Floor Chair

unique bedroom chairs

As toasts can be considered as comfort food, it is appropriate to turn it into a comfortable chair. This chair is just as soft and foamy as bread, it will provide you with the much needed comfort after every busy day. It is foldable and expandable, so if you want to use it as a mattress, you can. The toast shape itself is what makes this chair so unique and draws attention.

24. Triangle Chair

unique bedroom chairs

We’ve talked about a wide variety of unique bedroom chairs so this one should not surprise you. But is it still intriguing? Of course. The triangle design is unquestionably unique. Even if it comes in monochromatic color in black and white, it can still be a focal point of your room. You can place it in the corner of your bedroom (literally) or use it as a vanity chair. Even though the triangle shape might be considered as odd for a chair, it still provides comfortable sitting space. 

25. Solar Chair by Lara Bohinc

unique bedroom chairs

To end this list of unique bedroom chairs, we have a special chair for you. The solar chair by Lara Bohinc. Lara Bohinc is a jewelry designer. Due to her love of metal material, she decided to take her creativity into creating luxurious and otherworldly furniture. If you want a genuine unique piece, this chair can be your best option. It fulfills all the requirements to be unique. It has an odd shaped asymmetrical design but serves its main function well. It is not just a chair. It is a work of art you can admire. 

Latest Post:

What do you call a chair in the bedroom?

You can refer to it simply as a bedroom chair. Some people also call it an accent chair if its main purpose in the bedroom is to give accent to the room. You can also call it a side chair if you have a larger sitting area with a sofa in your bedroom. 

What are the best and unique bedroom chairs?

This depends on your preferences, style, and needs. In this list, we can say that the Solar Chair by Lara Bohinc is probably the best. Doesn’t mean that the other chairs are worse, though. The best bedroom chair is the one that suits your room and serves your needs well. 

How do you choose a bedroom chair?

First, you can start by analyzing your room. Do you have a large or small space? This will determine the size of the chair. Second of all, you need to know your preference and unique style. Finally, you need to make sure that the chair you pick doesn’t clash with the whole room design. 

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